A Note from The Trendologist

Ladies and Gent,

First of all, thank you so much for checking out The Trendologist. Over the years, this blog has turned into my cyber-home. No lies, just me and my soulmate: style. If you're anything like me, you're unapologetic when it comes to your love for all things glamorous. Though you can shout "I love fashion" from the highest mountain, you're aware that some people take this industry with a grain of salt. They roll their eyes as you droll over Mary Katrantzou's latest collection (leave us alone, it's pretty amazing). You know what they're thinking: fashion is materialistic and superficial. "Fashion is just a code for 'As long as there's a designer label, I love it.'" They mock fashion girls and their dumbfounded lust for the Prada Smoking Shoe. "There are more important industries out there." In a way, I suppose they're right. We're not saving lives, but we're not mindless zombies. Whether you're in Editorial or Design, you're an artist. You're observant as you silently criticize the person who's "rocking" a pair of Crocs (let's be honest: you can never rock a pair of Crocs). You're a sociologist when you consider how the miniskirt changed society's attitude towards women.We may not be saving lives, but we're definitely making the world a fun and beautiful place. Perfect transition into my next point...fashion is fun. I love trends as much as the next Trendologist (...), but remember to have fun with what you wear. After all, you only live once and being yourself never goes out of style.

 If you can't tell by now, my life is pretty hectic. To me, The Trendologist is my center. No matter what happens in life, I know that I can always express myself through fashion and this blog.

If you're reading The Trendologist, I'm assuming you're either one of my loved ones- your constant love and support is everything to me- or a fashion fanatic. To that, I say congratulations on being a fun, fearless fashionista.


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