Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Fashionable Man

While sifting through this season's eclectic menswear collections, one thing kept running through my mind: innovation versus pragmatism. As I looked at the costume quality of Agnes B and the plunging necklines of Dior Homme, I wondered how many men would actually wear this. I know that my boyfriend, or any other male that I know would probably never wear some of these creations. But at the same time, I know that none of these collections are "uncalled for" or "inappropriate". On the contrary, I believe that majority of these collections are relevant and fun. I believe it takes a certain man to defy all concepts of what defines masculinity and embrace the art of being chic and fabulous. A fashionable man should not be deemed girly, but they are really fearless and filled with imagination: they have perspective and are not afraid to show it. To add to my current fascination with menswear, I have compiled a list of being a "Fashionable Man". It's also a perfect way to have a nice menswear round up. Killing two birds with one stone...PERFECT! Anyways, on with the list!

You Know You're a Fashionable Man When...

Well that was fun!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Power of Pink.

According to Barbie Style's Twitter, today is National Pink Day. It is not to support breast cancer,but simply to bring out all of the pink you have! The color itself has been so revolutionary for women, both representing as a traditional femininity as well as progression. If we look at the Dior 2011 Resort Collection, there was so much girly pinks: day dresses, babydolls, and evening gowns. The Victoria Secret Pink collection is a bunch of girly underwear for a younger crowd. And to Barbie, the biggest fashion icon in my mind, pink was the best. But the whole concept of pink has taken a turn to a modern perspective. Instead of being girly, pink can now be seen as edgy or progressive: you don't have to be a girly girl to wear pink! The artist, P!NK, is probably the farthest thing from girly. Even the Betsey Johnson shopping bags, which are pink, exude such an edgy personality. Even Matthew Williamson is using pink in an innovative and fashionable way: behold, the caftan. I love this because it semi-matches with my current blog background. Just kidding...I love it because it so psychedelic and the pink doesn't even make you think "girly". I know this rant is pointless but I just love how pink can be used for both edgy and girly. Okay, I'm done.


Friday, 18 June 2010


So something really weird is happening: tomorrow is prom. It's such a revolutionary ideal which everyone waits for, with high anticipation. I mean, when you become a celebrity, those Senior Prom picture always come out! Fashion-wise, prom is such a sensitive topic. Personally, I love the idea of wearing a long formal dress. Unless your a bridesmaid, going to the Oscars, or getting married, when is a long gown really accept. Being a complete girly girl, I love the whole process. For example, I have to wake-up at 8:45ish to start the whole hair and make-up production. But I live for that kind of stuff. That opportunity to look and feel like a complete superstar. But unfortunately, it's not always a flawless outcome: it either goes so well or so bad. The fate of prom-cess (prom+success? So smart!) depends on the dress. So in the spirit of my prom-hype, I figured that it would fun to list out what my prom do and don'ts are.
  • KNOW YOUR BODY: Since a dress' beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and how it looks on a model, I can't say whether a tight dress or flowy dress is better. Sooo...people NEED to know what looks good and what doesn't.
  • NO CUT-OUTS: I just think it's tacky central. You're wearing a dress.. NOT a bathing suit/ undies. Nobody should be forcing me to see your bod.
  • NO NEON: Once again, tacky. I'm all for fun and experimenting buuuut how about we stick with a normal color?
  • EXPERIMENT WITH NECKLINES: Instead of a simple sweetheart neck, it'd be fun to experiment with straps and sleeves- one shoulder, halter, plunge- because it gives you an advantage on your competition (yes, prom IS a competition).
  • AN INTERESTING BACK: While my example isn't the best, I truly believe that a good back adds a lot to your dress. Remember, prom is a 360 experience!
  • CONFIDENCE: It's cliche, but I think the best thing you can do for prom is be comfortable, happy, and have good posture!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Silly Bands. Or it is Silly Bandz? Whatever they are, I absolutely hate them. A plethora of my friends, who are just about to enter college, are loving this fad, as they trade them among each other. I HATE THEM SO MUCH! I just don't understand why you'd ever want to spend money on stupid rubber bands that break so easily. I mean, sure, the whole shape thing is kinda interesting. But at the same time, you can't see the shape when you're wearing them...and isn't the point WEARING THEM? Ugh, so stupid. I hate how every single person, except a select elite minority, owns these worthless bracelets and decided to succumb to a fad. A really stupid FAD. Nomination Charm Bracelets were a fad, but that was so cool. They actually had a purpose, they actually had some kind of physical attraction. I just hate Silly Bandz (I like the "z" spelling so much better) . And what makes it even worse is that some fashion icon's have decided to give in also. Like Mary-Kate Olsen, I'm disappointed. I always liked Ashley better, and now I know why. I guess they're fine for kids, but then again, what isn't fine for kids? Porn? But people who have begun puberty: stop it. I am extraordinarily nostalgic, probably one of the most nostalgic people I know, so if I don't wear Silly Bandz, nobody else should in order to "recapture their youth". That's what the midnight premiere of Toy Story 3 is for.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Resort: Louis Vuitton

I was in the mood to do a good 'ol runway report. When I saw the Louis Vuitton Resort collection, I knew that I had to discuss it. I loved it. A lot. I'm starting to think that I should start doing reviews about collections I didn't like. But for now, let me praise about Vuitton. I just love what's been going on over there, thanks Marc! Everything's been well crafted, and some what nostalgic. This collection? It so reminded me of one of my favorite movies as a child: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was so traditional and proper, yet had a bit of fun and carni chic, shown via the stripes. It was fun, but didn't make me feel uncomfortable because it was TOO much fun. But not everything wasn't so : some pieces were a bit more progressive. Like the look with the matching leggings and jacket. It reminded me a lot of the outfit Leighton Meester wore last year to the MET Costume Gala...but I liked this one better. The silhouette was something creative, but the fabric was still relevant to the overall collection. All of the suits and dresses just made me want to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all over again!


Monday, 14 June 2010

Show a Little Leg

During the winter, I ALWAYS wore tights: dresses and skirts, being an ultimate girly girl, are my absolute favorites. But sometimes, during the summer, I crave the obnoxious idea of tights. But of course it's too hot. What to do? A sexy cut tight is perfect. What do I mean by sexy cut? Silts, lace, something interesting but still portraying the overall tight situation. Dion Lee's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection has a similar situation in a legging (legging? I think so) form. I think what like most about these kind of tights is that they are truly a year round tight and a perfect way to spice up ANY outfit. I have yet to buy any but I definitely need to get on that. And to spice it up, and consequently make it more summery, a pastel tight would be PERFECT. To me, tights are a fun way to spice up an outfit, but I think that it is imperative to be done in a classy manner!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Why I Hate American Apparel.

In terms of clothing, I am not a "normal" teen. I'm not trying to say that I am super unique and everyone should want to be me, but there is something I refuse to do: frequently shop at American Apparel. I will admit, it is a good place for costume clothes, but besides that? I hate it. I hate it's strive to be "all hipster and cool" because everyone shops there. So what's so cool and unique about something everyone does? And I hate their advertisements: they do not show off he synthetic and kind of gross clothing, but essentially naked people. I don't like it. And based on a recent article I read, I hate it even more. Apparently, the big shots at American Apparel find it necessary to base their employment off of people's looks. This article taps into wanting pretty people and whenever I go in there, for five minutes, I never see people who are not conventionally beautiful. I hate that: I genuinely believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. And they are never dressed "normally", but always in American Apparel metallics and other crazy wear. This is disgusting. Of course, as aspiring fashionistas, we'd love it if everyone was their fiercest always. But the world isn't perfect. Some people lack an ideal personal style but they have a good work ethic. The Devil Wears Prada?! COME ON, NOW! News flash, American Apparel, fashion doesn't have to be shallow. It can be based on good work ethic...just saying.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Red Carpet: A TWO FOR

Well this was a prominent week in the world of fashion: The MTV Movie Awards were this Sunday, stars strutting some chic fashions down the carpet. And as we all know, or should know, yesterday was the 2010 CFDA (congratulations to all of the winners... you all rock). So obviously I have a bundle of best dressed/ worst dress shenanigans to do. But since it's TWO events, and I'm feeling quite optimistic, I have decided to only do the best dressed this time. I mean...who wants to look at a bunch of plain or disgusting outfits over and over and over again? not me. So enjoy, ladies and gents.


  • Jessica Biel: I loooooved this so much. It reminded me of this black, pink , and white Nanette Lepore dress (which i can not find a corresponding link) from four years ago but so much better. She looked gorgeous and I thought the dress (or skirt/blouse combo) was the perfect combination of classic and fun (the blouse and feathered skirt, respectively). It was like a trendy Audrey Hepburn!

  • Miranda Cosgrove: Although I am not her biggest fan, I thought she looked very pretty. The cut and hem line was age-appropriate but the crossing on the bodice gave it that extra spice it needed. Although some disagree with the color, I think it was perfect in a sea of blacks and metallics.

  • Christian Siriano: Why is this guy so cute? I don't believe the MTV Movie Awards should be taken as seriously as the Oscars so people should have fun, but look glamourous and classy. I think he nailed it: the black shirt with the white writing was funky, but the black suit gave it a sense of class.

  • Elizabeth Reaser: WHO DOESN'T LOVE A GOOD PLAYSUIT!?! I almost didn't see this one but THANKFULLY that changed. Although I typically dress feminine, I loved the strong sense of masculinity in this piece. It was sexy, sophisticated, PERFECT for this kind of award ceremony! I don't know who you are , Elizabeth Reaser, but I'm watching you!

  • Sandra Bullock: I don't really get people when they say they don't like Sandra Bullock: she's an amazing actress, a strong individual, and an up and coming fashionista. Despite her Johnny Weir appearance at the Oscars, I love seeing her fashion growth during the awards- and this one did NOT disappoint! I love sparkles and drama so this long sleeved mini with an incredible plunging back was AWESOME. And when Betty White makes a comment about your dress... you know it's worthwhile.

...they weren't as exciting as I hoped they would be...moving on!


In my personal opinion, I thought the celebrities on the carpet really stole the spotlight.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Classic. I loved the simplicity of a long, black evening gown and the unexpected sparkles: the perfect combination. And when you have Michael Kors on your arm, everything is quite alright.

  • Liya Kebede: Eclectic, off-beat, but very chic. I loved the combination of the two metallics ( it seems to be making a come-back). The quirky hemlines and bodice pushed the envelope, but it was absolutely delightful!

  • Whitney Port: I'll admit, I am a major fan of The City. I like Whitney Port and the clothes she generally wears (and Olivia Palermo...even though she's kind of rude). I LOVED THIS DRESS. A major concept of Whitney's whole persona is to be sophisticated and youthful; she absolutely nailed it.I loved the silhouette combined with the silver shimmer.
  • Alexis Bledel:I've never really thought of her as a fashionista but I think this dress gave the perfect blend of edgy and classy. The one shoulder and glimmered fabric was daring, but the mini-dress hem line was quite expected. I just loved it.
  • Rachel Zoe: In the words of Zoe, this was "BAH-NAN-AHS". She looked absolutely incredible. I loved that deep saphire, the plunging neckline, and the high cut. I LOVED IT I LOVED IT. I'm a sucker for long sleeves and I loved the vintage vibe of this dress. Everyone else's outfits were innovative and new, but this one genuinely seems timeless to me!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Your Inner Fashion Animal

For the past few weeks, I have been completely infatuated with Tom Selby and "The Selby". I think his pictures are honest, authentic, and a wee bit quirky. He's taken pictures of FABULOUS people like Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Louboutin. But my absolute favorite thing of Selby, at this moment of time, is his "Animals in Fashion" illustrations. They trigger imagination, are very cute, and quite fabulous. These illustrations, drawn by Tom himself, incorporate a plethora of designers' names and their designs: Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Giles, Viktor & Rolf, and a several more. My personal favorites are the Vuitton-ed Woolly Mammoth (pictured and currently my background, NBD) and the D&G hedge-hog. And who says fashion isn't a jungle?

The Magazine Across the Pond

Although I like to read whenever I can, I think that my absolute favorite things to read are magazines. They're real, the pictures are phenomenal, and you do not need as much commitment, which is crucial when you're either lazy or busy, or ironically a little bit of both. When I was in London this past spring, I was walking on the street when someone passed me a copy of Stylist. I read it in the airport, with a few HOURS to spare. And I absolutely loved it. There were articles, about travel and real life, that I found quite interesting. And when there's an article about Christian Louboutin, what aspiring fashionista wouldn't like it? I was really sad to find out that there was no corresponding American copy of Stylist. But have no fear, because there is a digital copy of the magazine so people ALL OVER THE WORLD can read and enjoy! In this week's issue, there's an article to see if there's a correlation between pets and happiness. It's light and interesting. Although, I like the physical publication-there's something irreplaceable about holding and reading a magazine- this is a pretty good alternative.


Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Future Husband

The first thing people should know about me is that I'm a planner. This past October, I went through a phase where I liked to plan my wedding. I hate waiting and I just wish everything happened NOW. So it's only appropriate that I have a plan for my future husband. This will weave into fashion...I swear. As many of my friends do know, I have him all picked out: he's Michael Buble. So what he's a successful crooner? So what he's older? So what he casts his super-model fiance to be in the music video to my favorite Buble song? It just means that I chance. But no worries, I have a back-up. As the first runner up for my future husband, I pick Tom from 500 Days of Summer. If you haven't seen it...NOW, because you'll understand me. HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE? What I find most important about this character is...his style (here's the tie in OBVI). He's so "All-American" but trendy. A prepster, like a J.Crew model, but he's cool enough to pull off the manchel (man So many guys now a days put either no effort into their outfits or dress really ghetto-fabulous. Dress how you want, I'm just saying this is my all time favorite way. It's traditional yet contemporary. Fabulous. Timeless. And SO ADORABLE. I have one friend (ONE) who dresses like this but I secretly wish all boys dressed like "Tom"...marriage rates, I asure you would go through the roof! xx