Friday, 18 June 2010


So something really weird is happening: tomorrow is prom. It's such a revolutionary ideal which everyone waits for, with high anticipation. I mean, when you become a celebrity, those Senior Prom picture always come out! Fashion-wise, prom is such a sensitive topic. Personally, I love the idea of wearing a long formal dress. Unless your a bridesmaid, going to the Oscars, or getting married, when is a long gown really accept. Being a complete girly girl, I love the whole process. For example, I have to wake-up at 8:45ish to start the whole hair and make-up production. But I live for that kind of stuff. That opportunity to look and feel like a complete superstar. But unfortunately, it's not always a flawless outcome: it either goes so well or so bad. The fate of prom-cess (prom+success? So smart!) depends on the dress. So in the spirit of my prom-hype, I figured that it would fun to list out what my prom do and don'ts are.
  • KNOW YOUR BODY: Since a dress' beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and how it looks on a model, I can't say whether a tight dress or flowy dress is better. Sooo...people NEED to know what looks good and what doesn't.
  • NO CUT-OUTS: I just think it's tacky central. You're wearing a dress.. NOT a bathing suit/ undies. Nobody should be forcing me to see your bod.
  • NO NEON: Once again, tacky. I'm all for fun and experimenting buuuut how about we stick with a normal color?
  • EXPERIMENT WITH NECKLINES: Instead of a simple sweetheart neck, it'd be fun to experiment with straps and sleeves- one shoulder, halter, plunge- because it gives you an advantage on your competition (yes, prom IS a competition).
  • AN INTERESTING BACK: While my example isn't the best, I truly believe that a good back adds a lot to your dress. Remember, prom is a 360 experience!
  • CONFIDENCE: It's cliche, but I think the best thing you can do for prom is be comfortable, happy, and have good posture!

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