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The Style Files: Is It What You Dreamed It'd Be?

For my complete entertainment, and an inconvenience for you lovely people, I've decided that I will frequently be sharing a song of the week in my Style File post. Everyone loves music, but I've recently been on a "discovering new tunes" kick. And by recently, I mean this whole summer. Maybe it's the massive Target CD shopping trips my sister and I have taken, but there's something so fun about creating your own music library. I promise, fashion is my first love and this will never turn into a music blog. Eer. But I do really like using multimedia in blogs and these Sunday Editions can get lengthy, so I feel like it's nice to give you a nice song. I'm like The Giving Tree here, people. So I picked this week "Windows Are Rolled Down" by: Amos Lee. This song, for some odd reason, gives me inspiration to do something with my life. Okay, that's weird but I'm keeping it. Don't fight the weirdness.

Style-Spiration: Daphne Guinness
As an aspiring fashionista, I have many things on my "Aspiring Fashion To-Do List." There's writing my own style book and then there's having a massively amazing collection of pieces. Note I didn't say wardrobe, I really mean collection. I would like people to come to my amazing house, another thing on the good 'ol list, just so they can see Givenchy couture circa Julien MacDonald. Daphne Guinness, fashionista extraordinaire, has this collection that I- and I suppose anyone else equally obsessed with fashion- only dreams of. So Ms. Guinness, this Style-Spiration section goes to you ,because she's obviously sitting and reading this blog, because of showing exactly how to appreciate fashion. Most of the time Sometimes, she doesn't receive the two thumbs up by mainstream America, but I love how she loves the beyond amazing detail that are put into some of these looks. And she truly doesn't care if people judge her, she's going to wear whatever the [insert the curse word that floats your boat the most] she wants! 
I like to call this look "Ultimate Win at Nicky Haslam's Birthday Party." This is the epitome of wearing art and not caring what other people think. This is BEYOND incredible. This netted veil is so so so chic and reminds me of a fearless Audrey Hepburn. And shall we discuss this necklace that is TO DIE FOR?  The bib is so intricate and makes me consider a life of crime. Did I say that? Just let it go, Tina Fey phase is still in tact.  I will say the veil/hat  may be a bit over-the-top, she's just living it up and making something interesting and thought provoking. Nicky must have been out-shined by her own guest. That's awkward...(Photo Cred)

Here she is just chilling with some of Fashion's Elite, Cecilia Dean and Anne Christensen. I don't know where/when this happened and who she's wearing so I'll cut to the chase: THOSE SHOES. Seriously, I'm attracted to them like a moth to a flame. Not because I like them, I personally think they could've belonged in my previous blog post, but they're so interesting. Even though I'm not "Team These Shoes," I do commend Guinness for her capacity to make fashion fun. People in the fashion industry can be portrayed as cold and hollow; however, I- who is still in my Tina Fey stage, thank you for asking- can assure you that not everyone's like that. Fashion because cold and hollow when people forget to make it fun. Now I'm not a crazy shoe advocate, but be like Guinness and don't be afraid to have fun. (Photo Cred)
And here she is at The 2009 CFDA Awards rocking some Prozena Schouler. This, going along with the art metaphor, is modern art. You may look at this and think, "big deal." As you look closer to the beautiful cobalt embellishments, your sarcastic tone with quickly turn into an amazed tone. It's beautiful in an unconventional way, which I love. (Photo Cred)

Overall, I think that Daphne Guinness' outfits scream "Fashtivites- oh, I'm using it, are fun." She goes for the underdog look and the unconventional, which everyone should admire.

And now, onto The Weekly
  • Minka Kelly at a Charlie's Angels press junket (Etro):Such a score! I'm literally obsessed with this look for a press junket. The silhouette is sophisticated and business-ready; however, the different prints is fashion forward and fun.The gold jewels, especially the hoops, give this look a bohemian vibe, which is something I was going for earlier this week. Also, the color distribution is supreme: the polka dotted dress serves as a neutral that breaks up the color so it's not overbearing. The sun-kissed makeup and the wavy locks are perfection. Seriously, I wouldn't change a thing about this look.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin at Maxim's Comic-Con party (Designer unavailable at the moment):Although I really wish Goodwin added a  bright lip or a statement necklace, I do love this look. It's so effortless, which I love. The pixie cut and the simple black pumps gives this look such a menswear inspired vibe. And menswear can be fun, and truly is in this occasion!
  • Mila Kunis at the Friends with Benefits Moscow premiere (Elie Saab): This is so beautiful and elegant and I love it. While I'm disappointed that the styling was literally plucked from the red carpet;however, Kunis looks incredible. The white dress and shoes is vey Kate Hudson circa 2010 Golden Globes. And the messy hair? Obsessed: the perfect combination between edgy and femininity. I'm glad she didn't add any statement jewels because of the sparkled shoulder. Brava, Mila, Brava!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

If the Shoe Fits?

*DISCLAIMER: Two of my friends and I, we call ourselves "The Lady Three," are reading Tina Fey's Bossypants so I'm in an incredibly witty and "trying-to-be-funny mood." Sorry if this post is like bad standup. 

A few days ago, I was having a fun browsing spree on the Neiman Marcus website. Like any girl, I have a dream. A dream of having a Carrie Bradshaw shoe collection. I'm talking Manolos- though I am more of a Louboutin girl-Dolce &Gabbana , Brian Atwood,  Jimmy Choo: THE WORKS. Shoes, like any other accessory, should be full of risk and really show off your personal style. But I have to ask myself, and you beautiful people who read this blog, where do we draw the line? 

(Photo Cred)

Though Brian Atwood makes incredible shoes, I was kind of afraid of these. Call me a Vegas Showgirl, but I love the glitz and glamour side of fashion. The more the merrier, right? Not when it's in the form of a leopard/bow/feather shoe. This, ladies and the four gents who actually read my blog- I told you this would be bad standup-is way too much. Even if this was paired with a little black dress or a menswear inspired suit, it'd be wouldn't be proportionate. After comparing this shoe to the Ostrich Feather Bootie- which I do quite like- I think I've found the reason this shoe is a little intimidating: the cut outs. Yes, the feathers make me feel like my feet would be attacked by creepy-crawlers; however, I think it'd be a bit more bearable without the sexy cut out. Picture this as a bootie. A little bit better, right?

Exhibit B: Diego Dolcini Fur-Ankle T Strap Sandal

(Photo Cred)

I suppose this isn't that out of the question, but I always question a prominent ankle strap in fear that I may have a sad case of cankle-itis. And this reminds me too much of a crazy rich housewife, Muffy, who plays squash at the local Country Club and is mean to her servants: did I mention the Lady Three book club also read The Help? But on a serious- well, fashion serious- note, I think I find these boundary pushing because of the randomness of the fur. The  Fanned Zip Back Sandal  is more of a fashion-forward piece; however, it isn't all over the place, like Brian Atwood's crazy cut out, but is cohesive. My Dear Diego, this shoe would've been sexy without the fur; now it just look like you're trying too hard.

Exhibit C: The Shoes Christian Louboutin Designed for the English National Ballet 

The following is what I call "Love Letters to Mr. Louboutin"(Photo Cred)
Christian, My Love,
I love your shoes more than a fat kid loves cake, cliche but true. While I understand that these shoes were created for  fundraiser and although they are incredibly beautiful, my legs temporary go numb and my feet ache when I look at this picture. These shoes are art, but  "ow".

I think that sums my feelings for this shoe up enough!

After reviewing these shoes, however, I do have to ask myself if I'm just being a weenie when it comes to extravagant shoes? Am I not the Vegas Showgirl I thought I was? Or is there truly a limit? When it comes to fashion, I do think that most things can be awesome with proper styling. And I guess I should take a page out of Bieber's- WHAT BIEBER? Yes, Bieber-book:


Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Style Files: What You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

Before I get started on this fun Sunday edition, I feel the need to share my latest music obsession with you beautiful people. The way I see it, why not listen to some fun tunes when reading all about fashion? Matt Kearney's  new song, "Hey Mama," is so cute and he wrote it about his wife! Don't all wish that we had musician lovers who wrote songs about us?'ll happen, ladies.

Sorry for that, but I felt it was necessary.



Any aspiring fashionista should know about Mr. Tommy Ton and his amazing skill to capture some of the finest in personal style. I swear, I always get so jealous and feel terrible about my own personal style when I see these pictures. To be more positive, I should say that his pictures serve as a fabulous source of inspiration. And Ton's latest collection, "Moscow on the Seine," was mind blowing.  While I was insanely jealous of all of the subjects, my favorite was Miroslava Duma. The former editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia and Russian "It Girl" is officially my fashion icon. Not only do I love her outfits, but she has such versatility in what she wears and everything looks so effortless. To some extent, everyone's guilty of trying too hard at one point of their fashion career or another. Yes, fashion is supposed to be risky and fun; however, but you should never dress in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. I feel like a lot of people say, "Well, I can't pull this or that off." While some of those issues may be physical, I feel like people "can't pull things off" when they don't have the confidence. When you have the confidence and wear something your comfortable in, the look will seem effortless, most of the time. I'm not going to make this Style-spiration about "being comfortable about yourself." This is a fashion blog, not an after school special so I'll stop. But I do want to recognize Miroslava's versatility.  I should say though, since Miroslava is rather obscure, I do not know the places and or designers of the following pictures. I know, I need to step up my game...sorry! 
I know I just talked about breaking up a monochromatic look with some skin in the Ann-Margret blog post; however, this look works because the black booties and white clutch gives this look some excitement. Of course this look was meticulously planned, but the vintage-esque aviators and the windswept hair makes this look so cool and chic. The monochromatic look could look really granny, but the styling made this look refreshing and chic.  It looks easy, right? (Photo Cred)

This look isn't as relaxed as the look above; instead, Miroslava is embracing the New Yorker urban glamour: is it sad I can tell that she's in New York from the background? Anyways, this look is awesome because, even though she is in head-to-toe black, there are many strong silhouettes and lines in this look. The shoes have an interesting shape and the shape of the dress is so glam. Since this is more high-fashion than some of her other looks, the straight hair was absolutely perfection. (Photo Cred)
And what about this look? Classic femininity with an edgy flair. The structured blazer, paired with ladylike handbag, is the definition of classic. But I love how Miroslava didn't just leave it at that and say, "Well now it's time for my bridge game, cheerio!' Instead, she made it funky with the patterned dress, which reminds me a lot of stained glass so we'll go with that. Since there's so much going on in this look, clean makeup and straight hair is great: she's like a blank palette for all of this fun fash-tivities. I really like that term, fash-tivities. I think I'll use it more *writing it on a MacBrook sticky*.(Photo Cred)

I don't lie to you guys.
 This is a prime example of confidence being the equivalent to effortlessness. On anyone else, I would think this look is gross and ridiculous to the extreme. But it's different on Miroslava. Maybe I'm crazy and in a "I love her style" frenzy, but I really do think that really carries it well. It's the quintessential personal style. Most of these pieces I couldn't picture being styled together, but that's the thing about taking risks in fashion, That's the only way fashion is fun, after all. But her effortless attitude, obviously I would totally know just by this one picture, transforms this look from a "what will other people think" situation to a "what... you don't wear baggy jeans and a leather jacket?" I think we should all strive to make our outfits kooky, but have the same tone as the latter example. (Photo Cred)
And now, you lovely readers, onto The Weekly!
  • Mila Kunis at the Friends with Benefits premiere (Lanvin):  Awesome. Purely awesome. This look is very simplistic, which I feel Mila doesn't do a lot, but really sexy because it was simple. You dig? The midi hemline is really now, yet classy. But the ruching gives the dress some va va vroom. Since she didn't add on the jewels, the chunky black pumps are a solid accessory.  In short, she looks like a classier Kardashian, nothing against the Kardashians because I love them.
  • Emma Stone at the Friends with Benefits premiere (Giambattista Valli): One of my friends and I have this unintentional book club situation, we just read The Help, so I'm having such an Emma Stone moment. This is supreme color blocking, woohoo Emma Stone! The concept is really simple, but I'm obsessed with the skirt's silhouette. GORGEOUS. Styling it with a nude pump and sparse gold jewels was smart, since the skirt was such an attention grabber.  Perfection. 

Friday, 22 July 2011

The End of an Era

And no, I'm not talking the Harry Potter movie franchise coming to a close. I'm talking about Borders. For as long as I can remember, Borders has always been there for me. It was the best place to find odd books and, even though I never went in  that much, the clerks always stayed the same. Back in my youth, I got tragically lost from my mom and sister during my first Borders trip: Hawaiian music was blasting, the scapegoat for this traumatic time, and I heavily considered life as an orphan.  I went to Borders today because today is the day the liquidation sale begins. It was really sad: lines of eager beaver moms grabbing books for their children and "Everything Up to 40% Of" signs hanging everywhere. I was on the prowl for some nice coffee table books-yes I am a 90 year-old-woman trapped in a teen's body- I was thinking some fun fashion ones or even really good photography pieces. Since I am a poor college child,  I'm waiting until things go on sale more, but I decided to blog about it. But to not make this a completely selfish blog, here are some fashion books I think everyone should have. Go before your Borders's really sad.

Stupid internet.
  • Fashion Questionnaire: I got this book a few years ago and I love it! It's essentially just a book of Cosmo-like interviews with some of the biggest and best names in fashion: Alber Elbaz, Diane von Furstenburg, Karl Lagerfeld,  Oscar de la Renta, Nicole Miller, and Michael Kors, to name a few. My favorite part of the book is how there's a whole section where you can fill in your own answers. This part can act as a little diary/ "Look How I've Grown" section for all aspiring fashionistas. Which reminds me, I need to update mine!
  • This Little Piggy Went to Prada (By: Amy Allen): If I ever become a mother when I'm older, I think I'll start a movement that suggests all mothers read this book to their kiddies. If the title wasn't obvious, this book gives a fashion spin to some classic nursery rhymes. How funny is "there was an old woman who lived in her Choos." Or what about, in the tune of Row Your Boat, "Front row for the show, with the Harper's team, head-to-toe in Moschino, Mummy looks a dream"? Of course this book has the original rhymes in the back, just in case you want to kick it old school. Putting this on a coffee table would be adorable and super fun for all of your party guests to flip through. 
  • In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine (By: Alberto Olivia): A must must have. I was really smitten with this book today. This book gives readers the creme de la creme of Chanel: historical peaks and shots from some of the most fabulous fashion photographers. The perfect way to become a fashion expert! 
  • Balenciaga and Spain (By: Hamish Bowles): Without a  doubt, Balenciaga is one of the most chic fashion companies in the world. Looking at Cristobal Balenciaga's inspirations and designs is extremely inspiring and goose-bump worthy. This book also divulges Spain's impact on Balenciaga's designs and shows some of his clientele, like Grace Kelly! And if that's not enough for you, how cool is the cover?
  • The World of Vogue: People, Places, Parties (By: Plum Skyes)If you haven't realized by now, I live for the glamour of styling. If you're like me, I'm sure you want this book so far: a handy dandy collection of some of the most fabulous parties and I'm assuming some incredible Vogue spread. Even excerpts about Truman Capote boating with some of the world's most fabulous people! Does it get any better? Not at all. In a way, this book looks like a guide to fabulousity. And if you're not like me in this situation, Tom Brady's on the cover! 

As you wonderful people go to your nearest Borders, don't be surprised if I fight you for some of these books!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Style Files: How Lovely to Be a Woman

While other little girls were obsessing over Teletubbies,  I loved old school musicals. Grease, Grease 2, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,  and Bye Bye Birdie. I would dance around my kitchen and sing the Conrad Birdie fan club song- seriously, there are videos- and idolize Ann Margret's character, Kim MacAfee, to no extent.  I wished I was a superstar like Ann Margret so much that my mom rented Viva Las Vegas and I loved that too.

Years later,  as I shed my theatrical ways and change into a chicer suit, I realized just how glamorous Ann Margaret was in those movies. So for this week, I wanted to honor Ann Margret's fabulousity era. I guess it's not her style, but it's definitely style-spiration!
I don't know when, where, or even why this happened; however, one should never ever underestimate the power of fur.  In my mind, this look epitomizes chic glamour of the mid 20th century. The hat, even though it is somewhat silly, is very high fashion of that time. And the coat? To die for. Fur is the most perfect way to instantly glam an outfit.  Even if you are afraid to rock a whole fur jacket, a fur vest would be absolutely sick! There's something so beautiful and understated about the glamour of this time period that I really miss. Nowadays, a fur jacket would be nice but there'd need to be a way to make it more unique; I know I'm guilty of that mentality all of the time. Don't you long for the days when a silly hat and a fab jacket would be enough? (Photo Cred)

From "A Lot of Livin'" in Bye Bye Birdie. I've always been such a fan of this look,ever since I was young. In the movie, this is her "rebel without a cause" phase and I just love how something "rebellious" can be so chic! From a fashion viewpoint,  I love how she stays monochromatic, but experiments with the ruffled top. I love the crop top and high waisted pant: you exposure just the right amount of skin without being too outwardly sexual. If you want to try a monochromatic look, take a tip from Ann and show off a little bit of skin to avoid making it look like a jumpsuit.  Also, if you want to dance, wear something with fringe and ruffles: it's super fun! (Photo Cred)
Just riding some motorcycles with Elvis in Viva Las Vegas. I now pronounce Ann Magret "The Mast of All Crop Tops." What I love about this look is that it's not "matchy matchy." It's almost like sailor girl with a splash of fabulous, which I love a lot! In all of these looks from Ann Margret's past, the stylists and costume designers understand the beauty of simplifying clothing. This sounds a bit hypocritical because I could accessorize and re-accessorize my outfits all day long; however, I think it's important to know when to keep a look simple...sometimes. Simple  can be glamourous.  (Photo Cred)

Now I really want to watch Bye Bye Birdie but for now, onto the weekly!


  • Blake Lively at the BAFTA Brits to Watch Gala (Chanel): I love this look because it truly is different than the typical "tight-silhouette get-up" she normally wears.  To me, this is the epitome of comfortable chic. The loose cut is perfect for the summertime because who really wants to wear a tight fitting outfit in the middle of the summer? Not me! The beautiful embellishments on the top and bottom of the dress gives it that Chanel flair and perfect for a gala.  And let's be honest, I'm always a sucker for asymmetrical lines.  The tan skins and beach blonde hair also gives this look the ultimate summer vibe. Ugh, she fails to disappoint me.
  • Monica Pean at the "Can't Fake Fashion' Launch (Not Available): I love this look because it truly epitomizes personal style. While many would think that the awesome barrel bag she's rocking would be the focal point of the look, it's really not. Instead, your eye literally moves all around.  It doesn't try to look like style or another: it's her style. And her hair and makeup combination is quite bland, but let's the eye focus in on her creative look.  If you really want to mix up inspirations, I would definitely suggest taking a page out of Pean's book and sticking with a neutral palette. Brights and funky combinations would be too overbearing. Also, can we stop to notice the girl in the back's sinister face? It cracked me up! 
  • Just some Olsen sisters, even the mystery sister,  launching The Row bags (a slew of designers): Well Elizabeth Olsen has a lot to learn from her two fashionista sisters, but I understand her sleek black and white combination; it would've looked better with a nude or white tank underneath. But back to the looks I loved. In my mind, Mary Kate and Ashley can barely do no wrong. Even when they wore completely oversized looks, they have always stayed true to themselves and are evolving fashionistas, which is crucial. They have fabulous taste and know what looks good on them. These light colors were so pretty and looked stunning with both of their long blonde locks. Mary Kate's blue mini was super fun but impressively professional. I loved her almost monochromatic look and the black strapped heels tied the whole look together and gave it a serious foundation. Ashley's dress was absolutely divine: the bangles were great but I'm glad she didn't stack up the bracelets as much as Mary Kate or else it would've been too overbearing. Even though I may have styled this dress with a solid pump, her strappy heels give this look a very dainty feel, which is perfect for the summer! 

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Joys of Denim

Yesterday, before planning my outfit for my bubble tea outing with my friend Hammah (or Hannah, whichever you prefer), I stood in front of my closet in search for the perfect outfit to combat the blazing Northeastern weather. Eventually, I decided on a printed Free People full skirt, a white tank, gold/pearl jewels, a black belt, and my precious black Miu Mius. But, even with all of this clothing, I still felt as if something was missing. Browsing through my wardrobe, I picked out the perfect finishing touch: a jean jacket. Throughout the day, aka when I was watching Pretty Little Liars, I saw a lot of denim.
(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
I was so happy to see so much denim in one show because I was starting to think I was the only one who still found a "cool" factor in denim vests and jackets. There's a common association between denim tops and anything cheesy:

(Photo Cred)
Well ladies and gents, I'm here to tell you that denim jackets and vest are 100% a must-have. It's actually quite easy to make a denim innovative and chic. So for your entertainment, here are my denim do and don'ts:

  • DON'T match blue denim with blue denim: Remember when my boy, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears wore that hideous matching denim outfit? Sorry Rachel Zoe, but not your finest styling job. Anyways, the biggest problem with this whole look is the monochromatic outfits. While same colored looks may look awesome with some fabrics, like silk or chiffon, denim is NOT one of those fabrics: it just looks cheesy. If you want to rock denim on denim, I highly suggest a light blue jean jacket with black denim; it's majorly chic and the anti-cheese. 
  • DO keep it casual: As we all know, denim is not a fabric you're ever going to dress up. So do keep it fun and casual. Alexa Chung put together an awesome look with an oversized denim blouse. Without the jean staple, this look would be rather feminine; however, Chung added a major splash, which I personally love. To re-create this look at home, a girly sundress and vintage inspired earrings would be unstoppable with a denim jacket.
  • DO up your makeup: I know that feel awkward when I dress on the casual side and a jean jacket may provoke this feeling in others. In order to get that slice of glam you crave, try a dramatic eye or a pop of red lipstick. I love Rachel Bilson's raspberry lip at 3.1 Phillip Lim's Menswear 2010 preview. So chic! 
  • DON'T over do the look: While a printed skirt or a tiny striped dress may be awesome with a denim jacket, don't overdue the accessories. In most situations, I think that a highly accessorized look with a denim outfit may be too much. If you want to incorporate truly stellar accessories,  I'd suggest a black ensemble, jean vest, and some statement pieces. 
  • DO keep it tight: You know that song, "Miss New Booty"? There's this part that goes "get it right, get it right, get it tight," which I think is very applicable to wearing denim but clearly in a different context. Denim vests and jackets should never be tight fitting for ladies, they aren't going to show off your fabulous curves. The perfect fashion antidote? Go body con! I've been warming up to the idea of wearing more fitted clothing, which I find hysterically ironic, and I think a perfect way to start is with a jean jacket. It's like the best of both worlds: the base will show off what "yo' mama gave ya," but the jean jacket will make the look more modest and fun. A dress like this from Urban would be absolutely perfect. 
  • DON'T be afraid: Confidence is always key in the world of fashion. So what if someone thinks rocking a jean jacket is a throw back to Clarissa Explains it All? They're just jealous that they aren't as fabulously chic as yourself. And for us aspiring fashionistas, we need to take some risks! Not to mention that Clarissa was pretty rad herself. 


Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Style Files: Legends of the Often Forgotten Gossip Girl

This summer, my friends and I have been obsessed with seeing every movie in theaters, basically. Just this week ,we  saw Larry Crowne -don't see it unless you're retired- and the ever-so-youthful Monte Carlo. While sitting in the movie theater, cooing at its predictability, I could not get over how stellar Leighton Meester's wardrobe was in the movie. You would think that Selena Gomez, being the star and all, would roam around Europe in fabulous clothes. Instead, she looked like your average teenager; Leighton really stole  the stage.

(Photo Cred)
I feel in love with Meester's look above. A peach dress is extremely difficult for many to pull off; however, she does it with such glamour. The olive belt really breaks up the peach, which ultimately helps this look. Can we say "Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday?" Even in Gossip Girl, she always scores the best looks. Eric Daman always styles Blake Lively so she looks sexy, but Leighton Meester always looks classy and  chic: Daman presents the women we all-secretly-want to be in the form of a petite brunette fashionista.

In fact, it's almost bothersome how Leighton Meester doesn't get enough credit for her daring looks. Don't get me wrong, I love Blake Lively's style and the fact she doesn't have a stylist is incredible; however, Leighton Meester is always innovative and, as a result, she always receives negative press for her choices. In an angry fury, I've decided to finally give Leighton Meester some of the style credit she deserves. Sure she has a plethora of fashion faux paus, but nobody can neglect the fact that she has the guts to try looks that very few would try.
The Met Ball circa 2009: This is going to be a challenge to defend, but I'm up for it. I'm going to be honest with you: this is a terrible look for the red carpet, much better on the runway. However, this look is fun and creative enough for the MET Ball. I've said this before and I'll say forevermore, the MET Ball is all about creativity, innovation,  and making fashion fun. Meester did exactly that at the MET Ball but, as a result, gets negative press for it. I understand why mainstream media wouldn't be crazy about this look since it is, well, weird; however, she's doing something nobody else- except for Lady Gaga- would do. Yes, she may not rock every single look, she has a consistent fearlessness that's inspiring. (Photo Cred)
Meester at an American Ballet Company Gala: This isn't typical Meester style but I  still love it. This chocolate Valentino is such a beautiful alternative to overrated black. I love the draping and the effortless sleeves. She spiced this look up just right with that embellished clutch. LOVE. Her hair and makeup looks incredible also, but when do I not say that? Anyways, I love how she knows what kind of look is appropriate at different occasions, which I admire. This look also proves how versatile her looks can be. Sometimes I feel like we get the same thing over and over with Blake Lively: something that shows off her body, beach waves for hair, and a light lip and a smoky eye for makeup. With Leighton; however, we can constantly ask ourselves, "What is she going to wear?" And that's what fashion is about: anticipating the unexpected. I'm making a lot of fashion generalizations in this blog, but I hope they can serve as some source of inspiration. (Photo Cred)
Leighton out and about:  What I love about this look is how it's both attainable and very fashion forward. The sheer playsuit is super fun, especially for the summer or even the fall; however, it's nothing  unattainable. I'm sure we could all find a piece like this at Urban Outfitters or  Topshop. While I think the while bag isn't great with this, I would personally opt for a cross-body satchel,  I love the mustardish gold heels with this playsuit: it adds instant glam without overbearing. Obviously, celebrities aren't going to be dressed in haute-couture as they run errands, but Leighton looks just as fabulous in her street style! I'm sorry, but when do we ever see Blake Lively in street clothes? Hardly ever.  (Photo Cred)

Leighton at the Fall 2010 Couture Chanel show: The greatest thing about the fashion industry is the incessant ned for  rule-breaking.  The mix of the toughie-leather dress- Chanel, I presume-with that beautifully glamourous necklace is such a rule breaker. Where's the consistency? Nowhere, but I love it. I know that  I can never define my personal style in a simple word or phrase, so I love how she's admitting, "I can't either, but that's okay" with this outfit. Not to mention that I love the half up and the smokey eyes!   (Photo Cred)

Writing this post made be upset for Leighton Meester. Why doesn't she have an in with Anna Wintour? Why doesn't she have a contract with Chanel? Though I must say those pictures are beyond gorgeous. And Why doesn't Leighton Meester get to stroll around with Christian Louboutin? I do like Blake Lively; however, sometimes, life just isn't fair.

Well on that depressing note, onto the weekly!

  • Anne Hathaway at the Valentino Couture Show (Valentino): Call me crazy, but there's something about this look that I really like, which is weird because I usually hate those sheer dresses. I think it's the subtle polka dot design that makes transparency less offensive While I think the brooch looks kind of dumb on the dress, I do think that the other styling tactics make you forget about the sheer dress: the casual waves and girly makeup take the focus away from the skirt of the dress and aim it more towards the face. The matching black pumps makes this look more seamless, as if Anne is saying, "Yes, my dress is sheer but just focus on the look as a whole." I think adding a long necklace would give this dress a cool vintage look, and it would also incorporate more jewels, but the chained bag is pretty cool with it too and gives the same kind of vibe. If this look didn't have that "old school" vintage vibe, I would probably hate it. But, due to the dainty polka dots and the bags, makes me think that everyone should respect this look more, which I guess isn't the most logical opinion, but let's roll with it. See, guys, it really wasn't that bad!
  • Emma Watson at the tearful Harry Potter premiere (Oscar de la Renta): I, being not a Potter fanatic, heard the premiere was happening and decided to check out pictures from it. When I saw this look, my jaw literally dropped and let out a huge "ohmygod." Then I frantically texted my friend, Deb, an extreme Potter fan,  and told her I loved the dress. This look was literally heaven on the red carpet. I really hope you don't think I'm being dramatic, because I'm not. It was really that amazing. The detailing and the color scheme was so majestic and the perfect thing for Emma to wear to such an epic premiere. It fit her like a glove and was just as whimsy as the whole Potter industry. The sleek hair is the perfect foil to the uber-dramatic dress and the makeup is girly and fresh. Although I wish she had a cocktail ring or a simple bracelet on, nobody can deny this look is awesome. More than awesome, perfect.
  • Pippa Middleton strolling around Londontown (a plethora of designers): Whenever I see pictures of the Royal family, the outfits are so manicured and, well, perfect. I know that Pippa's place in the Royal- doesn't it seem like royal should be capitalized- family isn't as prominent as Catherine's, but I'm so thrilled that she is rocking such a cool and casual look. It humanizes her, which I love. As  for the look, very summertime-toughie chic! The leather jacket paired with the printed dress is perfect for the summer time. Matching it with black flats, instead of sandals, gives the look a polished appearance without looking too mature. It's an eclectic look; however, it also effortlessly flows as a cohesive look. Love! 

Well, that was a lot of fun. While writing this, I got an awesome new idea for another post so I'll be writing again soon! 


Friday, 8 July 2011

Luke-Warm Couture

I'm always so excited to see couture: the detail and the real artistic quality ceases to amaze me. Except for this season. Let it be known, ladies and gents, Fall 2011 Couture is one of the most disappointing couture seasons I have witnessed. I always wish that I grew up in the days of awesome couture. Hubert de Givenchy, need I say more? One day, I think to myself, fashion will retrieve back to the days of amazing couture. Still waiting. Now don't get me wrong, some of the couture collections were phenomenal, but they weren't incredible as a whole.  Now you're in for a little rant/ praise session.

(Photo Cred)
Biggest disappointment of this season: Alber Elbaz, you're needed at Christian Dior . While Dior's couture is usually very similar in silhouette, each look is classy and chic. This, on the other hand, maintains some sof the previous silhouettes. And then some other stuff. Like that striped poncho?  Not a fan and I usually love ponchos! I think my main problem with this whole collection is how mismatched everything was. When done right, mismatched can be really chic and exude personal style. But when doen wrong,  as seen at Dior, it can look incredibly sloppy. And those 1970's inspired maxis towards the middle of the show? Where did that even come from? I'm sorry Bill Gaytten, but you're not impressing me.

(Photo Cred)
Givenchy couture never fails to have intricate details and universal approval. While this collection is beyond fabulous and beautiful, I feel like I've seen this collection before. Maybe Spring 2011 Couture?  And Fall 2010 Couture? Don't get me wrong, all three collections are gorgeous, but they're all too similar. Couture isn't supposed to be similar, it's supposed to be unique.  I'm really hoping to see something new next couture season. I'm thinking some color...

(Photo Cred)
Although I'm not a personal fan of this Asian-inspired collection, I will say that it's inspiration is focus and the collection, as a whole, is very cohesive. I do love collection cohesiveness so thank you, Giorgio! While the collection is very detailled, I don't really picture it hitting mainstream, which is kind of sad. The slick dress of Armani Prive's previous collection was so thought provoking and looked awesome on Anne Hathaway. Some of these looks, I think, will be good for editorials.  But I can't see anyone rocking these looks for the Emmys, Globes, SAGs, or  anything. 

(Photo Cred)
Finally, this is the couture I was craving. Mr Valli is creating some amazing collections lately, I'm very impressed. From start to finish, this couture collection epitomizes glamour. And I think by now you must know how I feel about glamour.  Each and every piece has some artistic flare or intricate details that screams couture. Even the most basic looks have an  effortless allure to them, not just casual. There's something so effortlessly Parisian about some of the looks that I was smitten with. While I don't think she'd like full leopard ball gowns, some of these looks are so circa Audrey Hepburn, which I love.  Thank you, Mr. Valli for creating something truly amazing. Or else I probably would've gone into a fashion coma.

(Photo Cred)
Boring, boring, and more boring. While I'm sure the execution of the looks were great, this is something I'd expect for Pre-Fall. I understand that big details might not be everyone's thing, but why spend time and money on a couture collection if you're going to produce anticouture? Where did the creativity go, Ms. Jarrar? Riddle me that.

(Photo Cred)
I think it's safe to say that Chanel made a comeback since its disappointing Resort show (okay...well I thought it was disappointing).  From classic suits to amazing gowns, Karl Lagerfeld gave us a lot to work with, literally. There were 69 looks!  While each look embodied its own personality, for lack of a  better term, the entire collection paid homage to Coco Chanel's original idea of a modernized and classic woman. Take the suits, for example: they are all so ladylike and the tweed is undeniably Chanel, but the silhouettes on some give this classic look a  splash of millenium style. The detailing  and artistic innovation of this collection makes it truly couture worthy. Beyond impressive. 

(Photo Cred)
Besides the phrase "Winter Wonderland," I would describe this Saab collection as "a slew of Red Carpet looks." I guess my inner Rachel Zoe was coming out because I was thinking up potential celebrities to wear these dresses. I can't really say anything about the details or the technique because it's typical Elie Saab. In terms of the actual looks, I didn't expect anything more or less. It was just...typical Elie Saab. Although this may sound disappointing, it's not that much of a tragedy because Elie Saab couture is always beautiful, just predictable. ANYWAYS, let's talk celebs. Couldn't you picture Taylor Swift's thin figure and blonde curls in the short brown tulle number?  Or what about Olivia Wilde rocking the sparkling blue gown with a plunging V? Maybe Hailee Steinfeld rocking this white mini with cobalt blue clutch or some really funky jewels? And the oh so revealing beige and silver gown is so Beyonce it's painful. I could go on, but I think you understand where I'm coming from.

(Photo Cred)
Well, Jean Paul Gaultier definitely wins the award "Collection that made me LOL." To be fair, this is typical Jean Paul Gaultier and the collection's creativity and innovation is so couture, but it's just way too crazy for me. I really have mixed emotions about this collection. It's not my personal taste; however, I do admire how unique it is. I think if I were to observe this in a smug way, I wouldn't be giving this collection the creative praise it truly deserves. I'll just leave it at this: like it or hate it, this couture fall is truly wearable art. Power to you, Mr. Gaultier!


(Photo Cred)
This collection, more than any other couture collection I've ever seen, epitomizes couture for the modern woman. Thanks to old movies and my inner granny,  I'm spoiled by the idea of a minimalist couture: I always expect these fabulously over-the-top pieces and Oscar worthy dresses. I know it's a problem, but that's just how I think. Azzedine Alaia's was a happy balance of what I always expect and the reality of couture. The silhouettes weren't the full ball gowns that I envision; however,  I was enamored with this collection.  While a lot of people put emphasis on gowns and other looks, I loved the focus on jackets in this collection: a fabulous array of fashion staples. And the materials that were used to build this collection were so couture-worthy, yet wearable. Actually, I would describe this collection as wearable couture.  Yes, the looks were innovative, but nothing like Jean Paul Gaultier. Although I'm a personal fan of over the top couture, I'm okay with this too. After all, fashion is all about evolving. 

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Monday, 4 July 2011

Every Heart Beats True for the Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July, Fashionistas! 
This extremely patriotic holiday has always been a summer staple to me: barbecues with friends, fireworks, and the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship. Yes, I am that American who tunes in every single year and roots for Joey Chestnut, who won AGAIN this year. Do you believe in miracles, ladies and gentlemen? 

As I get older, I find it even more problematic to pick out a patriotic outfit. Sure, dresses with American flags printed on them are cute when you're a cute toddler or a cute grandma, but what about us who are in the awkward in between? Does American pride mean we need to ditch our fashion forwardness? NO WAY. So before I begin my barbecuing, fireworking fun, I've compiled a few style tips to rock a Fourth of July look! 

Mix up textures: On Saturday, I went to a Fourth of July themed party. Loving themes,  I obviously wore those three colors with pride; however, I don't think my styling. Let me break it down for you: blue sequined mini, white lace top (with a white bandeau), blue and gold statement necklace, a red vintage  shoulder bag,  and red lips.  I think what I liked most about this look, not to sound pompous, is the mix of  fabrics. It definitely added a "wow" factor but the colors were totally in theme. To recreate this trend, I would suggest rocking a shirt like this Rebecca Beeson top (a mullet top, if you will),  these Topshop shorts (major want), and maybe an awesome red statement necklace instead of a red lip. 

Wear Stars OR Stripes: I'm sure everyone's been dressed in a stars and stripes look back in the good 'ol days; however, it's now time to make a decision. For the ladies, I'm thinking a starred or striped dress would be supreme. And for the gents, a simple tie would scream, "I'm chic and  patriotic!"  This simple stripe dress would be so comfortable and cute at a barbecue. And what about lounging by the pool in this starred swim suit? To die for! Accessorize with simple metallics, blacks, or whites, and you're ready to go! 

A Pop of Color: I think a really chic way to show exactly how proud to be an American you are is a simple pop of color.  In order to absolutely own this look, start with a white base. I'm thinking a minimalist white dress would be perfect. Then, add a pop of blue or red. How about a bright blue hobo or an awesome red lip? Per-fec-tion. 

Classic All-American: Some people may not want want to wear red, white, and blue; however, they want to look All-American chic. If  you're one of these people, I suggest you go ditch heavy accessories (wah) and go for more delicate jewels. Clean pastels in cotton or other soft linens would be so sick at a Firework viewing. And if it gets a little cold, throw on a pull-over! Clean, sweet, and totally occasion appropriate.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Style Files: So Baby Good Lookin' Out

I'm deciding to create a new rule for the Weeklies.
Instead of writing about random things, I will devote each writing piece before the weekly to a celebrity's style that I'm totally digging  that week. Sound like fun? Obviously.  
Instead of calling my Sunday posts "The Weekly," I will now be calling these posts "The Style Files." 
"The Style Files" will consist of "Style-Spiration" and the good 'ol Weeklies.
So to get this started, I'm focusing on my number one girl, Beyonce.

Beyonce has been a core inspiration this week.  On Monday, I was cruising around town when I heard this new song called "The Best Thing I Never Had." Like many songs this summer, Beyonce's song spoke to me.  I always admire her independence and strength in every thing she does; she always inspires me to be strong and self- sufficient, even if I'm listening to "Freakum Dress." 

Fast forward to Friday: I was on the elliptical at the gym , watching Beyonce's Good Morning America  concert. Even though I was a sweaty mess, her voice and confidence gave me goosebumps all over my body.  I wish I was her; but let's be honest with ourselves, who doesn't?  Basically everyone I meet loves Beyonce. And the people who don't are just jealous.  I think one of the reasons everyone loves her is because she is completely confident when she wears great costumers and always looks like a superstar.  If anything, Beyonce should be  an inspiration to all of us: we should all be confident in whatever we have on. Let me break it down for you:

Confidence= Fabulousity.

That's not to say that Beyonce is always topping every single "Best Dressed" list. She seems perfect, but she even has her flaws. But her confidence and overall diva stature makes her this week's Style-spiration.
Bey at the 2011 GMA Summer Concert Series (Photo Cred)
I absolutely love this crocheted mini, especially paired with the very art- deco stage. The cutouts were completely whether appropriate (even Sasha Fierce needs to stay cool) and I love the movement of the fringe skirt. Personally, I love the yellow much more than the black one: the yellow pops from the background and epitomizes summer while the black looks sinister. Paired with her fun curls, how Diana Ross/ 1970's is this look? Major love. 

The 2005 Oscars wearing vintage Atelier Versace (Photo Cred)
Seriously, how majestic is this look? I love how she never hides her curves; instead, she flaunts her figure. At the same time, this silhouette and the black is super slimming. But Beyonce, being the diva she is, rocked these phenomenal earrings that made the whole look something to talk about. Props to her stylist. 

Bey at the 2006 Golden Globes in Elie Saab (Photo Cred).
This  look is beyond awesome. There comes a great deal of insecurity when wearing a completely  sequined ensemble, with a plunging neck nonetheless! She looks fabulous, as always. Basically like a golden ball of glamour. I love this look with her straight hair and the bold accessories are so sick. This Elie Saab really hugs her figure , which I love. Most curvy actresses on the red carpet do a lot of draping. But this kind of confidence is completely genuine.

Some good Bey street style (Photo Cred).
I love how disheveled, effortless, and undeniably chic this outfit looks. I mean, those girls in the background aren't just smiling because it's Beyonce. But they're thinking, "Ugh, what a rockstar outfit." What I love most about personal style is that in order for it to be personal, you really have to take risks and think out of the box. Let your fashion freak flag fly! And that's exactly what Beyonce's during here!  The leather jacket and shoes are really tough-guy, yet the shirt is so laid back, but the  shirt is mega glam. And hold up: that necklace? So eclectic. "What is this outfit?" some may say. Awesome. Even though her outfit is very miss-matched, she keeps her head up high and shows off her outfit with pride. Extreme confidence. 

So, my lovely readers, the next time you have a wardrobe change, bring out your inner Sasha Fierce.


  • Rachel Bilson shopping in Beverly Hills (some conglomerate of clothing): This is such amazing street style: the cutoffs and the booties are edgy, yet the blazer is very polished.  And the braid and sunnies are insta-effortless-chic. Unlike the other looks I gush over in The Weeklies, I like this look because it's  attainable. This is a really short analysis, but it's a very simple look.
  • Hilary Swank at the International Indian Film Academy (Elie Saab): Oh my god. This is such a home-run (I don't know when I became sporty,either). I love anything that sparkles and this dress has quite a lot of sparkle.  I'm literally obsessed with this silhouette: fishtail and the portrait neckline, classic fashion that everyone loves. The beautiful red is perfection with her complexion: bold enough so it pops but nothing too abrasive.  While I'm not totally loving the bracelet, the drop earrings with this Saab dress is supreme. And her hair and makeup  makes the prime focus on the dress. A+, Ms. Swank, A+.
  • Rose Huntington-Whiteley at the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Premiere (Antonio Berardi): Let's just get this out on the table: doesn't this look totally remind you of Jessica Rabbit? Anyways, she absolutely killed, in a good way, this look. I love the shimmer on this red dress and the slit is  so sultry and perfect for the summer! If I had to wear a full-length dress, I'd be pretty sweaty. So smart move, Rose. I don't like the necklace, I think that a industrial statement piece would've been better with this dress, but I do love the soft waves and feminine makeup. Va Va Vroom! Oh, and the nude heels ? Awesome choice, as always. I feel like I usually see nude heels in a rounded toe or peep-toe, my sister actually just bought a pair of nude peep-toes, so the pointed toe gives it some edge. Basically, I really want this dress.