Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Style Files: You Took Your Time with the Call, I Took No Time with the Fall

I think this is officially my "tween throwback" phase. This whole week, I've been shamelessly addicted to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me  Maybe."  Be warned: if you listen to it once, you'll never stop.

Style Spiration: January Jones
I always believe that everything you do (and wear) should be fun: life is too short to be boring. January Jones perfectly encompasses this philosophy in her style. You'll be bored of her when pigs fly. In honor of Mad Men's anticipated return- no, I don't watch the show- I'm dedicating this week's Style Spiration to the girl who always makes fashion exciting.
At the 2009 Emmy Awards (Versace): January Jones wore peplums before it was cool. I love the subtle  peplum with the uber glam skirt. The sweetheart neckline paired with the revealing details mixes feminine and fierce into a super luxe bodice. The minimal jewels adds a hint of delicacy to this ensemble.(Photo Cred)
At the 2009 SAG Awards (Carolina Herrera): One of my favorite looks from the night! The Herrera dress is so classic; however, her futuristic hair rejuvenates this look. Also, I love black and gold with her complexion. Minimal jewels was a smart move: over accessorizing would've been overbearing.  (Photo Cred)
Anyone who can make flip flops chic is on my good list. She looks so chic and  comfortable in those printed pants and the lace embellished top.  The bagginess of each piece gives off a very nonchalant vibe that I'm loving. (Photo Cred)

The Weekly 
  • January Jones at the TimesTalks Mad Men event: Mixing and matching textures never goes out of style. The lace blouse, leather pants, and suede heels create this fashion forward blend. Usually, I hate when black and brown are styled together, but the mixed textures makes it quirky. Jones' sleek updo and feminine makeup puts all the focus on the awesome outfit.
  • Elizabeth Olsen in Brooklyn (AG Adriano Goldshmied): I'm such a sucker for street style and Elizabeth Olsen nails it.  Cognac in the spring time? I'm totally obsessed. In my humble opinion, leather vests are chic all year around. The proportion between  oversized, white button down and the leather vest creates this effortless and disheveled glamour. Honestly, I just wish I was an Olsen.
  • Jennifer Lawrence at Late Night with David Letterman (Prabal Gurung): Well ladies and gent, the girl on fire is still on fire. This black and metallic number is very different from her sexy red carpet looks. I love the way her mesh heels work with lace-inspired detailing. Her half-up hairdo is so reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot, I'm smitten. I just want to give whoever her stylist is a big hug: she's bringing back sexy, contemporary glamour.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Trendologist-Approved Color Blocking

Since what now seems like the beginning of time, everyone's color blocking. It's gotten to the point that color blocking is expected. In fact, it's as if color blocking is the norm. In my humble fashion opinion, you never want to dress the norm. Where's the fun in that? However, yesterday I couldn't help myself: I wanted to color block. I tried to style my outfit so it would have that ever-so lovely pop of color, but I just couldn't leave my room in something that wasn't obnoxiously colorful. During my dressing catastrophe, I developed a new way to color block. In my mind, this new take on color blocking allows you to stay on trend but breaking away from the norm.

It all started with my love for the mint trend. For months, I've just want a mint piece to call my own. Enter Hudson's mint skinnies. They're so comfortable and make me really giddy. To give the color blocking trend a fun twist, I added this  striped shirt from Topshop. The bright orange and white stripes provide an alternative, flirty way to rock the color blocking trend.
Okay, I know this outfit may seem like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I swear it's not. The sheer component plus the open black flap equals major sex appeal. Because color blocking is so sexy to begin with. 
Isn't this color combination to die for?

By now, you should know that I'm a sucker for detail. Wise words from yours truly: no details equals a waste of an outfit. If I was going to be on this color blocking splurge, I needed to spice this outfit up somehow. That's where my studded flats from Topshop come in. The nude background allows the focus to be on the bright colors; however, the spikes gives that unexpected- but really necessary- edginess.

Whether you want to play with textures and prints or add a dash of metallic, start of this spring the right way by experimenting with color blocking.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Style Files: Come and Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I may be a little behind, but I cannot get enough of this song. Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" just makes me want to roll on a furry carpet and drown my thoughts in a bottle of wine. Weird? Get used to it.

Style Spiration: Jennifer Lawrence 
For me, this week was all about The Hunger Games. In true "me" form, I devoured the book just before the movie adaptation hits theaters this Friday. Needless to say, I'm extremely excited. Not to mention that the movie's superstar, Jennifer Lawrence has WOWED us at each Hunger Games premiere (more on that later). It really made me think about Jennifer Lawrence as a fashionista: this girl has ability to impress us at every single event. The girl on fire is literally on fire right now!

At the 2011 Academy Awards (Calvin Klein Collection): Though I'm not crazy for minimalism, Lawrence takes this simple dress and gives it a sultry twist. From the minimal jewels to the Farah-inspired hair, Lawrence makes this dress sexy and forces us to focus on how well her bod looks in this dress. But not in a creepy, slutty way.(Photo Cred)
At the 2011 Spirit Awards (Dolce and Gabbana): I'm obsessed with how ethereal this whole look is. The dainty lace works perfectly with her relaxed waves and that soft, pink lip. The Lorraine Schwartz bracelets not only give this look a pop of color, they also give a sense of personal style. And personal style is always in trend. (Photo Cred)
At the 2012 People's Choice Awards (Viktor & Rolf): Though I understand why some people may not love this dress, I'm obsessed with how the whimsical waves work the the mesh background. Since this dress is an artistic piece, minimal jewels and simple, black shoes are the perfect way to accessorize this outfit. The sleek ponytail and fierce eye makeup gives this look a hint of fashion forwardness.(Photo Cred)
The Weekly
  • Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games LA Premiere (Prabal Gurung): One of my all-time favorite looks, hands down. I love how the glamourous gold is juxtaposed with the sexy cutouts of this dress. The Jimmy Choo heels work really well with the geometric cutouts. I love when people pair an ultra light lip with a bold,sexy eye: to die for! The braided hair gives this look an unexpected  punch of natural femininity.
  • Charlize Theron at the Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Powerful Stylists party (Boy by Band of Outsiders): Although I usually associate Band of Outsiders with younger starlets and fashion fanatics, I love how this pleated dress looks on Theron. The deep V and pleats make this dress more exciting than your average LBD. Thankfully, the strappy sandals rationalize the lack of jewels. The sporty ponytail makes this look refreshing.
  • Jennifer Lawrence at the The Hunger Games Paris Premiere (Tom Ford): As you can see, the Jennifer Lawrence girl crush continues. She successfully pulls off a backless dress: the gapping around her back is flattering, but it doesn't look ill-fitted. I love how the gold piping of the dress matches her gold sandals. Fashion forward, yet cohesive. The sleek, straight hair plus a red lip? No words. 
  • Miranda Kerr in Manhattan (Marni, Nobody jeans, Louis Vuitton, Tabitha Simmons): As much as I love red carpet glamour, I'm such a sucker for unique street style. The mostly black ensemble makes the Marni coat and Louis Vutitton work together  to create a feminine dose of edge, not compete against each other. For a model "off duty" vibe, Kerr keeps her hair super straight and adds a casual pair of aviators.
  • Michelle Williams promoting My Week with Marilyn in Tokyo (Alexander McQueen): Yes, this look is rather plain; however, it's Williams' aesthetic. The draping and silhouette of this white dress is angelic and the bold lip give us a much needed dose of glamour. Although it's understated, I kind of like it: the simplicity of this look allows Williams' true beauty to shine through. You must admit that she's channeling her inner Marilyn.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Last, But Not Least: Paris Fashion Week

The end of the fall collections is always bittersweet. No more new looks but, as a blogger, I'm excited to share more fashion adventures with you. Not only is Paris the end of the fashion week extravaganza, it's also extremely prestigious. I cannot tell you how many times I've looked through the Paris collections and thought, "This isn't PFW worthy." Unlike the other three countries, Paris Fashion Week- in my mind- celebrates fashion as artistic and sophisticated. Ready for my absolute favorites?

I'll be the first to admit that this collection is not wearable. But then again, when is Alexander McQueen wearable?! Sarah Burton continues to carry on McQueen's extravagant legacy. Burton wows fashion fanatics with the use of varied silhouettes. Yes, this collection pushes the envelope (one may think too far), but every fashionista and fashionisto can respect the execution and innovation. When it comes to McQueen, you can expect to be blown away. (Photo Cred)
Just when Elie Saab was starting to get predictable, he gives us a fabulously dark collection. As much as I love all of his collections, Saab strayed away from the girly dresses and gives us an alternative way to look at sparkly style. Saab also stays away from poppy colors this fall and sticks to rich, muted hues. His two toned pieces give them depth, sophistication, and edge. I'm so smitten with his use of peplum: the execution and size of each peplum exudes femininity. Don't think all this femininity means no sex appeal: that high slit is incredible. Additionally, this collection also exhibits sexy, new techniques. Let's be honest: Elie Saab can do no wrong in my mind. (Photo Cred)
In my mind, there's a difference between "strong and clean" collections and "pure minimalism."  Minimalism, in my definition, is usually composed of neutrals and provide no statement or "wow" factor. An example of a strong and clean collection is Chalayan's. Although I'm no jock, the athletic-infused pieces of this collection are conversational. The bold colors, paired with simplistic silhouettes, add strength. Just when you thought these silhouettes were over-done, the finale look happens. Enough said. (Photo Cred)
Once upon a time, Christian Dior's "New Look" redefined fashion, femininity, and the brand itself. Seen in previous collections, it seems like Gaytten is searching for a "New Look" revival. Gaytten gives us a subdued take on this theme. For example, the belts add some modernity to the array of full skrits and fitted jackets. The muted color palette complements the occasional black pieces: they both work together to create a retro and feminine vibe. Thankfully the bright, high-impact finale dresses give us that sexy glamour that everyone craves.  (Photo Cred)
Like McQueen, most of these pieces aren't wearable: the sleeves are definitely  too intense for some, while other looks are a little too risque. Nevertheless, I love this collection. The transition from cozy whites to harsh blacks is flawless and aesthetically pleasing.  Even the deconstructed component of this collection is well executed and exudes innovation. Also, I do have a thing for futuristic shoulders.(Photo Cred)
Usually, I'm comforted by Balmain's predictable  collections: structured minidresses that have a hint of futuristic. Sure, this collection has a healthy dose of the label's staples; however, Olivier Rousteing also supplies us with some forward-thinking pieces. Sleeveless jackets? Yes please! Unlike previous collections, the silhouettes aren't as fitted. Even the looser suits create a nonchalance and casualness that I enjoy. Fun prints and detailing finishes off this new found love for comfortable silhouettes. Major want. (Photo Cred)
I have yet to go to Paris; however, I know exactly what I'm going to wear when I do: Carven's Fall 2012 RTW collection. Sounds weird, right? In my mind, there's something about this collection that exudes youth and Parisian style. The silhouettes are pretty basic: straight, sleek, and exactly what I would expect a Parisian fashionista to wear. Guillaume and Hieronymus then incorporate bold colors and ethereal paisleys to de-sophisticate it. This struggle between sleek chic and quirky funk makes me want to wear each piece while sitting at a super luxe cafe.  (Photo Cred)
In this industry, you're only as good as your last. With Stefano Pilati leaving Yves Saint Laurent, it's time to evaluate his work at the fashion house! Like many other designers, Pilati embraces the sexy, leather trend. The execution and cut of the leather pieces give this trend a refined and elegant twist. The edgy mesh looks are also to die for: they're forward-thinking, but are paired with simplistic pieces to calm them down. His long dresses and pantsuits are reminiscent of something Yves Saint Laurent himself would've designed. The common bold lapels tie all of these different looks together and gives the collection cohesiveness. Though I never obsessed over Stefano like I do with Alber, Jason, or Prabal, I will say this was a great way to end his career. (Photo Cred)
Sure, Gareth Pugh is not always my favorite designer; however, I'm drawn to this collection. Surprisingly, some of the jackets and dresses are wearable. Like that fringe dress? I would love to wear that one night and paint the town red. Other looks are obviously more avant garde. Even still, the execution is supreme. Also, I'm in love with the use of capes. How fabulous?!  When it comes down to it, I like this collection because it's thought-provoking(Photo Cred)
From soft pastels and use of lace to rugged silhouettes, Chloé gives us an androgynous take on feminine clothes. Sounds like an oxymoron? Well, to people who haven't seen this collection, it probably is. However, this juxtaposition is probably the best way to describe this collection.While the pieces could've been put together to create an innocent look, the mismatched and indifferent styling of this collection creates this tension between edgy and gentle. As a result, we see separates that can be sophisticated or youthful. It's this versatility that makes this collection strong and agreeable.  (Photo Cred)
Like many fashion girls, I love me some drama. Not in the petty Laguna Beach style, obviously: I long to be excited by clothes' dramatic aspects. From stunning collars, to plunging necklines, to floor-length show stoppers, Giambattista Valli gives us just that, But don't expect sequins galore or anything: here, Valli offers a casual, yet dramatic, collection. The patchwork throughout the collection demands attention; however, makes each ensemble more casual. The silhouettes are simple enough, yet Valli includes popping colors or a dash of drama to spice each look up. I love how he sneaks in feathers in his looks: that Valli is a tricky one. (Photo Cred)
Though my constant talk about silhouettes may be annoying, the cut of a piece is crucial. In my opinion, it can sometimes be more crucial than the fabric. The array of silhouettes- here I go again- from Haider Ackermann's Fall 2012 RTW really made me love this collection. Whether it's an extravagant neckline or  an accentuated hips, Ackermann really shows us how innovative a collection can truly be. Each look was exciting and that's what fashion should be. Wise words by me: you know something in fashion should be extinct when it becomes boring. Quick side note: who wouldn't want those metallic pants(Photo Cred)

To add to the list of weird things I compare Lanvin collections to, Fall 2012 RTW reminds me of a buffet. Alber Elbaz incorporated everything I could possibly want to wear this fall. Fun pops of color? Check. A healthy dose of peplum? Oh it's there. Beautifully tailored, gothic pieces? In an array of silhouettes and textures! A gilded quasi-brocade? Of course! Army green? It'll look amazing with a light pink lip. Funky graphic pieces? Thank the fashion gods, because I could simply not survive fall without them. I love this collection because it doesn't overdose on one trend: instead, each trend flawlessly meshes into the next one. As a result, we get a realistic collection. On a side note, I cannot express how much I love Alber : he's such a genius, not to mention the cutest little thing to walk a catwalk.  If I could befriend any designer, it would probably be Alber.(Photo Cred)
It seems as if every fashionista ditches color once the first leaf floats to the ground. If Stella McCartney shows us anything in her fall collection, it's to embrace color this fall. Stella doesn't give us time to contemplate or ease into color: her first look gives us a shocking pop of cobalt blue, thus demanding attention and respect. I'll be the first one to say that I love wearing black all year around; however, it's time for all of us to break out of our fashion shells and take some colorful risks. She offers fun colors and quirky fabrics together: how's that for some colorful risk?  I love how she pairs the cobalt with dainty patterns and flirty silhouettes, which ultimately makes the blue richer and feminine. However, Stella does include some black for those of us who can't part from our favorite gothic hue.(Photo Cred)

I would love to meet the one person out there who claims to hate Valentino and smack them silly. Seriously. Although Valentino Garavani is no longer calling the shots, you can't deny that the brand still has this agreeable, yet elegant,  energy. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli continue to create glamourous pieces. According to the fashion gods, he (or she) who can make a modest jumpsuit desirable reigns superior. As a whole, this collection is exciting, versatile, and well-executed. Most of these pieces can stand alone and create stellar clean, yet expressive, ensembles or they can act as neutrals.  That versatility, paired with a dash of innovation, gives us fashion fanatics exactly what we want: timelessness. The detailing and extravagance of the finale dresses supply the drama that every fashion house should deliver. Can we quickly chat about the excessive use of leather? Am I sensing a top trend for the fall?(Photo Cred)


Monday, 12 March 2012

When in Milan

Regardless of the trend or sources of inspiration, Milan Fashion Week always epitomizes luxe style. This season, Milan gave us an understated extravagance and gothic glam. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? After looking at these collections, I have a sneaking suspicion you'll feel the same way.

I don't know if it's the overtly feminine silhouettes or the fact that the prints resemble stained glass, but this collection gives me a gothic feeling. From outerwear to cute little dresses, Rimondi and Aquilano embrace the idea of a glamourous and feminine woman. The play with different fabrics is absolutely gorgeous and gives the ensembles a little more depth. Each ensemble has these gorgeous details that are simply out of this world.Surprisingly, the two designers have a healthy blend between sartorial pieces and girly separates. This whole collection reminds me of a more gothic version of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. (Photo Cred) 
In my mind, this collection is the perfect RTW collection to follow Prada's previous one. The retro-inspired silhouettes and the use of busy prints is so reminiscent of Miuccia's spring RTW collection. Of course, the two collections are not carbon copies of each other: this fall collection includes darker colors and longer sleeves.Even the use of pantsuits show progression from the Spring RTW collection. It seems like Miuccia is telling us a story about femininity and I like it. (Photo Cred)
There's something so extravagant about this collection- a la 90's flashy glam- that I'm mildly obsessed with. Though some people may look at the extremely colorful fur with disgust, I love it. Obviously, I would never wear some of these pieces; however, I admire the unapologetic flashiness of this collection. Ironically enough, they do add some extremely polished pieces to this show.Is it weird that I secretly want to wear that sparkly suit to an interview? (Photo Cred)
This collection encompasses two different kind of femininity: sexy womanhood and girlish florals. Although these two types of femininity seem like night and day, the use of lace and similar silhouettes throughout the collection link the two themes together.On a side note, Domenico and Stefano have the ability to use lace in a progressive and fun way.Besides the lace, the two designers used other detailing and appliques perfectly. Yes, perfectly.Let's be honest, this designing duo is perfection. (Photo Cred)
Like Aquilano. Rimondi, this collection has a very gothic- Baz Luhrmann aesthetic. However, this collection has more emotional roots, like Gianni Versace's last collection before his tragic death. Of course, in true Donatella fashion, this collection offers optimism with it's cheery yellows and oranges. Also, that sequin piping? Phenomenal. (Photo Cred)
Usually, I'm not a fan of androgynous fashion; however, this is a fun take on the trend. The clothes have a sense of masculinity, but their sartorial lines aren't butch. The interesting mix of color and fabric is refreshing.  For some reason or another, this collection appeals to me. I can picture a lot of these pieces working fabulously as separates. Also, I love the way this whole collection is styled: the offbeat monochromatism gives each piece more depth and wearability. (Photo Cred)
Salvatore Ferragamo
I can confidently say that Massimiliano Giornetti successfully incorporated two opposite ends of the spectrum in one collection: the corporate betch (one of my favorite ways to dress) and the bohemian. To lessen the randomness, Giornetti incorporates strong silhouettes with the bohemian fabric. Additionally, there are also bohemian silhouettes in black. Then to top it all off, Giornetti throw a little bit of equestrian. For the record, those structured equestrian jackets are to die for. I think  I love this collection because Giornetti somehow incorporates all of these looks but orders them in such a way that doesn't make the variety awkward or arbitrary. This collection reflects how I feel about personal style: you should never restrict yourself to one category of personal style. Bravo, Giornetti.(Photo Cred)

Bottega Veneta
To be perfectly honest, I didn't love the first half of this collection. There's nothing wrong with clean silhouettes and pops of pretty hues; however, it's nothing to swoon over. However, this collection's evening wear is too good to ignore. It all started with the feathers: anything that incorporates a halter top and  feathered skirt is worthy of some attention, don't you think? I love how Tomas Maier played with black and nude: super elegant, yet super sexy. Then the longer dresses happened. I could really picture Emma Stone rocking some of these printed numbers. The finale dress' mix of textures really took my breath away. So stunning. If you're going to take anything from this collection, here it is: never ever underestimate the power of evening wear.(Photo Cred)
Maybe I'm an eternal brooding soul, but I'm obsessed with dark color palettes. As much as I do love a pop of color here and there, dark clothes just scream gothic glamour to me, which Milan Fashion Week tells me is totally in for the fall. I'm even enamored with this collection's dark green looks.The baggy silhouettes give this collection an effortless sophistication. They give you something that you can wear out to a fancy dinner or lounge around at home and either way, you'd still be the chicest chick ever. I also love how Frida Giannini toyed around with different textures and types of outerwear. Feathered cropped jackets and sleek black capes? It's like she read my mind. In short, I just really want to spend the rest of my life in this collection. Too far? Fashion people love to exaggerate. As for my inner beauty nerd, I'm going bonkers over the makeup. Dark lip for fall? Sign me up!(Photo Cred)
Jil Sander 
As we all know by now, I'm not a fan of minimalism. Maybe someday- that's me trying to broaden my fashion horizons- but not today. However, I must give credit where credit is due. And credit is due at Jil Sander. Though Raf Simons was let go, I must say that this is my favorite Jil Sander collection of his. Instead of letting minimalism radiate the same old emotionless aesthetic, he gives it a feminine spin. The soft, candy colors work perfectly with the sleek silhouettes. The subtle color blocking and the striking cutouts make this collection fun to look at. Also, who can resist a hint of metallic? All in all, doesn't this collection remind you of something you'd see Ann Margaret wear back in the good 'ol days? Just me? (Photo Cred)


Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Style Files: We Got No Money, But We Got Heart

I think I have an obsessive song disorder. Almost every week, there's a song that I can't stop listening to, hence this arbitrarily placed section in the Style Files. Right now, I'm obsessed with Walk the Moon's "Anna Sun." For some reason or another, it makes me feel like we're on the cusp of something epic happening. Big thanks to my friend, Ben, for showing me this gem.

Style Spiration: Alexa Chung
I'm pretty surprised that over the past two years of blogging, I've barely mentioned Alexa Chung. Well, ladies and gent, that's all going to change: right here, right now. The British fashionista truly exudes this understated chic vibe. She never has to over-accessorize; however, the way she puts outfits together is always stylish and quirky.

At the 2010 CFDA Awards (Marc Jacobs): This look really pinpoints everything that Alexa Chung's style encompasses. She doesn't need statement jewels or a standout bag; however, those chunky silver shoes do create the perfect amount of style tension with the dainty Marc Jacobs dress.The way this look is put together is very reminiscent of the early 20th century, when understated glamour ruled the world, don't you agree? (Photo Cred)
Street Style: Love it or hate it, Alexa Chung rocks quirky, personal style. Those high-rised shorts with the high socks? One might think this is all too high for comfort, but I kind of like the quirkiness. The simple striped tee as a neutral to make the look appear cleaner.(Photo Cred)

At the 2010 Met Ball (3.1 Phillip Lim): Pants to the Met Ball? As anyone who keeps close tabs on the Met Ball knows, this red carpet is all about avant garde dresses that are too crazy for any other red carpet. In short, it's embracing fashion as art. Wearing a simple pantsuit is such a fashion risk; however, there's no one better to make this risk than Chung. Honestly, I love the whole look: the bold lip, the western-inspired bow, the trouser effect, the chunky shoes. Chung shows us an alternative, but equally creative way, to dress for the Met Ball. (Photo Cred)

The Weekly
  • Elizabeth Olsen at the NYC Premiere of Silent House (Balmain): From the oversized Balmain topper to the pastel envelope clutch, this look is everything. I love how she pairs these fun accessories and extra with a simple black dress. The different lengths, textures, and sleeve lengths give this look a disheveled vibe; however, her clean hair and makeup bring femininity and structure to the table. 
  • Julianne Moore at the Game Change Premiere (Lanvin): Sure, Julianne Moore has her fair share of fashion faux pas; however, this Lanvin number is to die for.  Everything is so structured, which really works for her. I despise when she does these avant garde dresses: all she needs is something simple and sleek. I love the black and white color blocking, especially with her red hair. The variety of bracelets gives this look a dash of personal style. For the record, that fuchsia lip is incredible. 
  • Catherine Middleton at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee: Thankfully, the Duchess of Cambridge is embracing the peplum trend. The otherwise straight silhouette works perfectly with the cute peplum.  Paired with that cute hat? Out of this world. I love when people wear navy and black together, so this look is definitely a good one.  Also, where has Kate been? I've missed her! 

Monday, 5 March 2012

London Calling

It's fair to say that I'm obsessed with all things British. From the historical and classic architecture to the hip street style (to One Direction... some of my interests do resemble those of a tween) , London is the perfect place. However, London Fashion Week's collections are always hit or miss for me. While I'm obsessed with some collections, others are truly the bane of my existence. I've kept all of you waiting long enough for this runway recap, so how about we just cut to the chase?

Here's a riddle for you: how can a collection be clean and innovative? Well, Antonio Berardi knows. From his curvy silhouettes to his outstanding use of color, Berardi makes simple fashion forward. Each piece is beautifully executed, which gives this collection so much strength. Depending on the styling, all of these pieces can act as a neutral or the standout part of your look.  Also, can we say half peplum? Out of this world. On a side note, I'm crazy for the metallic maxi skirt(Photo Cred)
For the past few seasons, I've been obsessed with Felder Felder. This collection offers punches of color, offbeat patterns, and fun silhouettes. Like Band of Outsiders, Felder Felder provides a chic answer to every young fashionista's prayers. To me, Felder Felder screams "quirky London style." Every single look expresses this unique,downtown feel. Even the simple, black dresses are hip! Seriously: can't you imagine yourself wearing a Felder Felder dress to a cool Brooklyn party? Just me? Whatever. On a side note, who wouldn't want to wear a printed bodysuit?  (Photo Cred)
Erdem's fall collection is the perfect transition collection. If you haven't noticed, spring is all about undeniably feminine pieces. Erdem Moralioglu's latest collection provides a mix of femininity and boldness.I can picture these dresses on an older fashionista or even a hip, downtown chick. What's so fabulous about this show is that Erdem really embraces the mixed patterns concept. The agelessness of this collection is absolutely inspiring.  (Photo Cred)
While wearability is pretty important when it comes to RTW collections, I can never resist artistic collections. Obviously, you won't wear one of these pieces to "the club" (did I mention that I love when people refer to a hotspot as "the club"?), Mary Katrantzou's fall collection screams "fashion eye candy." She always couples intricate patterns with super structured silhouettes. In my mind, this collection is like a psychedelic porcelain doll, which is pretty sick. Obsessed.  (Photo Cred)
Without a doubt, Alice Temperley is one of my favorite British designers. She consistently "wows" me with her ability to create pieces that have a feminine edge. Though I consistently want to wear every single look of hers to a British tea party, her collections never force a feminine aesthetic. Even her florals in this collection have an eclectic feel to them. As any good designer does, Alice Temperley plays with fun colorstextures, and hints of drama.. For a random, obsessive outburst,  I love how this collection is styled. Nothing says "fabulous" better than fun hats(Photo Cred)
My fashion philosophy is that, unless you're wearing something offensive, you should never have to apologize for your personal style. If someone can't appreciate your creativity and fearlessness, that's their issue. PPQ's fall collection mixes polished dresses with a completely unapologetic aesthetic. Sure, some of these pieces are...questionable; however, there should never be strict rules to fashion. Though the aspiring stylist in me freaks out over a less-than-brilliant look, we need to all be realistic and know that not everyone's going to dress to our personal taste. This collection truly speaks to me: dressing and being yourself never goes out of style. Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker embrace fashion's oddities and make them a commodity. No, I didn't even try to rhyme: it just happened.(Photo Cred)
In my mind, fall is all about texture. Thankfully, Jonathan Saunders gives us structured and textured pieces for fall. This collection is a little paradoxical for me, but I kind of love it.Though the silhouettes scream minimalism, Saunders' mix of colors and textures makes this collection Trendologist- approved. You can easily classify this whole collection has sporty, eclectic, minimalism. Also, I'm so smitten with his florals(Photo Cred)
I've fallen in love with this clash between femininity and urban chic . As I've lamented before, I have this girly/edgy complex and this collection is yet another answer to my prayers. From extravagant peplums  to the use of collars, Simone Rocha succeeded it making lace alternative and quirky. Over all, each look has this understated, artistic aesthetic, which I find really interesting. It's as if the clothes are saying, "Yes, I am a big deal, but keep it on the down low" (yes, in my ideal world, clothes talk). Additionally, the black and white color palette- obviously, I'm excluding that arbitrarily placed, yet awesome, yellow outfit- allows the fripperies to speak for themselves,  (Photo Cred)
I'll be the first person to say it: Mulberry's show is jumbled and eclectic. Most of the looks are not polished and there's barely any cohesion; however, I'm so smitten with this collection. Though some people may look at this collection and run the other direction (I'm a skilled unintentional rhymer), it gives me a sense of comfort a familiarity. Mulberry's show reminds me of when I wake up in the morning and scramble to find a quasi decent outfit or even those really cool, eclectic fashionistas whose closets I want to steal. There's something that's perfectly imperfect about this collection- fashion's reality- that I love. And if you haven't noticed by now, I'm quite obsessed with fur(Photo Cred)