Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Her Campus's College Survival Kit: A Stylish Student's New Best Friend

The life of a college student, or collegiette, is hard. From scoring that stellar internship to creating a sartorially superior ensemble, these four years are filled with its fair share of both glam and unglamorous moments. Her Campus--the Bible for collegiettes, and a company I've been a part of for over two years (shameless plug: it's awesome)--sent me their very own "Back-to-School Survival Kit." Thankfully, these products will help any student have a chic semester.

Clipboards, notebooks, and pens, oh my! 

Between midterms and meetings, even the most fabulous collegiettes desperately need to refuel. Ditch those high-calorie frappes and say goodbye to those fatty potato chips, because these stylish snacks will leave you feeling fit and energized. Who doesn't love Luna bars? They're basically a healthy candy bar. Mini Luna bars? The perfect snack-- be still, my heart. White Chocolate Macadamia is my absolute favorite flavor, and the bite-size variation makes it perfect for fashionable students who are always on the go. And if you're craving the caffeine but don't want those disastrous coffee stains, Neuro Sonic is a sweet alternative. Whether you're racing from one fashion show to another or pulling an all-nighter, this berry drink will leave wired enough to complete all your chic tasks.

Besides my daily (or hourly) dose of caffeine, I could never get through a hectic day without my to-do list. Available in a cute colors and pragmatic sizes, Poppin's notebooks are a trendsetter's dream come true. But what are you going to write with? The brand's fun gel pens, obviously. These pens won me over when I realized they don't smudge, which is a rare occurrence. 

A big thank you to Her Campus for the array of amazing goodies! 

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Introducing Ziftit: The Future of Wish Lists

This is a sponsored post. All opinions belong to The Trendologist

Having a powerful vision is both a blessing and a curse. While executing an ensemble that truly adheres to your personal taste is extremely satisfying, receiving gifts from your nearest and dearest is always a dilemma. A poly-blend sweater that you'll never wear? "Oh, you shouldn't have!" Really. A lipstick that's hue totally clashes with your skin tone. It's the thought that counts, right? 

After years of stealth gift exchanges, something's got to give. With Ziftit, every gift will count. 

The website/app allows users to create Zift Lists of their favorite products on the market. Getting the present of your dreams is as easy as sending your Zift List to your friends and family, where they can purchase your presents and ship them right to your house. 

To bolster your Zift Lists, the company's Trending Feed adds products that match your personal style to your feed. So part website, part app, and part virtual stylist? Perfection. 

Love some fancy features? From creating your own events and sending out invites to your guests, to the mobile app's Barcode Scanner (which shows users where they can find a product and the different prices it's listed at), to being able to split a gift with the upgraded account's "Pitch In" feature, Zifit is here to make the gifting experience a million times easier. 

So this brand can't get any better, right? I mean, it already helps you find affordable items, receive the gifts you actually want, and plan a stellar event-- Ziftit's basically too good to be true. 

Well just wait, style savants. 

If you're looking to splurge on a few gifts for your favorite fashionistas (via Ziftit, of course), be sure to enter the Trendsetter Contest. 

The contest will challenges you to gather unique products from all over the web and place them onto your personal Zift List. Simply use Ziftit's "follow" feature (which is just like Pinterest's pin button) by adding products that will appeal to their followers. Products added to your Zift List will fill the personalized news feeds of your followers, and give all your fashion groupies the ability to re-add these products to their personal Zift Lists. In addition to getting tons of followers, your "influence rating" will increase when followers re-add your picks to their Zift Lists. Imagine that feeling you get when someone re-pins several things on your personal style board; the feeling you get when someone re-adds one of your Zift List picks will be even better. Why? At the end of the contest, on December 15th, the participant with the most followers will win $10,000 and will be named "The Trendsetter of 2013".

The chance to win $10,000 dollars just for getting fellow fashionites to follow you? That sounds like a dream come true! 

So stop procrastinating. Ziftit's waiting for you.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fall 2013 Trend: Pajama Party

On a chilly day, changing out of your cozy pajamas is a true struggle. Don't deny it, we've all been there. In addition to offering a slew of chic sweatshirts, fashion's top dogs have also released wearable versions of our favorite lounge apparel. From slinky slips to matching tops and bottoms, fall is essentially one big, sartorial pajama party. But unlike the threads you sport after a long day, we're ditching the flannel and poly-cotton blend, and are focusing on a luxe material: silk. The glamorous fabric is mixed with everything from vintage prints, to jewel tone hues, to sequin applique. When style megawatts such as Marc Jacobs and Alber Elbaz tell you that the most comfortable clothes in the world (dramatic, but true) are this season's leading trend, do you really have the right to reject this phenomenon? Exactly.

Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs

Just because this trend exudes effortlessness doesn't mean it's boring. In fact, sporting a pajama-inspired ensemble is arguably one of the riskiest moves a fashion trailblazer could make this season. So what's the best way to wear this trend? Like any other major fad, the options are endless. Style your pajama top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, pair your slip with a luxe coat, or match your top and bottom for a super fabulous occasion. Though there's no one way to rock this trend, it's very important that your lounge-worthy threads are event appropriate. While wearing a luxe slip dress will leave both style savants and potential beaus in awe, the pajama set is exclusively for a fashion-forward crowd. But, for your own sake, please avoid a lazy topknot or bed head-approved waves-- you shouldn't look like you actually rolled out of bed!

Pajama Party

Christopher Kane mint green dress / T By Alexander Wang dress / Topshop dress / Araks short sleeve silk shirt / Rochas silk trousers / Equipment pajamas, $685

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fall 2013 Trend: Forward-Thinking Fur

All the great ones have sported fur: Kate Moss, Elizabeth Taylor, Cruella Deville, and Mrs. Robinson, just to name a few . Though wearing a leopard jacket is hardly a groundbreaking fad, the traditional trend is getting a major makeover this  fall. From your bag, to your booties, to your average tee, fur is everywhere. But the phenomenon does not stop there. With"notice me" color schemes and thought-provoking patterns, this season's take on fur will make everyone stop and stare.

Marc Jacobs
Michael Kors

If you didn't get the memo, this trend is for trailblazing fashionistas only. Easing into the font? Start off small with some fury accessories- a textured evening clutch turns any average ensemble into a thought-provoking look. But if you want to have a major fashion moment and sport a fur jacket or tee even, power to you. So what's a style savant to wear with this fur focal piece? Add some depth by blending delicious wools and knits into the mix. Whether you style with slim trousers or a wintry maxi skirt, this trend is the perfect way to score a warm, cozy, and undeniably chic outfit. Take that, Mrs. Robinson.

trendologist fur

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fall 2013 Trend: Stylish Sweats

Sometimes, you just want to spend your whole day in a cozy sweatshirt. No matter how chic you are, we've all had those days. Luckily, the most innovative designers have recognized this need for lazy attire and filled this gap with an array of lounge-worthy threads. With a mélange of punky graphics and fierce prints, this trend gifts us with a warm and comfortable way to take on this fashion-forward season. A departure from kitschy knits, tastemakers such as Ashley Benson, Ciara, and Lily Collins have all been spotted rocking this fad. Gone are the days when wearing a sweatshirt is associated with being sartorially slacking off. With the right sweatshirt, your ensemble can prove that you're at the vanguard of on-the-pulse fashion.

Reed Krakoff
3.1 Phillip Lim

Though sweatshirts are usually coupled with mismatched sweatpants or a pair of jeans, I urge you to avoid these pieces (unless you want to pair this look with boxy, boyfriend jeans) like you'd refrain from insulting Hedi Slimane. Instead, revitalize your style by sporting this coveted piece with a sheer skirt a la Givenchy or even a slouchy pair of trousers. You'll be just as comfortable as you would be if you wore sweatpants; however, your outfit will be both polished and forward-thinking. If you'd rather show some leg, opt for dressy shorts or a leather mini skirt. Since these picks are so inspired, add complementary accessories to this getup. Let's just say you definitely won't be disappointed with the final product.

stylish sweats

Kenzo top, $570 / Brian Lichtenberg unisex shirt, $160 / Madewell sweatshirt / 3.1 Phillip Lim long sweat shirt

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