Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Style Files: I'm Tired of Seein' the Days Goin' by, Tearin' the Numbers Off My Wall

So you know when you randomly find a band and you really like them? Yeah, that happened to me this week. To quickly sum it up, The Lemonheads are awesome: very chill music.


Do you guys remember that whole Sarah Hyland slash Lea Michele debacle on Fashion Police? Well I do and let me just  say that I'm so team Sarah. Not only is she super funny, but Hyland is a fabulous fashionista herself. So this week's style-spiration is dedicated to Sarah Hyland.

At the Latest Harry Potter Movie Premiere (Paule Ka): Gorgeous! The all-black ensemble is super chic and the metallic clutch adds the perfect "wow" factor. The fun ponytail perfectly contrasts Hyland's smoky eye. Obsessed. 

At the 2011 SAG Awards (Max Mara Elegante): This look is super youthful and laid back, which I love. The casual waves, mixed with the draping of the orange dress, is supreme. Keeping the makeup fresh, as well as having minimal jewels, is perfection. (Photo Cred)
At the Glee 3D Premiere (Nuj Novakhett): I'm obsessed with this look! Usually, I get skeptical when I see a cut-out dress;however, this look incredible on her. The dress is gorgeous and the light shoes and clutch makes this look summery. The natural makeup and braid gives this look a youthful twist.

  • Gaga at the Gaga Pop-Up Store in Barneys (Chanel): This so extravagant-almost too extravagant- but I love it. In my mind, this is the perfect mix of Jackie O and Lady Gaga. The contrast between black and white is so classic. Also, I'm so smitten with her use of accessories. The red lip:  need I say more?  I love how she can be her crazy self without pushing the envelope too far.
  • Fergie at the Black Eyed Peas Experience Launch Party (Jen Kao skirt and an Ellery jacket): I'm not obsessed with this look; however, I think it was styled very well.  The textured skirt and the tribal-inspired earrings are perfectly styled with the black ensemble. The sleek ponytail and the strong blazer adds a dash of sexy. 


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Yay or Nay?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about patterned tights. Remember? Yes? No? Anyways,  I wore my houndstooth tights a couple of days ago and- wait for it- broke my own rules. I paired these tights with a orange leather skirt and- wait for it, again- a leopard coat. I was a bit hesitant before I left my room; however, I think it worked oddly well.

There are two reasons I really like this combination. First of all, the two prints are tiny enough that they are not overbearing. Second, the tights and jacket are very similar in color. The similar color scheme allows the print to act like a neutral.

Here's my point: Rules are made to be broken, especially in fashion.

Monday, 21 November 2011

The 2011 American Music Awards

I have a bone to pick with the American Music Awards. I didn't watch the show; however,  I know that something very, very wrong happened:

Clearly, they made a HUGE mistake . If you haven't heard Adele's album, 21, you may live underneath a rock. In my opinion, it's the best album of the year and Adele is the best artist...ever: she is so honest and the album is  beautiful. I could literally go on a day-long rant about Taylor Swift: I hate her.  I think she's annoying and why does she always act so surprised when she wins? The AMAs is obviously an exception to that complaint because she shouldn't have won. TayTay, you're so 2009. Now that I typed out my feelings, let's talk about the fashion. 

  • Kimberly Perry of "The Band Perry" (Bottega Veneta): Remember when Emma Stone rocked this look better than Kimberly Perry? I do. 'Twas the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Yeah, it's a cool dress; however, fashion repeats make me uncomfortable. Also, I don't think this flatters her body very well: a longer hemline would've accentuated her pear-shape. Also, those shoes are weird.
  • Cheryl Hines (Lorena Sarbu); Awkward city. The bodice is really pretty; however, it's too boxy and makes her look large. The hair and makeup is stunning, but it'd be more appropriate on a- dare I utter the name- Taylor  Swift. That hemline makes me feel uncomfortable- it's too cheesy- and I don't like those shoes with this dress. Awkward city. 
  • Jennifer Hudson (Jenny Packham): In my humble opinion, she's too old to wear such a short dress. General rule to follow: if you have kids, don't  go higher than a mid-thigh hem. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Clearly, the theme of the 2011 American Music Awards is rage and uncomfortableness. Anywho, the draping of the dress doesn't do anything for her enviable figure.  The hair is super sleek, which I love, but I'm not a fan of that fuchsia lip. Usually, I love a fuchsia lip; however, this isn't doing anything for me. It's a shame because Jennifer Hudson has been doing such a great job dressing herself! 
  • Jennifer Morrison (Temperley London): Ladies and gent, NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A PAIR OF SHOES. I loved the hair, especially with such an ethereal dress, but those shoes ruined the look. Ruined it, I tell yah! I think a killer pair of pumps would've made this incredible. Whoopsies.
  • Mary J. Blige (Roberto Cavalli): I really don't like this: the large animal print isn't very flattering. I like the idea of a one-shouldered dress, but what's that awkward fabric situation on her left arm? Also, those earrings look awkward with such a fierce dress. Not a fan.
  • Phoebe Price (I Don't Want to Know): There are so many things wrong with this. I actually think this is my all-time favorite "Worst Dressed" look because it's that bad. Here goes a random enumeration: the hat is weird, that makeup looks like those creepy old ladies on Rugrats, the dress is super unflattering, and what's up with that fur? THE WORST OF THE WORST. 


  • Katherine Heigel (Roberto Cavalli): She looks so awesome: I love it! That plunging neckline and high slit are so sultry; however, she classes it up with a sleek updo and that stunning red lip. On anyone else, I think this dress could be a bit much: I mean, did you see that back? Instead, Katherine looks like a glamourous superstar! Also, I really want those earrings.
  • Selena Gomez (Giorgio Armani): I think it's really ironic when such a young person rocks the "Old Hollywood Glamour" look, but Selena looks absolutely stunning. The draping on the dress is so luxe and I love the hint of fringe! The glossy pewter acts as a neutral; however, the color doesn't wash Selena out. Such a classic hairdo is new for her, but it's so classic. To keep this look young, Selena opted for a peach lip instead of the typical red lip. Fabulous! 
  • Taylor Swift (Reem Acra): Even though I really despise her with almost every fiber of my being, I have to admit that this look is good. For her. It's pretty typical Taylor Swift- apparel: a sparkly, neutral dress with a simple silhouette. However, I do like how she mixed up the hairL the ponytail makes her look younger. The jade-colored earrings are also a nice surprise. Maybe one day, she'll actually do something to surprise us.
  • Hillary Scott (Rani Zakhem): This is absolutely stunning. The column silhouette plus the the Swarovski embellishments equals perfection. Hillary takes the LBD to the next level, which I love. Her casual hair and dark eye slash light lip combination is a perfect final touch. Gorgeous!  
  • Nicki Minaj (Oscar de la Renta): This is actually stunning. Sure, her hair is typical Nicki; however, the dress is gorgeous. I love the mix between the delicate bodice and the dramatic skirt. Also, the contrast of black and green is strikingc, but not overwhelming. And the styling is superb: I love how well the Alexander McQueen shoes complement the dress' bodice. Minimal jewels is also good for this look, or else it would've been too much. Phenomenal.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Style Files: You Think You've Seen This Town Clear Through

Over the summer,  I developed a new addiction: buying inexpensive CDs. After I picked up my shampoo, I'd casually stroll to Target's electronic collection. They always seem to have discounted CDs, which I don't have the strength to resist. This obsession has quickly turned into a random collection of music: CAKE, Sublime, Cee Lo Green, and The Grateful Dead, for example.   Before listening to my latest purchase, I've always associated The Grateful Dead with the oh-so-popular "Dead Heads."  If you like The Gratfeul Dead, I thought, you must be a heavy druggie. I learned, however, that this band is so much more than its infamous fan-base. In fact,  I sort of love their music.


Lately, I've been really into buying new beauty products and trying trends. What a lot of people fail to realize is that your hair and makeup plays a HUGE roll in completing an outfit. An unfortunate makeup situation or a terrible flat-iron job can ruin everything: fashion is risky business. To assert this belief, I'm making a little change for this week's Style Spiration. This week, the spotlight shines on Brigitte Bardot because her hair and makeup equals fabulousity.

This definitely proves my point. The heavy eye makeup and the flower in her hair gives off a nice juxtaposition between femininity and edgy rocker. (Photo Cred)
In my personal opinion, straight and long hair coupled with a center part screams retro! (Photo Cred)
With everyday beauty looks, a balance is necessary. In this picture, Bardot's heavy eye makeup looks stellar with the light lip. Balance, beautiful people, balance! (Photo Cred)

  • Nikki Reed at the Twilight Premiere (Michael Kors): I'm in love with this look. The intene contrast between the yellow and the black is stunning and works so well with this strong silhouette. The cutout and the slit is super sexy; however, the halter top keeps it classy. Those shoes are the PERFECT thing to wear with this dress: they mimic the lines of the dress so well. Almost too well... anyways.  Keeping the hair and makeup clean makes this strong look cohesive. Also, the red lip is a win! 
  • Miranda Kerr at a MoMA Benefit (Peter Pilotto): I love the juxtaposition between the eclectic print of the dress and the strong, yet plain,  accessories: this look is simple without losing any of its chicness. The silhouette is very flattering and gives Kerr a nice shape. Also, that red lip? I rest my case.
  • Doutzen Kroes at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards (I Wish I Knew...): This is such a stellar statement look. The dramatic skirt and the semi-sheer top is a fabulous combination.  I know some people might think that the bra-posure is a bit much, I think this is the classiest way to pull off this trend. Keeping this outfit all black, in addition to the clean hair and makeup, is a smart idea since this is a lot of dress! Fabulous, though. Absolutely fabulous.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Style Files: Hot and Fresh out the Kitchen

I've probably expressed this a million times in this blog, but here we go again: I love Joseph Gordon Levitt. So much. He's so beautiful.  My friend showed  me the following video and I'm borderline obsessed with it. He's just so perfect.

In my humble opinion, Olivia Wilde always look super fashion-forward. Her style is constantly evolving and I love it. I feel like nobody should be stuck in a single style forever. Evolution is key! Take a note: Olivia Wilde uses juxtaposition to spice things up.

Olivia Wilde at the 2011 Golden Globes (Oscar de la Renta): This is one of my all-time favorite red carpet looks. The femininity of the dress plus the edginess of her hair and the Louboutins equals a stellar look. So trendy, I'm obsessed. (Photo Cred)
At the Glamour Reel Moments Premiere (David Szeto): While I wish that she wore a jewel-toned shoe instead of the hot pink one, I'm totally digging the concept. The vertical stripes on her dress are extremely slimming, especially with that silhouette. The bangle and drop earrings are very simple; however, they promote a steady movement from her hair and makeup down to the pink shoe.  Besides the harshness of the hot pink shoe, I love the styling of this outfit: so classic! In addition, her makeup and soft updo are fabulous.(Photo Cred)

At Ralph Lauren's Spring 2012 Show: Incredible. First of all, I love a good playsuit: always have, always will. The keyhole in this playsuit is super sexy, but not slutty. The green clutch and burnt orange lipstick are fabulous pops of color: they add that dash of juxtaposition without looking awkward. Her soft waves also keeps this look casual: a sleek ponytail would've been too much for NYFW.(Photo Cred)

  • Elizabeth Olsen at the London premiere for Martha Marcy May Marlene (Chanel Haute Couture): The other Olsen is such an up-and-coming fashionista, I kind of love it. The silhouette and fabulous detailing of the look is so European. The blush pink gives such an edgy skirt and top combination a dash of femininity. The red lip gives this look some life and those waves are absolutely enviable. 
  • Sienna Miller at the International Medical Corps (Twenty8Twelve): I love how sixties and girly this look is. The boatneck, mixed with the short sleeves, is so classic. Keeping an entirely black outfit is uber fabulous because it allows her hair, makeup, and those awesome hoop earrings to take center stage. I'm really into  that high bun: so retro! Overall, it's a pretty simple look, but that's what makes it chic.
  • Nicole Richie at the ACE Awards (Antonio Berardi): Borderline obsessed with this look. That plunging V neck and subtle slit is super sexy; however, the updo and the minimal jewels make this look more classic. On the other hand, the studded clutch gives off this super edgy vibe. All of these different influences work because the outfit is completely black. Fabulous.

I guess this week's theme was monochromatic?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Red Carpet Galore!

There have been a lot of award show lately, like the Bambi Awards...what. Clearly, I haven't been on my A-Game in terms of red carpet reporting so get ready for a quick crash course!  Allow me to give you lovely people the best of the best. And the worst of the worst. You're welcome.


Taylor Swift at the Country Music Awards (J.Mendel): I'M SO BORED WITH HER IT'S BORDERLINE UNBEARABLE. At this point, I can tell you what she's going to wear: something girly from J.Mendel or maybe a pop of color from Jenny Packham. Once every blue moon, she may even wear Elie Saab, but that's a BIG maybe. Being boring is probably the biggest fashion faux pas ever. Even when people dress poorly, they're trying! They had a vision, it just failed miserably.You're a superstar, Tay Tay,  so dress like it. (Photo Cred)

Alejandra Guzman at the Latin Grammy Awards (I Don't Want to Know): I think this dress speaks for itself.  There are really no words to describe how terrible this is.(Photo Cred)
Leanne Rimes at the CMA (Badgley Mischka): As much as I love Badgley Mischka, I hate this look. The superfluous amount of frill makes her appear even skinnier, which scares me. The hair is way too casual and makes it look like she slipped on the dress and left. It just looks awkward. To top it all off, that's a pretty awkward pose.  (Photo Cred)

Laura-Bell Bundy at the CMA (A Trailer Park, apparently): Serious question: why would anyone EVER wear this? She looks so trashy or as if she just came from the circus. Her hair looks really good, but I'm so angry about this look. Seriously, is this a publicity stunt or does she really have no idea how to dress? (Photo Cred)

D'manti at the Latin Grammys (No designer will confess to  making this): I love a good mullet silhouette every now and then. This, however, is too much. Too much of EVERYTHING. Those awkward bunches of fabric aren't flattering, that shirt makes me uncomfortable, and who needs a train that's THAT long? She doesn't.  (Photo Cred)
Shakira at Latin Grammys (Nobody ever knows who designed the unfortunate looks for a reason): This reminds me of Sherri Hill prom dresses, which I despise with a burning passion of a thousand suns. It's just not chic and too flashy. She's so pretty! Why would she wear something so tacky? I just don't understand.  ((Photo Cred)
Selena Gomez at the MTV European Music Awards (Marchesa): I actually like this dress; however, the styling  scares me. Doesn't  this look-  especially the ponytail and pink clutch- remind you of the Lolita trend? I'm all for letting your fashion freak flag fly, but that trend just makes me feel uncomfortable. (Photo Cred)

Jenny from the Block at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Versace): Marc Anthony who? No really. She looks stunning! The nude look works so well with the floral applique. The body-hugging silhouette complements the applique instead of making her seem awkward and bulging.  That sexy slit says "look at me" without being trashy. Also, that hair and makeup? Flawless. Literally. Flawless. This is a homerun- my only reference to sports in this blog whole- in my book! (Photo Cred)

Indie Lee at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Dolce and Gabbana): As my absolute FAVORITE skin care guru-slash-mentor in the whole wide world, how could I not include her fashion win? Indie looks super sophisticated and fierce in this leopard Dolce and Gabbana dress. I love this dress on Indie because she looks like a modern-day pinup girl, which never goes out of style.  The unexpected pop of color really spices up this outfit and allows the leopard to act as a neutral. Anyone who can make leopard act as a neutral is a winner. Minimal jewels and the tan shoes is a super smart move because we're not overwhelmed by too many bold elements. FABULOUS. (Photo Cred)
Lea Michele at- surprise- the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Jenny Packham): I have a very rational beefage with Lea Michele, which dates back to her days in Spring Awakening. However, she looks absolutely stunning here. This dress, especially coupled with the soft waves, gives off such an old-school glamour look that I'm obsessed with. Also, I love me a bright lip so this is perfection. Keeping the amount of jewels on a low is appropriate, since the dress is quite extravagant on it's own. Lovely! (Photo Cred)

Emma Stone at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards (Lanvin): Remember when I said that Emma Stone always looks super chic and cool? Yeah, I wasn't lying. I love the this look on her so much: it's like a chic Greek goddess. Super cool.  The dress' color, which would look awkward on most, actually makes her glow: it looks fabulous with her red hair! The draping and the long necklaces make this look effortlessly cool. And can we talk about those shoes? Awesome. I also love the wavy updo: a casual chic hairstyle. SO GOOD.  (Photo Cred)

Sofia Vergara at the Latin Grammys (Reem Acra): She looks absolutely heavenly. The silhouette of this dress is flattering; however, it's not as sultry as most of her outfits usually are. I like the change: I think she looks classier! The intricate beading- or at least I think it's beading- works so well with those uber glam hoop earrings. As always, her hair and makeup is top notch. It's a win. (Photo Cred)

Lady Gaga at the Bambi Awards (Alexander McQueen): So you probably think that I'm a craze, but I have an unconditional love for McQueen. IRL- in real life if you're not tehy savvy - this collection was mind-blowing. Don't hate, appreciate the beautiful craftmanship. (Photo Cred

While there were many more great looks and disasters, these are my personal favorites.

And on another fashion note...


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Trend to Love: Patterned Tights

It's official: winter is near. When I was home this past weekend, I packed my extremely puffy jacket and brought it pack to Beantown. I'm not kidding. As much as I love the winter, I do feel as if the weather kind of cramps my style, literally. How can we be both super chic and warm? Ladies and gent, I give you an ode to patterned tights.

Are we surprised that I was initially inspired by Kourtney Kardashian and her impressive collection of tights? No. I'm really crazy about her transparent tights so that's something I must add to my wardrobe. 
If you're wearing an opaque tight, I think it's really important that they are a dark hue: it's both wintry and slimming!  That means NO BRIGHTS. Sorry I'm being very emo about tights; however, I think bright tights can easily turn into a style DON'T.
I have a random love for houndstooth so I obviously had to buy these bad boys. The tiny houndstooth print will make your legs look long and lean. I have no idea what I'm going to wear these with...probably a black dress. I wear black like it's my job.

I love lace-inspired tights: they add a dash of sexy to any outfit! Last week, I wore these tights with a romper and a plush blazer. It was a little awkward when it looked like I was only wearing a blazer and these tights but oh well!  With tights like these, almost anything goes. As long as you don't OD on the prints,  you'll be fine. If you're too cold to wear lace-inspired tights, you can always put a pair of black tights underneath: the texture will be super cool!
 I know these are red; however, they'e appropriate for this season because they're not a bright red. I love the pattern on these tights because it gives them a vintage vibe. To look super styling, pair tights like these with a black outfit.

I'm wearing these today! In my personal opinion, they're a great way to make an all black ensemble pop. I'll break it down for you: I'm wearing black leather shorts, a black long sleeve shirt, tall black boots, and a spiked bracelet.  Seductive, right? What would be a rather primitive outfit is spiced up by these tights. Oh also the red lip I added. Always gotta add a red lip. With tights like these, you can always play around with different patterns. I'm thinking an oversized flannel top with jean shorts?

In the event you haven't gotten enough of patterned tights- clearly, you haven't- here are a couple of Style Guidelines for wearing patterned tights.
  1. When in Doubt, Wear Black: Since patterned tights usually incorporate some awesome (dark) colors and details, a black ensemble is always a chic option . Of course, you're more than welcomed to try fun colors; however, take an extra look in the mirror before you go out.
  2. There Should be Minimal Secondary Patterns: Only in special exceptions- like the dotted tights above- is experimenting with other patterns a Style Do. Otherwise, you may just look confused. A simple rule of thumb is a the following: if the design on your tights is minimal, you can try styling it with printed clothes.
  3. Never Underestimate the Power of Boots: For patterned tights, I vote wearing boots: they're winter-appropriate and the height of your boots will allow the patterned tight to pop, not hypnotize.
  4. Statement Jewels: A super sick necklace or earrings is the best way to balance the tights. If you don't have something fabulous on top, the patterned tights will look a little too harsh, not chic. If strong jewels aren't your thing, try a red lip.
  5. Watch the Hemlines: The beauty of patterned tights is that they look awesome with shorts, dresses, or skits. Just make sure your hemline isn't too short: your outfit won't look as class an fashion forward.

With tights like these, you'll be super cozy and chic this season! 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Style Files: We Will Live Like Kings Under Lavender

When I went to see Matt Nathanson in concert a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to find out that Vanessa Carlton was the opening act. From "A Thousand Miles" to "White Houses," Carlton defines my childhood. I thought that she fell off the face of the earth until she sang one of  her latest songs, "I Don't Want to Be a Bride." There's something very ethereal and hauntingly beautiful about this song that I love.


In my opinion, Emma Stone and Mila Kunis are the two coolest girls in Hollywood. Sorry Mila, but I'm focusing this Style Spiration on Emma Stone. The best part about Stone's recent looks is that she wears a lot of fashion-forward ensembles; however, she still looks super cool. How does she do it? I don't know. But let's just take a peak at some of my favorite Emma Stone looks, shall we?

Stone at The Help premiere Hamburg (Lanvin): This is such a stunning ensemble, I'm pretty much obsessed. The teal and mustard color combination is striking; however, not too over the top. Since the color combination is the primary focus of this look, I'm glad the dress' silhouette is rather simple. As always, the hair and makeup is gorgeous.(Photo Cred)

At The Help premiere in L.A. (Chanel Haute Couture): This ensemble is both edgy and classic. I think it's a very unconventional look to wear; however, it does give a nod to the 1920's, which I love. Her makeup is extremely summery , which is out of season now but okay back then. Even though this dress isn't extremely youthful, she looks like the coolest girl at the party! (Photo Cred)

At the 2011 Golden Globes Awards (Calvin Klein): So I know that I didn't like this dress at the time of the Golden Globes, but times change. I'm never going to be a fan of minimalism; however, I must say that her look is refreshing and undeniably chic. The peach is a very unconventional color, but she totally pulls it off. The simplicity of the drop earrings creates the perfect amount of dash to this look.  Also, this is probably the best makeup I've seen on Emma Stone. Lovely! (Photo Cred)

  • Gaga in London (Michael Kors): I know what you're thinking: this is such a weird look to love. But for some reason I do. It's very sixties glamour, which I'm obsessed with. In an odd way, this look is both wearable and chic. An essentially monochromatic ensemble is perfect for this look, since that jacket is quite extravagant. The hair and makeup is also uber glam. Adding the super psychedelic accessories-like the sunglasses- gives this outfit a healthy dash of Gaga.
  • Noomi Rapace at the Rome Film Festival premiere of Baby Call (Giambattista Valli): There's something beautifully simple about this look that I love. Usually, I never love red dress with a red lip on a red carpet; however, this look is undeniably glamourous. The dress' straight silhouette- in addition to the subtle draping- works beautifully with the asymmetrical neckline: the neckline adds an appropriate amount of  drama to such a simple dress. The red lip gives a pinch of timeless glamour. The edgy bracelet and clutch, on the other hand, makes this look current.

Stay tuned, my lovely people: many stellar blog posts are on their way!