Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Style Files: We Will Live Like Kings Under Lavender

When I went to see Matt Nathanson in concert a couple weeks ago, I was surprised to find out that Vanessa Carlton was the opening act. From "A Thousand Miles" to "White Houses," Carlton defines my childhood. I thought that she fell off the face of the earth until she sang one of  her latest songs, "I Don't Want to Be a Bride." There's something very ethereal and hauntingly beautiful about this song that I love.


In my opinion, Emma Stone and Mila Kunis are the two coolest girls in Hollywood. Sorry Mila, but I'm focusing this Style Spiration on Emma Stone. The best part about Stone's recent looks is that she wears a lot of fashion-forward ensembles; however, she still looks super cool. How does she do it? I don't know. But let's just take a peak at some of my favorite Emma Stone looks, shall we?

Stone at The Help premiere Hamburg (Lanvin): This is such a stunning ensemble, I'm pretty much obsessed. The teal and mustard color combination is striking; however, not too over the top. Since the color combination is the primary focus of this look, I'm glad the dress' silhouette is rather simple. As always, the hair and makeup is gorgeous.(Photo Cred)

At The Help premiere in L.A. (Chanel Haute Couture): This ensemble is both edgy and classic. I think it's a very unconventional look to wear; however, it does give a nod to the 1920's, which I love. Her makeup is extremely summery , which is out of season now but okay back then. Even though this dress isn't extremely youthful, she looks like the coolest girl at the party! (Photo Cred)

At the 2011 Golden Globes Awards (Calvin Klein): So I know that I didn't like this dress at the time of the Golden Globes, but times change. I'm never going to be a fan of minimalism; however, I must say that her look is refreshing and undeniably chic. The peach is a very unconventional color, but she totally pulls it off. The simplicity of the drop earrings creates the perfect amount of dash to this look.  Also, this is probably the best makeup I've seen on Emma Stone. Lovely! (Photo Cred)

  • Gaga in London (Michael Kors): I know what you're thinking: this is such a weird look to love. But for some reason I do. It's very sixties glamour, which I'm obsessed with. In an odd way, this look is both wearable and chic. An essentially monochromatic ensemble is perfect for this look, since that jacket is quite extravagant. The hair and makeup is also uber glam. Adding the super psychedelic accessories-like the sunglasses- gives this outfit a healthy dash of Gaga.
  • Noomi Rapace at the Rome Film Festival premiere of Baby Call (Giambattista Valli): There's something beautifully simple about this look that I love. Usually, I never love red dress with a red lip on a red carpet; however, this look is undeniably glamourous. The dress' straight silhouette- in addition to the subtle draping- works beautifully with the asymmetrical neckline: the neckline adds an appropriate amount of  drama to such a simple dress. The red lip gives a pinch of timeless glamour. The edgy bracelet and clutch, on the other hand, makes this look current.

Stay tuned, my lovely people: many stellar blog posts are on their way! 


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