Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Weekly: Manolo and More

So this week was lovely. I kind of sort of met Manolo Blahnik...yeah..that's right...IT WAS AWESOME! When I was at the Copley Shopping Center last weekend, I saw a sign that changed my life: "Personal Appearance of Manolo Blahnik". I almost died. So yesterday, I hopped on the T and trekked all the way to Neiman Marcus. Women of all shapes, sizes, and styles, came to see the shoe genius.  I waited in line for maybe a little over an hour and then it happened. I met Manolo. It was the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD. I got picz and an autograph and I was in heaven. There were these Manolo Blahnik books for sale, but they were sold out. I told Manolo this and he apologized to me. Single handedly best experience.
Love at first sight

Aren't we cute?!

  • Sarah Jessica Parker at Burberry: I loooove this. I think her monotone look for some reason works so well. So many textures!! And it's so appropriate for the Burberry Show: the military inspired jacket was so London. I think the edginess of the brown ensemble worked so well with such a soft pink handbag. It was much better than that ugly wardrobe on SATC 2.
  • Cat Deeley at Burberry: Where to begin? She looks like the epitome of cool: I love the stealth black pants and the...MILITARY JACKET! Usually, I really don't like when people belt short shirts or jackets: it looks too weird to me. But this looks AWESOME. I think this works well because the belt hit right where the buttons stopped. And I love me some black booties! Her outfit looked so structure, yet her hair was so tousled and wild.  Perfect mix. I adore it.
  • Reese Witherspoon at the Livestrong Benefit: So I know that this look isn't quite versatile, but I think that she looks amazing. The jacket and dress combination was very business, but the shoes are so sexy. She never ceases to fresh and youthful. I just looove her! 

Friday, 24 September 2010

With the Blink of an Eye, You Finally See the Light

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So let's talk about the Burberry Prorsum show in London. In. Cred.I.BLE. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. I remember back in my youth, when I originate my love for the finer things of fabulousity, I always thought that Burberry was focused around trench coats and plaid. But of course there's Burberry Prorsum, which is the epitome of London Glam. And of course SS 2011 was NO exception. What I love about London fashion is its consistency to define rock and roll glam: it's so independent, spikes, leather, THE BOMB. What I loved about this show was that it wasn't predictable, but there was a sense of consistency with the fabrics and silhouettes. AND I LOVED THE COLORS: so bright and refreshing. Liiike... lime green or even silver motorcycle jacket?! SIGN ME UP. Speaking of jackets, I loved the use of spikes in the leather jacket: such a modern twist on something so classic.

Christopher Bailey is just awesome. The end.


Thursday, 23 September 2010

I Have No Defense I Know You're Gonna Get Me...

While my post title may be a lyric from Maroon 5's "Give a Little More" (I'm LOVING 'Hands All Over', by the way) buuut it's more in reference to the MINI shopping spree I had with three of my friends today. We found out about a sporadic "Vintage Bazaar" at school and we HAD TO GO. I was excepting it to be a wee bit lame, but we all ended up finding stuff! Too bad we came towards the end though, I bet they had a pretty decent array of products but they were cheaper, which is always good for us college kids! Like a huge silk scarf and beaded jacket for $15. That's a steal!!  The best thing about vintage/thrifty shopping is that you get to be a total original: you're not buying something because everyone else has it or just because it's cheap, most things at thrifty places are cheap, you're buying it because you love it. And that's what fashion is: love. To quote Moulin Rouge, "A love that will live forever" (cue depressing end music).
My new scarf is so perfect! Red and gold, as I've said before, is such a regal combo and the scarf is large enough for innovation!

It's a bit spring, but it'll be the perfect thing to wear with some dark leather boots! It reminded me of the gorgeous floral dress SJP  during the first scene of the Sex and the City Movie.

Look at the detail!



Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New York, New York

I've been so damn busy, I haven't even had a CHANCE to sit down and blog about Spring Summer 2011 RTW for New York. Of course it all started with New York's incredible fashion night out: my floormate told me yesterday that some of her attending friends saw ANNA WINTOUR there! Jealous? Absolutely!! Oh how I wish I went to school in New York so I  could attend this fabulous outing and even participate in the SCAVENGER HUNT.


Anyway... onto the actual shows. Some of the New York ones were a little too minimalism for me (I HATE HATE HATE minimalism), but I did love a plethora of them, three in particular. Why not one BIG ONE covering New York Fashion Week?! Good? Good.

Photo Cred:

Ralph Lauren, who lives in my same Hometown...throwing it out there, is such a fashion genius. He always does a wonderful job and his creations, from Ralph Lauren to Polo, are loved by many people with different styles. I personally feel like his Ralph Lauren collections typically have a western edge to them and his SS 2011 RTW collection was no different. This collection was completely cohesive, with the frequent white pieces and fringe invading the runway.  I loved this combination: white is so clean and fringe is so wild.  He did it absolutely right: although he added some plaids, blues,  and sequins, majority of the collection was filled with browns and neutrals. In order to make it exciting, he added fun elements: lace, fringe, ruffles, interesting sleeves, THE WORKS. And I LOVED the finale. The silver gown was absolutely gorgeous, and the belt made it cohesive with the whole collection and gave that Ralph Lauren je ne sais quoi. With forty years under his western belt, it's absolutely incredible that he can still create classically innovative clothes and successful runways!
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Jason Wu. How Could you not love Jason Wu?! He's such an ingenious designer, Michelle Obama would know. His use of creativity combined with a slice of femininity is so now and I adore it. And this collection is no different. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Like this nude and navy dress? The color scheme is so unexpected but so awesome at the same time. I love his dimensional flowers and tiered layers. I frequently think of a fashion show as incorporating the same fabrics throughout the whole collection. But Jason Wu did something different: he used a bunch of different fabrics- some more sheer than others- but maintains a common silhouette and details that makes a cohesive show. I thought that he did an awesome job switching from dress to pants. Like that suit with the ruffled bandeau? LOVE. Everything that was there was exciting and envelope pushing in SOME way. I just love love LOVE Jason Wu and, in my personal opinion, he's going to be a legend.
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If I ever go to any kind of high fashion gala or an award show, I am wearing Marchesa. I'm such a fan of Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig's work: it is just a combination of everything good in the world. I always look forward to seeing the Marchesa collection because I just know I'll LOVE it. So obviously I was blown away by this presentation.  When I do these Runway Reports, I look at the whole collections' thumbnails and write about it from there. But with this show, I looked at all of the outfits multiple times because they completely depict what fashion is. Fashion is beautiful wearable art. It was an actual challenge to pick out my favorite because they are all SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL. Maybe Marchesa doesn't provide the most cohesive collection, but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing in this situation: every single look is 100% unique: the silhouettes, colors, fabrics, necklines, hemlines, "fashion elements", EVERYTHING. It's seriously a smorgasbord of heaven. Even the playsuits are something to actually DIE for. Yes, there constant fashion drama and formation of the show is a bit repetitive, but there's no dying that they do what they do BEAUTIFULLY.
This may be one of my absolute favorite collections. Too far? NEVER.


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Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Weekly: Gothic Glam

So I went to the Boston Swan Boat ride today, which has nothing to with fashion but I still enjoyed it. It was incredibly fabulous and serene, which is so ironic in the chaotic city of Boston. I decided to show some of the pictures I took today before we got to the lovely weekly looks that I found.
Funky, right?!

How GORGEOUS is the Public Garden?!
SO ANYWAYS... onto the weekly looks! I've been so busy that I haven't seen too many but I the ones that I loved this week...I LOOOOVE. All three of them had some kind of creative ornate gothic quality that I'm loving, especially as we are entering fall. Sooo here they are!

  • Blake Lively at "Live with Regis and Kelly": SHE'S BEEN OWNING IT SO MUCH LATELY. I'm absolutely obsessed with the juxtaposition of a plain leather skirt and a fabulously frilly top. Tough meet feminine meets uber chic. And a blue leather skirt speaking of leather? So fierce, so now, so lovin' it.  This is also a prime example of how TO wear feathers. I loooove this.
  • Cate Blanchett (Vintage Christian Larcoix Haute Couture): JAW-DROPPING INSANITY. I love scarlet and gold together: it looks so edgy, yet, so regal at the same time. The detailed bodice was breath-taking. Also, the fading design, which turns into a scarlet train was so good: it wasn't too much or too less, JUST ENOUGH. The make-up also was really natural, which allowed the attention to be right where it should be: the dress.
  • Carey Mulligan at a Never Let Me Go Screening (Elie Saab): So I really HATE Carey Mulligan: I hate her face because it bothers me so much. But there's no denying that this Elie Saab was worn extremely well. The semi- revealing bodice was extremely sexy and a super good match with the semi- fringed skirt. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is crucial that the B in LBD doesn't stand for BORING. I don't like when black dresses boring, accessorized poorly, and have zero innovation. But this looks absolutely amazing on her and it's a beautiful dress in general!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Giltly Pleasure

So my absolutely FABULOUS roommie invited me to the best thing in the whole entire world: Gilt. Of course I heard about the group before, but, since it was invited, I've never seen the absolute beauty of Gilt. I don't know what is better for an aspiring fashionista than a fabulously chic website that offers designer duds for! So OBVIOUSLY I had to buy SOMETHING. That something is this amazing is an incredible Ben Amun chain necklace. I saw it and I HAD TO HAVE IT. As said before...I LOVE LOVE LOVE statement jewels...especially statement necklaces. So this is so perfect. It reminds me of a understated version of Satine's necklace from Moulin Rouge. And the best part? The price tag! I got it for $ EIGHTY SIX DOLLARS. SO GOOD.

Look at that detail!


So did my roommate create a monster with Gilt? Maybe. 

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Croppin' It

Although Spring RTW 2011 is not over yet, I have spotted an emerging trend: behold, the crop top. So many designers have been sending them down the runway: Michael Kors, Matthew Ames,  G-Star, Theyskens' Theory, and the list goes on and on and on. Some are really tight, while some are rather flowing.  Personally, I'm kind of sort of loving the crop top: it's fun, sexy, and can definitely be chic when worn right. But not to pull a Glamour dos and don'ts, but the success of a crop top totally depends on the persons body type.

Flat Tummy+ Tight Crop Top= Eh
Any other tummy+ Tight Crop Top=Not Sexy
Anyone+ A Crop Top- Tight+Flowy+4 inches to crop tops seen this Fashion Week= Success

I needed to do some math...I'm in the College of Optional Math...

When I originally saw cropped tops strutting down the New York Runways, I thought "oh shit, 90210 is back".

Like... I don't want the "mom jeans" to come back. But I think that this cropped top that KELLY TAYLOR is wearing works: she's not showing too much, which is perfectly kosher in my mind.

I'm even surprised with myself that I like this look because I dress rather modestly: my personal philosophy is always getting bigger size to obliterate the chances of having the awkward food baby bump after a buffet. But there's something undoubtedly chic about this look and it can look amazing in certain ways.

I think that it's crucial to wear a cropped top, one that is very cropped and very fitted, with a jacket or some high waisted, preferably loose, pants. I don't care if you're a Skinny McGee, nobody wants to see your flab. Or a jacket. SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU NOT LOOK LIKE A STRIPPER.

My favorite kind of cropped tops, however, are the really flowing ones that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Those? Yeah...they're good. I saw a girl walking down Commonwealth with one of those tops matched with a pencil skirt. I thought that it had good proportions and was actually quite flattering.

Flowing or tight, this is a trend that I approved of!


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The VMA's

Sometimes, I find it odd that MTV still has their annual VMA ceremony: all MTV shows anymore is Jersey Shore, The City, and Teen Mom. What do those three have in common? A lack of MUSIC OR MUSIC VIDEOS. Remember TRL?  Regardless, what I saw of the show was decent. I was not a fan of TayTay's strike back to Kanye (it's been a year, be classy about it) or Rihanna's new hair, but watching the ever so original Gaga is always exciting. So now it's come down to this, the best and worst dressing of the 2010 VMAs: enjoy!


  • Gaga ( The Meat Dress): I'm all for originality, but this was a little too far for me. MEAT? thank you. It was just odd.  I know she loves causing controversy and creating a statement but even me, a devoted meat fan, was taken back by this. It didn't even have a nice silhouette!
  • Jane Lynch: EWWWWWWW I HATE THIS SO MUCH. It's like Sue Sylvester got fancy. I hated this too much. It's so ugly and I know she's no fashion icon but she could've opted for a shorter jacket. She looks like a  character from The Matrix. The absolute worst.
  • Ke$ha: Trash bags r us. Okay, I get that her whole thing is to be a hot mess but this is just too much. Trash bags and fur? It seriously looks like she a killed raccoon.
  • Snooki: Why are you famous? This is gross. SHE'S GROSS. I'm having absolutely none of this. The shoes are alright but this dress?! What the hell?  The pattern is gross and all of these peek-a-bo things?! UGH-LY 
  • Selena Gomez: Perfection. She looks absolutely ravishing! The silver gown is absolutely GORGEOUS with her complexion. The blue bead-work at the bodice gives this dress the perfect amount of excitement. The pony tail also makes this dress more relaxed. I wish her shoe was more interesting (a red sole maybe) but she still looks STUNNING.
  • Ashley Greene: The black and white mini is absolutely AMAZING. She accessorized it with black and white but, for some reason, it's not boring. I love everything that Ashley wears, especially this one!
  • Emma Stone: A+ work. This look is quite minimalist, which I usually hate, but I love this. It's so event perfect and she looks like rockstar in the sexy Pucci number. The purple clutch is the perfect accessory and the different textures makes the outfit more interesting. 

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Weekly: All About Blake

So my guilty-ish pleasure is coming back this week to TV: GOSSIP GIRL. I watch Gossip Girl not because of it's addicting drama but for THE CLOTHES. Eric Daman is such a genius when it comes to styling each character in he or she's own unique way. And they're going to be in Paris so we can only hope for some stellar Parisian fashion. So, in dedication to the premiere, I decided to make this weekly look blog about Blake Lively. She's just an it girl in the fashion world. Like did anyone read that article in the September Issue of Vouge? And how Christian Louboutin named a shoe after her?! I died when I read that.  I will admit though, the girl knows how to dress. So I've picked out a few outfits of Blake Lively from this week that I LOVE.

  • At Vogue Fashion Show: She's been really into the cleavage lately and I was so excited to see her something that wasn't overtly sexy. This Marchesa dress is so hip and cool and I love how she wore it: no uber special jewels or shoes, allowing the dress to be the overall "wow" factor.
  • At Sotto Sotto: What I admire most about this outfit is how she looks put together and chic even when she's going out for dinner. I love the flow of this goddess-esque dress, but the strong strapped shoe gives it soem balance. The color looks amazing on her and once again, no cleavage spree!! She has such a naturally great sense of style, she doesn't need her boobs to explode out of her dresses!!

That's all I have for now buuuuuut things to look forward to:
  • Review of SS2011

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Good Versus Bad.

Picture cred from Just Jared

So the Vogue Fashion Show happened. I obviously wasn't there but it sounded so innovative and incredible. And Leighton Meester was there. Wearing this blue Versus number. I really don't know how I feel about this one. She looks absolutely stunning and pulled it off well but do I like the dress? I couldn't tell you, to be perfectly honest.  It's kind of weird a overtly sexy buuut, at the same time, it's kind of tasteful, innovative, and the color is GORGEOUS. I don't know if I would like it more or less if the caged midsection wasn't there, though.

I do know, however, that I like it better than it's runway origin. 
Photo from:
I really don't like the triple straps on each section, this one is just a little too hypnotizing and a little too much. Also, the strappy shoes on the model is a little too much for me to handle.  So maybe I do like Leighton Meester's American and more commercial friendly take on it. Yeah...I think I do!

Monday, 6 September 2010


So first week at college has been fuuuun. I'm currently in preparation for a JUNGLE THEMED PARTY so obvi, I pulled out the fur and cheetah that I brought with me. I just think that themed parties are the best idea EVER. They just seem like such a good mix of creativity and fashion and FUN! Love love love!  Anyways, on to the weekly looks! I just need to say that Jessica Alba has been owning it this week. LOVE HER. So they are!!

  • Oscar de la Renta (Resort 2011):  This is so nostalgic to the summer but I love all of the different patterns: they work so well together. And the yellow and blue color scheme?! LOVE. I think the beauty of this outfit is that separate, they'd be beautiful. But they are just so unexpected together but for some reason, it works. 
  • Jessica Alba at "The Late Show": A lot of people don't like this look, but I personally do. I think it's feminine and cute. The strong strapped shoes add a sense of masculinity to the ensemble. She's been having so many moments for Machete...I've never heard of the movie.
  • Jessica Alba at Venice Machete Premiere: I don't know if I love or hate this dress but I'm thoroughly intoxicated with it. It's just so interesting and quite unique. I'm personally loving the dress but the shoes? Not so much! The asymmetrical skirt, however, is so right on and I think it's interesting it's in brown. I know I didn't like brown dresses come Emmy time but's Jessica Alba!!
  • Natalie Portman at Venice Film Festival: Can I even describe how beautiful this dress is?! SHE LOOKED AMAZING! OH MY GOD SO BEAUTIFUL. The design was amazing and the red was so glam.  It moved perfectly in the wind and was perfectly accessorized. The only bad thing I have to say is that I wish I wore it...but I can't even say that because Natalie is such a star!! 

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Juicy Fields Forever

I'm in the process of reviewing the September issue, and there's a certain advertisement: Juicy Couture. I was a big fan of the company circa thirteen years old, but only the velour sweatsuits (ew), but then I grew to love the jackets. And then I stopped. But this ad was such a turn on to Juicy Couture. The actual outfits are so fun and quirky and I really wanted to live inside that ad. It reminded me of the uber trippy  scene in Across the Universe. It's so groovy, trippy and just great. I decided to investigate this and look at their new products: so good! Cute printed drop waist dresses and a lot of plaid. I feel like Juicy Couture is definitely a must.


I love the Emmys because, well, I love TV. But unfortunately I couldn't watch it. Apparently, Kim Kardashian sang and Modern Family (and my favorite Modern Family actor) won BIIIIIG TIME. And go Jane Lynch, she completely deserved that Emmy. But of course, I'm into the fashion aspect of award shows. E!'s Fashion Police is on tonight and I can't wait to watch that when I get home. In short, I thought the Emmys had a great array of great, bad, and boring. I mean...nobody really wants the boring or bad but the good was pretty damn great.  I was just much more excited for the Oscars and Globes! But for now, here's my BEST and WORST dressed list.


  • Tina Fey (Oscar de la Renta): I admire Tina's attempt to think outside of the box, which has been lacking in her so much before,  but I didn't like this. No offense to Mr. de la Renta, but I'm not a fan of this tribal pattern, especially on her. It's a little to red velvet for someone who dresses vanilla.  She looks gorgeous, but definitely not my favorite. 
  • Christina Hendricks (Zac Posen): TOO MUCH FEATHERS. I love my share of feathers put these just made her look foolish. It was definitely form fitting, but it was too costume-ish. It'd be so much better if the feathers weren't by her armpits. I'm really hating this. 
  • Toni Collette (Valentino): A forest-ish bottom is never good on a formal dress. I hated the tie on her waist and I hated that tie-dye shit on the bottom of the skirt. It wasn't chic, it was just odd.
  • Nancy Juvonen (MaxMara): This dress, if anything, was probably less flattering on her that a more fitted design. And the color was too much of summer. Among all of the things that mark a new fashion season, the Emmys is one of these prominent events. We need to say goodbye to corals and explore the wonderful world of jewel tones. 
  • Emily Deschanel (MaxAzria Atelier): I love beautiful purple jewel tone and I love a decent amount of  frills, but this was all just waaay too much for me to handle! I like the tiering on the bodice, but after the bodice ends, there should be something new. Otherwise, she looks like granny's curtains or really hippy (and NOT in the good way).  Also, her accessories weren't that phenomenal with the dress. She's a beautiful woman, but I wish she picked a better dress.
  • Jenna Fischer (Valentino): If it weren't for the CORAL color, I would have put this in my "blah category": it's quite blah and I think a sexy silhouette would be so much better on her, perhaps even some one shouldered action!  BUT THE STUPID COLOR. What about a nice sapphire or emerald green? Or ruby?! That's close to ugly coral! Some people...
  • Padma Lakshmi (Carolina Herrera): HATED. The dress itself, sorry Ms. Herrera, would only be mediocre, but that stupid necklace made her look so disheveled.  It didn't even match with the dress, that's so random. THIS IS THE EMMYS, NOT A KE$HA CONCERT. Ugly. Ugly. UUUUUUGHHHLY. 
  • Kristen Wig (in no-name): Oh my god. What the hell is this. The feathers on the top. The awkward array of polka dots. This isn't funny. WHAT'S UP WITH THIS FEATHERS TREND?! HATE IT!  This just isn't classy. Maybe this would fly at the Grammys but definitely NOT the Emmys.
  • Archie Panjabi: Things I hate: brown dresses, awkward draping, and off the shoulder sleeves. Separate? Bearable and sometimes chic. Together? Ew. I don't know who Panjabi is but she has a cute figure, so I think a fitted dress would be lovely on her. maybe in a jewel tone (I love jewel tones). 
  • Amy Poehler (Max Azria): Plain Jane McGee. Seriously, can't she put on some jewels or maybe a dress where the chest was flattering/fit her properly. SHEESH
  • Sarah Hyland (Pamella Roland): I hate this cheesy fabric: sweet sixteen gone wrong. It was a little too hucchi, I personally think a mini with a sweet-heart neckline would've been so much better. But she's learning so we can hope for better next year! 
  • Claire Danes (Armani Prive): I love sparkle and this silhouette. She looks awesome. It definitely reminds me of this Prive dress Anne Hathaway wore, but I guess that's Armani for you. She wore accessories, but for some reason that looked. She looked so clean and refreshing. 
  • January Jones (Versace): Some people may not like this Versace but I love it: the color is so electric, even though I had a problem with coral because it was so summer-ish. The scalloped detail was so incredible all over, and it was quite flattering. I LOVE IT.
  • Anna Paquin (Alexander McQueen):STUNNING. The gold on the bodice was so McQueen's last  collection. I love the longer train in the back. So innovative. So now. And who doesn't love a good black and gold?! 
  • Elizabeth Moss (Donna Karan): I'm not a fan of the off-white color but this dress is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the draping as well as the detail on the asymmetrical shoulder. The train is gorgeous! I kind of wished she had more vibrant jewels, but she still looks divine! 
  • Kelly Osbourne (Tony Ward): Say what you will about her, but nobody can deny how awesome she looks here. The black was so slimming and the neckline looked amazing on her!! The skirt also has an interesting design,which I'm really loving as well! 
  • Rose Byrne (Gucci): This gown is so innovative, structurally. I love the metallic gold accents and the cut in the bodice. It's so future Grecian goddess. The simple accessories also worked pretty well with this dress.
  • Lea Michele (Oscar de la Renta): She looked like such a superstar!! It was so flattering and the navy and black combination was so unique. The best part about this outfit is how well she balanced it: she mixed a heavy and detailed skirt with a spectacular necklace. With this combo, she looked fully clothes but the amazing dress didn't look too overwhelming.
  • Heidi Klum (Marchesa): She would. Seriously, if anyone can wear a mini to the Emmy Awards, it's Heidi...OBVI. I'm glad she didn't go for a tight fitting plain mini: it had volume and was vivacious. And, in true Klum fashion, is mixed with offbeat jewels that work seemingly well with her outfit. Project Runway: Complete.
  • Eva Parker Longoria (Robert Rodriguez): To the un-trained eye- not like I'm trained but I like detail- this dress would be a simple black gown. Which would be boring. But would Eva ever do that? Nah. THE DETAIL IS INCREDIBLE. The structured bodice is so fitting and the rosette-ed skirt is to DIE FOR. The pink earrings also lightened up this darker look and made it feminine and fun! 
  • Dianna Argon (Carolina Herrera): If someone were to say this dress was not gorgeous, they'd be lying: it's such a work of art and Dianna Argon is the perfect person to wear it. Like her, this dress is so soft and delicate looking. It is so flattering, especially with the black bowed belt. She accessorized with demure jewels, which I thought was completely right on.
  • Jayma Mays (Burberry): The navy  dress with gold jewels looked stunning with her red hair. I'm really glad she wore something a little bit adventurous, like a fitted dress with a tulle bottom (no sarcasm, the tulle made it look interesting). I'm also glad she did a wavy and down hair-do to make it more casual and fun.