Thursday, 16 September 2010

Croppin' It

Although Spring RTW 2011 is not over yet, I have spotted an emerging trend: behold, the crop top. So many designers have been sending them down the runway: Michael Kors, Matthew Ames,  G-Star, Theyskens' Theory, and the list goes on and on and on. Some are really tight, while some are rather flowing.  Personally, I'm kind of sort of loving the crop top: it's fun, sexy, and can definitely be chic when worn right. But not to pull a Glamour dos and don'ts, but the success of a crop top totally depends on the persons body type.

Flat Tummy+ Tight Crop Top= Eh
Any other tummy+ Tight Crop Top=Not Sexy
Anyone+ A Crop Top- Tight+Flowy+4 inches to crop tops seen this Fashion Week= Success

I needed to do some math...I'm in the College of Optional Math...

When I originally saw cropped tops strutting down the New York Runways, I thought "oh shit, 90210 is back".

Like... I don't want the "mom jeans" to come back. But I think that this cropped top that KELLY TAYLOR is wearing works: she's not showing too much, which is perfectly kosher in my mind.

I'm even surprised with myself that I like this look because I dress rather modestly: my personal philosophy is always getting bigger size to obliterate the chances of having the awkward food baby bump after a buffet. But there's something undoubtedly chic about this look and it can look amazing in certain ways.

I think that it's crucial to wear a cropped top, one that is very cropped and very fitted, with a jacket or some high waisted, preferably loose, pants. I don't care if you're a Skinny McGee, nobody wants to see your flab. Or a jacket. SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU NOT LOOK LIKE A STRIPPER.

My favorite kind of cropped tops, however, are the really flowing ones that are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Those? Yeah...they're good. I saw a girl walking down Commonwealth with one of those tops matched with a pencil skirt. I thought that it had good proportions and was actually quite flattering.

Flowing or tight, this is a trend that I approved of!


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