Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The 2013 Grammy Awards

Not even the strict wardrobe regulations could stop the music industry's hottest stars from killing it on the red carpet. In true Grammys spirit, a slew of sick pieces were culled from the masses and paraded around Los Angeles's Staples Center. However, not all ensembles were spectacular. It's the Grammys after all-- style mishaps are a necessary evil! Never fear, fashion groupies, I'm here to break down the good, the bad and the absolutely insane.

The Worst.

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello: No stranger to provocative  Grammys attire,  Jenny from the block truly pushed the envelope this year. I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little sick of the superstar sporting these revealing ensembles. As a mother of two, she needs to know when her sexual peak is over. And I think it's almost over. To end on a positive note, I must say that topknot is gorgeous.
Kimbra in Jaime Lee Major: Um, what? This is just awful. It's like Chanel's Spring 2012 took a tragic turn. I'm not sure if she was trying to give Britney Spears's controversial "Toxic" ensemble a feminine twist, but this gown should be sacrificed to the fashion gods. But let's be honest, they'd probably reject it.

Keltie Colleen: Color blocking can be lovely; however, it's a major faux pas when used and abused. Example? This outfit. Though canary yellow shoes would look stellar with a cobalt blue mini, that disgraceful slit ruins whole look. And doesn't that glitzy bodice remind you of Dancing with the Stars? Maybe the dress would be better if it was in black? No, I take that back. This should cease to exist.
Adele in Valentino: Stepping away from her trusty black frocks, the Grammy winner took a risk and sported a quirky dress. Though Adele's boisterous persona and soulful voice are enough to charm basically anyone, this outfit failed to score a high note with fashion critics. While I support taking a risk (regardless of a style maven's size), this Valentino number was not flattering. Instead, it draws a little too much attention to her hips. I think Adele should try a bright hue again, but perhaps stay away from the busy print. Not to menton the matching shoes are a little too much.

Lisa D'amato: In what world is this okay? From the clashing (not to mention cheesy) prints to the glitzy heels, this totally horrid. Someone, make it stop! 
John Mayer: The ladykiller has officially taken creepy to the next level. A plush blue jacket with baggy pants? You got to be kidding me. Either ditch the flashy jacket or get those pants fitted! Quincy Jones, are you pointing to the singer because he's the worst dress man of the night?

Ashlee Keating: Though this awards show is the perfect time to show some skin and sport some sparkle, Ashlee Keating takes this sartorial invitation too far. First of all, multicolored sequins are never okay. Paired with the awful yellow hair? Keating resembles a life-sized Barbie doll, and not in a good way.
Nicole Kidman in Vera Wang: There's a fine line between dressing young and hot  and trying too hard. Though I loved Kidman's Golden Globes ensemble, this dress is not jivin' with me. The yellow hue does not work with her complexion, plus the sheer lace overlay is not refreshing. Instead, it makes the Paper Boy star look a little too old. Also, lace for the Grammys? Instead, sport some sequins. 
Katy Perry in Gucci: The former Mrs. Russell Brand knows how to make a scene, but that's not always a good thing. While boys go crazy for the "Candy Queen's" revealing ensemble, fashion snobs are no amused. I'm not loving the light green hue, especially with the jeweled cutout. People aren't lying when they say less is more. 
Esperanza Spalding in Eden Diodati: Never a sartorial wallflower, the talented musician sported a matching dress and cape. While this would've looked sick in a vibrant color, this print is a little too much to stomach. Spalding's infamous locks only add fuel to the fire. Something's got to go-- preferably the cape. 
Florence Welsh in Givenchy: For the Florence and the Machine front woman, there's no such thing as too far.  I love Welsh's passionate for trying something new, yet it seems as if she has turned into fashion's new Green Goblin. The artificial spikes and deep lip is a little too theatrical for my liking. Florence, please stick to the Riccardo Tisci's ethereal pieces-- we like you much better that way.
Carly Rae Jepsen in Roberto Cavalli:  Everyone knows that most black dresses are universally chic; however, this pop princess is looking a little gothic in this Roberto Cavalli creation. The jet black hair, the semi-sparkling dress and the black nails? Way too much! In fact, she looks a little creepy. Call me maybe? In that ensemble, probably not.

The Best.
Allison Williams in Kaufman Franco: Nicole Kidman, this is how an actress properly infiltrates the music scene. The Girls actress, as well as up-and-coming fashion fixture, shimmered in this fitted Kaufman Franco number. The lack of eye-popping jewels and funky makeup makes this intricate dress truly pop. Also, her hair is absolutely divine! 
Drake: This is Grammys menswear done right. The oh-so-fresh rapper took a fashion risk and played it safe at the same time. How? So glad you asked. While the classic tuxedo is a go-to for any stylish gent, the navy and black color combination is so hot right now. The former Degrassi star finished this look with some scruff. Ladies, I order you to swoon. Now.
Rihanna in Alaia: For one night only, the "good girl gone bad" ditched her controversial threads and revisited her chic, island girl roots. Fashion slaves, now is the time to rejoice! From the halter neck to fairytale train, this gown perfectly blends Rihanna's edgy present with her delicate past. The middle part, coupled with soft waves, and vibrant pout offers the perfect dash of drama. Flawless! 
Fun (Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost and Jack Anatoff): Perhaps I'm a tad biased, but the indie trio absolutely shut it down. Sticking to their alternative styles, the bandmates paired jazzy shoes with quirky suits. Never playing it safe, I love how the band always achieves a cohesive look whilst pleasuring their personal preferences. They made it rain-- literally, figuratively and sartorially.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel: All angst aside, I'm completely enamored with the man slayer's rockstar outfit. Whether the country-turned-pop star will ever ditch the angelic hue is unclear; however, she totally revamped her traditional look. The architectural bodice marks the (potential) end of Swift's lackluster strapless tops. Not to mention that slit commands attention. With the ethereal updo, Swift looks like a sultry Game of Thrones character. And that's definitely not a bad thing! 
Beyonce in Osman: Goodbye "Freakum Dress," hello chic pantsuit. As per usual, the megawatt diva wowed everyone with this alternative ensemble. The modern getup is perfectly paired with a funky red lip and a relaxed ponytail. On the accessories front, I'm obsessed with the coordinating jeweled cuffs-- so major! 
Chrissy Teigen in Joy Cioci: John Legend's beau brought her a-game to the red carpet on Sunday. Though this skin-baring dress would be inappropriate on some, Teigen is absolutely smoldering in this Joy Cioci number. The basic black creates a blank canvas for the extravagant trim. Additionally, the mint clutch and chandelier  earrings give this edgy dress a feminine twist.


Monday, 11 February 2013

The 2013 BAFTA Film Awards

Most Americans were glued to their television sets last night as Fun made it rain (literally) and Mumford and Sons claimed victory. Alas, I was not watching the Grammys. I, on the hand, was in London, watching the BAFTA Film Awards. As a self-proclaimed award show fanatic, I noticed several difference between British and American ceremonies: the BAFTAs were shorter, paid little attention to the technical aspects of film and (most importantly) the red carpet was slacking. But before you bow your head in utter shame, the night did have a bevy of brilliant ensembles as well as terrifying looks. I will address the Grammys, for there's a lot to talk about, but allow me to give you a glimpse into red carpet style from across the pond.

Helen Mirren in Nicholas Oakwell: Nothing about this ensemble is right. Nothing, I say! The Renaissance-esque silhouette is eyebrow-raising enough, but the real problem is the bubblegum pink hair. Though Mirren is undeniably the queen of cool, I can't help but wonder if the new hue is a mid-life crisis in disguise. 
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture: If this season is an indication of anything, it's that the Silver Linnings Playbook star's days as a red carpet darling are numbered. Lately, I'm either completely unimpressed with her sartorial choices or disapprove of one tiny stylistic mistake that undermines the whole ensemble.  While I absolutely adore the bejeweled Dior creation, the slicked-back hair is just not jivin'. Coupled with a dramatic pair of earrings, it looks as if Lawrence had a rocking hairdo that the rain destroyed. In actuality, that could've happened (the weather was quite terrible);however, that's what on-call hair stylists are for.  In addition to the noncommittal look, the hair draws your eye down to the hips and thighs. And that's never okay. Instead, she should've opted for a messy updo or a low ponytail.

Samantha Barks in Celia Kritharioti: There's sexy, and then there's slutty. Perhaps it's the wet hair, but the Les Miserables star isn't looking that classy. And it's the BAFTAs for crying out loud! 
Amy Adams in Elie Saab Couture: The itsy, bitsy Adams struck out in Great Britain. Oh, that's not how the song goes?  Though this ensemble shouldn't be deemed "worst dressed," I'm just not crazy about this look. The top knot is a little overeager, especially with the laced bodice. For a sexier look, The Master star should've paired this ensemble with a sleek blowout. 
Elizabeth Banks in Chanel: As much as I adore Elizabeth Olsen and Karl Lagerfeld , this look is a little too extreme.  Though her beauty regime is absolutely radiant,  there are just too many fripperies in this ensemble. Oh how I wish the fringed straps would disappear. Then this look would be a million times better.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab: For this occasion, red carpet trailblazer  forwent kooky shapes and thought-provoking accessories. Instead, Sarah Jessica Parker opted for a simple black jumpsuit (with a pile of jewels, naturally). Some may call this ensemble plain; however, I admire the starlet's keen sense of what is event appropriate. She wasn't nominated, so why should she sport an avant garde outfit? The Sex and the City star apparently took the biggest risk of all and kept it simple. And honestly, if offers a refreshing take on what it means to get all dolled up.

Anne Hathaway in Burberry: This season's golden girl keeps on shining . The BAFTA winner-- and sartorial goddess-- nails it once again. With a studded column dress on, Hathaway seamlessly blends American minimalism with British funk. As for the beauty front, both the warm color palette and side-swept bob offer a friendly approach to cutting-edge style.

Marion Cotillard in Dior: After a less-than-extraordinary  ensemble at the Screen Actors Guild awards, it's safe to say that the style maven has made a comeback. First of all, what better way to brighten up a stormy London night with a sunny yellow hue? The silhouette is half Marilyn Monroe, half modernized sportswear-- a quirky combination, but it works! Progressive and classic. The French actress pumped up the glamour with vibrant lip and retro hair. C'est magnifique!

Eddie Redmayne in Burberry: It seems as if every girl on this planet is obsessed with the Les Miserables star. His boyish charm makes him an instant dreamboat, but it's his risks on the red carpet that truly make fashion groupies swoon. As expected, his latest experiment was a hit. Let's be honest, doesn't the navy make his eyes pop? Swoon.

Hayley Atwell in Antonio Berardi: What's black and white and  chic all over? I'm so smitten with this outfit. Between the sleek black and white color duo and the almighty peplum, this dress is seriously a show-stopper. The natural makeup and the soft waves tones down the dress's extravagance. Brava.
Photos courtesy of The Cut.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I Fancy: Shoes

It should come as no surprise that I love to shop. Scratch that, I'm obsessed. Between devouring my favorite glossies to my time in London, I've been suffocated with inspiration. Consequently, the need to shop and style has become borderline unbearable. But why just keep my fashion fantasies between me and my wallet? Enter my latest blog series, "I Fancy." Check out what I'm craving each week.

As impressive as Big Ben and Kensington Palace are, I can't help but look down... at the local's shoes, obviously. The fearlessness that London's chic elite embrace every single day as they plan their ensembles is inspiring, especially when it comes to their choice of shoes. Gone are the days when simple ballet flats will do. Now, it's all about being an individual, head to toe.

I Fancy: Shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood platform heels / rag & bone lace up wedge boots, $320 / rag & bone leather shoes / Prada shoes, $620 / Frye / Loeffler Randall / Dr. Martens flat boots, $195 / River Island studded shoes, $48 / AX Paris flat boots, $47

1. Lace-Up Espadrilles: Who needs a pop of color when this funky print offers a similar sartorial punch? Though espadrilles usually scream summer, I couldn't gush about these shoes soon enough. Casual and stylish, these kicks are the ideal transition piece.
2. Doc Martens: Rest assured, these shoes can be chic. Whether paired with skinnies and a cozy beanie or juxtaposed with an ethereal lace dress, Doc Martens are surprisingly versatile. In a versatile color, of course-- bright pink Docs are obviously a "stand out" piece.
3. A Serious Heel: I really mean a serious heel. The daring height plus the juvenile Mary Jane silhouette is genius. Whether you pair them with a classic LBD or rock the nerdy look with a pair of ruffled socks, these shoes are sure to be a hit.
4. Penny Loafers: The middle-aged woman in me is so in love with this anti-trend. Though these shoes are probably as retro as your grandmother's plastic couch, spice them up with a cutting-edge look and allow them to act as a versatile staple.
5. Wedge Booties: Even stiletto-stomping trendsetters have to admit that wedges are the best way to score some much-needed height. Can we say comfortable?  I'm absolutely obsessed with this woodsy approach to the widely popular shape. It's very "Katniss Everdeen hits the catwalk." So smitten.
6. Low Chelsea Boot: Can it get more British than this? the length suggests edgy while the sleek silhouette screams minimalism. Amazing. Plus, these kicks are the perfect going out shoe if you don't want the achy arches in the morning.
7. Desert Boot: Forgo your cowgirl boots and put your best foot forward with the hottest western-inspired shoe. While this may not be your funkiest pair of kicks, they offer the perfect dose of effortless chic.
8. Fun Smoking Loafers: If I had to pick two male style icons to emulate, I'd have to say Liberace (naturally) and Chuck Bass. These masculine loafers? Totally Chuck Bass. The sleek silhouette paired with the canary yellow and braided detailing offers a really cool take on a classic shoe. Basic enough to complete a zany look and crazy enough to be the standout accessory? I'll take a pair!
9. Traditional Slingbacks: Crazy kicks are all the rage; however, it's imperative to go back to the basics every now and then. Unlike my other picks, these offer a sophisticated twist to any ensemble. And deep down, doesn't everyone want to channel their inner Audrey Hepburn? Exactly.