Sunday, 27 February 2011

The F Word is Fashion, Melissa Leo

I couldn't even wait until tomorrow to start talking about the fashion. Overall, I'm pleased: this year, we really got something to talk about!
I think Anne and James are doing a fabulous job hosting. I especially loved the singing!
But just for the record, I will start a Bostonian riot if Natalie Portman doesn't win. My boyfriend said he'll do something similar if Colin Firth doesn't win. If they both lose, the northeast should be very afraid!

So without a moment to spare, here's my view on the 2011 Oscars.
Click the links to see and judge for yourself!

  • Jennifer Lawrence (Calvin Klein Collection): While her hair and makeup is awesome, I really don't think casual minimalism is the way to go for the Oscars. Especially if you are a nominee for best actress. This would've been perfect for the SAGs, or even the Golden Globes, but for the Academy Awards? No thank you. She was quite fancy for the other ceremonies, why go casual now?
  • Michelle Williams (Chanel): Her hair and makeup, once again, was supreme; however, this dress completely washed us out. Light skin+blonde hair+ light dress= blob of light. She's worn a lot of light this award season, couldn't she have mixed it up? She had so many hits in previous seasons, but this wasn't good enough for me.
  • Mandy Moore (Monique Lhuillier): On the surface, it's a really pretty dress,  Mandy Moore looks so old school Hollywood. But I think the separation of sparkles  and the silhouette is kind of awkward. The waist is kind of boxy and, to be perfectly honest, basically everyone has worn a beige sparkled dress to the Oscars. It's time to get a new look. Also, I really hate the earrings she wore with this. It was, once again, awkward.
  • Sharon Stone (Dior): BLACK SWAN GONE  TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG. I have never seen something more disturbing than that hair!  The silhouette is awesome, but the ostrich feathers and the STUPID HAIR makes this the worst dress of the night, in my mind. Sharon Stone's been around for a while, I really think she should know better. There's no excuse.
  • Nicole Kidman (Dior): Nicole is a beautiful woman and I understand her intentions with this dress, but it was executed poorly. The designs were weird and the architectural aspects made her look bottom heavy. Also, I felt like a bare neck would've been better with this dress. Good try, though!
  • Marisa Tomei (Charles James): Why would you ever think this is okay? I hate this dress so much! While the navy's a good color on her, it is not flattering in the slightest. The silk and tulle- is it tulle- breakdown is really awkward. Maybe if the tulle-we're going to say it is tulle- started at the waist?  will say that I do like the neckline.
  • Florence Welch (Valentino): She's awesome and this dress is totally her, but I wish that she glammed it up for the Oscars. This is the Oscars, people! I feel like she always wears this light beige/yellow color and if she experimented with a different pastel, it literally would have made the world's difference.
  • Melissa Leo (Marc Bouwer): Melissa Leo, not only did you drop a F-bomb, but you also taught us that yes, there is such a thing as too much lace. Maybe if this was black lace, it would've been awesome. But it's too overwhelming, especially for the winter.  Also, this dress doesn't have any movement, which is awkward.
  • Mila Kunis (Elie Saab): Obsessed. She is turning into such a trendsetter. This was perfection. The lilac was beautiful on her and this dress was so cool and effortless. The lace around the neckline, as well as the semi-see through areas of the dress, made this dress young and sexy. And the hair, makeup, jewels? Incredible. She has a knack for making people envious of her because she's that cool. I love her. 
  • Cate Blanchet (Givenchy Couture): I'm so smitten with this art. It's not just an awards outfit, but it is art. She is the perfect person to wear this fabulous piece. I can't really re-call anyone wearing something similar o this on the red carpet, which is why I'm so pleased. I feel like a lot of people won't understand this look because it is more avant garde than your typical Oscar gown, but it's so beautiful and really interesting. And hints of yellow? Who does yellow? Cate Blanchet does, that's who.
  • Scarlett Johansson (Dolce and Gabbana): A lot of people aren't fans of this dress, but I really love it. The raspberry color is absolutely incredible and I love Scarlett's take on lace. The cool and casual hair was so chic and ravishing. The back was so awesome which really made the dress for me. I do not think it photographed all that well, but I bet it looks incredible in person. I think there was a lot of hub-bub about it being see-through. But,  it's the Oscars. Stylists are smarter than that.
  • Hilary Swank (Gucci): Ladies and Gents, this is how sparkles and feathers are supposed to be done. The silhouette was awesome and having a silver look throughout made the feathers more subtle instead of clownish.  And the lack of jewels was the perfect thing to counteract such a shimmery dress! In my mind, this was Zoe Saldana's Oscar look last year done right. 
  • Halle Berry (Marchesa): This is the way to wear pastels! Her skin tone looks amazing with this beige and certainly doesn't wash her out. The details on this dress, as all Marchesa dresses, are absolutely incredible. She rocked the minimal jewels looks which was perfection for this outfit.
  • Natalie Portman (Rodarte): I'm typing this as the Best Actress nominees are being announced: I'm really nervous. Anywho, she looks absolutely radiant. I'm obsessed with this purple color and I'm glad she's giving Rodarte (she just won YAYAYAY) some credit. Her tassel earrings are supreme. And as always, she knows how to look appropriate and classy when pregnant. I love her!
AND NOW FOR SOME ANNE: So many looks and she has seriously rocked them all. I loved her red Valentino gown when strutting down the red carpet. That train was such a red carpet moment and the epitome of glamour. Loved it.  And the red lips made it so iconic, which I loved! And can we talk about the tasseled Oscar de la Renta gown she wore? It was so retro and chic. I'm obsessed. And the red Armani Prive? The red looked incredible with Anne's dark hair and light complexion.  The beading was incredible and even though it reminds me of Armani Prive she wore in the past, the color made it something new. Even the Lanvin tux during her sing-a-long was so chic.

The Weekly: Shuffle Off to Buffalo

So yesterday, my fabulous friend and I went to the Buffalo Exchange right by school. If you don't know about Buffalo Exchange and are too lazy to click the link I generously posted, this is what you need to know: it's incredible. Of course in every thrifty store, there's a fair share of not so fabulous stuff; however, the hunt for the best is so much fun. We both got some awesome stuff so here's a preview of what I purchased!
A bit blurry but these are my steals!

A flannel of my very own! The zippers on the back of it are kind of weird...but I kind of love it. A lot.

I didn't get this snake wrap bracelet at Buffalo, but a vintage store right across the street! I've wanted something like this for a while so I'm quite pleased.

THE OSCARS ARE ON TONIGHT!! I'm so excited and cannot wait to see all of the beautiful dresses. I'm thinking sleek silhouettes and pastel colors. Oh and I also need to blog more about Fashion Week around the world.

But for now, onto the weekly!

  • Jennifer Aniston at the Just Go With It premiere (Nina Ricci): I love this Nina Ricci dress and Jennifer looks incredible in it. The minimal jewels looked really great with this dress because it's  not your average LBD. I'm such a sucker for asymmetrical shoulders lately and I love this one! It's also extremely age appropriate which is always a plus!
  • Halle Berry at the Costume Designers Guild Award (Elie Saab): OBSESSED. The raspberry color of this dress looks absolutely amazing on her! This dress makes her look insanely skinny as well, or like a minute as my mom would say. I kind of wish someone younger wore this and there were more accesories but without a doubt she is stunning.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Retro Love

Without a doubt, Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite designers of this generation. 
Tonight, I went to a DVF Shopping event the Fashion Club, FAB, organized.
And then this happened.
Re-Issued DVF Vintage  Prints.
Do we love?
 Yes we do! 

In my mind, this is  quintessential Diane Von Furstenberg. 
I really hope these amazing prints make a striking comeback!

That's really all I have to say, but I just wanted to show these prints off!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Williamson's Form of Flattery?

As London Fashion Week is underway, I have been perusing the looks.  But something struck me when I looked at Matthew Williamson's Fall 2011 Collection:

Photo Cred
I've always loved Matthew Williamson for his fun prints; he's always made me think of bohemian/resort chic. But this piece seems a little too familiar a little too...Marchesa?
Photo Cred
Is it just me, or does the black Williamson possess a creepily striking comparison to this orange Marchesa look from Resort 2011? While the two have a plethora of differences, I can't help feeling as if I'm looking at basically the same dress. 

So the real question now: which one is better
Let us partake in Williamson versus Marchesa.

Matthew Williamson
I think that the black scheme is very universal; I know I have a hard time pulling off orange. As everyone should know by now, I really love long sleeved mini dresses. I also really like the fringing at the collar; however,  I 'm not how sure I like the sporadic fringing along the dress. While I think the fringe is well placed, and may even be flattering, it can be a bit overbearing.
As I mentioned before, the orange is a little hard to pull off and I don't really like the length of the sleeves in this version. But, I love how this dress almost looks metallic, which is a really cool contrast to the orange. The unbalanced fringe makes it look edgy and really chic.

Alas, I think I like the Matthew Williamson version better, sorry Marchesa. copying the equivalent to fabulous?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Weekly: If You Can Go Downtown With a Girl Like Me

Once upon a time, I used to think that Rihanna was such a fashion icon: she had the perfect blend of edge and style to make her something really special. But things changed. Yes this is going to be a ranting blog. I just don't understand, what happened to Rihanna's style. Of course everyone feels for her Chris Brown tragedy; however, her fashion sense is starting to scare me.  Remember when she looked so amazing?
Photo Cred
I loved when she wore this Zac Posen at the 2008 Grammy Awards. The color was so stunning and the knee length hem was genuinely fascinating. I remember it was back then when I thought to myself, "Self, Rihanna is going to be a fashion icon."

But let's fast-foward to NOW.
Photo Cred
I'm totally all for being an original for fashion, but there's a fine line between "individuality" and "costume frenzy" and Rihanna has totally crossed it. I don't know who made this dress and quite frankly, I don't want to know. All of these bright colors, mixed with her clownish red hair makes her look ridiculous in my opinion.  She has such potential: WHAT WENT WRONG?! This also brings up another question: what exactly does it take to become a fashion icon in contemporary society? Do you have to dress too insane, a la Gaga and Rihanna, or can you dress with taste and be considered iconic?

I don't really have an answer, but just a cute little thought!

Anyways, onto the weeklies!

  • Rosamund Pike at the 2011 BAFTA Awards (McQueen): Here's an upcoming trend for you: wearing incredible McQueen prints on the red carpet. You would think that a blonde wearing a yellow dress would be way to much yellow, but the different shades made this monochromatic look tres chic! Her wavy hair made this look so ethereal and awesome.  And the natural browns she used for her belts and bracelets added to this ethereal look. I actually liked the red carpet interpretation much better than the runway look because I was too focused on the belt and bangles, though the silver leaf look is so cool.
  • Gemma Arterton at the 2011 BAFTA Awards (Yves Saint Laurent):  I thought this dress was super fun, like a modern take on Marilyn's "Diamonds" dress. Periwinkle and black is such a stunning and sophisticated color duo, which is even better by mixing fabrics. I'm glad that she toned down the accessories and focused more on eye-popping makeup. The bright red lip is so elegant and perfectly fits this chic Parisian look. LOVING IT.
  • Blake Lively at a Van Cleef&Arpels Party (Marchesa): Once again, Blake Lively is the best dressed at a party, shocking! Is anyone starting to sense my eternal jealousy? If anyone else were to try and pull off this Marchesa, I would probably really hate it. But Blake knows how to wear such a complex dress and make it look effortless and incredible: nude heels and no jewels. Her slightly messy hair also makes this outfit work. Ugh,  I wish I was her.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ra Ra Fashion Baby

So New York fashion week is coming to a close. Obviously it is time to reflect. There are so many beautiful shows, so this blog is going to be a doozy. 

One of the major trends I've seen throughout the week is a major 1990's revival, as I discussed in the Tibi blog. We've seen a lot of this in Gray Graham, Edun, and Vena Cava.  Some may hate this idea, but I kind  of love it. Not saying it's an easy way out, but the trial error portion of the 90's is over...because it happened in the 90's. So I think we can expect less of the hideous looks and more sleek and chic 90's inspired looks. But of course, a crucial part of the 90's look is looking confused and distressed.
Gary  Graham

Vena Cava

Also, brights are pretty awesome for the fall season.  While various designers showed us some color, my favorite was Luca Luca's collection. I loved how the colors in the collection were bright enough, but not in-your-face-neon. They were rich and sophisticated, which is 100% appropriate for the incoming season. I also loved the use of orange, which is really random but I feel like it's an understated color but Luca Luca knows how to make it enviable. L'Wren Scott also owned the color trend this season.  The colors in L'Wren Scott were really different than those in Luca Luca, but I still loved them! Instead of being rich and sophisticated, these colors were really pretty.

As always, there were some absolutely fabulous party wear. I loved looks from Alice&Olivia, Badgley Mischka (let's be honest... Jennifer Lawrence should have rocked this pink and black look if it was out), and Monique Lhuillier. All I have to say is that Oscars are going to be awesome.  Also, I'm seriously considering planning a classy and sophisticated party.

Remember when I said that white was making a comeback...not letting this go.

Speaking of Elie Tahari... I'm now going to talk about specific shows.

I LOVED ELIE TAHARI. The looks in this runway show are fabulously different, but still has a fabulous cohesiveness.  What I love most about Elie Tahari was that I didn't feel like I was looking at the same thing; everything was so spectacular and unique. It also reminded me a lot of Black Swan , and everyone here knows how I feel about Black Swan. The evolution of black to white to animal fierce and chocolates to deep rubies was everything that I love. 
Photo Cred
Ruffian was pretty awesome as well. I really enjoyed the whole tuxedo and masculinity versus femininity. The three dimensional aspects of some of the looks were pretty sick really different. I don't think that Ruffian is 100% wearable necessarily, but it's great to look at, right? Oh and by the way, totally obsessed with this look: 
Photo Cred

Also, Rodarte makes me think.

Diane von Furstenberg was absolutely incredible. The one word to describe this show: sleek. I loved it. DVF always understands women and what they want in fashion. But this show, was the sexiest one I think I've seen from DVF. But of course, she also gave us trendy looks. She's just my favorite, I love her.
Photo Cred


I was expecting some fabulous looks, and that's what we got. Gurung's collection was 100% FIERCE. Each look was better than the next, seriously. The colored fur was so retro but so sick, I want it! Overall, the collection was essentially blacks, whites, reds, and pinks which was awesome. I loved when he mixed together the different colors. Each look had its own inspiration and silhouette which was absolutely incredible; however, the frequent black belt really tied it all together. And this collection better get some Oscar recognition.
I don't think I'll be able to adequately describe how much I love this collection, but it was truly amazing. It was so Parisian chic meets All-American in my mind, which I'm so smitten with. The jackets, first of all, were smashing. I'm OBSESSED with lace so this is stunning. The prints throughout Wu's show were so retro and really simple, perfect for accessorizing.  Although the collection was mostly black and white, the colors that Wu incorporated were really sleek and sophisticated. What I loved about this collection was that he wasn't trying to wow us with flashy colors, just his designs. The little party dresses were also incredible and super sexy. And the little bundles of fur were also Jason, you're seriously making me the happiest girl in the world. I've always really liked Jason Wu, but this collection made me love him.
Photo Cred
Alrighty, that was good fun.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tibi RTW Fall 2011

So yesterday I went to fashion week and it was awesome! 
Last night, Tibi ruled the runway. Sleek looks of red, white, gold, grey, and navy strutted its way down the catwalk. There was a lively vibe; high energy music played  and the lights were fully turned on as the supermodels did their thing!
According to the program's description, this collection was heavily inspired by "the sleek and modern simplicity of the 90s". What I loved about this collection was how it wasn't scary grunge inspired; however,  it was more like Clueless 90's (with more class)...and who doesn't love Clueless?
The show was stocked with amazing separates and party dresses. What I loved most was how there was something in this collection for everyone: the preppy, the trendy, the indie. the androgynous- EVERYONE!   The fun shapes and silhouettes was mixed perfectly with the lace, appliques, and Rococo style prints.
My favorites you may ask? Well, since my pictures won't show off how awesome these looks are, here we come (but more of my pictures later).
  • The shearling biker jacket mixed with a beautiful chiffon floral dress. The juxtaposition of tough versus girly was so sick.  Mixing fabrics is so awesome.
  • Mid-calf grey sweater dress. The simplicity of  this was to die for. A perfect staple and the cable-knit design gave it some pizazz. How incredible would this look with a little jacket and booties? Really incredible is the answer!
  • Spider Lace pant and blouse duo. At this moment the collection got interesting and I eventually fell in love. I was happy to read  in the program that this was not a playsuit, or else the print would have been TOO striking for the streets. Anyways, I loved this! The lace was super fun and on their own, these two pieces can really pull an outfit together and make it look unique. And we all secretly want to be unique.
  • Spider Lace shirt dress: Once again, obsessed. I think the fitted silhouette with such a fun design is different; we are usually bored with flowing dresses and overbearingly bright prints. But because this is fall, we are given something classy and wearable. I'm already thinking of amazing accessories to finish this look off with!
  • Teal Crepe dress: I am so smitten with this color- GORGEOUS! As we are all aware, longer skirts are making a comeback. What I loved about this one was the mixing of fabrics. The silk and chiffon combo made a long dress exciting, which is difficult to find because the world is obsessed with minimalism.
  • Gold and navy Jacquard dress: In my mind,  a  gold and navy duo  is such an unappreciated color combination but, when used, is absolutely fabulous. Color blocking was  taken to a new level here; the different fabrics made it more subtle but I think it looks fabulous and elegant. The knee hem is also classy.
  • Gold and navy blouse and trousers: Besides it being the best color combination- oh yeah I went there- I love the blouse and trousers can look absolutely fabulous on their own as well as together! When I look at this combination, only one word comes to mind: regal. It's probably the pants and the blouse's collar, but it seriously reminds me of a fabulous English kingdom. Obviously, this look can be toned down with simple staples which I think is good for those who aren't as willing to make a statement,
  • Jacquard box pleated dress: This is the part of the show when I fantasized about a nonexistent cocktail party I was hosting. This dress is so much fun and so youthful which, being a teenage girl, I love. I liked the hint of navy, which was smart or else this dress would've been TOO gold. Obsessed.
  • Full-skirted V dress: In my cocktail fantasy, I am flat chested and wearing this dress! So gorgeous! I love how this is more or less the grown up version of my prior favorite. The show was filled with a lot of cutesy dresses, which I love, so it was awesome to see something a bit more mature, which ultimately gave the collection a bit more of an age range.
  • One shouldered swan feathered dress: Obsessed with this red dress! I really love the whole idea of one shouldered dresses, so this is perfection. I usually think a red and black combination is a bit too harsh but I think the little black in the print made it not harsh, but ridiculously fabulous. The bodice almost looks like some kind of ruching or draping, either way I think it looks great with the full skirt.  For the record, this model handled the shoe malfunction like a champ!

  • Rococo race back and pleated skirt dress: I was really close to running onto the runway and stealing this; someone would HAVE to wear this to my fake cocktail party. I love how the prints on the bodice and skirt aren't identical, but work together so. It was the perfect amount of print and umm remember when I said we should all get used to white? Yeah...
  • High neck pouf dress: Another great look featured at my "cocktail party". The white/grey color mixed with the chiffon appliques was the perfect blend of understated and ah-maz-ing. This dress is 100% fun and I think anyone who wears it will feel and look incredible.  I'm glad this isn't just a typical "sweetheart" neckline; the high neckline takes away a little bit of the cutesy quality (not too much because it's adorable) and makes it edgier.
  final verdict on this collection= fabulous. absolutely fabulous.

And because you're not sick of this blog post yet, some pictures that I took!
Olivia Palermo and Vanessa big deal.

I loved seeing what the other on-lookers were wearing; some were  uber fierce and out there, while others were not. Needless to say, he was my favorite.

Just some struttin'.


Thank you,  Amy Silovic

Oh, and I was asked to shoot some segment questionnaire so  here's my first picture of myself on my blog? MILESTONE.

Once life becomes less stressful, I will be giving a full update on New York's Fashion Week so get ready!


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Monday, 14 February 2011

Which Came First: The Egg or The Gaga

I think out of all of the award shows, the Grammys are my least favorite; I like my own kind of music not so much Top 40 hits. However, the Grammy's fashion is superb. It's so weird and really makes you think, which I love. It was hard to narrow it down, because the Grammy's don't have any strict fashion rules,  but I think I got a pretty solid list going on here. So without a moment to spare, let us discuss the best and worst, shall we?


  • Ciara (Pucci): I think it looked good on her and definitely Grammy appropriate, I just really didn't like it. There needed to be more fabric and less slit. The fabrics were also really weird put together, I thought. Usually I really like Pucci, but this wasn't my favorite.
  • Crystal Bowersox (Nobody knows who made this so far): Gross. No matter what, dreads will NEVER EVER EVER be a trend in my eyes. Do something nice with your hair, girl-who-I-do-not-know, this is the Grammys! As much as I love emerald green, it made her look rather old and chunky. The fabric is also pretty wrinkled, not okay.
  • Gaga (Farm): For real? Yeah, Gaga's a pretty cool individual but this is getting annoying now. She's not being a human, but a spectacle. It's just really really old now. If I wanted to see this, I'd watch the History channel.
  • Jennifer Lopez (Pucci): Her hair is fab, her shirt is not, I love the sparkles, but why is she looking like a Jenny from the Sketchy Street Corner. FIX YOUR HEM. Thumbs down, JLO, you should've known better.
  • Kim Kardashian (KaufmanFranco): Kim, don't pretend that you're old school Jennifer Lopez. I hate this so much.  This looks so trashy and it's not even flattering! Her hair and makeup, however, looks really good. But it gets overshadowed by the stupid sparkly sac.
  • Natasha Bedingfield (Something blue...nobody knows): This is extremely cheesy; very Miss America, in my mind. She looked a million times better at the pre-Grammy awards, why couldn't she swap?!
  • Keri Hilson (Basil Soda): Perfect for the Grammy Awards! She seriously hit the nail on the head with this one. Her blonde do looks so smashing with this bright blue mini. Bringing a splash of color to the red carpet, as well as that asymmetrical neckline. I kind of wish that the shoes were different, but she kept it classy and cool for this red carpet, BRAVO! 
  • Nicole Kidman (Jean Paul Gaultier): So smitten with this look. Obviously, we don't expect Nicole Kidman to be carried in an egg,but she looked remarkable. The colors went beautifully with her complexion and ever so flattering. I think it was the perfect amount of cool for the Grammy Awards, in terms of Nicole Kidman that is.
  • Lea Michele (Pucci): The lips are a bit harsh, but she still looks fabulous. I love how this is the anti-LBD: the slit is hypnotic and the lace is super super cool.  She kept the hair down which, in any other situation, would be kind of awkward worked for the Grammy awards. I'm glad she didn't try to incorporate a splash of color with the shoes; the dress had the perfect amount of "wow" to be chic.
  • Florence Welch (Givenchy): I think this is one of the only times in history where I like this look significantly better on the red carpet than the runway. On the model, it looked really scary; however, Welch makes it so fun and ethereal. The no accessories was a good move, though: it would've been way too forced with out it.  Heaven on a runway.
  • Jennifer Hudson (Versace): I'm really upset that she lost so much waste; I personally feel like she sold out and was ashamed of her curves which is INSANE. Anywho, she looks incredible in this Versace. The glitz, the navy and silver, the mullet hem- everything I love in a dress. This definitely is my favorite of the night. She looks rocker, but extremely put together. And the chunky Louboutins mimic the lines of the bodice of her dress. She's doing me proud.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Weekly: We Make the Hipsters Fall in Love

So my friend and I have a new obsession: HIPSTER HEADBANDS. Now you may be wondering, what's a hipster? Better yet, what's a hipster headband? Well, ladies and gents, this is a Hipster:
Photo Cred

And this is a Hipster Headband:
Photo Cred
I think if your hair looks really really awesome, this can look awesome. I think it also depends on what kind of headband you wear: thin versus thick, sparkly versus plain, material, etc. I think if you want to perfect this look, reference the lovely Nicole Richie or refer to a Free People lookbook. Whatever the case is, the look must be consistent!! If you're going for a Hipster/Indie look, follow it through! Don't be a weenie!

Fall 2011 has been interesting thus far, I can't wait to share my views on it!  And in terms of the Grammys tonight...anything really goes. It's the Grammys!
But for now...onto the weeklies! 

  • Blake Lively at AmfAR NYC Gala (McQueen): AWESOME. I don't think Miss Lively has worn McQueen yet, but it suits her well! Alexander McQueen, the designer and the brand, has been so avant garde, and so special that having relaxed hair and makeup is the perfect juxtaposition. The coloring is sick and the minimal jewels are the perfect match to this outfit. Love love LOVE.
  • Nicole Richie at a Bergdorf Goodman Bash (Roland Mouret and House of Harlow): So fierce. Let's be honest, when do we ever see Nicole Richie in a fitted outfit? This outfit is super sleek and the new toned look is something new. I think what really makes this outfit, for me, is the super awesome House of Harlow accessories. She looks absolutely fabulous!
  • Renee Zellweger at the Golden Camera Awards (Carolina Herrera): Obsessed. She looks like a fashion goddess. This grey looks so amazing with her pale skin and blonde hair. I wish she had better accessories though. But we never really see Zellweger rocking the red carpet, so this was a nice change!
  • Natalie Portman at the Oscars luncheon (Lanvin): It might just be this angle, but it barely even looks like she's pregnant! The blue and pink is such a striking color combination. She's been all for these color combinations which is really fashion forward of her. I cannot wait to see what she'll be rocking in two weeks!
  • Selena Gomez at the Never Say Never Premiere (Reem Acra): Why is she the most perfect person ever? As always, Selena Gomez looks fabulous. She looks like an uber fierce greek goddess and that purple is stunning on her.  I love the sparkly heels to mix it up and hair and makeup...ugh, she's perfection!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

True Love

So Prabal Gurung gave us frequents a little taste of his new collection.
Photo Cred
What more can I say than "WOW"? It seems very different to his S/S 2011 collection which, no offense, I'm thrilled about. The silhouettes and patterns, for the most part, were extremely minimalist to me, you know how I feel about minimalism (seriously, watch me change my blog into "The Anti-Minimalist"...nah I like my new title too much). Thought Gurung is supposed to be the hottest new designer, I have yet to be wowed by him. Some of his outfits are Klein with color, I was something innovative and absolutely fabulous. Ladies and Gents, I think we may get that in this collection. I'm incredibly interested in this glittered shirt with white pants, didn't I just blog about that combination? Hmmm..

Although New York's Fashion Week kicks off today with The Red Dress Collection, Gurung will be showing his collection on Saturday. 

Prepare to be wowed.

Teenage Nightmare

I came across Katy Perry wearing this Georges Hobeika dress,
And I wanted to die.
Photo Cred

I have never been more afraid of Katy Perry in my whole entire life. Yes, her songs are catchy. Yes, she's dating Russell Brand. But she really has no excuse.
To be nice (ish) I will say that the purple is nice and this dress looks very sleek on the runway model, but I thought Katy Perry had more sense than this.
On her, this dress literally has no redeeming qualities.
I really don't like the fabric, especially with this color. It looks like one of those tacky prom dresses you wouldn't dream of buying.
Does anyone notice that it makes her midsection look kind of large? Or is that just me? And the bow looks extremely awkward with her...boobs.
And Sesame Street thought they had an issue?

I feel like since that scandal, she figures she might as well show off what her mama gave her. But seriously, this looks like porn. I hate this. Obviously, she is Katy Perry and she's not going to be conservative, but this looks so sloppy and so gross.
so much.
Okay, it's off my chest...punny?

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Weekly: She Let Me Wear My Chain and My Turtleneck Sweater

 First thing's first: Your favorite Trendologist (I'm really happy with this new name) is going to FASHION WEEK. I am so excited; it's a dream come true and I cannot wait to blog about it. New York, here I come, in a weekish!

Anyways...I've seen a really awesome coat trend on the streets of Boston: toggle coats. 
I don't have one, but I think it's an absolute must for the upcoming months. What I like about these toggle coats is that they are the perfect medium;  they're not too heavy, like a good eskimo coat, but not too light, like a simple sweater.

And the toggles make the jacket look so refined and chic. In addition, they look fabulous on boys and girls. I remember wishing my boyfriend purchased a toggle coat in London. It didn't happen but a girl can dream, right?

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I'm loving this toggle coat from Urban; the uber fitted look is really interesting and unexpected when paired with the toggle closing.  A plain white tee, jeans, some sick Ray-Bans  and some riding boots would make this a casual and enviable look for anyone.

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  I love this Ralph Lauren one too! The combination of red, black, and tan is so refreshing! Unlike the Urban one, this is way more traditional in length.
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I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS!! Cape+toggles= nothing's better than this. The tan and brown is so ethereal and I love love LOVE the fringe on the bottom.
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This sweater is also the perfect take on the trend if you want to save a few bucks. The crisp white looks awesome with the fur lining on the hood, which is so fierce.

That was some good onto the weeklies! 
The looks were really disappointing this week, but I have a few.
  • Jennifer Lopez strutting (Haute Hippie and Louboutins): I'm so smitten with this look; I've never really seen a tan and silver combination before, but I'm a fan.  If you look at it really closely, the whole is actually quite sloppy; however, it has the ability to look tre chic and really put together. HOW DOES SHE DO IT? I also love how the sparkles is this look isn't too in-your-face. She looks like goddess, which apparently she's the new ambassador to Venus razors? Hmmmm...
  • Helena Bonham Carter at the Santa Barbara Film Festival (I-wish-I-knew): What I love about this look is how she looks both eclectic and put together. And the shoes match (she's going to get a lot of that for a very long time). The natural makeup with the black outfit is also really chic and clean. Yes, clean.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Color War

I'm so smitten with this Vogue Australia shoot.
Instead of being surrounded by Boston's snow.
I want to go on a Mediterranean vacation.
If prints and bright colors aren't in this spring (when are they not?), I will go crazy.

I'm obsessed with this Marni. Give me colored leather any day and I'll be intrigued. The tan stripe on the side really makes this dress for me. 
I wish I had an occasion to wear this yellow Hilfiger. The pleated bottom is such a fabulous match to the short sleeved top. And it's so well styled with the black and yellow hat.
Matching patterns and fabrics, in my personal opinion, is the way to make an uber chic outfit.I would personally eliminate the striped belt and replace it with a plain cobalt blue, but that's just me. I believe the striped dress (?) is vintage? Awesome.
Without a doubt, there is only one way to solve this winter-overload in the North-east.
It may be too early to dive right into a yellow Hilfiger, but we must think of bright colors to accent into our daily looks in preparation for spring.
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Because of the slush, I've been sporting my red Hunters, supporting this color pop-age, but hey it's still color!


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

When it's Time for Change

So today, I got really bored with the layout and title of this blog. As much as "Purses, Shoes, Couture...Oh My!" was fun, it was too wordy. 
When people asked about my blog's name, I would HATE saying the title because it was so long; who'd remember it.
So here it is:

The Trendologist.
Clean, simple, and fun. 
This semester, I'm taking sociology, which I seem to be enjoying.
In this lovely class, we learn about the behavior and influences of society.
That got me thinking...wouldn't it be great if there was a class studying the behavior and influences of fashions and trends?

Like Trendology?
What if one day, people could become Trendologists?
Different name, different look, same blogging fun!

Anyways, I was actually hoping to write a blog post instead of giving it a make-over so here we go!

I'm extremely over the winter. I remember back in November, I was so excited for snow. Now I'm over it.
I want bright colors and florals again!

And I especially want these:
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BEHOLD: Anne Demeulemeester's  Crisscross Leather Wedges.
Is there a better way to put spring in shoe-form?

What I love about these:  The shoe only comes in fashion's newest black: white. Wedges are not only chic, but they're easy on the feet and the heel is not that extreme anyways. The thick straps is so right on and right now.

As much as I hate minimalism, I know that it is unavoidable. I tried to be minimalist a few days ago, then I threw on a houndstooth skirt and it was back to my usual sense of style.

But I think that non-minimalist can embrace the trend (a la these) without losing who we are.

Here's my game plan: these shoes, a light printed dress, or a maxi loaded with fun bangles, or a shorts and tee combo with a fabulous cardigan.

...okay, maybe all of these look suggest I'm having a retro moment...but maybe that's true...