Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Retro Love

Without a doubt, Diane Von Furstenberg is one of my favorite designers of this generation. 
Tonight, I went to a DVF Shopping event the Fashion Club, FAB, organized.
And then this happened.
Re-Issued DVF Vintage  Prints.
Do we love?
 Yes we do! 

In my mind, this is  quintessential Diane Von Furstenberg. 
I really hope these amazing prints make a striking comeback!

That's really all I have to say, but I just wanted to show these prints off!


  1. loved dvf back in the day...still love her today!

  2. I am an absolute fan young lady you go Girl

  3. Hey Kels,

    It Uncle Ron (UR) reporting from Chicago. Maga and Uncle Bob (UB) were looking at your blog. Maga said "Way to go Kelsey" and she is VERY impressed. UB said great work and that you deserve a clasic DVF wrap dress for all of your hard work! Well, ok, I said that about the dress, but UB is also impressed with your blog.

    I look forward to your post-Oscar blog! What do you think Natalie Portman will wear? What would you have her wear if you were her stylist?

    Chat soon,


  4. Wish I still had all my dvf wrap dresses! Can we say vintage!?! ugh!