Monday, 31 December 2012

The Worst of 2012

They say that when it seems too good to be true, it probably is. This year prompted some pivotal fashion moments, but it also produced a slew of cringeworthy looks. Whip out the tissues, ladies and gents: here comes the worst of the worst. To ease the pain, I've decided to express my feelings through superlatives.

Most Ironic
Lena Dunham at the Emmy Awards:  I jut think it's really funny how she's so naked on Girls, yet she decides to borrow her grandmother's frock for the Emmys. Wait...that's Prada? Now I'm confused.(Photo)
Worst Pregnancy Outfit
Claire Danes at the Emmy Awards: Usually an angel on the red carpet, Danes' sunny number was a big disappointment. First of all, the silhouette is not flaunting her pregnancy curves. On the contrary, it looks like she ate an extra helping of pasta (and not in a good way). Not to mention the dress' blousing is as sloppy as Carrie Matheson's mental state. Maybe next year. (Photo)
Cheesiest Pageant Ensemble
Ashley Judd at the Emmy Awards: "This look is so awesome," said no one ever. I would love to meet the geniuses behind this piece of work and give them a nice talking to. (Photo)
Best Halloween Costume
Kirsten Dunst at the Met Gala: It's awkward because nobody told Fraulein Kirsten that this year's Met Ball Gala was not a Halloween party. (Photo)
Least Flattering
Anna Faris at the Academy Awards: We rarely see this funny lady on the red carpet. After this ensemble, I think we've been spared this whole time. Though completely sequined gowns sound lovely in theory, they're a nightmare in real life. Not to mention unflattering. Perhaps this look would've worked if Faris wasn't sporting a creepy bob. (Photo)
Most Confused
Hayden Panettiere at the Emmy Awards: Who knew that Marchesa could look so wrong? It's just way too much to handle. And painful.  (Photo)
Best Dressed... at a Middle School Dance
Kristen Wiig at the Emmy Awards: Well, this whole ensemble is awkward. The haltered top, the hunched shoulders...I need a paper bag to breathe into! The funny lady isn't a style guru, but it seems like her stylists went AWOL after she left Saturday Night Live. 'Tis a shame. (Photo)
Most Scandalous
Fergie at the Grammy Awards: There's a fine line between thought-provoking and trashy. Fergie crossed that line. And then some. Though Jean Paul Gaultier paired black underwear with this dress for the runway, it's an uncomfortable combination in real life. But the pain doesn't stop there: Fergie thinks it's a great idea to overdose on chunky jewelry. Please, make it stop! (Photo)
Worst Copycat 
Emma Stone at the Academy Awards: Remember how I said that Stone can pull off several different looks? Well this is not one of them. First of all, this is just too much red to handle. Secondly, Stone is clearly trying too hard. Instead of reliving Nicole Kidman's red carpet fame, this A-Lister should just be herself! (Photo)
Worst Use of Sparkly Jeans Since Limited Too
Brad Goreski at the American Music Awards:  Consider my respect for him as a fashion stylist gone. While I appreciate Goreski's love for going outside the sartorial boss, this is just horrific. (Photo)
The Worst Ever
Cyndi Lauper at the American Music Awards: It's been a few months, and I still have no idea how to properly react to this ensemble. While I understand  that Lauper has "rockstar" status, I don't think that gives her an excuse to forgo a nice pair of pants. Especially when she's that old. And what's with plaid sash-- is it even a sash? All I know is that this outfit makes me sad. (Photo)
Caused the Most Angst
Kim Kardashian at Cannes Film Festival: This ensemble made me so angry, I dedicated a whole blog post to this sartorial tragedy.  Don't make me rehash the ugly details.(Photo)
The Most Tropical (in the Worst Way)
Shailene Woodley at the SAG Awards: I'm still wondering why this happened. Anyone want to take a guess? Nope? Let's chalk it up to "taking a role too seriously." (Photo)

Perhaps all these victims can learn a thing from their mistakes. Here's to hoping! 


Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Best of 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Sartorially speaking, of course.

Though these next few days tend to mirror an action-packed movie (starring Liam Neeson, of course) as we embark on a rampant search for our New Year's Eve essentials (ie: party hats, streamers, alcohol, an attractive boy to kiss and loads of sequins), let's just pause for a moment and reflect on this year's fashion. Like every year, 2012 had its rockstar moments and downfalls. Shall we start this review off on a positive note? Behold, 12 of my favorite looks from 2012.

Allison Williams at the Emmy Awards (Oscar de la Renta): Shockingly, we have yet to see a lot of Williams on the red carpet; however, we love what she's wearing when she does grace our presence. And by ours, I mean the gang of photographers that attend each event. As the Girls star proves, you don't need loads of shine to wow fashion's elite. Instead, all you need is a pop of color and a phenomenal silhouette. Additionally, this gown fits the actress like a glove. Though the messy updo is far from exciting, it balances the dress' pizazz.  Thankfully, the drop earrings add some spice to the otherwise boring hair. Brava!  (Photo)
Emma Stone at SAG Awards (Alexander McQueen): Most of the time, I (not so) secretly wish I was Emma Stone. Honestly, her life is pretty awesome: she is hilarious, has an adorable British boyfriend, stars in major motion pictures and has the ability to sport a plethora of different looks. Here, it seems as if Stone stepped right off of Mad Men's set. Her vibrant hair and lipstick is perfectly contrasted by the black ensemble. The actress did not try to rocking the proverbial boat with an extremely edgy beauty trick or accessory. Instead, this outfit is extremely focused. In a world with so many options, you have to respect that.  But before I conclude, can we please stop and talk about her bag? Major(Photo)
Zendaya at the American Music Awards (Alice + Olivia): Though this ensemble would be rather primitive on an A-Lister, I applaud this red carpet newcomer. Unfortunately, most young starlets revert to skimpy ensembles or the very overplayed bandage dress. Ladies and gent, we have an original on our hands! This outfit is event-appropriate, age-appropriate and classy. While the silhouette says, "Here's your breakfast, Don Drapper," the punchy pout and the sparkly bodice are forward-thinking and demand attention. I cannot wait to see more red carpet homeruns from her!   (Photo)
Rihanna at the Met Gala (Tom Ford): To be quite blunt, I don't like Rihanna. I don't like her on-again-off-again status with Chris Brown. I don't like her music. And, usually, I don't like her outfits. However, I must say that she nailed this look. The good-girl-gone-bad's edgy hair cut is perfect with this contemporary Tom Ford creation. It's sexy enough to be adored by the masses; however, it's fashion-forward enough to be appropriate for the Met Gala. Thank you, Rihanna and  Tom Ford. (Photo)
Gwyneth Paltrow at the Academy Awards (Tom Ford): 'Twas the cape seen around the world. And fashion junkies everywhere raised their glasses in celebration. "Huzzah!" said the fashion junkies. "Relatively editorial ensembles have made it to the Academy Awards!"  The dress' silhouette, and the outfit's lack of jewelry, reek of minimalism. But then there's the cape.  Whether you die for this ensemble or think the cape is too elitist to deal with, you know that this Tom Ford creation (for the record, 2012 was a fabulous year for Mr. Ford) will go down in history. Just like Jennifer Lopez's Versace number, but better. Much, much better.(Photo)
Michelle Williams at the Academy Awards (in Louis Vuitton): Thankfully, the nominated actress did not disappoint. Besides the fact that this dress is too cute for words, I love Williams' look because it stays true to her onscreen persona-- Marilyn Monroe. Everything (from the ruffles, to the peplum to the dainty necklace) is fun and feminine! I also love the way her vibrant coral dress looks with her porcelain skin. Pin-up,anyone?(Photo)
Ariel Winter at the Emmy Awards (Katharine Kidd): Winter has gracefully transformed from that awkward middle child on Modern Family to a red carpet darling. This year, the young starlet truly wowed style snobs.The 14-year old girl manages to choose dresses that are youthful and sophisticated. Out of many style scores, this one is my personal favorite. Though the print and overall silhouette are super funky, Winter looks undeniably classy. Keep up the good work in 2013. (Photo)
Emilia Clarke at the Emmy Awards (in Chanel): I sometimes find my self actually falling in love with fashion. I'm currently in the "everything's perfect" phase with this Chanel number. Yes, this phase has lasted months. Not only is this dress just divine, I love how the Game of Thrones star styled this look. The light shoes and slicked back hair force onlookers to devote all their attention to the wonderful craftsmanship. Not to sound drab, but I think I would like to be buried in this dress. Just give Karl a ring-- he'll know what to do. (Photo)
Adele at the Grammy Awards (in Giorgio Armani): Let it be known that Adele is perfect in every way. She has the voice of an angel, wits of a jester and style of a red carpet veteran. If you disagree with that last part of my brief love letter to the British songstress, you clearly have yet to see what she wore to this year's Grammy Awards. Notorious for her black dresses, Adele gives her uniform a stylish kick with three-quarter sleeves and a dash of sparkle. The uber glam dress is perfectly paired with retro locks and a red lip. I just adore her and everything she does. (Photo)
Candice Swanepoel at Met Gala (in Rag & Bone): It's no surprise that I'm desperately trying to become a muse for the whole Rag & Bone design team. Though Swanepoel's Met Gala status makes me extremely jealous, I must say that this ensemble is superb.  The lack of show-stopping jewels and makeup allow the focus to be on the dress' beautiful details. Let's not forget that the slicked back hair directs your attention to that contemporary halter neck. Plus, I'm obsessed with this color combination-- a blue and black dress is dramatic, but not tacky. David and Marcus, next year is my year to accompany you two to the Met Gala.(Photo)

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games premiere (in Prabal Gurung): As most people know, I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games. Imagine my pure joy when Jennifer Lawrence rolled up to The Hunger Games premiere in one of my favorite looks from Prabal Gurung's fall collection. This pure joy has not faded. I was fortunate enough to see this stunning dress in real life this past summer. This dress was so phenomenal in person, I wanted to steal it. Alas, I didn't.  (Photo)
Lena Dunham at the Met Gala (Wes Gordon): Without a doubt, Lena Dunham was 2012's "It  Girl." Though she's had a few fashion mishaps (stay tuned), I'm still obsessed with this outfit. Though Hannah (Dunham's character on Girls) cheers when she finds a pair of shoes that almost match her ensemble, these pink heels are the perfect quirky touch for an already quirky girl. Let's also take a moment to gush over that gorgeous silhouette. Okay, that's done.(Photo)

Stay tuned for the worst of 2012...