Monday, 25 June 2012

The Trendologist's Makeover

Hey Everyone,

I'm taking a few weeks to makeover The Trendologist. Thanks to everyone for reading the blog and you'll be hearing from me soon!


Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Style Files: The Worst Things in Life Come Free to Us

Time Out New York had a very special surprise this week. British songster Ed Sheeran came to our office and serenaded us. A nice mid-day concert, yes? Ed seemed super nice and is quite talented!

Style Spiration: Aureta Thomollari
No matter how old I get or how my personal style changes, I will always have a soft spot for quirky, unapologetic fashionistas. That's exactly what Aureta Tautou is. I truly admire her ability to defy typical fashion rules and adhere to her individuality. If there's anything more inspiring than unapologetic individuality, please let me know.
Yes, the perfect way to fly is with a turban. (Photo Cred)
Obsessed with her subtle mix of fabrics and patterns. The similar color palette anchors this look and makes it clean and edgy.(Photo Cred)
Retro-chic gets a modern twist when multiple floral prints are mixed with oversized sunnies. Also, I want that jacket! (Photo Cred)

The Weekly
  • Emma Stone at The Amazing Spiderman press event in Moscow (Lanvin): There are very few people who were made to wear a particular designer. So I'm really not exaggerating when I say that Emma Stone was made to wear Lanvin. Not only did she grace the Met Ball red carpet with Lanvin genius Alber Elbaz, Stone looks absolutely stunning in this yellow number. The solid black pumps create this mysterious, Parisian allure. The sophisticated updo and dainty earrings are lovely finishing touches. J'adore.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz at the Max Mara cocktail party: The sophisticated sheath plus the poppy turquoise hue equals pure perfection. I also adore that pop of yellow on her shoes- the simple dash of color makes this ensemble so youthful and fun.  Her luxe hair and minimal jewels creates this understated 70's aesthetic. 
  • Lea Michele at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball (Pucci):  When's a better time to ace boho chic than the summer? Is it just me or is there something terribly bohemian about the summer in general? The backless gown plus the ethereal print is quintessential summer. Obviously, I'm crazy about the bright coral lip- so glamourous! 


Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Style Files: Boy You Never Had Much Game

As much as I love teeny pop beats, I really do hate this song. Also, those grunts are pretty scary. However, I must admit this jam is trendy. Do me a favor: listen to this song and let me know if you can get it of your head. I personally cannot. Give me  a week and I'll probably be addicted.

Style Spiration: Jackie O

This weekend, I fostered a mild obsession for the Kennedy family. Not only was Jackie O a strong individual, but everyone is enamored with her style. To put it bluntly, she paved the way for 60's style. It's about time I give her the praise she deserves, don't you think? 
I'm obsessed with the monochromatic jacket and pants. So chic and still relevant! (Photo Cred)

Our girl knew how to accessorize. The camel wrap jacket acts as the perfect base for all these wonderful add-ons. Logistically, she's sporting a lot of accessories; however, they are not over-whelming because she keeps it all in the same color family. Ergo, the jewel-tone earrings are the perfect burst of color. (Photo Cred)
Perfection. The tailoring is genius, the gloves and pearls exude a regal touch, and that bow gives this ensemble a dash of femininity without looking like a doll. (Photo Cred)

I love when people wear leopard. This goes beyond the fact that I too enjoy a nice ferocious print. In my mind, people wear leopard to get noticed: they're confident and aren't afraid of criticism. Sometimes leopard can look a little...trashy. But leave it to Jackie to give us something fiercely polished.(Photo Cred)
The Weekly
  • Dakota Fanning at the American Film Institute (Gucci): Remember when Dakota Fanning was only 8 years old? You know, when she starred alongside Brittany Murphy in Uptown Girls. It's crazy to think that this former child star is just as relevant, not to mention super stylish, today. Everything about coral number is perfect: the subtle two-tone combination, the classic silhouette, the punchy black belt, and the modest V-neck work to create a cohesive look. This ensemble marks a perfect transition from Fanning's childhood style to a mature future. The simple accessories, hair, and makeup subdue the shocking coral.
  • Zoe Saldana at the CFDA Awards (Prabal Gurung): Let's be honest: anything that brings Zoe Saldana and Prabal Gurung together is automatically deemed brilliant. The super sleek hair as well as the "notice me" sheer accents create a sultry chic ensemble. Additionally, I can never resist a long-sleeved dress!
  • Fergie at the amFAR Inspiration Gala (Calvin Klein Collection): Do you remember that last time we saw Fergie look this classy? I sure don't! From her old Hollywood ringlets to the way her stylist assembled the black, proliferated dress, Fergie looks like a class act. Fergie finishes off this look with demure pumps and effortless makeup. Though she's dressing for the event, Fergie is looking more modest than usual. I must say it works for her! 


Monday, 4 June 2012

2012 MTV Movie Awards

If there are two things I'm disgustingly obsessed with, it's Russell Brand and Fun. As we all know by now, Fun is my favorite band- even before "We Are Young." And let's be honest: who doesn't love Russell Brand? I can happily say that I've read both his memoirs, own his comedy DVD, and cannot wait to see Rock of Ages. So obviously I was excited for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Let me just say that the fashion did not disappoint- there were some stellar looks and horrific ensembles that I couldn't have dreamed of if I tried. Ready for a crash-course in the red carpet? Let's hope you are!

The Worst
Shailene Woodley in Stella McCartney: I wish this wasn't on my worst dress list; however, I blame it all on Shailene's hair sylist. Stella's feminine pantsuit looks perfect on Shailene- the top's silhouette gives her a curvy figure while the bare back is super sexy. But that hair ruined everything. As she was accepting her award for "Best Breakout Star," I was too consumed by ill-styled locks...oh and how she kept saying "dude." It's not that the hair was "messy chic," it was literally falling apart. Major no-no. This just goes to show you how crucial your hairstyle can be. (Photo Cred)
Julianne Hough in Sally LaPointe: My heart is actually breaking. There is so much that's wrong with this ensemble, where to begin. The mid-drift? Ab-bearing ensembles are huge this season; however, it's all about proportion. Word from the wise: a crop top, regardless of the sleeves, with a mini skirt is tasteless. Speaking of that skirt, we should talk about that peplum. Wrong trend at the wrong time! No need to sport two edgy trends at once! It's like she's trying to overcompensate for the god-awful straightening job. I'm sure her outfits in Rock ofAges are chicer.  (Photo Cred)
Brooke Hogan: For once, I am genuinely speechless. Like, I'm tying to find the appropriate words to describe my feelings, but all of the phrases I can think of are painfully crass. And for that, I will refrain. But just know that this ensemble makes me sick to my stomach.(Photo Cred)
Though I don't like bashing Elizabeth Banks or Elie Saab,  it's my duty to teach them a valuable lesson. First of all, this jumpsuit scares me. Perhaps it's the detailing, but this playsuit reminds me of a spider. If this outfit wasn't disappointing enough, what is going on with Elizabeth's hair? Trust me, I love the fashion girl bun as much as the next stylista, but she looks way too serious. Lighten up  girl, it's an MTV awards show.(Photo Cred)
Ciara in Balmain: I love the concept, but why is this so short? I'm mildly traumatized. (Photo Cred)
Josh Hutcherson: Sure, this is a terrible photograph, but maybe it'll help show you how horrid this ensemble is. Note to all single guys: drop the hipster hats. Baseball hats? Fine. Knit beanies? Cute. But these indie fedoras? Just stop. They make me uncomfortable and 99.9% of the time, you'll look like an idiot. If that wasn't enough, the proportions of this ensemble was just wrong. Too baggy in some places, but too tight in others (like the upper thigh/ crotch area). I'm concerned. This whole ensemble is also way too wrinkly. He would've been so much better with dark wash jeans and a light chambray. I should be Josh Hutcherson's stylist. Obviously. (Photo Cred)

ZZ Ward:Who are you and why do you look so terrible? For the record, both are serious questions. Stop me if I'm wrong, but all my research makes it seem as if she's wearing a navy suit with a black hat. While I love navy and black together, it looks like she's trying to make them look like one hue. So wrong! The key to mastering a black and navy ensemble is putting them right next to each other. That way, you're telling critics, "I have NOTHING to hide!" Also, what's with that shirt? Sure, I love Urban Outfitters as much as the next teen, but enough is enough!  (Photo Cred)

Lucy Hale in Catherine Malandrino: As much as I love Lucy Hale, and as much as I love color-blocking, this dress has to go. Nothing makes sense! Let's have a crash course in color-blocking, shall we? If you're rocking this colorful trend, make sure the rest of the accessories are neutral. While metallics can be considered neutral on special occasions, this is not one of those occasions.  The metallics and the various colors are competing with each other. A classic case of poor styling, if you will.(Photo Cred)
Nicky Hilton: I'm so confused right now. The dress screams "sweet sixteen," but those pointed shoes are uncomfortably matronly. On a side note, can we just reflect on how skeletal Nicky looks? I feel bad. (Photo Cred)

Mila Kunis in Fendi: If I could have one sound effect to describe this ensemble, it'd be "belgh." This ensemble is either here nor there and a little too short for my liking. Speaking of the length, the hemline looks a little sloppy. It's not even that this dress is horrible: it's just that I expected better from Mila.(Photo Cred)

The Best
Charlize Theron in Lanvin: Though my friends and I found Snow White and the Huntsman to be boring and super long, I must say that I have a mild girl-crush on Charlize Theron. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, but she's always a red carpet staple. Fortunately, she ceases to amaze us. The ketchup red is gorgeous with her complexion and I love the peplum's wave-like effect. The down do and strappy sandals give this ensemble a dash of summery fun. But really, can you ever go wrong in Lanvin?  (Photo Cred)
Emma Stone in Martin Grant: Seriously, this is so flawless. I'm obsessed with the black and beige motif. While the matching shoes and ensemble may sound overbearing in theory, Stone plays with silhouettes to make this interesting. Sophistication hits the MTV Movie Awards as Stone finishes off this ensemble with a gorgeous updo and bright pink lip. This look has been criticized for looking too sophisticated, but would you rather have a million Brooke Hogans running around? (Photo Cred)

Emma Watson in Brood: If anyone can pull off a zany design and make it lovable, it's Emma Watson. Brood's quirky pattern and questionable peplums are deemed stylish through Watson's styling.The bold bracelets and tough, strappy sandals make this whole ensemble rocker chic. Let's be honest, Watson could wear a plastic bag and still be the coolest girl at the party. On a random side note, I just watched the trailer for her new film,  The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and died a little bit on the inside. (Photo Cred)
Kat Graham: Definitely my favorite of the night. She looks sophisticated and super trendy. Since her black gown is long-sleeved, and neither the v neck nor the high slit are too revealing, Graham looks sultry not slutty. The Style Correspondent's gilded accessories prevent another "Angelina's leg" moment by keeping this look fun and youthful (as opposed to overtly vixen). The neutral makeup, slicked back hair, and stunning platform sandals are perfect. Literally, perfect. (Photo Cred)

Chris Hemsworth in Hugo Boss: This is the perfect gentleman apparel for the MTV Movie Awards. Though the concept of the ensemble suggests an uber formal attire, the lack of a jacket is crucial- it makes him look like he's ready to have a good time. And where better than the 2012 MTV Movie Awards? All in all this outfit is relaxed, yet sophisticated. And it doesn't hurt that it's on Chris Hemsworth...(Photo Cred)
Janelle Monae: If you thought Monae was going to wear a dress, you're 110% wrong. What I love about Monae is how dedicated she is to her menswear-inspired style. Though her outfits have the same concept, she never bores us. The ankle hemline and punchy, pink lip gives us something to gush over. Hats off to that! (Photo Cred)
Andy Samberg:  I have this unspoken theory that Andy Samberg and I would make a lovely couple. Don't ask me why, but I have this irrational love for him. This love only deepens with this A+ outfits. To every, single man out there: this is what you should wear every, single day. The suit jacket and polo create a quirky combination; however, the monochromatism makes it acceptable. Samberg's fresh "kicks" gives this look a pop of color as well as a dash of youthfulness. Swoon city? A little bit.(Photo Cred)


Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Style FIles: You Can Have it All But Not Til You Prove It

If you're in the market for a "song of the summer," look no further! My friend showed me this one and I'm so obsessed. It's perky, inspiring, and so catchy. Tell me this song doesn't want to make you accomplish great things, I dare you.

Style Spiration: Victoria Beckham
In honor of the Queen's Jubilee, I thought I should dedicate this week's Style Spiration to a fashion-forward Brit. Honestly, who's a better choice than Posh Spice herself?  What fashionista doesn't adore this pop sensation turned style maven? Not only is her style clean and chic, but her diva-esque attitude is to die for.
Is it just me, or is Victoria Beckham having such a Holly Golightly moment? Between the oversized sunnies and the short, leather gloves, Beckham gives the LBD a modern twist. The sleek bob and neutral makeup enhance this crisp and jojo ensemble. I wonder if this was the lil' Gucci dress.  (Photo Cred)                                                                                                                                               
Not only does Posh rock the chicest hue of them all, black, she also knows a thing or two about wearing color. For starters, she knows that the best way to finish off a bright dress is with a pair of flattering, nude platforms. Genius. I'm such a sucker for a long-sleeved mini so I'm obviously obsessed with this look. Though I would've styled it with a standout bag or tough jewels, the simplicity of this look is tres Beckham!  (Photo Cred)
Though Beckham tends to sport a slew of fitted dresses, she knows that a body-con-esque dress isn't the only way to make onlookers swoon. This boxy, trench-inspired dress is office-approved; however, the v-neck is uber sultry. Her monochromatic take on this ensemble is on trend and super sleek. J'adore! (Photo Cred)
Mrs. David Beckham knows a thing or two about self promotion. For example, she rocked her very own Victoria Beckham gown to the 2012 Vanity Fair Party. What I love about Victoria's self-promotion tactic is that she wears pieces that work for her. Though that may sound like a given, you'd be surprised as to how many people don't know the cardinal rule of self promotion. Any who, Victoria and the Mister are perfectly styled at this party. The simplicity of Posh's ensemble is perfectly counteracted by her dramatic eye makeup. She just gets me every time. (Photo Cred)
The Weekly
  • Miranda Kerr at the Sydney Airport:  How feminine! Kerr rocks a dual-tone trenchcoat with leather accessories and a poppy lip. The supermodel's lack of jewels is perfect for this crisp and proper ensemble.  Not only is this ensemble styled beautifully, but I love that she wore this to the airport. So smitten.
  • Alexa Chung at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Moschino): Chung channels her inner Twiggy with this contrastingly feminine ensemble. While the lace detailing, as well as the buttons, infer an exuberantly feminine aesthetic, Chung gives it her own quirky twist with messy hair and a juxtaposed clutch. To top it all off, the black Mary Jane-inspired pumps and the flirty cat eye bring this look back to it's groovy roots.
  • Kate Moss at the Mango Fashion Awards: Quintessential Kate Moss, no? I'm obsessed with her effortless style and this look ties that together with a polish, business-approved twist. If you're hoping to copy this look, it's all about mixing and matching different textures.