Sunday, 29 April 2012

Style Files: I'm a Witch and a Gremlin, You're at Home Watching Snick and Night

Last weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Fun with one of my friends. Their opening band, Miniature Tigers? Indie, well-dressed, and mildly poppy. I'm addicted. After you listen to "Boomerang," I think you'll understand why I just can't get enough of them.

The Style Files: Cheryl Cole
 I haven't wrote about my love for Cheryl Cole since the wee beginning of The Trendologist (wow, I'm getting old). I really do believe that Cheryl Cole is my celebrity equivalent. I know- bold statement, but I'm comfortable with saying it. Although she hasn't always been a fashion maven, I admire how her style has evolved into something truly remarkable.
Cole sported this J.Mendel dress at the  X Factor Finale.  While the trumpeted skirt and cris-cross necklace are reminiscent of a 1950's prom queen, the juicy red and futuristic sheen give this dress a healthy does of surrealism. The proper updo and blinged-out earrings bring this look back to its feminine aesthetic. (Photo Cred)
Favorite Cheryl Cole look, hands down. Her hair is sophisticated and sultry while the cutouts and high slit are siren-worthy.The crisp white, especially with the lace shoes, add an unexpected dose of femininity. I love this juxtaposition because it shows us that you don't have to O.D. on sultry style to be considered sexy. It's the little things that really matter.  (Photo Cred)

Cole channeled her inner glamor vixen with this Stella McCartney column dress at the 2011 Brit Awards. Sequin column dresses are so hard to pull off because, let's be honest, sequins are fun and  unforgiving. However,  the styling turned this dress from something potentially tragic into a homerun look: the semi-sheer sleeves give this  dress more dimension while the chic updo forces us to focus on Cole's tiny frame. The gold bag is genius- it blends into the look but doesn't compete with the dress. Her dramatic eyeliner ties this whole look together.(Photo Cred)
Cheryl Cole would make me love polka dotas. I always think of polka dots as a pattern that my Barbie dolls totally rocked.  However, Cole make it desirable. How? She just does! Between the oversized bow and the perky ponytail, this ensemble reeks of 1960's Britain (I guess I shouldn't say 'reeks' because I do love 1960's Britain).The contrasting polka shoes liberate the dress from all its girlish undertones and gives it a dash of Editorial. Fantastic. (Photo Cred)

The Weekly
Spring brings out the polished lady in all of us! 
  • Catherine Middleton at the London premiere of African Cats (Matthew Williamson): Leave it to this British duo to create an elegant look to lust over.The stone detailing on the sleeves and neck of this dress gives this traditional silhouette a contemporary twist. The dark grey pumps and clutch stay true to the dress' traditional roots. How regal?
  • Camilla Belle at the Tribeca Film Festival (Chanel): Between the poppy floral print, the fierce eye makeup, and the silver bangle, Belle makes ladylike refreshing and (dare I say it? Oh, I will) enviable. The navy Rupert Sanderson shoes matches the dress' flower buds perfectly. However, the bright white and semi-sheer sleeves steers this look down a youthful path. 
  • Coco Rocha at Cipriani Wall Street (Jason Wu): I would like to thank Coco Rocha's stylist for joining two fashion powerhouses- Rocha and Jason Wu, obviously- togehter. As many people know, I'm obsessed with all things Wu. Between her lace-up booties and smoldering, supermodel look, Rocha gives the candy color skirt and flirty peplum a hardcore twist. Just so amazing.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Trendologist-Approved: Flatforms

Without a doubt, flatforms are my must-have shoe of the summer.  I completely understand when some people say they look like old lady shoes (and by some people, I mean my mother), but I love how flatforms are unapologetically funky. As I've mentioned before, I'm obsessed with the blend of height and wearability- absolutely genius!

Trendologist Approved: Flat-Forms

There are so many takes on the flatform, how will you know which is the best choice for you? If you're looking for an everyday pair to wear to the anywhere and everywhere, I suggest a minimalist silhouette in a neutral color. If you're looking for a youthful kick, definitely rock a color-blocked pair or a funky yellow. Embracing the metallic trend along with the flatform frenzy is also super cool (not to mention uber Grecian). I'm probably going to invest in 30 flatforms (bye, bank account).

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Allow Me to Slip into Something More Comfortable

Can you believe that spring is finally here? It feels like just yesterday I was bundling up in a plethora of layers. There are so many awesome trends to try this season, so expect a lot of fashion photo shoots starring yours truly. A couple weeks ago, my mother and I dominated Newbury Street in Boston. As always, Urban Outfitters was the first stop. I snagged a bunch of pieces that I cannot wait to wear, including the pieces from the shoot. I'm trying something new this sunny season. Previously, spring always meant "funky bohemian." This time, I'm all about stunning silhouettes and pops of color. Since I'm inevitably urban, I decided to start this season off with a effortless,black dress.
I'm all about the asymmetrical hemline lately. The mullet train can be either dressed up or down. For this shoot, I took a mid-range approach by rocking super casual flat-forms.
Say what you will, but I'm obsessed with flat-forms. In my mind, these bad boys are the happy medium: the height and forwardness of heels and the comfort of flats. The floral print gives this ensemble that oh-so necessary burst of color. J'adore.

Aren't these sunnies absolutely everything? My mom got them for me as an Easter present and I've been head-over-heels in love with them ever since. The mod roundness works perfectly with the whimsy sunglass arms.

I love the slinkiness of this dress. It's so comfy and gives off a lingerie feeling without being too risque. 

Who doesn't love stacking bracelets during the summer. I officially am double stacking- let's see how high I can go this summer! 

This ensemble is simple enough that it can be recreated in so many ways. Not feeling the mullet hem? Rocking a maxi dress has a similar, glamorous effect. Not a dress kind of girl? Try an asymmetrical skirt! For an effortless look, nix the necklace and pile those bracelets and rings! As for the flat-forms, expect a flat-form post in the very near future.

All photo credit goes to Christine Chen. Check out her portfolio because she's such a talented graphic designer and photographer.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Style FIles: If This Life is One Act

I love Jason Mraz. There, I said it. Forget Drake and 'Lil Wayne (for a moment): Jason Mraz's songs are "YOLO"-worthy. He- along with a bunch of my favorite artists- released a new album this week and it's amazing. "Live in the Moment" is such a cute song and forces listeners to live their lives a little more.

Style Spiration: Constance Jablonski
Lately, I've been so interested in off-duty model style. There's this chic, insouciant je ne sais quoi when they're not strutting their stuff down the runway. Constance Jablonski has this knack for dressing effortlessly chic and put together at the same time. Fashion juxtaposition? I like.

There's no better way to rock "nonchalant style" than a military jacket.  I love how she  throws this jacket over a pretty basic outfit during Paris FashionWeek. The messy bouffant and feminine makeup gives this outfit a "fresh off the runway" spin. As for those leather detailled pants...I'd pass. (Photo Cred)
This parka screams wintry chic. Pairing this show-stopper with a completely black outfit is fantastic and forces you to focus on the parka. (Photo Cred)
Off-duty, downtown chic? I think so! Rocking a blazer during the summer is a style DO. The mixture of tan and whites really makes the navy pop. Plus, navy is such a sick alternative to black. Double plus, I really like those sandals. (Photo Cred)
The Weekly
  • Emily Blunt at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Five Year Engagement  (Jason Wu): Blunt is on trend with this super retro Jason Wu dess. But don't write this look off as classic just yet: the Alice + Olivia heels give this look a funky, modern twist. Although I don't love matchy-matchy, this look works because the splash of green on the bodice, the earrings, and the pumps all havee an appropriate distance from each other. Ergo, it's not overbearing and works. Her slicked back hair and the bright lip finish off this feminine look.
  • Emily Blunt at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Your Sister's Sister (Michael Kors): I think every fashionista should put "rock colored lace" on their bucket lists. The dainty lace creates this fun juxtaposition with the loud cherry red. The hemline has the potential of looking a bit matronly; however, the platform sandals and messy updo loosen this look up.
  • Kate Beckinsale at the Total Recall press event in Cancun (J. Mendel): Leave it to Beckinsale to wear something uber sexy in the classiest way possible. I love the neck of the dress as well as the asymmetrical slit. The nude pump as well as the natural makeup proves that Beckinsale isn't just wearing something to look hot- she knows what she's doing. 


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Glamourous and Green

About a year ago, I promised myself that I would become a beauty junkie. Yes, I suppose it's a tad bizarre to aspire to be a junkie of some sort, but can you blame me? There are so many incredible products to make any glamazon have a mild beauty-gasm. Lately, I've been going crazy over "health-conscious"products. These finds are everything  I could want: my beauty junkie aspirations tied into my green New Year's Eve resolution. Though I'm not a Beauty Blogger (let's stop and take a minute on how cool that'd be), I wanted to share my favorite green beauty products with you.

Eco-Friendly Nails

As any glam, green girl will know, formaldehyde is a force to be reckoned with. But what are we supposed to do- go nail polish-less for the rest of our lives? way. I have so many different eco-friendly companies to still try, but my favorites right now are Scotch Naturals and Sheswai.

 I'm currently loving these Scotch Naturals products. This coral (Highland Fling) is going to look super sick with a summery tan. After my day, the polish is chipping; however, I didn't use a top coat so I'm not too concerned. In addition to super trendy colors, Scotch Naturals sell top coats, base coats, and nail polish removers. J'adore. Thankfully, these products are free of formaldehyde, toluene, dps, acetone, and heavy metals. I used the nail polish remover last night and I must say removing my nail polish wasn't as easy as the alcohol-infused remover makes you think it is. On the bright side, the remover came with a spritz nozzle, so it was a cleaner cleaning process (I'm so punny). Whoever said that glam nails couldn't be chic clearly has never heard of Scotch Naturals.

I'm obsessed with Shewsai Lacquer. Not only is the packaging super eco-friendly, but the lacquers themselves are formaldehyde, toluene, and dp free. The colors are quite limited (for now), but I treated myself to Sheswai's "Honeyfox." The red is super feminine and has stayed on pretty well! I'm so excited to test more Sheswai colors!

Anything Indie Lee & Co.

I may be a tad biased, but I'd never lie to you beautiful people: these products are amazing. Ever since I've started using Indie Lee & Co., my skin has been super smooth. So what's the best part about Indie Lee products? They're not green-washed, which means that the naturals ingredients aren't just there to hide all the toxic ones- they're there to help you. Besides, there are NO toxic ingredients in Indie Lee products so you don't even have to worry about it. Three of my absolute favorites are Indie's Moisturizing Oil, Indie's Lavender Oatmeal Cleansing Bar, and Indie's Coconut Citrus Scrub. I literally use this oil every single day and I can proudly say that my legs are silky smooth. The vanilla citrus scent is so summer-ready. The lavender cleansing soap smells like heaven and gives my skin an all natural glow. And the scrub? It's major. The rough texture really eliminates dry skin, leaving me feeling amazing. Using all natural skin care products truly make me feel glamourous and, honestly, like a better person. If her products aren't inspiring enough, Indie's compelling story and advocacy will make you want to change your beauty routine (and feel good about it, too). Sure, a lot of your favorite products don't come in an all natural form; however, using natural products at least  gives your body the TLC it needs.

We are Young

Without a doubt, my favorite makeup company of the moment is Young Blood. Not only are Young Blood products paraben free, but they have fabulous colors. Their lipsticks ("Just Pink" is photographed) are both long lasting and give your lips that necessary pop of color.The primer and the Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfect Powder work together to give me a smooth face. I love using Young Blood's eyeliner when I either want a smokey eye or a super thin line. Even their boldest eyeshadows  look effortless with my skin. Obsessed.

Yes, Yes, Yes! 

Call me cliche, but I'm officially deeming "Yes To" a must for your beauty cabinet. I recently bought the Yes to Carrots Rich Moisture Day Cream, which I'm loving thus far. It leaves my face feeling moisturized all day long! What's so great about these products is that they're accessible and free of parabens, petroleum, SLS, and phthalates. From SPF-infused lip balm to leave-in conditioner, there are so many "Yes To" products that I'm dying to try! 

Tone it Down

My awesome sister gave me this toner for Christmas and I've never looked back. First of all, Elemis is a British-based company, so I'm bound to love it. Second of all, this Balancing Lavender Toner is free of alcohol and harsh detergents. Um, music to my ears? You bet! This toner strips my face from those pesky dry flakes. Heaven!

Do you have any eco-friendly beauty musts? Let me know! 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Style Files: Hearing Those Words it Makes Me Weak

For my friends and me, this week was all about "Lips of an Angel." While there's no rhyme or reason for loving Hinder's song this week, you have to admit that this song is pretty stellar.

Style Spiration: Zoë  Kravitz 
Let's face it, Zoë Kravitz is one of the coolest girls out there. Not only is she everywhere, but she's been the face of Vera Wang fragrances. And if Vera Wang thinks you're cool, you are cool. This week, how about we focus on Zoë's refreshing and show-stopping style?

I'm not going to lie to you: her street style is awfully quirky and kind of reminiscent of your grandma's closet. However, I always give a quirky dresser major kudos for creating their very own look.  The clashing patterns adds this certain carefree je ne sais quoi that every stylista should appreciate.(Photo Cred)
Kravitz rocked this look to the 2011 UNICEF Snowflake Ball. Can we say "phenomenal"? The medieval-inspired collar and shoulders are beautifully executed while the feathered skirt is progressive. However, the black and white color combination makes this look mildly refined. (Photo Cred)

Rocking an ethereal handband is definitely on my fashion bucket list. Enough said.(Photo Cred)
Mullet hemlines are all the rage lately. Kravitz totally rocked this at the 2011 Grammy Awards before it was even cool. Fashion hipster status. The subtle metallic color, mixed with the retro-inspired print, looks amazing with the muted taupe platform. Her hair and makeup is absolutely flawless. For a super relaxed look, Kravitz said '"no thank you" to adding jewels. (Photo Cred)

I love this look at she rocked at Chanel's 2008/2009 Cruise Show. The proper black and white jacket, as well as her pumps, upholds the Chanel aesthetic. But don't write this look off as "typical Chanel" just yet. The turquoise clutch and the androgynous jumper adds that necessary personal style. Brava! (Photo Cred)

The Weekly
  • Penelope Cruz are the To Rome with Love premiere (Pucci): Whenever you  hear the term "sexy slit," you instantly think of a dress like Angelina Jolie's, right? As Cruz shows us  with this look, a slit on a shorter dress can be chic. The off-the-shoulder straps add that dash of old school glamour to this unconventional slit. The messy updo allows us to focus on how eternal this dress is.
  • Scarlett Johansson at The Avengers premiere (Versace): I guess LBDs were all the rage this week. Between the forward-thinking neck to the dainty peplum, this Versace is fierce and feminine at the same time. The modern bouffant, mixed with the super light lip, gives this look a classic touch while the patent leather sandals are uber sexy.
  • Emily Blunt at the Salmon Fishing in Yemen Premiere (Carolina Herrera): Though I'm totally obsessed with brights for spring and summer, I know that I'm going to rock a lot of black and blue this fall. The color combination is both subtle and striking at the same time. How? I honestly can't tell you. While I don't find this Herrera dress to be season-appropriate, I absolutely love it on Emily Bunt. The youthful bob and peep-toe heels are the perfect finishing touches . 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Style Files: So Say Hello to Falsetto in Three, Two...

I'm not sure if I'm having a quarter-life crisis or if I'm just nostalgic, but I cannot stop listening to these tween sensations.  Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" is my everything right now: it's the perfect blend of poppy and swag. Also, how much do you love Justin's falsetto?

Style-Spiration: Fearne Cotton
I had the pleasure of viewing this English sensation's style on Who, What, Wear earlier this week- she truly did rock that pair of mirrored sunnies. Anywho, I'm obsessed with her style. Cotton is the quintessential part quirky, part rocker fashionista that dominates the UK. As you should know by now, I'm literally obsessed with all things British so this week's edition of "Style-Spiration" is rather predictable.
It's pretty simple: I really want that hat. I love how she pairs that hat with the funky, graphic top. So London. (Photo Cred)
I'm all about mixing crazy patterns lately. Cotton aces this trend by sticking to a similar, dark color palette. Consequently, the houndstooth and plaid act as neutrals. Ergo, the fierce blue bag is a "fun pop of color." The straight hair and refined makeup gives this look a polished vibe. Perfection. (Photo Cred)
I'm obsessed with how she mixes fabrics. The chunky sweater mixed with the liquid-inspired leggings are beyond. The wavy hair makes this ensemble so jojo(Photo Cred)
Funky fur? Mirrored sunnies? Sign me up! (Photo Cred)

The Weekly
  • Krysten Ritter at the Life Happens Premiere (Jenni Kayne): This dress offers a fun play between sophisticated and sensual. The black caps sleeves, paired with Ritter's shoulder length do, scream demure while the super sexy central slit shows us that there's more than meets the bodice. The black and white print is whimsical, while the column cut and black belt offer a minimalist twist. 
  • Taylor Swift at the ACM Awards (J. Mendel): By now, everyone should understand my eternal hatred for Taylor Swift; however, even I am admitting that this look is phenomenal. The cutouts offer a look that's sexier than Swift's typical wardrobe. The bedhead and smokey eye are the perfect finishing touches.  For a moment, I thought she was Jennifer Lawrence. Though I wish Jennifer Lawrence rocked this dress, I'm glad that Swift is finally starting to grow up. 
  • Lily Collins at the Mirror Mirror Premiere (Zac Posen): Collins ditched her Snow White aesthetic at this Parisian premiere and channels her inner temptress. The trumpet skirt plus the sweetheart neckline turns Collins into a smoldering seductress. The red lip plus the full, wavy hair? Forget about it! 


Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Style Files: Young and Bright, But Now Just a Dim Light Off in the Distance

My love for "Call Me Maybe" prohibited me from discussing The Shins' new album, Point of Morrow, last week.  I'm having a major Shins moment lately and this album only fueled my obsession even more. Their song "For a Fool" reminds me of the typical "regret song" in a movie. You know when the two lovers had a big fight so one of them is arbitrarily on a train and that sad song plays as he or she looks out the window? Yeah, that regret song. Obviously, I'm not in some regret complex so this song is purely relaxing for me.

Style Files: Solange Knowles
Call to action: let's stop thinking of Solange as merely the Queen (Beyonce, obviously)'s sister. She- and her fantastic personal style- is her own entity. She is so creative and fearless when it comes to fashion and I admire that!  

So this is a little reminiscent of Beyonce's "Party" music video (sorry, I had to) ; however, I love all the risks she's taking. Since they have a similar color palette, the skirt and crop top act as a neutral to the bright pink lip. The flared silhouette of each gives this look a whimsical feel, which is furthered by the crazy sun glasses. It's fun, it's youthful, it's quirky, it's Solange.  I love it.(Photo Cred)
I don't necessarily love this look- the tank cardigan duo is a little primitive for me. However, I love how she pays close attention to detail. The multi-finger rings and the lightning bolt on her skirt gives this look a cohesive dash of boldness.(Photo Cred)
To some people, this look may be a little much. In my eyes, this ensemble is super fun and I'm a little jealous that she can rock this so effortlessly. This outfit proves that Solange is ahead of her time, fashion-wise. Can we take a second to remember that ab-flaunting tops and bright lips are totally in this spring. I also love how she plays with color: so refreshing and chic. (Photo Cred)
The Weekly
  • Ashley Greene at Macy's (DKNY): If you know anything about my taste by now, it's that I love a good blend of textures. For that reason, I love what Ashley Greene wore to her Macy's excursion. The skirt and shirt are in a similar color family; however, the leather and ruffle combination gives this look a chic juxtaposition of edgy and girly. The leather pumps perfectly match her skirt, giving this outfit precision. Clean, smart, and fashion-forward! 
  • Brooklyn Decker at a Battleship press event (Theyskens' Theory dress; Isabel Marant jacket and heels): I'm such a sucker for a fabulous jacket. The jacket, paired with the two-toned heels, gives this look a healthy dose of color. This ensemble shows how accessories can really make an outfit. The wavy hair and feminine makeup perfectly ties in the neutral dress.
  • January Jones at the Metropolitan Opera Gala (YSL): Are there any words? That large, key hole back is so stunning (not to mention that it works perfectly with her short do). The high slit makes this dress super sleek. However, her coral lip and glamourous bob bring some femininity to this ensemble. Love!