Friday, 29 April 2011

Well...It Ain't No Diana

I just woke up from a really weird dream- John Travolta was dressed up as an angel and not like the movie Michael- and then I realized, "Hey, the Royal Wedding is on!" Luckily, I found a live stream online so here I am watching it. So why not blog about some of the looks?  And I just thought that Kate's sister, Pippa, was Kate. And I was thoroughly disappointed in her outfit. But...then it wasn't Kate. As of now, we're still waiting.

While I liked Ian Thorpe's gray hues, he looked very clean and simple, my favorite was Prince Harry. Maybe because he's cute and, since he's not married, I have a .000000000000000000000000001% chance of being his wife? I'm not dumb, obviously they don't have a say in what they wear: it's uniform. But he's so cute, I  figured this is a perfect excuse to put his picture on this post. But  I did think that the navy looked great with his red hair.

Photo Cred
Not from the wedding, but I'm coming for your back, Chelsy Davy.  Since my name's Kelsey and her name is Chelsy, he won't notice the difference? Right?

 It seems like the major trend for the guests is bright minimalism...with a tophat. THERE WERE JUST SO MANY TOPHATS. I wonder if it was dress code or is everyone paying homage to Kate's hats? Well Samantha Cameron didn't wear a hat (oooooooh).

  • Posh Spice's  look, from her own collection, is...well...posh! I think it's a great color and silhouette, especially for a pregnant woman. While I wish she had a nude pump, I'm obsessed with Posh's sleek pony. BUT I WISH THAT STUPID HAT WAS GONE! She may think she looks Posh, I think she looks silly. 

  • Chelsy Davy has not one, but TWO dresses! Steal the spotlight why don't you? Everyone seems to be giving her flock about her seafoam Alberta Ferretti, but I can't appropriately judge because I haven't seen the bottom half! But this is what I can see, so far.
Photo Cred
A little ill-fitted but, I love the color against her blonde hair. And finally, a sleek and chic hat!

  • English socialite, Tara Palmer- Tomkinson, is fancier than Pippa! While I would usually love this cobalt blue and huge fashion statement, this day isn't about you! It's about Kate! And Sarah Burton! It's waaay too much blue, I wish she added some subtle hues for at least the gloves! 
Photo Cred

It's worse than Princess Eugenie's!  I actually like Princess Beatrice's avant garde head piece with the tan dress.

Both of them found the key to looking chic at the Royal Wedding: muted pastels and dainty hats. While Wittstock's blue outfit suggests more minimalism, I love the small details on Princess Letizia's dusty rose dress as well as Princess Maxima's tan lace dress! Princess Maxima is rocking a turban-esque hat which I loved! Apparently is Charlene is wearing Armani to her own wedding, July 2nd.  Anyways, neither of the two overpower the special occasion, which I love. 


I dont really care about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, so I'm just going to ignore her. BUT HOW CUTE DID THE QUEEN LOOK!?

Photo Cred
She's looking adorable in her yellow Angela Kelly dress and I'm so enamored with her cute top hat. This is seriously a top hat...none of this chic and fashion-forward hat for the Queen!  Ugh, she's so cute, I just want her to bake me cookies and serve me milk...because the Queen would do that...

I think Pippa Middleton's McQueen by Sarah Burton dress was beautifully understated. I swear I thought she was Kate...did I already say that? It's really early. Anyways, I wish she didn't wear white. It's her sister's big day, let her wear white! I'm sure my sister would be kind of pissed off. Sticking to navy, black, or any spring muted color would've been much better! 


IT'S THE MOMENT THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR! YIPPEE! Kate Middleton looked like a modern fairytale in her Alexander McQueen (by Sarah Burton) dress. Did she know his exhibit is opening in New York soon? Clearly, she'd rather be at the Costume Institute Gala than the Royal Wedding...jokes. Anyways, I'm in love with this dress! Guliana Rancic, yes I stay true to my E! no matter what, said that it looked a lot like Grace Kelly's wedding dress, with the long laced sleeves, which I love. Clearly, this was not like Diana's huge 80's sleeves and train. But, even though I do love the 80's, I love Kate's dress more. Part of me wishes that she picked some no-name from London; however, that designer would dive head first into a state of chaos and shock right about now. Sarah Burton can do it: she's the successor of fashion's prince so she must be used to pressure! Anyways, the dress! I loved how the cinched waist really flattered her shrinking figure and it really wasn't some avant garde piece. She stayed very true to her own sense of style: small crown, light veil, and I heard she wanted to do her own makeup. All in all,  the perfect choice for Kate.

Photo Cred

Photo Cred

Photo Cred

She's a modern-day princess, living the modern-day fairytale. I sincerely hope that she and Prince William share a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Children of the Revolution

A few days ago, The Rachel Zoe Report  posted this really awesome guide for Boho Chic. Because this is  a look I'm trying to achieve more and more, I fell in love with this post. Consequently, I tried to emulate her style in my looks for this past weekend. So here's a look at my attempts to be Boho Chic.

I'm beyond obsessed with this hat, so retro! The Rebecca Taylor peasant blouse  was so righteous for this look. And my golden jewels added the perfect amount of glamour for my overall look. LOVED IT.
These sparkly earring are such a staple to my wardrobe; they add a hint of old school glamour but are versatile enough to wear with a plethora of different outfits. These can take me from "fifties retro housewife" to "hip boho chic."

I ended up wearing my cheetah print flats and my fringed vest (not pictured) to make the look more complex. A notorious minimalism opponent, I love making outfits more complex.  In my humble opinion, I think a complex outfit adheres more to who you are and your personal style.

I think a boho chic style can be easily accomplished. The key is creating a balance between flowy and tight fitting. While my peasant blouse wasn't fitted, my fringe vest gave me more of a figure. I also paired my flowy peasant blouse with black skinnies. And as for accessories? The more the better! I love how the seventies look allows budding fashionistas to pile on necklaces, scarves, bracelets, etc. Now you don't want to overdo it, but I think anyone who tries this look will know when they pushed the envelope a little too far.
For the moment, here's some of my favorite boho staples:

  • A maxi skirt is a MUST. I love this skirt from Urban Outfitters: it's well priced, the print makes it more complex, and the sheer fabric makes it summer appropriate! 
  • While you're buying the skirt at Urban, why don't you pick up a pair of these awesomely flared pants? For those who are intimidated by the bell-bottom trend, these pants are perfect: flare but not too much. And the front pockets are so vintage! 
  • Playsuits are so Studio 54. The crocheted elements of this Aqua number makes the playsuit more casual and almost effortless, which I love!
  • This maxi dress would look so boho chic with layers of necklaces and wedges!
  • If I had this awesome vest, I'd pair it up with high waisted shorts to portray that retro vixen look!
  • This cute little number has such a sick print,  how sick would this look with a brown bomber jacket?
  • Free People is the definition of Boho Chic, in my mind. If you're ever in need of inspiration, hit up a Free People store or their website.
Well, that's all for now. But as they say in Rent,  La Vie Boheme!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Weekly: Put Your Freakum Dress On

First of all, Happy Easter! I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday. This weekend was fabulous: the parentals came to Beantown for some Easter fun: shopping, eating fine foods, and good company. While my mom and I explored  the stores of Boston, we came across something very...interesting: Anime Boston. Yes, a whole weekend convention for anime. While a lot of people think that anime is "unusual" and a "social taboo," I give these people credit for dressing how they wish.  I know anime isn't usually looked at in a fashion perspective, but what you wear is all about expressing yourself.  And let's be honest, some of these looks are so Lady Gaga...and don' t a lot of people want to be just like Lady Gaga? So if you want to express yourself by dressing up like Sailor Moon, props to you!

I thought, in the spirit of the anime fun, why not create a DO and DON'T list of dressing up for these fun conventions.

  • DO use flattering fabrics and hemlines: Some of these outfits can be risque so make sure that you use great materials.
  • DO NOT hang out of your outfit: This weekend, my mom saw this girl who was legitimately popping out of her outfit. If you want to do anime conventions, please be tasteful.
  • DO get creative with your outfits: We saw people dressed up as characters from Toy Story, which is totally not anime but I loved it!
  • DO NOT carry weapons: I would've been really pissed off if someone poked me at the Prudential Center with a sword.
  • DO have confidence: A lot of people won't understand this whole convention idea (neither do I, really), but you should have fun with it! Make it your own! 
Photo Cred

Alright, this was a really odd introduction into the weekly but, nonetheless, onto the weekly! 

  • Reese Witherspoon at the Water for Elephants premiere (Jason Wu and Louboutins): This is so classic, I'm so smitten with this look.  That Wu dress is so regal and age appropriate. She isn't looking like a hoochi mama; however, she is showing off her great arms and legs. Although this dress doesn't have a "wow" factor, it is understated and that's what I love about it, for once! By the way, I love the simple up-do and light makeup. Move over Kristen Stewart, your boy has a MUCH better leading lady.
  • Jordana Brewster at the Fast and Furious 5 premiere (Carolina Herrera) : Alternatively, this look is so youthful and fun, which is the exact look I want this summer.  The short sleeves remind me of a majestic goddess and I love how the skinny tie cinches the waist. The tie-dye floral is so right on and I love the color scheme. And her beachy waves work perfectly with this look. J'adore times a million.
  • Megan Fox at a Jaguar Event (Carlos Obando): Megan Fox has been dressing so classily lately, and I'm loving it! The haltered neckline is something really obscure and understated but, when done in an old school glam way, looks awesome. The ivory dress contrasts beautifully with her dark hair and pink lips.  Although I wish she chose a different color for shoes, I do love the hair and the striking gold bangle. Well done! 
  • Zoe Saldana at the Coach benefit (Isabel Marant): I really like the print on this dress but, more importantly, I am obsessed with the sleeves on this dress. Whenever people wear short sleeves, they're usually cap sleeves and, being extra paranoid over my arms, I HATE cap sleeves. These longer short sleeves make Zoe's arms look long and lean, which is what everyone aspires to have.  The strapped pump also makes  this look have a bit of spontaneity. No bracelets, but a striking bag, is the perfect thing add to this printed dress.
  • Helen Miren at the Arthur premiere in Londontown (Dolce and Gabbana): Helen Miren is such a powerhouse and I'm loving this look. The leopard maxi is youthful, without making her look as if she's trying to hard.  She's not showing cleavage or leg, which makes it extremely appropriate. The minimal jewels also helped this look be more age appropriate. As you grow older, I think there's a fine line between chic and trying too hard. Helen Miren has found and almost perfected this balance.  For the record, I wore a look really similar to her's this week.
  • Nicole Richie chilling in LA (not available): Love her or her hate, Nicole Richie is a style icon. Her life is so interesting- I'm really considering reading her memoir this summer- and I LOVE her boho-chic look; it's uber glam, refreshing, and effortless. I rarely talk about street style, but I really like this look. It's so hard to pull off a light wash jean; however, the light flowers on her blouse make the jeans less of a "oh-hey-what's-going-on-there" factor. Her hair and makeup is so natural but still so glam. I JUST LOVE HER, OKAY?! 

Phew, that was a weekly! Well, I have a bunch of great blog posts in store, but ciao for now!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Style Spotlight: Anna Dello Russo

So I was just perusing on, as I frequently do, and I found something that was truly inspiring, uber trendy, and so worth blogging about: pictures from the Tommy Ton and Anna Dello Russo exhibit in Toronto's The Bay. I looked at the pictures and instantly became overwhelmed with fabulousity.

Photo Cred

Photo Cred
One of my friends at BU loves loves LOVES Anna Dello Russo and, to be perfectly honest, how can you not?  Not only is she a great editor, but a style icon to all.  I think these pictures have an emphasis on the detail of her wardrobe. This is something I really admire about her style: detail and her courage. She does some really crazy avant garde looks. Even though it may not be appropriate for all occasions, it's so trendy and so right on.  I really hope that her style, as well as this exhibit, will inspire others as it did me. I know this is an uber short blog, but I thought it was important.

And let's be honest, she definitely dominates Kate Middleton's collection of hats:

(Photo Cred)



Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Weekly: So Let's Not Complicate It, Just Say Yeah

Something pretty epic is happening tomorrow in Beantown:
Marathon Monday.
I'm intrigued and excited and a little terrified at the same time to witness such an event, but I think it'll be pretty fun. But it got me thinking, "should there be a dress code when it comes to exercise?" When I go to the gym I typically see two kinds of people: those who have ratty T-shirts and sweats versus those who have full hair and makeup while wearing spandex apparel, of course.
(Photo  Cred).

(Photo Cred).
I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not too keen about dressing up like a stripper. However, I do think we should try to be a little glamourous everywhere we go. So for this weekly, I've decided to find some great and chic picks for when you're hitting the gym! 

  • There's something about being able to say you're wearing Calvin Klein at the gym that makes me laugh. "Oooooooh, Clavin Klein you say?! How Elite!" But the brand actually has some great exercise selections!  This V-Neck Tank Top is perfect for the stairmaster: it's mostly cotton, lightweight, relatively well priced, and most importantly: it's loose fitting. I know I personally don't want to exercise in a corset, or anything like it. The wide stripes make the shirt more stylish than just a raggy tee! 
  • To add to the wonderful designer pile, I think this RLX Ralph Lauren Fleece would be perfect for running. The cozy cotton will keep you warm and hood is perfect in the event it starts to rain. I also love the cobalt blue, so striking and will make anyone stare as you run past.  It's easy to wash, which makes it a staple piece for anyone's exercise wardrobe.
  • I know it must be weird for someone to look to Urban Outfitters for exercise clothes, but I wear these BDG leggings when I go to the gym and I love them! They're super comfortable, which comes first and foremost when taking an aerobics or yoga class. And they come in fun clothes so everyone can spice up their ensembles! 
  • I'm personally in the market for new running shoes and I know I'll be picking up a pair of Asics! Though other people prefer Nike or Puma, my last two pairs of sneakers have been Asics and I love them! I'm really eying this lightweight structured shoe: stable, comfortable, and I really like the bright colors! 

Okay this is enough fitness talk for one blog post, onto the weekly! 
  • Alexis Bledel at The Conspirator premiere (Stella McCartney): Once again, welcome back to society Miss Bledel. I seriously think she perfected a good minimalist look here. The McCartney dress is not some boring color, but a smashing crimson. I think everyone should wear crimson to events! And she used awesomely chic accessories to spice up her "minimalist" look: the Cecelia clutch and shoes. While I wish that her makeup was more dramatic,  I thought her hair was clean and made the eye go straight to the crimson dress. FABULOUS.
  • Drew Berrymore at The Beauty Detox Solution's book promo (JBrand and Catherine Malandrino): Obsessed with this look. Seriously, Drew Berrymore looks like the queen of hip right about now. The leather jacket is so alternative and I'm pretty smitten with it. I love how she kept the jewels rather minimal and dainty, juxtaposing it with a studded bag. And the random feather earring? I think that's what made this look for me. It's just so spot on but effortless at the same time. J'adore.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker being a New Yorker and seeing Catch Me If You Can: The Musical (Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, and Louboutin): This looks like such a Pat Fields creation. What makes this outfit work is that even thought she mixed fabrics and patterns, she didn't experiment too much with color. The De la Renta black and white and the beige Louboutins acts as a naturals to the Chanel coat. And it's so age appropriate, which I think is something Parker always accomplishes. The soft waves makes her look chic, instead of a updo which would make Sarah Jessica Parker look granny. She's making all of the Sex and the City fans proud! 
  • Alexis Bledel at another Conspirator premiere (Giussepe Zanotti and Oscar de la Renta): So are you in this movie or something, Alexis? Is there life after Gilmore Girls. Even though this dress is an awkward length on her, almost poorly hemmed, she still looks incredible. The dark colors of the dress work perfectly with her light complexion and gorgeous eyes. And I love the sparkles on the De la Renta!  The hair and makeup was supreme and minimal accessories are crucial when wearing a sparkly number. Bravo! 

Oh. And if anyone was wondering, I ended up picking magazine journalism which I'm really excited about! 

Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have reached that pinnacle moment in a girl's college experience:
declaring a major.
I always thought I had it set: obviously, I' m going to major in Public Relations. But lately, I've been so torn.
public relations or magazine journalism?
It's a really tough decision: it's basically deciding if I want to be Kelly Cutrone or Anna Wintour.
Or as I like to put it:
Do I want to be Samantha Jones or Carrie Bradshaw?
I've been asking this question to many family members and friends, so I decided it's time I blog about it. But instead of weighing the pros and cons of the job professions, I am going to weigh the options based on their styles. Of course, I will not be basing any major decision off of this, for  I am not a shallow meanie. But I figured this would be a fun blog post. 

Samantha Jones: 
(Photo Cred)
Her 1980's look in the poorly styled Sex and the City 2. This seems like a satire of something I would wear: I have a denim vest and I'm currently wearing reptile print leggings...umm hello me 30 years ago? 

(Photo Cred)
Remember when they went to the Hamptons and stayed in Richard's super sweet house? I do! As much as I love fun prints , very Pucci, I don't think I can deal with Samantha's constant need to show off her body. I'm extremely modest in that sense. If the hemline was another three inches, I'd consider.

(Photo Cred)
Last episode (tear tear).  I think that Samantha wears too much color for me. It's always about brights and I tend to dress well...very dark or muted.

For the record, it's really hard to find pictures of Samantha Jones style online. 

Carrie Bradshaw:
(Photo Cred)
Her 1980's look in the poorly styled Sex and the City 2. Eh... just really not my taste. I'm all for this white ensemble, but it's way too minimal and way TOO PLAIN. I love to dress up and create fun outfits. This just isn't fun. And honestly, converses? Carrie Bradshaw, you're the queen of heels!

(Photo Cred)
I love basically all of the Bradshaw looks from Sex and the City: The Movie. They're all so different, yet uphold the true Carrie values of style. She's my personal style icon. Why am I blogging about this then? Style-wise, Carrie wins every time. So does Magazine Journalism win? SO CONFUSED. Well anyways, let's continue to gaze at Carrie's sick style.

(Photo Cred)
A Bradshaw is Paris was legitimately life changing.  I am forever in love with all of the beautiful clothes she wore. Parisian chic yet, so Carrie! I love the mixture of stripes in this look and the huge flower make this outfit pop! 

(Photo Cred)
This outfit is so eclectic, but it works so well. I love how she sticks into a certain color scheme; however, she mixes with textures and prints.  And those scalloped shoes are pretty incredible.

So I need to figure out my life  essentially by Sunday...wish me luck! 


Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Weekly: Ma Nature's Lyrical, With Her Yearly Miracle

The title to this blog was heavily inspired by my childhood obsessed with the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


It was a great film so please don't hate on it. ANYWHO, Beantown is getting more and more beautiful each and everyday, which makes me extremely happy and excited to develop a 2011 spring/summer look of my own. While it's always fun to stick to the trends, it's extremely important to make a look special to your own sense of style.

Some really big trends we're seeing are fun colors, prints galore, and lace.  What I want to do this spring is incorporate these three emerging trends, while creating a bohemian/edgy blend.  So here's what I got so far:
Love. So so so much (Photo Cred).

Fun Fact: I got those green LACE LEGGINGS just today! I'm too excited to wear them! 

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
I bought this headband almost a year ago and I'm a little afraid I'll look like a trailer park mama (not trying to offend them), but this season, I'm breaking it out! 

I don't really want to wear too much black this spring and summer, but I want  to frequently incorporate edgy accessories (Photo Cred).
(Photo Cred)
From my own closet, I'm so excited to wear these pieces!

And now, onto the weekly! 
  • Amanda Seyfried at the London Little Red Riding Hood Premiere (Karen Caldwell): VA VA VOOM.  I'm so loving this look on Amanda Seyfried. The black mini, paired with the blonde and wavy hair, creates an easygoing and youthful look. The bright red lip, however, gives us a sense of sophistication and class. And let's talk about how fabulous this Tom Binns necklace is? So chic!  Amanda Seyfried always knows how to dress her age, but in tasteful manner.
  • Taylor Swift at the Kids Choice Awards (Elie Saab): This is one of the first times, I actually loved her outfit. The silhouette isn't anything new in Taylor Swift's wardrobe. This light yellow, in evening dress form, is so refreshing and fun.  I'm glad she got rid of the red lip and had relaxed hair with spring makeup. The detailing, like in any Elie Saab dress, is stunning and the train is so sick! I love how it's note entirely yellow, but white and sheer as well. Incredible.
  • Selena Gomez at the Kids Choice Awards (Christian Costa): Ugh she always looks incredible. It kills me a little bit inside. I love this white and turquoise moment she's having: that beautiful color is the perfect pop but, since it's a sandal and not a pump, it's not overwhelming. I love her she's wearing SHORTS. Finally! Ladies and gents, chic exists after dresses!  The floral undertones in the shirt is also pretty awesome and adds depth to the outfit. She's such a budding fashionista.
  • Miley Cyrus at the Kids Choice Awards- who would've thought? (Dolce& Gabbana): This look makes me so nostalgic for the summer, which is a mental trend I'm having. Casual and floral maxi dresses are so effortlessly chic and it is perfectly styled with the long necklaces and soft waves.  Also, Miley is dressed perfectly for this event: she is looks refreshed and youthful, which is totalyl appropriate. She's just being Miley...and I kind of love it. 
  • Emmy Rossum at Elie Tahari (Elie Tahari): First of all, where did you go, Emmy Rossum? You sort of fell off the face of the world, but I'm pleased to know you are dressing fabulously. As you know, I'm such a fan of gold. Obviously, I love this pleated skirt and the necklace.  The minimal accessories, plain pumps, and relatively simple hair and makeup counteracted the flashy gold. Love love love! 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

They Keep Me Thinking That We Almost Had it All

A week or so ago, I received a promotional e-mail for JewelMint. Perfect,  I thought, just another way to satisfy my spending issues. But in my mind, this website is better than other online shopping websites. Created by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter, this  Jewels website focuses on the most important part of buying: personal style. You take a survey and then JewelMint gives you pieces they think you'll like. Of course, some of the pieces are waay off, but I immediately bought two pieces. If you're a jewels fanatic like me, I encourage you to sign up for this website!

I'm so smitten with this bracelet. It's large and in charge, but the beading is extremely pretty and I love the light pink and gold combination. It's very Indian inspired and I'm so excited to wear it with a sundress this summer and crisp sweater come fall.

These earrings make me so  happy! I'm always looking for fun gold  earrings; these are so vintage and are a great way to spice up an outfit. I love combining these earrings with a bunch of gold and pearl bracelets.



Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Anti-Weekly: Fashion's Important Right?

I am creating my first Anti-Weekly post! The looks this week were...well...not very great, so I figure I'll talk  about the bad looks instead.
But before that,
let us discuss good men's fashion. 
It is very rare to find a male friend who takes pride in what he wears.  My collegiate friend, Ramsey, has one of the best male styles I have seen, competing against Joseph Gordon Levitt's 500 Days of Summer look. I think what I admire most about Ramsey's style, which is the focus of this blog post, is his ability to mix up his style. As I'm raiding his closet taking pictures, he is cutting a skeleton out of a sweatshirt, yet Sperry Topsiders are to my left. Ironic much? Yes, that's what we all need in our wardrobes, especially men. A lot of the time, I think guys are intimidated to wear cool clothing in fear that they'll look stupid or be made fun of. But here's something a lot of people forget about:

Good style=confidence=an fabulous quality in anybody.
Of  course we all have our personal preferences and that's okay, but I think we all need to be a little bit more open to trying new things. I guess this whole inspirational talk is contradicting my Anti-Weekly idea.  But if we have good confidence, along with a good eye, even the most atypical looks will be chic. 

And in case you were wondering about this skeleton sweatshirt I was telling you about...

The drawing process 

A little snip snip

Well that was good fun, and now onto the ANTI-WEEKLY.

  • Michelle Monaghan at the Source Code premiere in New York (Roksanda Ilincic): The color is really nice with her complexion and I actually really like the Chrissie Morris heels, but this dress is extremely unattractive. Honestly, it looks like a loosely draped piece of Spandex. And the asymmetrical hemline is not doing it for me. AND THE MINIMALISM. BLEGH. 
  • Anna Kendrick at the Vivienne Westwood L.A  Store Opening (Vivienne Westwood): I didn't know that Anna Kendrick is a grandmother! This is a truly terrible look. The shoulders look very sloppy and the print reminds me of something a grandmother would own, but worse. The The cut is so matronly, it almost is painful to look at.  Maybe a different hemline would've made this dress a smidge better.  And the accessorizing is totally off on this. She should've at least had some fun jewels to make this look semi-hip. And the Miu Miu shoes? Make this outfit look even MORE matronly! 
  • Katie Holmes at The Kennedys Premiere (Ralph Lauren): If she was going out for a lovely picnic with Suri Cruise, this would have been presh. But she's not, so it's not. WAY TOO CASUAL. I'm sorry  but when you're Jackie O in a movie,  you should be dressing with a little more style.  I'm so disappointed because I think of Katie Holmes as a modern day style queen. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.
  • Fergie at "The Bank" in Vega (Herve Leger by Max Azria):  There are so many things wrong with this situation. First and most obvious, those turquoise shoes are not very classy with the fleshy orange dress: it's a cool color combination for the Atlantis resort, but not for Fergie. Just kidding...well not really because I do hate that combination...BUT FERGIE PLEASE COVER UP. I'm all for being comfortable with your body, but this is taking it a bit too literally. This isn't appropriate, even whilst in Vegas! 
  • Debi Mazar at the 2011 Beautiful People Party (I don't even WANT to know): This is not beautiful, this is just ugly. I can kind of see this whole retro look she's going for but even still, the red and white combination makes her look like a candy striper, which I'm not a fan of. I totally understand that she's not going to wear a Herve Leger body-con dress, but there are other ways to dress for your age, flatter your figure, and use the pinup inspiration: maybe a mid-calf full skirted dress? That would look awesome with the hair and makeup. 

Okay, doing an Anti-Weekly is a little too much fun...


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Friday, 1 April 2011

If You Wanna Be My Lover...

...please get me the DVF Harper Bag!

Photo Cred
I saw it a few days ago and I've fallen in love with it.  For so many reasons. First and foremost, can Diane von Furstenberg do any wrong? If so, I've yet to see it! I always love a good shoulder bag, my satchel has been my trusty sidekick ever since I found it in London last March; it's seriously the best way to look chic, carry all of your necessities, but have both hands available to snatch up the hottest sales. The chain strap, as well as the ADORABLE tassel, makes the Harper bag versatile, yet a statement piece on it's own. 

Dark brown, black, red, dusty pink, camel and white applique, and blue and white wave.  There will most definitely be more colors if this bag truly becomes an essential in the fashion world, but there's a pretty good array of colors to start with. And it also comes in clutch form

I can already picture wearing this with a peasant top, bell bottoms, and wedges (the last two are on my spring/summer wish list). So I love this bag!!