Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Weekly: Ma Nature's Lyrical, With Her Yearly Miracle

The title to this blog was heavily inspired by my childhood obsessed with the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


It was a great film so please don't hate on it. ANYWHO, Beantown is getting more and more beautiful each and everyday, which makes me extremely happy and excited to develop a 2011 spring/summer look of my own. While it's always fun to stick to the trends, it's extremely important to make a look special to your own sense of style.

Some really big trends we're seeing are fun colors, prints galore, and lace.  What I want to do this spring is incorporate these three emerging trends, while creating a bohemian/edgy blend.  So here's what I got so far:
Love. So so so much (Photo Cred).

Fun Fact: I got those green LACE LEGGINGS just today! I'm too excited to wear them! 

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
I bought this headband almost a year ago and I'm a little afraid I'll look like a trailer park mama (not trying to offend them), but this season, I'm breaking it out! 

I don't really want to wear too much black this spring and summer, but I want  to frequently incorporate edgy accessories (Photo Cred).
(Photo Cred)
From my own closet, I'm so excited to wear these pieces!

And now, onto the weekly! 
  • Amanda Seyfried at the London Little Red Riding Hood Premiere (Karen Caldwell): VA VA VOOM.  I'm so loving this look on Amanda Seyfried. The black mini, paired with the blonde and wavy hair, creates an easygoing and youthful look. The bright red lip, however, gives us a sense of sophistication and class. And let's talk about how fabulous this Tom Binns necklace is? So chic!  Amanda Seyfried always knows how to dress her age, but in tasteful manner.
  • Taylor Swift at the Kids Choice Awards (Elie Saab): This is one of the first times, I actually loved her outfit. The silhouette isn't anything new in Taylor Swift's wardrobe. This light yellow, in evening dress form, is so refreshing and fun.  I'm glad she got rid of the red lip and had relaxed hair with spring makeup. The detailing, like in any Elie Saab dress, is stunning and the train is so sick! I love how it's note entirely yellow, but white and sheer as well. Incredible.
  • Selena Gomez at the Kids Choice Awards (Christian Costa): Ugh she always looks incredible. It kills me a little bit inside. I love this white and turquoise moment she's having: that beautiful color is the perfect pop but, since it's a sandal and not a pump, it's not overwhelming. I love her she's wearing SHORTS. Finally! Ladies and gents, chic exists after dresses!  The floral undertones in the shirt is also pretty awesome and adds depth to the outfit. She's such a budding fashionista.
  • Miley Cyrus at the Kids Choice Awards- who would've thought? (Dolce& Gabbana): This look makes me so nostalgic for the summer, which is a mental trend I'm having. Casual and floral maxi dresses are so effortlessly chic and it is perfectly styled with the long necklaces and soft waves.  Also, Miley is dressed perfectly for this event: she is looks refreshed and youthful, which is totalyl appropriate. She's just being Miley...and I kind of love it. 
  • Emmy Rossum at Elie Tahari (Elie Tahari): First of all, where did you go, Emmy Rossum? You sort of fell off the face of the world, but I'm pleased to know you are dressing fabulously. As you know, I'm such a fan of gold. Obviously, I love this pleated skirt and the necklace.  The minimal accessories, plain pumps, and relatively simple hair and makeup counteracted the flashy gold. Love love love! 

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