Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have reached that pinnacle moment in a girl's college experience:
declaring a major.
I always thought I had it set: obviously, I' m going to major in Public Relations. But lately, I've been so torn.
public relations or magazine journalism?
It's a really tough decision: it's basically deciding if I want to be Kelly Cutrone or Anna Wintour.
Or as I like to put it:
Do I want to be Samantha Jones or Carrie Bradshaw?
I've been asking this question to many family members and friends, so I decided it's time I blog about it. But instead of weighing the pros and cons of the job professions, I am going to weigh the options based on their styles. Of course, I will not be basing any major decision off of this, for  I am not a shallow meanie. But I figured this would be a fun blog post. 

Samantha Jones: 
(Photo Cred)
Her 1980's look in the poorly styled Sex and the City 2. This seems like a satire of something I would wear: I have a denim vest and I'm currently wearing reptile print leggings...umm hello me 30 years ago? 

(Photo Cred)
Remember when they went to the Hamptons and stayed in Richard's super sweet house? I do! As much as I love fun prints , very Pucci, I don't think I can deal with Samantha's constant need to show off her body. I'm extremely modest in that sense. If the hemline was another three inches, I'd consider.

(Photo Cred)
Last episode (tear tear).  I think that Samantha wears too much color for me. It's always about brights and I tend to dress well...very dark or muted.

For the record, it's really hard to find pictures of Samantha Jones style online. 

Carrie Bradshaw:
(Photo Cred)
Her 1980's look in the poorly styled Sex and the City 2. Eh... just really not my taste. I'm all for this white ensemble, but it's way too minimal and way TOO PLAIN. I love to dress up and create fun outfits. This just isn't fun. And honestly, converses? Carrie Bradshaw, you're the queen of heels!

(Photo Cred)
I love basically all of the Bradshaw looks from Sex and the City: The Movie. They're all so different, yet uphold the true Carrie values of style. She's my personal style icon. Why am I blogging about this then? Style-wise, Carrie wins every time. So does Magazine Journalism win? SO CONFUSED. Well anyways, let's continue to gaze at Carrie's sick style.

(Photo Cred)
A Bradshaw is Paris was legitimately life changing.  I am forever in love with all of the beautiful clothes she wore. Parisian chic yet, so Carrie! I love the mixture of stripes in this look and the huge flower make this outfit pop! 

(Photo Cred)
This outfit is so eclectic, but it works so well. I love how she sticks into a certain color scheme; however, she mixes with textures and prints.  And those scalloped shoes are pretty incredible.

So I need to figure out my life  essentially by Sunday...wish me luck! 


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