Monday, 31 January 2011

Sagging Style

I'll be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of the SAG Awards. Of course, the whole "acting community" is a nice thought, but it's boring. And the fashion is never like the big time award shows.
modern family won.
and the social network did not.
and natalie portman won too.
and my predictions were...slacking.
As I stated before, the fashion was so- so. At the Globes' red carpet show, I squealed and my jaw dropped a plethora of times. The SAGs? Not the same. But anyways, let's talk about the looks!

  • Winona Ryder (Alberta Ferretti): Trainwreck. Ooooof I hate everything about this. Seriously, it's like she went to a senior prom in the 1980s. the bag is awkward, her hair is awkward, and the dress looks awkward on her. I just hate this.
  • Jenna Fischer (Fendi): Yes, her hair and makeup looked amazing, but this was a terrible choice. The silhouette isn't the least bit flattering; she looks matronly and boring. She's such a beautiful woman and I wish she could've picked something better for this award ceremony.
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Oscar de le Renta): Before this dress, I didn't think Oscar could do any wrong. But not all fashion geniuses are perfect. Don't get me wrong, the fuschia looks incredible on her, but I hate the black belt; it makes her look like she has a gut!  The hair is also way too serious for the SAG awards. I'm also debating the shoulders but I can't even focus when that belt is there. I also feel like  there is no communication between above the belt and below the belt; if the shoulders are going to be dramatic, lose the slit!
  • Naya Rivera (Aurelio Costarello): THIS IS SO DULL. The beige doesn't suite her all  that well and partially beaded bodice makes the dress look awkward and incomplete. But what I hate most about this red carpet look is the hair. It looks like there was no effort at all! Just a quick wash and dry?! YOU'RE ON THE RED CARPET. She's so beautiful and I think she could've definitely done better.
  • Eva Longoria (Georges Hobelka):Blegh. I loved the ivory on Eva, but this dress was a diaster;  the draping just looks odd and not maintained and the drop waist wasn't doing anything for her figure. Her outfits are always hits or misses in my mind, no in between. What would Gabrielle Solis think?! 
  • Christina Hendricks (L'Wren Scott): I love long sleeved dresses, but she did it completely wrong. The fabric did not help her curves at all! This dress showed an awkward amount of skin and it just didn't look good. I'm sure dresses someone of her curves is hard, but this is horrendous.
  • Nicole Kidman (Nina Ricci): First of all, what's up with the necklace she's wearing? It totally de-sophisticates her whole look. Anyways, the amount of lace on this dress made me feel like the lace was really a spider' web. I would've really liked this dress if the back was de-laced and it was just open and sexy. The lace on the neckline is great though. 
  • Kim Kardashian (Marchesa): My least favorite look of the night! It looks like Princess Jasmine on crack!  She usually has such a dramatic eye and nude lip, the entire nude makeup makes her look sickly... and really scares me. It's so messed up, I don't even know what exactly is wrong with it...does that make sense? The color's nice and Marchesa is always fabulous, but this is no good!
  • Kate Mara (Herve Leger): This is just weird. She's such a beautiful girl, but what's with the headband? It looks like she's trying to match...but failed. Down and loose curls would've made the world's difference. And she didn't even accessorize besides that! The dress is really interesting and maybe it would've looked better on someone else, but the execution was so bad!
  • Melissa Leo (Randi Rahm): What is this...I don't even know how to go about critiquing this. SO UGLY! The hair is really awkward and there is such a thing as metallic not and point: this!
  • Matthew Morrison (Prada): I wasn't aware that Matthew Morrison was ALSO Ricky Martin. Sometimes, I question his sexuality whilst watching Glee (there is nothing wrong with any sexuality, just to throw that out there).  This is too casual, too Ricky Martin...too bad.

  • Jane Krakowski (Badgely Mischka): Absolutely stunning! She showed off her bump and looked completely chic while doing it. The silver was beautiful with her complexion and hair. Also, the asymmetrical sleeve made a mama-to-be look hot and current, which I love! It was really smart of her to wear nude platforms, emphasizing the dress and the bump. Her hair and makeup was also exquisite.
  • Mila Kunis (Alexander McQueen): Best of the night, seriously! I'm obsessed with this dress; she looked hip but relaxed, which is perfect for the SAGs. I'm glad she didn't over-accessorize, a classic print wearing rule. Her hair was flawless and she embraced many of the best trends on the carpet last night.
  • Sofia Vergara (Roberto Cavalli): As we all know, Sofia Vergara is a woman with many...assets.  This Cavalli dress offered her two things: class and flattery. The color looked amazing with her skin tone and hair; nobody else really wore cobalt so she surely made a splash on the red carpet. The draping around the waist seriously made her look like a minute! Also, this dress showed of the right amount of her Vergaras. It was youthful but not immature. Perfecto!
  • Heather Morris (Romona Keveza): LOVE! She looked like a Pretty Pretty Princess last night! The complexity of the bodice was a perfect match to the simple skirt. The color looked so beautiful on her and the simple accessories worked well with the feathery-fabulous bodice.
  • Hailee Steinfeld (Prada): I think this dress was one of the most talked about all night. At first, I thought this was terrifying, but I liked it the more I saw it. I think the SAG  Awards is the only place this dress would get a good interpretation during awards season.  The SAG Awards are less serious than the Globes or the Oscars, so it's expected to wear something a little more relaxed.  The bright colors are good for this carpet and, since she's so young, it was a really fun dress. But for any other occasion, this wouldn't be good.
  • Natalie Portman (Azzaro): So sophisticated! I love the black and white combination...didn't someone just blog about this recently? Hmmm.... anyways! I love how she also showed her bump; it's the first time she's done it since her pregnancy was announced! Yes, her hair could be better, but she looks fabulous regardless.
  • January Jones (Carolina Herrera): First of all, thank you for covering up! Although I wish the hair wasn't weird, I love this dress. It's so beautiful and is really flattering on Ms. Jones. She worked the lace trend perfectly into her dress without looking like a web (a la Nicole Kidman). While some of the minor details could be improved, I like this soo much better than her Globes look.
  • Justin Timberlake (Simon Spurr): Why is JT so cool?  Fashionable men have it rough: how can they make a statement on the red carpet without looking cheesy. By adding the double striped tie...he looked so chic. In addition, his suit fit him perfectly.
  • Claire Danes (Louis Vuitton): Absolutely fabulous!  I love the aqua and black combination fo this Vuitton, so smitten!  In this scenario, I really like the black belt: adds spice to the dress and also makes it less formal. The pink lips are also genius! This has  to be my second favorite look of the night for sure.
  • Tina Fey (Oscar de la Renta): I assume that seeing Tina Fey in this dress is like watching a baby's first steps. INCREDIBLE! I'm so happy she's ditched the frumpy black and showed herself off. The red is amazing; she looked sophisticated and super classy. I'm just so proud!
  • Helena Bonham Carter  (Marc Jacobs): THANK YOU FOR WEARING MATCHING SHOES! She looks so cute in this black and white Marc Jacobs outfit...almost like a 1950's housewife. Her hair is of course quirky, but I'm glad she has the ability to tame her outrageousness for one night. Kudos, Helena.
  • Dianna Agron (Vintage Chanel): When I first saw her, I thought it was Emma Roberts. Anyways, I'm so glad she wore something dark and sultry. The navy looks awesome with her blonde hair and light skin. The hem-line is really interesting, but still extremely classy. I'm also happy she paired a sleek hair-do together with dark and mysterious eye  makeup. Amazing, amazing,amazing. 

Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Weekly: Burn Up in Your Atmoshpere

I have a LOT of Weeklies so let's make this short and sweet, shall we?

This really hardcore bracelet is my latest conquest. I'm so obsessed with it.
It's really unlike anything I have, so I knew I wanted it.
I also enjoy this picture because it's so ironic (floral bedspread and stuffed pal, Babar with spiked bracelet...ja'dore).

White,white, and some more white: white is so big right now and A-List celebrities should wear this look.
I'm also throwing for the asymmetrical bodices; I want some pizazz! 
Mullet dresses? Selena Gomez has been rocking them lately, I want some more.
SLIM FITTING DRESSES: A lot of people did poofy evening gowns for the Golden Globes, so I'm expecting some sleek dresses (a la Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie)
Onto the Weekly: So many fabulous looks so I want to get started immediately!
  • Olivia Wilde at a Parisian Gucci Party (Gucci): Olivia Wilde has been doing some incredible fashion things lately. Color-blocking is a huge thing lately and she does it oh so well. The variety of color makes the jumpsuit mesmerizing, but they are all in the same color family which makes it work. And let's talk about this incredible gold necklace, shall we? To die for!  This outfit looks like a sexy Arabian nights and oh...didn't I just write something about Arabian nights?
  • Amy Adams at a Producer's Guild of America Gala (Andrew Gn): Usually, Amy Adams goes for a very conservative sweet-heart bodice look. I was so so so happy to see her break out of her fashion cocoon! The navy/eggplant color looks incredible with her hair and overall complexion and the  shorter hemline is something we don't see too much on her. The draping is also really slimming and I love how the brooch gives it some "wow" factor. She looks enchanting (that was my attempt to make a pun).
  • Jessica Alba also at the Gucci bash (Gucci): She looks flawless. Ooof...why can't we all be like Jessica Alba? She pulled off the metallic look so well! And this semi-cape thing in the back? I loooove it; it's done in a classy way that doesn't make her look like Super-Glamour-Woman. Love it!!
  • Kate Hudson Strolling in London (Burberry): Even when she's preggers, Kate Hudson can do no all. I am obsessed with this Burberry trench. The color and texture of this jacket is so supreme paired with a sexy and liquidy black skirt..or is it a dress? Why is she the best?!
  • Leighton Meester at The Roommate premiere (Michael Kors): THE CUTOUT IS AWESOME! Leighton Meester has had a plethora of fashion mishaps, but this is sooo good. Long dresses are so in lately and the cut outs makes it sexy and not frumpy. The mix of fabrics makes it not an essential to have jewels. I just wish her hair wasn't multi-colored...
  • Whitney Port at a People bash (Vintage Thierry Mugler): I have a mild obsession with Whitney Port: she always looks so ethereal and youthful. In this case, she may not look ethereal, but I love the sequin; all of the different sizes?! So great!  The white looks incredible with her blonde hair and complexion. As always, she's stunning! 
  • Diane Kruger at the SAME Gucci Bash (Gucci): Okay, so some people may not like this dress, but I love Diane Kruger. And out of anyone, Diane Kruger WOULD be able to pull off this dress. She worked that black and gold so well. It's so abstract, but so beautiful. Her simple hair and lack of accessories were amazing. Only the most fabulous can wear avant garde!  

Friday, 28 January 2011

This is Your Moment

I have enough time to finally talk about Black Swan.  My fabulous friend and I seriously waited all winter break so we could see it together, and the wait was worth it.
It was seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a while. The plot was so addicting, I love psychological thrillers. But more importantly, it was so aesthetically pleasing. 

The ballerina clothes were so remarkable; Kate and Laura Mulleavy seriously did an amazing job, regardless of award status.
Not only were the costumes absolutely beautiful, but I think they're provoking some trend in the fashion world. Throughout the whole movie, there was a juxtaposition of the white naivety and the self-destructive black.
The white versus black comparison is very striking.

Yes, I know this skirt isn't white but mix of it and a leather vest (which is behind) is  so Black Swan.

I think my favorite outfit of the whole movie, which I'm sure many can agree with, is the white dress Natalie Portman wears to the ballet benefit. I love love LOVE the glitz paired with the white dress, absolutely insane.
Us non-Natalie Portmans can easily follow this trend with a crisp white shirt and some jewels!

And if you're not believing a word I say about black and white ruling the world, let's  take a look at some couture, shall we?

Photo Cred
The simplicity of this Valentino and the embellishments around the neckline is a minimalist take on that Black Swan dress I am obsessed with! 

Photo Cred
I love the black versus white situation here. The sleek look is so devious here! 
Alexis Mabille was filled with white:
the following pictures have Photo Cred.

The last two looks for this collection are  sooo Black Swan: similar silhouette but different color. I'm telling you, black and white are ruling the world! 

Photo Cred
The white is so innocent and then...
Photo Cred
The black is its alter ego; sleeker, more sophisticated, more experienced, more devious.

If you haven't seen Black Swan yet, I tell you to stop reading this blog right now (which is perfect because this post is over) and go to your nearest movie theater. ASAP.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Holy Lagerfeld

Ladies and gents, it's couture time! I just love the idea of haute couture sweeping down the runway. And let's be real, this is where award dresses come from. And the top contenders for some of the most fabulous red carpet dresses thus far? Valentino and Elie Saab for sure; they are fashion forward, yet stick to the general couture guidelines.

But this blog post isn't about Red Carpet predictions, I'll save that for Sunday afternoon.

Instead of the tweed jackets and beautiful collection Lagerfeld usually shines us aspiring fashionistas with, we were left with this:
Photo Cred
I just don't know what to think about this.
Why is Chanel going street style?!
I'm so confused.

If this whole look was for any other collection, I'd be down with Lagerfeld's expansion of the Chanel look, but couture? Seriously?! I will say that there are some looks I really like further into the collection, but is this really the time to lessen the sophistication of such an iconic brand?

But then I thought about it some more. In my personal opinion, couture is all about being unique and abstract. And we must realize that having such a casual look for Chanel is reeeallly abstract? So was that Lagerfeld's whole idea? This collection wasn't just a half executed thing; apparently 10 million beads were used throughout the collection. That's a whole lot of beads! 

I usually love blogging about Chanel shows, because they always are so similar  but different at the same time. But this one, is just plain thought provoking. 

While I do admire Lagerfeld's attempt to make Chanel his brand, is couture really the right time to do something so casual? Or, is he trying to show us that fashion should be for everyone?

Not now, not at couture.
That's all I have to say.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Weekly: The World Looks Good to You, As it Should to You

On Friday, we celebrated my fabulous friends' birthday classily (I don't think classily is a word, but we'll go with it). Ever since then, I've been thinking about the obsession with classy. Of course we all want to be like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who doesn't? But there was a time, not too long ago, where America was more infatuated with ripped jeans and Juicy Couture tracksuits.
Photo Cred
Nowadays, there are so many books that act as a "how-to". Derek Blasberg's Classy is just one example; he tells readers that classy is not the way we dressed, but the way we act, naturally (but I think style is the most obvious quality).  It's a shame that we actually need these books to tell us how to be classy, even though they're so much fun to read which is why some of the classiest even have them.  Anyways, all of this made me want to compile a list of the 10 classiest women (celebrity wise, I'm sure that there are plenty of classy women all over the world)  of the 21st century. 
So here we go:
10.  Rachel Bilson: In addition to never hearing about her in the tabloids, she has a sophisticated taste for being so young. What I love about her is that she is so fit, but doesn't find a need to wear Miley Cyrus apparel.  She attends the hottest fashion parties and also dresses the fierce.
09. Beyonce: Speaking of fierce, how could you not love Sasha Fierce. She reeks, yes reeks, glam! Even though her outfits are definitely sexier than my other classy ladies, she has maintained such a good image in the public eye. Let's refer back to the Kanye West fiasco?
08. Katie Holmes: Maybe she's too quiet to be scandalous, but Katie Holmes reminds me of a Hollywood version of Jackie Kennedy and, no, her  acting gig as Jackie O has nothing to do with it. Though I hate minimalism, her clothes are simple enough to be so chic. But, at the same time, she's always taking fashion risks without pushing the envelope.
07. Posh Spice: Do I really need to say anything else?
06. Blake Lively: Even though I mildly hate her for being a fashion icon, she is a class act. Does she reveal her boobs a little too frequently? Yes, but one must give her credit for styling herself without abusing her assets. She's come a long way, you must give her that! And when a person is  BFFs with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld,  you can't help but think that they are classy.
05. Kate Hudson: I've admitted so many times it almost gets old, but I love Kate Hudson.  In my mind, she single handedly proves that you can be both bohemian and classy. She's always so chic, but her "loving life in all situations" personality truly sparkles and provokes class.
04. Anne Hathaway: In the eye of fashion, she is truly a vision always. I love how she is so cultured and wise, she studied at Vassar! And remember when her boyfriend stole all of that money? She was witty and handled it perfectly! 
03. Reese Witherspoon: The definition of an "All-American Girl". She went from goofy Elle Woods to an Academy Award winning actress. With many highly publicized breakups, she's handled them all with so much class. And all of her charity work is so admirable too!
02. Emma Watson: Even without being a fashion superstar, Emma would have had it made as Hermione. But what I love most about her is her seemingly un-superficial ways. She goes to Brown! Seeking a higher education once you're famous is so rare;however, when it occurs, you can't help but give someone so much respect. And do we ever hear about her ending up trashed at a random frat? Surprisingly, no! 
01. Natalie Portman: I'm definitely blogging about Black Swan sometime soon because I'm so obsessed. Natalie Portman is such a great actress! Even though she doesn't always have the best outfits, she is such a professional. Also, she's frequently thought of as the next Audrey Hepburn, she has to be number one! 

So that was onto the weekly! 


Friday, 21 January 2011

Menswear Fall 2011: Would You Date That?

I've decided to add some fun to this blog with a new segment I call
"would you date that".
Here's how this section will work: I am going to review a plethora of looks from Menswear Fall 2011 and, to add the girly and creative touch, I'm doing to discuss the date-ability rating.
0= No Way

So let's do this thing!

Photo Cred
Rating: 9
How can you go wrong with sleek? Viktor&Rolf's collection was so classy and sleek. I love how everything was so simple, yet there were pops of great color and different fabrics. Anyways, back to this specific look. So James Bond meets Michael Buble. In my opinion, there's absolutely nothing sexier than a black and white suit. Everyone can pull it off and look suave.
Jean Paul Gaultier
Rating: 3
This collection overall was really quirky. But in terms of this look, I love how All-American and equestrian the sweater is, but real men do not wear skirts. That's just common sense. 
Louis Vuitton
Rating: 4
Although I may secretly wish my own boyfriend embraced fur, this is definitely NOT a datable look. The pants and white suit jacket are relaxed enough to work for a bohemian kind of girl, the fur will get a guy nowhere, especially light fur like this. Dark fur is definitely more chic and luxe. If you took hints of dark fur and added it to a jacket, it's 10 material.
Burberry Prorsum
Rating: 10
This is absolutely perfection. I love the shearling jacket, the pants are fitted like a boy's pants SHOULD be fitted. The color scheme is so manly but the actual outfit is the perfect amount of chic. Bravo, Burberry Prorsum, bravo!
Rating: 7
This look may not be as agreeable as Viktor&Rolf, but I think it's really hip and trendy. And  isn't everyone secretly attracted to hipsters? The plaid is so cool, and I love the multiple layers. This look definitely screams trendy without being too much...but maybe clashing might be a big issue. Seven because it's trendy, but not universally chic.

So in conclusion, I wonder if there is such a thing as a perfectly fashion forward man for all of us aspiring fashionistas.

I guess we'll have to find out!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Green with Envy

Like I would be able to start this blog tomorrow. The Golden Globes haven't even started as I begin this blog post and I have so much to say! I've been sitting on my couch for three hours, attached to the television and the dresses?! OOOF! Amazing. Some look great and some...well..don't,  but that's what I'm here to talk about! 

So let's get started, eh?
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (Marchesa): I think she's a really pretty lady, but her outfits are just terrible. It was just too matchy and senior prom-esque. And the hair was just a battered bee's nest. There was no "pop", no "wow" factor. I don't know how she did it, but Jennifer Love Hewitt made Marchesa boring. That's just not okay. 
  • Julianne Hough (Marchesa): Julianne's biggest problem is that she's trying too hard. Usually, I'd love the idea of this jeweled neckline, but I really hate it here. It's way too forced!  The up- do is really ruining it for me, I think a sleek ponytail would have made this oh so sophisticated. It's just a bit unbalanced, which is the problem. If it had a silt and paired with some fabulous shoes, I'd love. But the hair is poof and the collar is so bold, it just makes the rest of the look boring. 
  • Kyra Sedgwick (Pucci): Been there, done that. It's a mix of Diane Kruger and Lea Michelle. I just don't like that. Usually, she has so many fabulous outfits, this was just not good enough. It was boring and not Globes material. This color is way too young for her. I'm just not a fan at all.  Does that sound harsh? I'm really sorry! 
  • Julie Bowen (Tadashi Shoji): She's gorgeous and I'm obsessed with her on Modern Family , but not this look. I do love the color on her, but I wish the texture was either on the skirt or bodice, not both. Preferably, the skirt. For her age, it just seems like a bit too much. While she looks gorgeous, her other accessories are also lacking; a metallic bag would've looked so cool with this dress and I would prefer a darker shoe.  But all in all, it was satisfactory.
  • Helena Bonham Carter (Vivienne Westwood): This is the worst outfit in the whole wide world. I repeat, this is tragic. Just to re-emphasize the fact, just look at this and cringe. I don't care how quirky you want to be, what makes us unique makes us shine, but MATCH YOUR SHOES. Nothing about this is alright, but it would've been a bit better if she matched her shoes. Does she have a stylist? She should get one. This is horrendous. I hate this more than I've ever hated a dress. This an insult.
Photo Cred
  • January Jones (Versace): If this is best dressed, I will think something's wrong with fashion today. This is completely taste-less.  Yes, she's a gorgeous woman, but this is too much. People may not know this, but it is possible for people to show some skin, look sexy, and remain classy.  Her hair and makeup looks so timeless, but this is so trashy.
  • Emma Stone (Calvin Klein):  I think she looks gorgeous, but I'm just using her Klein dress as ammunition against minimalism. The peachy color blends in with her skin too much and her recently blonde hair makes her look so bland. What would've made this look so much better is a red lip or some dramatic makeup. What I hated was how forgettable it is.
  • Elisabeth Moss (Donna Karan): I'm going to make this really simple: great dress, terrible accessories. This look single-handedly proves how terrible accessories can lead to a terrible look. Am I using the word terrible too much? Oh well. The makeup is too natural and she just looks really really bare. A bracelet or something would've made the world's difference.
  • Sandra Bullock (Jenny Packham): Yes, Sandra's been through some terrible things this year, but that's not an excuse. Her bangs are really emo, as my boyfriend perfectly stated. This dress reminds me of a former ice skater in a retirement home. It's too old and too sparkly for being too old. Maybe she ran out of fuel after her frequent hits last year?
  • Halle Berry (Nina Ricci): This whole long sheer look is really starting to get on my nerves. Halle Berry is extremely sexy,  there's no need to look like a street walker.  That's all I need to say, I believe.
  • Jennifer Lopez (Zuhair Murad): Take off the cape, J.LO, you just look silly! And the makeup was TOO MUCH! And I thought you were going to be a fashionista...
  • Scarlet Johansson (Elie Saab): I think I screamed when I saw this look. Seriously, it was scary. I hated the kimono sleeves and that hair?! EW!! It was just scary. I feel for her break up with Ryan  Reynolds, but once again, no excuse. She just looks so old, which I find bothersome. She is easily one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  She needs to dress for her age and someone needs to stop teasing her hair.
  • Heidi Klum (Marc Jaccobs): Trust me, I love 70's inspired dresses, but this was not chic. In fact, I really despised this. It takes a lot for a supermodel to look ugly. Congratulations Heidi, you achieved the impossible. If her hair was longer and if the dress wasn't so ugly, this look would be unbelievable. But the hair is so awkward and the dress...ooof looks like it got caught is some kind of laundry disaster. I just don't understand, nobody on Project Runway couldn't do better? Really?
  • Tilda Swinton (something boring): I really despise Tilda Swinton and her minimalist ways. I'm upset.
  • Olivia Wilde (Marchesa): She is such a superstar. I'm obsessed with this. Although shimmer full skirted dresses have been a bit overdone lately (let's think the majority of Rachel Zoe's clients), Wilde made it new with her super straight hair and bob. She made such a beautiful dress look edgy and rockish. Also, have you seen her shoes? SO COOL! I love how she always mixes it up and always looks fierce. 
  • Mark Salling (Simon Spurr): Those aviators, that fo-hawk...I'm in love. He could probably wear anything and, with those accessories, still look undeniably sexy and chic. That's all I need to say about this.
  • Jayma Mays (Alberta Ferretti): She looks sooooo sleek in this Ferretti outfit. I love the drastic neckline and back; the sheer netting makes it looks extremely awesome. The black is so striking with her red hair. Usually with black dresses, it's hard to see the detail in pictures. But the details in this dress are not only visible, but extremely striking. She nailed this.
  • Amber Riley (Oliver Tolentino): A completely sparkled dress can be difficult for anyone to rock, especially people who aren't a size 00. Riley, however, looks absolutely incredible. I love how she's embracing her curves; this lady has an amazing voice and she's so adorable!
  • Diana Agron (J.Mendel): She looks like an old school movie star. Incredible. Surprisingly, this color does not wash her out; instead, she looks so timeless. Even though her makeup was light, that did not wash her out either. I don't know, she seems to have a knack for not getting washed out! All in all, she looks heavenly!
  • Jake Gyllenhaal (Burberry): I love a good juxtaposition. Jake's scruff with his cleaned up Burberry is definitely one of my favorites. How can you not love Jake?!  And I love a good bow tie! So Jake and a bow tie is priceless.
  • Lea Michele (Oscar de la Renta): Her personality kind of bothers me, but she really looks flawless. This outfit is perfectly put together. The messy up-do works so well with the ruffled de la Renta dress. And the pink color is so fabulous! I don't think she's ever done something girly before, but I'm loving this. That green cocktail ring is such a great finishing touch. I love love love this! 
  • Leighton Meester (Zac Posen): People may think she looks like an old lady in this Posen dress, but I love it! Her makeup and hair is so fresh and youthful. Also, the silt gives the look some va va vroom!
  • Catherine Zeta Jones (Monique Lhuillier): A vision. This emerald looked amazing with her complexion and the silhouette was so age appropriate and beautiful. Is it upsetting I knew this was a Monique Lhuillier dress when I saw it?  Her slicked back hair and dainty jewels went perfectly with this look. Obsessed.
  • Mila Kunis (Vera Wang): Once again, emerald is a fabulous color right now. I love the ruching and tiny details of this dress. What I love about this dress is how she really made this dress youthful. The one shoulder and volumized hair really made this chic edgy and chic, which works perfectly for Mila!
  • Tina Fey (L'Wren Scott): A for Effort! Fey has come a long way from her days of simple black dresses. I thought the velvet was interesting and navy?! She's really growing!  It was age appropriate but something new, which I really appreciated.
  • Megan Fox (Armani Prive): I didn't recognize Megan Fox when I first saw her; she didn't look like a sex symbol, but a movie star. It was so girly, which I loved on Fox: the hair, the dress, the shoes. I loved how the shoes picked up on the sparkle in the Prive dress. And the sparkle on the Prive dress worked well with her metallic clutch. This look wasn't too matchy matchy, but it all worked and made sense. It was so classy, Megan Fox should definitely try this look more often!

Photo Cred
This is the most perfect look ever. She wears a lot of Armani Prive, but this is her finest by far. It is so flattering and unique, even though a lot of people rocked the long look. The sparkles were fabulous and the die for. Also, I love how she wore her hair down; she doesn't do it that much, but the look would've look too restricted otherwise. Can I please steal this dress?!

Photo Cred
This Versace dress has a really similar silhouette to Anne's dress, but Angelina is rocking the emerald green, which is so in right now. She always looks so minimalist and boring, frequently wearing blacks and nudes. My jaw legitimately dropped when I saw this. She looked so bright and a human. Her hair was cascading and the back was great.  I was so happy to see this dress! SO GOOD

Alright, this blog post is too long.

The Weekly: The Stars are Falling From the Sky

So a bunch of things happened this week. For example, I tried to make a mood board. It was my first time making a collage with that goal in mind. The whole look I was going for was hippie whimsy. I'm thinking lace, natural colors, and accessories galore.  One of my major sources is the new Free People catalog. I wish I had more time to complete it but so far, I'm loving it.
Next subject of business: I am such a Maxxinista at the moment. I could literally write a whole post about it but this is the weekly so I'll cut it short. At my local TJ Maxx, there's this "Runway" section and I've really gone all out; Halston, Ralph Lauren, Joe's, and the list continues. Yesterday, however, I bought the most fabulous faux fur ever.
Stop and observe the amazing-ness.
One of the best style tips is the up-scale/down-scale mix. Pair off a classy expensive piece with less expensive accessories.
And always do Faux Fur.

AND THE GLOBES ARE ON TONIGHT! The Golden Globes are my absolutely favorite award ceremony: I love the mix of television and film. Also, the less Oscar-worthy films are given a chance to win an award or two. I'm thinking tonight, we are going to see blush tones, asymmetrical shoulders and mullet hemlines. But more about that tomorrow! 

For now...onto the weekly! 
  • Michelle Williams at the  New York Film Critic Circle Awards (Wren): I love this! You rarely see someone in a shirt and skirt combination anymore. But Williams did this in such a chic way it looks like a dress. I love the mixing of patterns in this intense; the two fabrics are different enough but the color scheme makes it work. I think everyone should try mixing patterns like Williams did because this is awesome! Here minimalistic jewels worked in this intense, I suppose, because the dress is so shiny. But I think a few bracelets would have looked really great. All in all, however, she looks fabulous.
  • Demi Moore at the No Strings Attached Premiere (Carven): Without a doubt, Demi wears a lot of black; however, she always finds a way to make it new and exciting (a la Balmain and, in this case, Carven). The zippers on this dress is so amazing, I'm obsessed! She keeps spicing it up with adding the studded clutch. This is extremely appropriate because she's not a star of No Strings Attached, but she still looks absolutely incredible. In this case, I love how she kept it all black. Having a colored shoe or clutch would break it up too much a de-chic the outfit. She always looks absolutely  stunning.
  • Ed Westwick frolicking (I have no idea): I love love love LOVE this indigo and black ensemble Ed Westwick is rocking. It's totally Chuck Bass, and how can you doubt Chuck Bass' incredible style? Oh that's right, you cant. His matching is impeccable but it's not irritating. He looks fabulously effortless, which I'm loving. I don't know really what to say, because I don't judge menswear all that much, but I love it when a guy puts effort into his outfits.
  • Hilary Duff at a Kentucky Derby Prelude Party (Something sexy): Va va vroom!  Hillary Duff is definitely no longer Lizzie McGuire. I think I love this outfit so much is because it's so out of character. She'll usually wear something that much more demure. But she looks so sexy and is really embracing her youth, which I love. The whole outfit screams body-con but the mixing of fabrics really breaks that up and is uber flattering, instead of potentially scary (what I think of body con usually). Since she went sexy for this look, it was so smart how she showed off minimal skin. She's learning and growing as a fashionista, which I really appreciate.
  • Natalie Portman at the 2011 Critic's Choice Awards (Gianfranco Ferre): FINALLY. Natalie Portman wears something pregnancy chic! I suppose comfort would be number one when dressing up, but her past outfits have been hideous. Thankfully, she pulled out something spectacular for the lacking Critic's Choice red carpet (I don't even want to speak about the looks). Black and white is always an extremely chic away to go and,because of her tiny frame, the volumized silhouette was flattering on her. She kept it clean and uber chic. Bravo, Natalie, welcome back to the world of fashion!

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Friday, 14 January 2011

Do We Die?

So let's talk about Rachel Zoe's latest collection. Even though she's my career and fashion idol, I am truly torn about this collection.

For starters, I don't like how she posed with her models in her lookbook.
If she wants to be rolling with the top designers, she needs to have the people focus on the beauty of the clothes, instead of the designer.

Some pieces I really like, especially look four.
I really like how it stayed true to her fabulous bohemian look.

But other pieces, I believe, were trying to hard. And also, I love cohesiveness in a collection. From what I've seen, there isn't much cohesiveness here. I think that she could've focused on one idea and it would've been so much better.

But then maybe I am not understanding her target audience.
Maybe it wasn't supposed to be like a traditional fashion show, but a plethora of various looks that could work for a variety of people.

As for this copied dress scandal, I must stand up for Zoe. Are the pieces identical? Well...yes; however, I find it extremely hard to believe that somebody whose so enamored with the world of fashion to commit the top faux paus.
And, at the same time, plenty designers copy fashion houses for a more pleasant price tag. That happens all of the time after awards season. If people do not get wound up with that, why should Zoe be in boiling water?
But I definitely want to hear a statement from her!

I can never bash Rachel Zoe, nor would I want to, because I respect her as a stylist and a fashionista

I just miss the good 'ol days!

That's all.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Weekly: What'chya Gonna Do When They Come For You

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with fashion but 
yesterday, my boyfriend and I watched Cops 
and we loved it.

there were some pretty good looks this week, so, without a moment to spare
onto the weeklies!
  • Kim Kardashian at a holiday party (Tadashi Shoji): LOVE. The metallics are so holiday chic and the asymmetrical shoulder is so in right now. I love how the metallics are different tones, separated by a black belt or else she would have looked very Vegas-drag-glam (not that there's anything wrong with that, just not for a holiday event). Her matte accessories are smartly paired with this dress and the fit is impeccable. I think sometimes, Kim wants to be sexy but forgets that a flattering piece matters more. In this case, this dress is both fabulous and flattering on her.
  • Diane Lane at a LA Pres Conference (unknown designer): SO AGE APPROPRIATE! She looks so classy and chic. Even though it's a bit minimal, sometimes that works better for someone who is older. The blue looks absolutely incredible with her dark hair and matching her dress with cream points is great. She looks smart and fashionable at the same time!
  • Lady Gaga at the Consumer Electronics Show (Sally LaPointe): As we all know, Lady Gaga interesting fashion icon. Even though it seems like this outfit is more oppressed than her others, I think she looks absolutely fabulous. Long skirts, I think, should make a come-back. They're classier than minnies  and undoubtedly chic. Anyways, she pulls off this long skirt well ad the jacket creates an interesting silhouette. She looks very, dare I say it, normal? But the veil gives it enough Gaga to make this look chic and unique.
Well, that's it for now! 

Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's the People's Choice

So the 2011 People's Choice Awards seemed interesting.
Some Valid Points on Media: Pretty Little Liars should've won, TWILIGHT NEEDS TO STOP WINNING, Modern Family should've won, and I'm really glad Lie to Me is getting some attention.
I didn't get to see the actual ceremony, since I'm still in London but of course I watched the red carpet. It was extremely awkward. Especially when the anchors didn't know who Bella Thorne was. I don't know who she is, but I'm not a Hollywood reporter.

Like every award show, there was good fashion and bad fashion.
And obviously I have some thoughts.

  • Natalie Portman (Jason Wu): I don't want to do this to neither Portman nor Wu, but this is terrible. With all of the Black Swan attention she's getting, you would think she'd dress chicer. I know she's preggers and everything, but it looks like she is going to the beach; it should have been a bit more tailored. And it's just so boring. Barely any makeup, barely any jewels. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! She always does something awesome on the red carpet, so I'm majorly disappointed.
  • Leighton Meester (Vionnet): Meester's issue is that she always tries to be quirky. Sometimes, it works and I love it. Other times, most times, it's not that great. The fabric, especially for an awards ceremony, is too casual. It looks like she's coming from a local pub. Her makeup looks really good, but I can't get over that dress. It looks so flawed. So messy. I think if she really wanted to make a splash, while being quirky, it should be a work of art.
  • Khloe Kardashian (McQueen): I usually love Khloe, but she made McQueen look gross. First of all, she went red? I don't like it one bit!! Also, this is the least flattering dress for her body type. I HATE when people who I heavy chested wear flowing pieces, it makes them look large, most of the time. She has a lot of curves and I respect her confidence, but I think a fitted dress would've done her better. And please, Khloe, cover your boobs.
  • Kate Walsh (David Meister): I didn't know Kate Walsh was having her sweet sixteen?! Seriously, totally NOT age appropriate. I utterly despise this look. The color's gorgeous on her, but she should be doing something a little more...sophisticated. An evening dress? Or if she wants to go short, GO SEXY!  And accessorize, please! Some jeweled bangles or a cocktail ring would've made a big improvement.
  • Amanda Michalka (I don't even want to know): UGLIEST DRESS ALIVE. This is disgusting. The shear part of the skirt. The awkward key hole. The chorus black and white look. There is no way this dress could be fixed. "AJ", ANYTHING but this dress would be better. I don't even want to go into details in fear my computer will combust. 
  • Robert Pattinson (I don't want to know, again): Pretend like you care.
  • Raven Symone (Not Available): While I have mixed feeling about this look, I decided to put it on the best dress list because she's doing something many people failed to do at this award show: dress for her body. Yes, she may not be a size 00, but she it figuring out what works best for her. This complete black ensemble is really slimming for her. The different fabrics and ruffles definitely contribute to making her look slimmer. In addition, her hair and makeup is so sleek and chic. A major improvement!
  • Vanessa Williams (Tadashi Shoji): She looks beautiful and completely age appropriate! The metallic dress is so chic and winter appropriate, which I'm loving. It's great that she showed skin but didn't go overboard. Williams kept it classy, which is great. Also, she had the perfect accessories and her shoes spiced it up. Perfect all around!
  • Nikki Taylor (Donna Karan): Long sleeved dresses are so now, I love how she dressed for the chilly winter weather but still looks undeniably chic. The statement necklace makes the look exciting and pulls it all together. She kept it simple which is appropriate for the event and the long outfit.  I just wish she'd take the bump-it out.
  • Katy Perry (Betsey Johnson): Do I like this dress? Not really. BUT, it's perfect for Katy Perry. It covers enough and the below the knee hem-line makes it grown up. She's not trying to be a teenager, but a fun married lady. The lack of accessories works really well here because the dress is so undeniably busy.  Unlike others, Katy Perry knows the fine line between girly and dressing like a little girl.
  • Jennifer Aniston (Dolce and Gabbana): At first, I really didn't like it; I felt like she was trying a little too hard. But after looking at this look more and more, I really like it. Red carpets are typically the place for great evening gowns; however, the People's Choice Awards are a bit more casual. I like how Jen took advantage of that and wore this fitted suit. Like Vanessa Williams, this look is extremely age appropriate. The cleavage showing vest is both classy and sexy. She's got a great figure, which I think she knows, yet she's not trying to look like she did in her twenties.  And  the gold accessories are perfect,  I love black and gold together! 
  • Selena Gomez (Paule Ka): AMAZING. This blush pink looks incredible with Selena's complexion. The hair looks great. The fashion forward asymmetrical shoulder is so chic.  With something so dramatically simple, I'm not bothered by her lack of accessories; however, a cocktail ring would've been nice. She always dresses classy and never shows too much skin. Her dresses seem to fit like a glove, but not too snug! She's a beautiful girl who dresses beautifully.
  • Selena Gomez (Irina Shabeyeva): Once again, everything is so right with this look. What I love most is how different it is from her first look but still phenomenal. I love the idea of a long dress with a irregular hem-line, it's sophisticated and young at the same time. The print is really cool and the strappy heels and gold earrings make the masses not focus on the dress, but Selena's entire look, which is something really incredible. You would think with two dresses, they'd either be mediocre or one would be horrific. But she has something in her that can come up with fabulous looks all of the time, which I really admire.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Spontaneous Journey

Today, I went to the Tower Bridge with my lovely boyfriend. As we were on our way to this iconic sight. we saw a sign: "Fashion and Textiles Museum" it read. Obviously, more like reluctantly on my boyfriend's part, we had to go. A stroll, a lot of pulling on my part, and eight pounds later, we were there.
There was a Susan Timney/ Timney- Fowler Exhibit.
Even though the exhibit was a bit small, it was extremely visually pleasing.
A bunch of fabrics for the feel! I loved how each one was so diverse but, at the same time, suggested some cohesiveness.
A nice close up.
This was so whimsy, so Alice In Wonderland. If you look closely, my reluctant boyfriend is sitting on the steps behind the chairs.

There was a great display of silk shirts as well, but an intimidating security guard was sitting in the corner so I wasn't going to risk it. 

There were some great Zandra Rhodes pieces.
So retro.
Cut, color, print- LUVS IT.
It's so 20's  flapper meets distressed 50's housewife on "date night" with her husband.
Her prints were apparently considered too outrageous to sell. 
Some designs!


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

British East India Company

So I've never done of these inspiration-blogs before but I'll give it a go, yes? Yes.
I'm officially into this Victorian/Arabian nights look. The juxtaposition of traditional versus temptress is really cool.
Is it because I'm in London? 
Is it because I have an urge for Indian food?
Source of inspiration you may ask?

Photo Cred
Details, details, details!

Photo Cred

Photo Cred

Is there a better inspiration besides Prada?

How to Style this Trend: I think the key to pursuing this look is minimalism. Blegh, I hate minimalism...usually. But here, it is necessary. If you have phenomenal pieces (pluralized) and accessories galore, it may start looking like a costume, which should be happening. This look can be achieved with one or two fabulous pieces and a rather plain outfit besides that. But the key of this look is jutxaposition. If you wear a turban, keep the jewels gold and not as bold. Wearing a uber victorian scarf, chunky bangles will offset the Arabian Nights look.

I love this scarf! 
This lovely silk scarf is Anna Maria la Bianca (the link does show off lingerie and swimwear, but I swear she makes scarves too). Anna Maria herself showed me many ways to wear this: top, headband, scarf, etc. What I love about this scarf is that it is so versatile. It comes in a variety of colors (my sister got black and my mom got a lovely red). In my mind, it really describes the look that I am fascinated with at the moment: the color scheme is very traditional while the design is extremely hypnotic.

Ever since Sex and the City 2, I've toyed with the idea of a turban. Were the clothes in that movie terrifying? Yes. But, something about a turban is so effortlessly chic and Rachel Zoe: I wanted it. I've searched high and low for one, but was left turban-less. On the checkout line of Topshop today, I found it.  I snatched it up and wore it home. My boyfriend didn't understand the fabulousity of this turban, but whatever. And yes, I shot a picture of it on an exercise ball.  Maybe one day I'll become a real blogger and take pictures of my clothes...on me. But for now, I think an exercise ball works just fine, don't you?

Another Topshop steal! I love the coral in this reminds me of a dingy victorian petticoat (don't ask me why), but it's contrast with the gold is just what I'm looking for. This combined with a cape and riding boots equals be perfection.

Monday, 3 January 2011

The Weekly: Let's Reflect

 First thing's first.
Happy New Year!
I hope that everyone had a fun and safe holiday that will be followed by a year of laughter, health, and fabulousity.

I had a whole list of looks that I thought were good  this week but, due to the technological hardships we are facing in Londontown, I decided to do a list of the best of the best. My favorite fashionistas, who were seen in my weeklies,  and what I think should be in store for them in the new year. 

So let's get this started, yes?

Claire Danes has been doing some great stuff this year. What I love most about her looks is that she can do a range. She can rock a soft and classic  Armani Prive, but can go toughie and innovative in Burberry. She is such a blank slate and looks gorgeous no matter what. Though I'm a big fan of accessories, I think the fabrics of these dresses are so intense that a plethora of jewels would ruin it. In the future, I would love to see Danes experiment more with silhouettes; differences in volume and length would totally spice up her wardrobe. Maybe something like this Lanvin? With that in mind, let her pile on  the jewels!

Regardless of some of her mistakes, I do love Diane Kruger. Unlike so many celebrities of our day, she always dressy trendalicious and classy.I enjoy how she actually seems to care about what she wears; she's been spotted at Chanel resort shows! Though some of her looks may not make the best dressed lists, she always take risks. What kind of person can go from Jason Wu, to Chanel, to Vuitton in just a few months (from classic, to feminie and chic, to trendy, respectively)? Diane Kruger can. And the best part is, all three of those looks are so effortless on her! Diane Kruger, oh yes she's a muse to the (insert style here) look. It's cliche, but I have no critiques, just keep doing what you're doing. While it'd be great to have more commercial hits, she's taking risks and they definitely speak more to the fashion-inclined.

Emma Watson and Emma Roberts are the two best dressed Emma's in Hollywood. What I love best about their two styles, is how they're aging with grace and class. Some celebrities channel their inner Miley Cyrus to show off their womanhood, but these ladies use their class to show that they are better than the others. Watson's incredible white Burberry to show off a mature side of her and Roberts keeps it young but appropriately sexy in Julien Macdonald. The only improvements these two ladies can do is keep growing into their style. Though this look is great for their age, I think that both of them should begin to grow into some minimalist looks. Maybe some Calvin Klein with major statement pieces?

Without a doubt, Blake Lively is probably the biggest fashion icon of this decade. The new face of Chanel bags? Getting shoes named after her by Louboutin? Sitting next to Anna Wintour during fashion shows. Trust me, I read the articles! It's just enough to be threatened by any aspiring fashionista. But, to give her credit, she does have a smashing sense of style.  My favorite part about Blake Lively's look is how she self-styles herself. You rarely see that anymore, which makes me respect her a lot. She knows just how to rock a Marchesa with the perfect amount of accessories , for example. That takes skill! Every look of hers is very different which, considering she doesn't have a stylist, is a lot of work so you must give her credit for that as well. In the next year, I think she should start to be more sophisticated with her fashion. She tends to show a lot of cleavage which isn't necessary, she should focus on her great taste!

And Kate Hudson is utterly fabulous. Do I love her because I love her movies? Or because of her personality? Or because Rachel Zoe styles her? I'll never know BUT she's done some amazing things this year.  What I think is great about Kate is that she can make even the most atraditional dress classy and chic. I mean...we never see her in a full skirted gown, do we? Nope! And that's because she does what's current. Like the Pucci she wore at the SAG Awards. Honestly, who else would be able to pull that off? And the Lanvin she wore at the 2010 Glamour Woman of the Year  was, once again, extremely atypical but it  worked for her and it was quite fabulous.  I think it would be interesting in 2011 to see Hudson wear some typically feminine pieces, maybe some De la Renta. Just think, how random, confusing, and ultimately fabulous would that be?! 

Here's to an up-coming year of great fashion and fun!