Saturday, 31 July 2010

Wink, Wink

So I literally JUST came home from my shopping extravaganza with my girl, Emily. Our plan was to shop 'till we drop, as our childish expression went at various Vintage Stores and street fairs in downtown New York. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much as we'd like -nothing will EVER beat our expedition to London- but we did definitely DROP: my feet are killing me and a cold sleep mask is currently on my forehead. It was hot and sweaty and SO MUCH CHINATOWN. There was this awesome vintage store that sold wonderful designer  items from decades ago: think Ungaro, Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino, the work. The only problem was that, even 50% off, I was wary on purchasing such a single expensive item. So here's what I bought, which is really lame but everything okay, okay? I got some trivial items from Sephora, and an absolutely incredible necklace from this brand, Wink & Flip, which I found at the Hester Street Fair.  First of all, I love love LOVE the name: there's such a definite feminine and flirty quality about it, which- being completely girly, I love. Anyways, so my necklace. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I think the transparent stones will be easy to match and able to give that special zing to an outfit. Although I loved the rest of Wink& Flip's necklaces, I picked this one for its juxtapositional pragmatism and individuality. See, when I go to street fairs or vintage stores, I like looking for something that I whole-heartedly feel is irreplaceable and so unique. I can buy unoriginal things every day, right? Right. For that reason, I try to stay away from buying clothes. I love clothes more than the next girl, but accessories truly make the outfit. You notice a necklace before you notice the shirt underneath: unless it's a real crazy shirt. And statement necklaces are my favorite kind of accessory!  Plus, I feel really cool when the following situation happens: "I love your necklace, where did you get it?" "A (insert alien location which makes said item extremely hard for the everyday person to obtain)" "Oh". I think this concept could be very conventional except for the chain: it has a kind of yarn/metal thing going on, which I think makes it stand out. I was researching this company and I love them! They make amazing necklaces- as seen- cute headbands, and they are quite compromising: apparently they can help you perfectly match a headband to a dress. I love that professional flexibility, just love it!  So my birthday is officially in eight days, and I still need to make a wish list. I'm definitely looking at Wink& Flip as a reference!


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lady in Red

So  I came across this wonderful fashion moment and thought it'd be something to counter-act my negative blog prior to this one. Jessica Biel wore this beautiful Giambattista Valli gown to "The A-Team" premiere in London and she looked absolutely RADIANT! Usually, I don't like when people wear red on a red carpet, but for some reason this just clicked! I though the color was such a beautiful red and looked absolutely wonderful with her complexion. The red dress was simple enough, but still embodied that sexy summer look (if you look closely, it looks shear). That black belt, I think, also adds the perfect sense of drama that this dress needed.  The dress hit her at all of the right places, making her truly look red hot. Also her hair and make-up looked incredible! All in all, this outfit is truly an A plus!!


My Beef with Taylor Momsen

So I watch Gossip Girl: partially for the "drama" and partially for the fashion. I mean if you just look at that link, do you get fashion shivers? I do... Anyways, there's a lot of things I don't like about the show: the drama is sometimes so unrealistic and the acting can be so bad. But the one thing I like least about the Cw hit?  TAYLOR MOMSEN. She is the one celebrity that I despise. We are the same age so you'd think that I would see her as a potential friend, right? Wrong. In a Teen Vogue interview, she's just so snobby it's painful.  She creates a front like she's better than every other teenager in the world.  And she's absolutely not especially because she looks and dresses like a train-wreck.  Like I get looking "rough" and hipster-esque...but she looks drugged up and a mess...all of the time. Like recently, she was spotted wearing these heels that had a nice compartment for tips. And with that ensemble she looks like a total prostitute.  I think what bothers me most about Taylor Momsen is her abrupt style change.When she was originally on her "rise to fame"- if she's even famous, that is-  she used to look so demure, clean, and matchy-matchy. And now she's all rebellious and somehow unable to conform...don't buy it. So all of this anger blew up when I learned that she is going to be the new face of a clothing line the material, Madonna. I mean the actual line is good: I think the clothes look innovative, edgy, but still appealing.  I think it's wrong to have Momsen as a face for this line. First of all, who looks up to Taylor Momsen. Second of all, there are plenty other actresses with a kind of commercial edge that other celebrities have . And third of all, come on Madonna! What about your daughter? That'd be sweet. Anyways...Taylor stinks.
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Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Clothes Sale in Review

Yes, my clothes sale happened today and is FINALLY OVER. I was out in the blazing 100  degree sun for EIGHT HOURS (with a thirty minute fro-yo break), but it was all worth it: I made approximately $800 .  Not too shabby for being very iffy about the idea due to weather and lack of publicizing days. So it's official: I'm officially clothes-less.  Well not entirely cloth-less, I did keep some clothes, but it looks like I've been robbed. Voluntarily robbed. It's weird to say, especially coming out of someone who obsesses over fashion.  At some times, it was painful: people getting Jessica McClintock dresses for five dollars and purchases from Anthropologie and Ella Moss for a dollar. Some clothes dropped on the my graveled driveway and people, oblivious to it's true worth or  capability, would leave them there. It was heart-breaking. But at the same time, it was truly rewarding to see all of my old things go to people who were truly excited to wear my former clothes. Like this one family, splendid people, bought approximately $36 of merchandise- and when my things were dirt cheap, that's a lot. The daughter,  who had a very eclectic style of her own, tried on this green Jessica McClintock dress and fell in love. She tried it on and would not stop gushing about how "perfect it was": its beauty, its fit, everything. And that simple exclamation, that  truly genuine phrase, did not make me sad about losing my clothes: it made me feel like I was doing some good. I wanted her to buy it all: pants, dresses, skirts, shirts, EVERYTHING. And of course it was equally pleasing to hear compliments about my clothes. In a way, I felt like my clothes were my children and I, an unwanting parent, was giving them up for adoption. But not in a sad "this was a mistake way". Almost like being a mother bird and letting my babies escape from the nest. I think this metaphor is getting too weird... A perfect example of that fail of a comparison was when a women came a purchased two Ella Moss creations because her daughter "just loves Ella Moss".   I had this Ella Moss dress that she had not seen: it was short and black, with a bow on the front. I owned it in two colors,  green and black, and realized one of them had to go...I chose the green over the black. During my sale, I was considering grabbing the black and stuffing it back into my closet. But then I realized, it was time: as much as I love that dress,  it became TOO much of a staple. So I showed it to her and my black Ella and I parted ways. There were some things I regretfully kept: a black shrug and a strand of faux pearls, but I needed something to hold onto I guess.  Well enough of the mopey "I have no clothes" shenanigans and time for a funny story: my mom and I specifically put "Gals Tag Sale" on our signs, to avoid the inevitable man's search for tools. Now here's the irony: our first customer was a MAN who bought a purse. Followed by several men buying necklaces and bags.  Oh and another funny story: when I told one of the curious customers I was going to Boston for college, she asked me if I knew about the Boston Strangler.  Just wonderful. Alright well I think this is a solid synopsis of my day. Now the next step of my constant search to be a better aspiring fashionista: SHOPPING :)


Friday, 23 July 2010

The Doctor's Office

I can't even begin to express how awkward it is to sell your clothes. Although my clothes sale is, hopefully, tomorrow, my mom thought it'd be a good idea to give my cleaning man, Alberto, and his wife a nice little preview. It's just awkward: having people search through what was originally your closet. Things that were quite expensive are next to nothing. But I can't really complain, because I' completely excited to have a new wardrobe. And I'm excited to have other people have numerous  memories just like I did.  ANYWAYS, today I had a doctor's appointment. Nothing serious, just an annual check up. It wasn't as bad as I had predicted but I think the medical industry has a few fashion faux paus that I'd like to talk about (this is completely humorous, by the way). First things first: the paper  dress. Mine comes in white and ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed cinching the waist with that flimsy plastic band and attempted to make some haute couture as I waited for my doctor. But it gets on my nerves sometimes. First of all, it breaks with every twist and turn. Second of all, the back silt is too sexy for me, especially with such awkward sleeves. I HATE THE SLEEVES. I know this would never happen but how cool would it be if the next time you went to the doctor's, they dressed you in some KILLER patient dress? Like the gorgeous Alberta Ferretti gown from Resort 2011  could some how be adjusted and altered for each patient and diagnosis. Or what about an Alice+Olivia dress from Resort 2011, light and comfortable.  Or a DVF wrap dress.... This is just foolish. My whole rant is. BUT I DID SELL  $22 WORTH OF MERCHANDISE!! YAY


Thursday, 22 July 2010

On Fire

So I was just in the process of pricing for my clothes sale- aka "Gal's Tag Sale" (for girls and ladies)- this Saturday (newclothesnewclothesnewclothes). I finished pricing the jewels, headbands, belts, scarves,  frames, zip-up bags, and other miscellaneous products. Then, it can to the clothes. I couldn't do it due to a combination of emotion, guilt, boredom, and extreme back pain. So I decided to take a break: watch  "The Hottie and the Nottie" (it's horrific), potentially read the Russell Brand autobiography (it's hysterical), and blog! This morning, I saw the very sexy new Roberto Cavalli advertisement for Fall 2010. I loved it! First of all: wow. I loved the fiery background and Giselle as the model: the background  really makes the clothes stand out and she looks so fierce in Cavalli's new collection. I personally really like when some ad campaigns incorporate an elaborate background. I like how in this slew of ads, some do and others don't. Like Jean Paul Gaultier: the clothes are spectacular but I wish they could be put in a real setting. Very posed ones are interesting to look at I feel like this Cavalli campaign shows off the clothing, unlike the Valentino ads for this season. I do find fashion to be art but it's art that you live in. Another ad that I like in particular is the Tommy Hilfiger one (which is placed on this're welcome). I think that the whole kicking legs in the car ideal is sexy, provocative,  and in the real world. I love it.  I think that ads are extremely important: they can instantly give the audience the overall mood of one's brand or collection. Cavalli=Sexy. Hilfiger= Casual. Easy as that. I'm feeling that my break is going a little too long. Back to pricing? Maybe!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Red Carpet Craze

It's always been cinematic tradition that the summer produces a plethora of the year's greatest and most grossing movies. I saw Inception on Saturday and loved it's action, complexity, and the fact that Joseph Gordon Levitt  was in it. Toy Story 3 was amazingly emotion and the ending definitely hit home. I preferred Forgetting Sarah Marshall  than Get Him to the Greek but I find Russell Brand mind-blowingly hysterical (I purchased his biography yesterday).  And while we've seen all of these hard hitting reviews, I feel like the red carpet premieres are always so understated and frequently ignored. Some innovative designs and fashions almost go unnoticed, which is sad. So I'm taking it upon my self to discuss some of the good fashions on the red carpet. There's going to  be a decent amount and quite frankly, if the bad are so bad, they should be forgotten. So here we go...

  • Angelina Jolie at the Salt premiere. I loved the way she rocked the Emporio Armani mini. Even though she's one of our older leading ladies, the sequined mini didn't make her look like an old-has been, as it might have made others look. Instead, it was fresh and was a nice relief from her frequent body covering attire. And the tan shoes were a perfect match: it was the perfect amount of simplicity to give the black mini the limelight it deserves! 
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt at the Inception premiere. As the official first runner up for being my husband, I can't hate his fashion. But I LOVED this. I think it's enjoyably classy when someone decides to wear a  bow-tie. I thought it was very clever how he went with a gray suit, bow-tie, and black shirt. I thought it was well fit with the movie's overall coloring (very dark, ominous colors overall). He just looked SO CUTE! I love it! 
  • Kristen Stewart at the Eclipse premiere. First of all, I hate Kristen Stewart.  I hate her whole "I hate the paparazzi and fans" ideals and her awkwardness isn't charming, but it's just trashy on her part.  Taylor Lautner nor Robert Pattinson should be fighting over her. But only Marchesa  can make Kristen Stewart look like a fashion goddess.  I think the strappy platforms she wore are predictable and maybe a different shoe would've been better but I'm not holding it against Kristen Stewart...since she always wears Converses. Anyways...the dress. The asymmetrical dimensional shoulder was absolutely divine. I loved it.  It was so fashion forward, artistic, and the perfect thing to wear to such a highly publicized premiere.
  • Robert Pattinson at the Eclipse premiere. Well from the red carpet to the movie, Eclipse made me "Team Edward" (for the record, I'm not a Twi-Diva...the whole phenomenon is kind of creepy but I do love me some rom-coms). But anyways...his creativity was BRILLIANT! Like honestly, who wears a red suit?  The maroon Gucci suit was so smart, creative, and just plain AWESOME. He is really becoming a fashionable man, which is necessary in the world today. 
  • Amanda Seyfried at the Letters to Juliet premiere. The public sees so many leading ladies go to premieres in dresses, minis, maxis, or gowns. I don't think it's a bad thing- I'm a dresses kind of girl- but sometimes, there could be some more pizazz. AMANDA SEYFRIED BROUGHT IT! I loved the blazer with the sparkled lapel matched with the shorts. It was so creative but classic in my mind. A masculine feminine fashion has been an emerging trend and, in my mind, Seyfried hit the nail on the head.  And the black peep-toes were appropriately matched: it brought the attention to the lapel, which is what was supposed to happen.  It was so sleek. Good work, Seyfried.
  • Diane Kruger at the National Movie Awards. I'm thrilled Diane hit this one out of the park because I really love her style. But the last few red carpets, she had to go on my "Worst Dressed List". This had such a tribal look and the metallics were so chic. There's just so much texture and the dress looks like it has history or a story behind in (cliche? a little...). Something about this reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Spring RTW 2009 Collection. Lanvin copies Louis? Interesting... But what I find most interesting are the shoes. Cameron Diaz wore the same shoe to a Knight and Day premiere. Up and coming trend: prison chic? 

Monday, 19 July 2010

Death of Couture

As you may, or may not, know- the Fall 2010 Couture collection recently debuted on the runway.  Like any other good fashionista in training, I was so excited to see exotic and innovative pieces from some of most talented designers: I kept tabs on the whole production. Weeks later, I was really upset to see that only a handful of non-unique designs were shown for the fall couture collections. That previous comment may have me banished from the world of fashion for eternity but I have my reasons! I suppose I'm not so much complaining about the lack of designers who did couture: it's a very time consuming and expensive process that does not necessarily agree with the world's  current economical status. I suppose what I am upset about is the lack of creativity and imagination among the designers. I was whole-heartedly disappointed with Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Chanel. The last half of it wasn't that bad: he did experiment with some textures and floral accessories . But the first half? A bunch of two pieced suits that could have easily belonged in someone else's  fall collection. Now, this isn't meant to insult Mr. Lagerfeld, because...well, who doesn't love him? He's a fashion genius  and usually always innovative (let's think about Fall 2010 RTW, shall we), but I guess I just  excepted too much from him. In other news, the Armani Prive dresses were beautiful but I just expected works of art. While reviewing these collections, I started to believe that couture wasn't supposed to be art. Maybe it was supposed to be realistic and wearable.  BUT THEN I FELL IN LOVE WITH TWO COLLECTIONS: Dior and Givenchy.  Dior's couture collection definitely had a whimsy floral theme which I LOVED: the colors were so new and vibrant (ironic for the fall collection but I'm lovin' it), the silhouettes were inspirational and they flowed so beautifully, and there was SO MUCH DETAIL. It was different. It was art. It was couture. Thank you, John Galliano for embracing the true meaning of couture. And then Givenchy? Absolutely beautiful. It was current but timeless, really reminding me of the allure of Old Hollywood, but sexier and just incredible. I thought the whole skeletal concept  was eerily beautiful. Is that grammatically correct? My spell check says so. It was just so regal and, once again, true couture. I mean...don't even get me started with how jealous I am that blogger BryanBoy got to see it close up. But he has amazing detailled pictures so please check it out. Well my rant is basically done, but I can say, with hope, there's always next season!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Spectacular, Spectacular

Ever since I was nine years old, I've been obsessed with Moulin Rouge.  If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest you do BUT have tissues, a blanket, or snuggle buddy with you! Born as a less intense theater kid, I loved the musical numbers (one of my best friends and I would religiously dance to "Sparking Diamond" on the swing set in elementary school). The love between the two has always been so heartbreaking, yet lovely to watch (I was so happy when my fabulous boyfriend got me a frame that said one of the best quotes from the movie on it for Valentine's Day). And the movie is so visually pleasing, from setting to costumes. I just loved it. And watching it last night for my movie night with my girls, even though we frequently interrupted Ewan McGregor's heartache with our own gossip, reaffirmed my love for that movie.  I'm just so inspired by the sparkly, semi-sultry costumes that all of the characters wear. My favorite scene, fashion-wise, is when we are first introduced to the Moulin Rouge. Harold Zidler, the pimp for all purposes, and all of his ladies come trotting out, each woman in an unique attire. The colors are more than satisfactory and, even though they are supposed to be "entertaining prostitutes", their outfits are rather feminine. And of course, there are your classically beautiful outfits in this movie. The red dress she wears in favorite scene, romantically, is just so beautiful and should be so iconic. The "Pink Diamonds" outfit is so girly but has that certain "va-va-voom" that I personally find inspirational. And the construction of the gray suit Nicole Kidman wears to8wards the end of the movie is constructed beautifully. I just find this whole movie absolutely inspirational. I love how such traditional looks can be added to something so showgirl, so sparkly, and so fabulous. I I even have to go on about how this is a major inspiration for my new wardrobe.  Just like in the not-as-thrilling musical movie Nine, I love the sexy details, the sparkles, and all of the fun because that's what I think fashion is about.  I mean, Venus Williams has gone Moulin Rouge and, even though this instance resembles something from Victoria Secret's Very Sexy collection, I love the inspiration and the attempt. So ladies and gents, I urge you to maybe break the boundary and let your inner can-can dancer out! 
I guess I will leave you with this! 

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Well Isn't This Fun?

So I saw this video last night, while stalking my absolute favorite fashion website and only watched it today. Truth be told, though I always love me some Zoe, I had very mixed feelings about this. Although Zoe is one of my fashion heroes, I find it HYSTERICAL when a Rachel Zoe spoof is done. It's great that she can make fun of her self and quirks, but I have to ask myself if Rachel's selling out a little bit. A part of me thinks "well is making fun of herself disparaging her passion towards fashion?" And also, what's up with Coco Chanel being a part of the "dark side"?! Absolutely NOT. I know it's only a spoof but that's a tad bit insulting. I don't know, I thought this was provocative, in a fashion sense, and I thought it'd be fun to watch!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

La La La...Make-Over

RIP, Miss Chic and her guide to fabulous thing. I was really bored of that name, web address, and all of 'dat. So I decided to give my blog a little make-over. Hope you enjoy :)


Revenge of the Viking.

As I've said before, I love all things (erm...or at least most things) Louboutin. Sorry Blahnik and Choo, but I really believe that this shoe-maker is a genius.He's just so creative and, like I've also said before, the red sole is an absolute classic. So here I am, watching "The Box" with my sister, we are both only semi- pleased with this movieand it's absolutely pouring outside. So what
do I do instead? Look at the
Neiman Marcus fall shoe preview. A lot was quite expected: studded accents, leathers, and deepcolors. But I saw something so absurd and so random, it was impossible NOT to blog about it. Behold, the Louboutin "Toundra Bootie Fur". I find this shoe not only a fashion low point of Christian Louboutin, but just plain hysterical. I makes me feel like we went back to the ice age or to the ages of the vikings, hence the title. THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON LOUBOUTIN OR FUR. I do like my fur, but I'm not so sure how much I'd like it on my feet. This shoe kind of reminds me of that Flo Rida song. Is this why UGGs are such a fashion faux-pas? It's ironic because on the UGG website, boots with exterior fur are coincidentally placed under the "Fashion" category. I mean...I had those in the seventh grade..NBD. This makes me think, regardless on its authenticity, are people intimidated by fur? I owe a decent amount of faux fur, and every time I think about wearing it, a slew of reservations invade my head. Sometimes, I'll be a coward and save my fur for another day. But other times, I get the courage and wear said fur piece. I do have this absoluteseventies/fabulous oversized fur vest. I personally love it, but I think I was judged just a little bit when I wore it to school one day. Wearing fur for sport is relatively unknown, in my age group, so are people afraid of the unknown? I think in a world of people wearing sweatshirts, jeans, and American Apparel clothing, wearing something so bold (like fur) is just ridiculous, questionable, and weird. And maybe that's why I find these shoes so odd, because (to me) it never comes across my mind to wear overly furry shoes (except for my parents' snow shoes which are located right under this sentence...TADA). Maybe we should all be a little more open to fur. Maybe we shouldn't wince at fashion risks, wondering if it's appropriate for said event. And maybe, just maybe, we should seize any and all fashion opportunities and wear what we want (and be damn fabulous doing so).


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

To Live Like Diane

Without a doubt, Diane von Furstenburg is the epitome of fun fashion: her wrap dresses are historic and a must have on every fashionista's wish-list. It seems like our favorite fashion mogul is following in the likes of Moschino and designing hotel rooms at the legendary European hotel, Claridge's. Fabulous people like Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn roamed these halls, so it's only necessary that someone as fabulous as DVF decorates a room or two. I personally love the rooms: they are so fun and hold true to Diane von Furstenburg's style. It's really like we took a flashback into the sixties, which is too much fun. If only every hotel suite was decorated by von Furstenburg...

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Style-Spiration: Olivia Palermo

I don't necessarily think of myself as a cultural elitist, but I can safely say that I don't follow the popular masses: I have never watched an episode of "Jersey Shore", hate Silly Bandz (as many know), and never form...sprung. But, there are some things that I do succumb to. A perfect example: "The City" is currently recorded on my TiVo. I love how it's main central theme is fashion. So it's no surprise that girls with amazing personal style are the stars of the city. My personal favorite? Olivia Palermo. Yes, she is the resident mean girl on the show, but I like her because of her style. She is very trendy and knows how to mix- and-match amazing pieces. Her knowledge and intimacy with designers alone is absolutely inspirational. I love how she's not afraid to mix and match textures to make them look absolutely chic. She tends to wear a lot of black, but makes them look fashion forward and not boring. In my mind, she's a type A fashionista in her style tips, but she's unique. I think it's pretty understandable that I would make her my first "style-spiration" for my up and coming wardrobe renewal. So....congrats!


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Clothes Sale

As much as I stress the need for sticking to your personal style and what you feel comfortable in, evolution is constantly imperative if you are a fashionista in training. Recently, I've found myself in a fashion rut: I am in desperate need of inspiration and new clothes. All of the clothes I have, though I love them and will cherish them and the memories in said outfits, feel outdated and just plain boring to me. I want to start new: to recreate my wardrobe. In order to make my revolution profitable, and fun, I have devised a "Clothes Sale": a tag sale buuut for clothes! So today, I was in the zone: instead of going to Boston, like originally planned, I stuffed five large garbage bags with clothes I no longer want. I'm not going to pretend like it was easy, because it surely wasn't. It's almost like I'm giving away children or friends of mine. This might sound cheesy, but these clothes have been there for me and shaped my life. They represent who I was: what I thought was fashionable, what I wanted to buy even if what I wanted to buy turned into a big mistake. I can picture my clothes sale being like the final scene of Toy Story 3: an emotional roller coaster all around. My intentions on writing this weren't to be sad. On the flip-side, I am so excited to research time periods, looks, trends, and icons so make my new closet one that I'll absolutely treasure! I mean...I wouldn't be surprised if I blogged about an inspiration!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

In Suit of Classy.

First of all, Happy Fourth of July! I hope that everyone- from readers to non-readers- have a wonderfully safe holiday. Now to business. So last night, my wonderful boyfriend took me to see my husband in concert: Michael Buble. I believe I have briefly mentioned my love for him before...and I do love me some Buble! He sings with such emotion, has great charisma, and rocks a nice suit. Which brings me to my overall theme for this blog: Michael Buble and his suits. In his everyday life, Buble dresses rather casually.But, when performing, he pulls out the big stocks: it is rumored that he sometimes dresses in Armani. I just love when he wears suits to his concerts, public appearances, etc: he really brings back the old crooner. As I sat in the arena (Mohegan Sun...don't even get me started on how cool that place is), I noticed that approximately ninety percent of my fellow Buble lovers had walkers and motorized scooters. I'm such an old lady on the inside. Buuuuut I realized that these old people grew up with crooners and class. And even though it may be old school and slightly embarrassing on my part, what's so wrong with liking class? Most people, performers or not, dress to please. They dress "trendy" or "hipster" or any other kind of way to get attention from the masses. Since when is it so cool to please the norm? Although we all love to be current and relevant with our fashion, sometimes it's not a bad thing to go back in time, where class and simple suits prevailed.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Art of Zoe

When I was trying to go to sleep last night, my sister's television- which was still on-kept me awake. Not because of the deafening noise or light the glimmered outside of her room and into the hallway. Instead, her television was announcing something very important: the third season of The Rachel Zoe Project. That's right, ladies and gents, my guilty (but not really guilty because I am not ashamed at all) pleasure is coming back for a THIRD SEASON on AUGUST 3rd. It's clearly an early birthday present for me! I have an extremely large, yet unspoken, obsession for Rachel Zoe. I personally find her love for fashion and drive incredibly inspiring. She is what I want to be like...but maybe a few pounds heavier. Although her catch-phrases- "I die", "bah-nan-as", "she's shutting it down"- are a tad cliche and mockable, I just love her. It's so evident that she's not just a A-List stylist but a fashion lover herself. She just loves the art so much, she just wants to live it and share it. Her daily blog, The Zoe Report constantly keeps fans on their toes with new fabulous products you'd probably never hear of before! I love her inspiration, predominately fabulous ladies from the 60's, and her overall look (which copies are being sold on QVC). I remember reading an article about Rachel Zoe in a magazine once, the article was mainly about her jewelry and it was incredibly inspiring: all of the pieces were absolutely amazing! When I was younger, I always answered the typical "what do you want to be when you grow up question" as an actress or movie star. Now what do I want to be? Rachel Zoe.