Sunday, 4 July 2010

In Suit of Classy.

First of all, Happy Fourth of July! I hope that everyone- from readers to non-readers- have a wonderfully safe holiday. Now to business. So last night, my wonderful boyfriend took me to see my husband in concert: Michael Buble. I believe I have briefly mentioned my love for him before...and I do love me some Buble! He sings with such emotion, has great charisma, and rocks a nice suit. Which brings me to my overall theme for this blog: Michael Buble and his suits. In his everyday life, Buble dresses rather casually.But, when performing, he pulls out the big stocks: it is rumored that he sometimes dresses in Armani. I just love when he wears suits to his concerts, public appearances, etc: he really brings back the old crooner. As I sat in the arena (Mohegan Sun...don't even get me started on how cool that place is), I noticed that approximately ninety percent of my fellow Buble lovers had walkers and motorized scooters. I'm such an old lady on the inside. Buuuuut I realized that these old people grew up with crooners and class. And even though it may be old school and slightly embarrassing on my part, what's so wrong with liking class? Most people, performers or not, dress to please. They dress "trendy" or "hipster" or any other kind of way to get attention from the masses. Since when is it so cool to please the norm? Although we all love to be current and relevant with our fashion, sometimes it's not a bad thing to go back in time, where class and simple suits prevailed.

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