Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Clothes Sale

As much as I stress the need for sticking to your personal style and what you feel comfortable in, evolution is constantly imperative if you are a fashionista in training. Recently, I've found myself in a fashion rut: I am in desperate need of inspiration and new clothes. All of the clothes I have, though I love them and will cherish them and the memories in said outfits, feel outdated and just plain boring to me. I want to start new: to recreate my wardrobe. In order to make my revolution profitable, and fun, I have devised a "Clothes Sale": a tag sale buuut for clothes! So today, I was in the zone: instead of going to Boston, like originally planned, I stuffed five large garbage bags with clothes I no longer want. I'm not going to pretend like it was easy, because it surely wasn't. It's almost like I'm giving away children or friends of mine. This might sound cheesy, but these clothes have been there for me and shaped my life. They represent who I was: what I thought was fashionable, what I wanted to buy even if what I wanted to buy turned into a big mistake. I can picture my clothes sale being like the final scene of Toy Story 3: an emotional roller coaster all around. My intentions on writing this weren't to be sad. On the flip-side, I am so excited to research time periods, looks, trends, and icons so make my new closet one that I'll absolutely treasure! I mean...I wouldn't be surprised if I blogged about an inspiration!

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