Monday, 28 March 2011

Next in Line

Obviously, the fashion world has been in major sleuthing mode, trying to figure out the heir to Dior. Although many believe that Riccardo Tisci will inherit the fabulous throne, yes Dior is a form of royalty, there are still some other viable candidates: Alber Elbaz and Stefano Pilati. For those who may not know current designers, let me break this down for you.

Even though everyone I've talked to seems to be very pro- Tisci, I'm not so sure I feel that way. Sure, Riccardo Tisci is doing great things at Givenchy and straying away from the Audrey Hepburn look I always define Givenchy by. But I really think that Alber Elbaz would make a better fit as the head designer of Dior. 

  •  Yes Tisci is a very talented designer, but I feel like he's making Givenchy more bohemian and youthful lately.  I love that for Givenchy, but I'm so used to Dior having a higher level of sophistication, for lack of a better word.  Even if you look at couture, Givenchy and Dior have two completely different looks. 

Photo Cred
Photo Cred

Givenchy has a generally typical silhouette throughout it's Spring 2011 Couture collection, focusing on artistic and free spirited designs. Dior has a plethora of unique silhouettes (hello, volume) and uses bright colors. If we even compare the FW RTW looks of 2011, Givenchy is more "street style" while Dior, although it was still ready-to-wear, had more drama.  These two design houses have two complete different looks so I just don't know if Tisci can be as great at Dior and still maintain Christian Dior's original integrity

  • Alber Elbaz exudes a sense of drama in his Lanvin collections, let's remember how I called his latest collection "Tim Burton's Tea Party." But of course Dior doesn't want a carbon-copy of Galliano, since fashion is evolutionary. However, because the change in head designers is something sudden and probably wouldn't have happened if Galliano wasn't a anti-Semitic meanie, it would be easier for the brains at Dior to work with a designer whose designs are similar to Galliano's, yet offer something new. 

Photo Cred
Throughout Alber Elbaz's career at Lanvin, he's been able to give us a plethora of different looks. Regardless of the inspiration, however, he has successfully brought drama to the table. Whether via sparkles, as seen in FW RTW 2004 (left) or volumized silhouettes in FW RTW 2011 (right). I feel like he would perfectly uphold the Dior name, while bringing his own creativity to the runway.

  • Also, let's no forget that Tisci has only worked designed at Givenchy for six years, Elbaz has been at Lanvin for a decade. Riccardo Tisci has made his big break at Givenchy, so he is necessarily ready for filling  in Galliano's pointy shoes. Alber Elbaz, on the other hand, has worked at Geoffrey Beene, Yves Saint Laurent, and  Krizia. How's that for experience? Obviously, Elbaz can successfully head design for haute design houses and has enough credibility to prove it! 

You may wonder why I haven't brought up Stefano Pilati.
 Well here's why:
Personally, I'm not his biggest fan. Sure, Pilati has had a lot of hits at Yves Saint Laurent; however, I don't think he has yet proved himself worthy of the coveted Dior position. This may seem a bit harsh especially after being the successor to some incredible designers: Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford.  Of course you can't compete with Laurent, and Ford is a fashion genius, but Pilati just isn't just doing it for me. Also, Yves Saint Laurent doesn't do couture anymore, so how would we know that he would do well with couture? We don't...

Photo Cred

Just not Dior material. 

Also, and not to be an ego-maniac, but I'm apparently a college fashionista

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Weekly: Can't Help Myself but Count the Flaws

Before I came back from spring break,  something happened. I went to a consignment shop. Things happened. Good for me, but bad quasi-bad for my bank account.
I definitely am a jewels addict, but they're just so beautiful! I can't stop! And gold and emerald is such a power combination in my mind, two of my favorites! 
My wardrobe is becoming more and more fierce, and I kind of love it!  I wore the leopard vest with black skinnies and a black shirt and I loved it. The blouse is going to look so sick in the spring with my fringe vest and jean shorts.

I bought these Stuart Weitzman shoes for $30 and I was happy. My mom thinks that they look like granny shoes, which I understand, but  I think they're a good classic staple to have.

I think there is a frequent debate about consignment stores: to shop or not to shop? While many people understand how consignment stores are a fabulous way to obtain fun and retro piece- let's not forget the occasional designer steals- others believe it's rather unsanitary. "But you're wearing someone else's clothes," "they're dirty," "I want stuff that is new."  Though that is a justified reason for some neat freaks, I think it's not a good enough reason to not even consider shopping consignment. If a store wants to have some credibility, they are not going to sell merchandise that's in a poor condition. And isn't it a cool idea thinking about the life a consignment piece has lived? You can make up a story for it!  While I don't think that someone should have a wardrobe filled entirely of consignment, because every aspiring fashionista needs to keep up with the times, we shouldn't be afraid of shopping for used items. One girl's trash can be another's treasure!

Alright, now onto the weekly! One of these weeks, I'm going to have an Anti-Weekly of terrible looks of the week.

  • Anne Hathaway at the Rio Premiere in Brazil (Dolce and Gabbana): Ugh, she always dresses so great. The whole look just made me think of springtime, which consequently made me really happy. Her hair, for once, looked so relaxed which I thought was extremely refreshing. Speaking of beauty, I loved the makeup: the pink lip gave the whole look a really subtle pop. The Dolce and Gabbana frock was also really laid back, which is something relatively new for Anne. The best part about this look, you ask? The lizard clutch, for sure! The print is more subdued than leopard or zebra, but it still brings the appropriate edge to this outfit. Tre tre chic! 
  • Katie Holmes at the New York Screening of Decisioni (Stella McCartney): First of all, I am so happy she's growing out her hair; she was starting to get boring and too serious, like Posh Spice. This tux is such a chic take on something so classic, I'm so proud of this. The black and white color scheme matched with the (ugh) minimalism actually made this outfit uber chic and so effortless. I love how the lapels of the jacket were black, it made the jacket flow better into the pants.The relaxed hair made this look more youthful, which I really enjoyed; sometimes, I forget how old Katie Holmes really is. And the polka dot shoes added the perfect pop, without being an attention hog.
  • Whitney Port in LA (Asos): I wish I could be her. Seriously! I need to buy her new book to learn how to be JUST LIKE HER. Anyways, Whitney Port always has a way to look edgy and young, but still sophisticated. Though I wish her hair was in a messy bun or ponytail, I loved this outfit. The graphic shirt was a good contrast to the girly skirt. I actually really liked the baggy proportions of this look, especially because she looks like a supermodel.  The bow heels were adorable though I do wish she had different bracelets on! 

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'Cause If You're Not Really Here, Then the Stars Don't Even Matter

When I was home, I went to one of my favorite store for jewels: Via Michelle. I can always find something there that I'm obsessed with! So obviously I got some fabulous things. And of course there was a theme: black and gold. 
I love this geometric bracelet, so fabulous!

So artsy, right?

I think the chain on this bracelet is so cool and makes me feel like toughie.

Once upon a time, I used to love silver. "How could someone ever love gold," I thought to myself. Then, in what seemed like a New York minute, I became obsessed with gold. Although I have some sentimental pieces  that are silver, I focus on gold jewels. Sometimes, I think silver seems classic but boring; however, gold is chic and incredible. Although I am a huge fan of yellow gold, I love how there are different forms of gold. This is turning into a tale of how enamored I am with gold so I should probably stop it.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Weekly: Don't Let This Man Open This Closet

Ever since I came across a certain post by "Everday Minerals", I've been obsessed with having a uber-glam and HUGE closet.  When I get married and become a successful something, a fabulous closet is the first thing on my "to-do" list. The second? Filling it up with fabulous finds!  But for now, I think it's crucial that we aspiring fashionistas should have some well organized and fabulous places for our clothes to rest, regardless of our closet size. 

When considering a make-over, finding inspiration is always step one.

Here are some of my favorite closets: 

Photo Cred
Carrie Bradshaw's Closet. Yes, I am a Sex and the City fanatic, I'm actually watching it right now! I'm obsessed with this closet's Carrie Bradshaw's! Although she doesn't have a huge closet, until Sex and the City: The Movie,  I think it's incredible how all of those fabulous clothes fit into a rather contained space. 

Mariah Carey's Closet. Remember when she gave us a tour on Cribs,  please watch this link above if you missed that episode, and every aspiring fashionista's jaw dropped? I do.  It wasn't a closet, but a department store. The organization was major  and I love the tiles and chandeliers. I like how it is well decoration AND the light wall and shelf color allows the clothes to really stand out.

Rachel Zoe's Studio Wardrobe. We all know that I want to be just like Rachel Zoe and I don't think anything could be better than being surrounded by clothes as you work. Heaven, right? I love how organized and, for lack of a better word, clean everything is.  That line up of shoes? Amazing.  I also love how the white walls and hardwood floor creates a zen environment for the clothes. And I bet her actual closet is even MORE that possible?

Well that's all of my closet inspirations for now, but hopefully I'll be back with some more! 
 And now, onto the weekly!

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the CFDA Nomination Ceremony (The Row, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Manolo Blahnik): The chicest they've ever looked, there I said it. I love how they are both embracing their own sense of style but the juxtaposition of black and white (or a blush pink) create a cohesive look. I love how the yellow heel creates a dramatic but extremely fun pop of color to the silk blush (yes, I've decided it's blush) suit. And I the drama of a completely black outfit with an animal print clutch. Genius! Both of their hair and makeup are clean and work really well with their outfits. Enough of this baggy clothing, Olsens!
  • Selena Gomez in NYC (Tibi): She looks absolutely fabulous. I love how youthful the silhouette is; act your age, not your shoe size!  The different textures of this skirt and shirt combination creates a youthful look.  I'm glad that she didn't experiment with a pop of color because the basic black and white allows us to focus on the incredible details.
  • Anna Kendrick at a Rag&Bone and Intermix Party (Rag&Bone and Botkier  sandals): I'm obsessed with Rag&Bone lately and this outfit is so cool. Who wears colored jeans anymore, let alone rock them? Anna Kendrick, that's who! I love who cool and casual this look is. The green is the perfect pop of color to black and white look.  Since the rest of the outfit is rather plain, the green made this outfit look effortlessly chic. Her relaxed waves and natural makeup also made her look uber cool.
  • Camila Alves at the SAME Rag&Bone and Intermix Party (Not Available): This is absolutely fabulous. Although they aren't very common, I'm obsessed with a great pantsuit. And this one is so unique because it's long sleeved and doesn't look like a worker's uniform. While I think a sleek ponytail would have looked awesome with the paintsuit, the soft curls are pretty incredible. AND THE LEOPARD HEELS?! Love  love love! It's so elegant, but edgy, but subtle. 
  • Michelle Trachtenberg at the School of American Ballet Winter Ball (Marchesa): So smitten; she looks like an uber chic ice queen. The light color of the Marchesa  is such a dramatic, yet incredible, contrast to her black hair and dark nails. And I love how she added to the sparkled accents by wearing a sparkled clutch.  And in regards to the dress itself, I love how the bodice has this criss-cross of purple and sparkles. It is the perfect companion to the flowy skirt.


Friday, 18 March 2011

Swooning Over Shoes

While I'm not Jane from "Sea of Shoes", I do love a good pair of shoes. Honestly, what girl doesn't?  My trip to the city gave me a plethora of shoes to lust over, so why not share the love?

First Order of Business: Miu Miu Jewel- Heel Satin Pump
Photo Cred

Obsessed. Regardless of the trends, I will always be a glitz-fanatic; it is seriously the perfect way to spice up an outfit! The black satin, mixed with the rhinestones  creates a perfect blend of elegance and glamour. Miu Miu kept it classy by making this shoe have a chunky and short heel instead of creating a chic stripper shoe.  Though Miu Miu is charging a pretty penny for these (try $595), I think these are better priced than other shoes because they are so pragmatic. You won't be wobbling and hurting from these!  Can we picture these paired with a knee-long LBD or some skinny jeans and a flowy white blouse? Amazing! 

Second Order of Business: Chanel Mesh Peep Toe Ankle Boot

Photo Cred
Even when Lagerfeld doesn't live up to my expectations, I could never ever hate Chanel.  And this shoe is so right on.  I look at these shoes and think of a much better version of the cage bootie trend. The silhouette is so sophisticated and a nice change from Chanel's quilted shoes. And these are mega-versatile! You could wear these with a conservative shift dress  or even a body-con outfit if you're feeling extra sexy!  So smitten with these!

Third, and Final, Order of Business : Rag&Bone Harrow Boot
Photo Cred
Can we say mega retro/ Rachel Zoe? The mixture of colors and materials, in addition to the interestingly chunky heel, makes this shoe incredible unique.  And that chunky heel will allow any aspiring fashionista to strut with confidence and comfort. I love a good shootie! These would be awesome for spring and fall: a short sundress for spring and skinnies and a tunic for fall. Rag&Bone is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers!

Maybe one day I'll have these shoes for myself! 

PS: Congratulations to all of the CDFA nominees and honorees. Best of luck to all come June 6th! 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

It Ain't Over 'till It's Over

The end of Fall/Winter 2011.
Overall I was, dare I say it, disappointed.
Mega disappointed.

They say that the best is saved for last, but fashion week proved that  the saying is frequently false. 

Exhibit A: Chanel.

Photo Cred
I know that a major trend of fashion week was 90's revival, but Chanel took the idea of 90's revival and, in my opinion, made it ugly. Coco Chanel is currently in her one of her fabulous lady suits, rolling in her grave.  Of course Karl added some Chanel elements to this collection, but this is pone of the first times I wasn't wow-ed by his creation. Everything was too dark, too unfitted, and too blah. And not even dark in a chic way, but dirty. Of course there was some really fabulous skirts and capes, some of the looks were just...very primitive.  And the finale look was rather boring! I've always thought that we should all live life by Lagerfeld, but I'm just not impressed by his latest collection.

Exhibit B: Louis Vuitton. 

Photo Cred

I'm so confused because Marc Jacobs created a relatively good collection for his own line. But this genuinely scares me. It isn't fashion, but scary costumes. I think the whole military-doorman inspired collection was a good idea, the execution was off. Way off.  I would love this if it was couture; but this Louis Vuitton collection is ready-to-wear.  It's definitely a creative collection, but a little too creative for ready-to-wear.  And the proportions were definitely out of whack and not flattering in the slightest. And also, Mr. Jacobs, you should not try to suffocate your models: that's not nice at all.

Exhibit C: Valentino.

Photo Cred
I'm not saying Valentino was horrible, because there are some looks that I really do like, but Valentino did NOT "wow" me. Maybe it's because there was some minimalism in this collection,  or maybe because the looks were rather primitive, but Valentino's collection was not as glamourous as it should be.  Also, in my humble opinion, there were way too many nudes for FALL. It's a fresh perspective obviously, but it's way too Indian Summer.


Photo Cred
The McQueen design camp never disappoints; season after season, they always provide abstract, yet wearable, pieces that makes everyone coo and, most importantly, think.  Although a very few of the pieces are ready-to-wear, I love this collection because of the innovative ways to incorporate fur. The silhouettes in this collection are absolute insanity.  And this collection is always keeping up with the black and white trend theory.  I'm really happy with Sarah Burton's work at Alexander McQueen thus far; she has truly maintained Alexander's artistic perspective on fashion. I feel like this collection would get a negative review from the mass media, but for aspiring fashionistas- it's a hit!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Weekly: Nevermind, I'll Find Someone Like You

First of all, let me just say that my love for Adele isn't adequately portrayed in this blog. I've been listening to her new album ,"21", nonstop since it was released and lately, I've been listening to it even more. I was a huge fan of her previous album, but this is musical gold. I'm not turning the Trendologist into a music/fashion/culture blog, but everyone should love Adele. 

Moving on. I am home for spring break! It has been, for the most part, lovely: eating good food, seeing incredible friends, and going on shopping sprees with my mom. I have a confession to make however:

I am addicted to TJ.Maxx.

What a silly thing to be obsessed with, one may think. Oh you have no idea. At my local TJ. Maxx, they have opened fashion heaven on earth, aka "Runway." Whenever I come home from college, my mom and I hit up Runway AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In fact, we may be going again right now! I think when you see my INCREDIBLE PURCHASES, you'll understand.

From left to right: Cynthia Rowley scarf, Cynthia Steffe sparkly tank, Ellen Tracey poncho, Michael Kors  dress, and Julie Brown glittered tank.

Who knew TJ. Maxx was this awesome?

If you have a TJ Maxx close to you, go and check out if they have the Runway collection. Unfortunately, only a few have them but it's definitely worth the excursion to find out.

Now, onto the weekly!

  • Mila Kunis at Cosmopolitan's Fun and Fearless Awards (Boca Negra): Mila Kunis is officially the epitome of casual chic. I am obsessed with this white suit. If anyone else were to do it, I would think it looked like a tacky Vegas ensemble. But, obviously, it doesn't on Mila. I like how she paired the luxe suit with a simple white tank, one that you could pick up almost anywhere. It dresses this look down and makes it fun. The black clutch adds a nice pop and I love how her hair always has those beachy waves- SO JEALOUS! 
  • Jennifer Aniston at a fragrance launch (Valentino): This might sound really weird, but just roll with it: Jennifer Aniston is like a fine wine. I swear she looks better and better in every picture I see of her. Brad who?  This Valentino look is obviously no exception to my sketchy and cliche metaphor.  The length of it is very age appropriate; however, the asymmetrical makes this dress young and chic. I'm not a huge fan of the color, I think it makes her look too young, but it was a nice change from black.  But thankfully, she did not accessorize because I personally think that would make her look like she's trying to relive her youth. But all in all, fabulous!


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Celeb Profile: Kourtney Kardashian

I've been watching a lot of Kourtney and Kim Take New York  lately- I even downloaded an episode for my journey back home! And I have a bone to pick with the media, I suppose: why does everyone look at Kim Kardashian as a major fashionista when Kourtney is the most stylish of the whole clan.  Khloe is my favorite Kardashian-don't worry I hope this post will be more intellectual- but Kourtney has a fabulous eye for fashion. Here are some prime examples:

Photo Cred
Even when she's doing daily activities,  Kourtney looks chic and fashion forward: here, she's wearing Balenciaga flats and that gorgeous Adrianne Landau vest! The large proportions are both flattering and effortless with her small frame. 

Photo Cred 
Any of the Kardashians could pull off this vintage jumpsuit, but it was Kourtney's eye for fabulousity that makes this an amazing look. I love this all black look! She kept it simple and let the amazing details of this jumpsuit be the main focus.

I think what I love most about her style is how Kourtney doesn't always have to dress in body-con dresses; however, she doesn't wear shapeless designs either. She also looks like an everyday American woman as shown below:

Photo Cred
How Katherine Hepburn is this look?   This Elizabeth and James blouse matched with the Bleulab jeans looks so effortlessly chic and modern on her. When Kourtney goes out, it doesn't have to be a haute couture show...more like a ready-to-wear show.

And, let's be honest, would you see any of her sisters wearing something so androgynous?
Photo Cred
I'm so in love with this look, even though it whispers minimalism. Matching the Jill Stuart pants with the Kain sweatshirt is really unexpected. It's so...anti-Kardashian. And I kind of love it! 

Photo Cred
While I don't love- or really like at all- her combination of Wolford tights and Prada pumps, I do really appreciate her ability to experiment! 

The Kardashians are the modern day Kennedys (minus the political prestige and timelessness but add a sex tape and a plethora of endorsements...okay they're really nothing like Kennedys at all so that was a terrible comparison): we are all fascinated by them and secretly wish we could be as glamourous as them. Kourtney is the only one who makes aspiring fashionistas like myself intrigued and envious. She follows trends, but she also makes her own. It's not the same old same old like it is with another Kardashian (...Kim). Kourtney actually takes risks and has fun with fashion. And that's what it's really about, ladies and gents.


Monday, 7 March 2011

Why I Want to Be Blake.

But that's not why I want to be Blake Lively.
Photo Cred
If you don't know what's going on in this picture, Blake Lively is on a shopping trip with THE Christian Louboutin.

It's official, she is the luckiest girl on the planet. I don't really have anything else to say about this matter, just that I'm extremely jealous. Since I frequent talk about my love/hate relationship with Blake Lively, I thought this would be appropriate. And in terms of the Chanel ad, I like it: the asymmetrical composition is interesting and let's be honest, she looks fabulous.

ALSO, I'm watching television with my friend and he really wants a pair of super fierce animal shoes  these:
Photo Cred
I think they are pretty cool! Let's pair these with black jeans, a white tee, and a grey scarf? It's the perfect accessory for menswear!  And who doesn't love cool shoes? Nobody. My friend would also like to tell everyone that he is a size 9, if anyone is feeling generous.


Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Weekly: That You Found a Girl and You're Married Now

This weekend has been a wedding filled weekend. Because spring break is SO close, some of my lovely ladies and I have taken the weekend to do some homework. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for our homework, we continued to be distracted by Say Yes to the Dress  and My Best Friend's Wedding. Consequently, I began thinking about something that will be life defining: my wedding dress. I have no desire to get married right now, but in terms of the wedding dress, why start early? This post isn't going to turn into "these are the wedding dresses I like", but I've devised a few do's and don'ts of the wedding ensemble.

But I will say that this dress is gorgeous:
Photo Cred
  1. DO NOT add color to your wedding dress: Unless you plan on polygamy or a divorce, this is your only wedding. Keep it classic and keep it white (or some shade of off-white).
  2. DO allow your bridesmaids to look fabulous: I'm a really big fan of keeping your bridal party in the same color, but different dresses. If someone has to put up with your bridezilla ways, it's the least you can do! It's also like you have a fashion strutting down the aisle, which is my dream wedding.
  3. DO NOT wear a short dress (unless it's your second wedding): Let's be honest, do you frequently wearing fabulous evening gowns? No! So why would you let the opportunity pass? That's just silly!
  4. DO splurge (if you are financially able): Not only is this a once in a lifetime dress, but you want to make sure that it is made well. How embarrassing would a wardrobe malfunction be as you're throwing the bouquet?
  5. DO make sure the bodice is form fitting: Whether you're opting for the princess skirt or a mermaid silhouette, you want to show off your bridal bod! Your dress should be ill-fitting and, depending on where the skirt begins, a fitted bodice will be flattering on all! 
  6. DO NOT settle for something that's just okay or ugly: This is your big day and you should love it more than your husband...kidding! 

Okay so enough of the sub-par introduction and now onto the Weeklies! 
  • Tom Ford at the Vanity Fair After Party (I would assume Tom Ford): Fabulous. Can any man dress better than Tom Ford? I really don't think so.  I love the mixture of velvet and a regular tuxedo. The dark blue velvet is blue enough to look fashion forward, but dark enough to look classy. The proportion of the bow-tie is also spot on. It was clownish but not too small, which I loved. And the boutineer on the lapel is so adorable. Ugh, I just love him! He's so cute.
  • Rosario Dawson at the same After Party (Diane von Furstenberg):  Love the dress' blue, I bought a dress from Topshop that's a similar blue! I think this dress is the perfect thing to wear to an Oscars After Party. The sparkles and length of the dress scream "classy", but the sexy slit and the relaxed silhouette screams "casual chic." I think her casual look was really cool and I'm glad she didn't stack on the jewels. I like how the hair was clean and slick, which was a perfect counter to the dress' silhouette. Also, I really loved the purple-grey shoes with the dress: it served as a neutral, which  made the main focus the dress. As it should be.
  • Nicole Richie at the Elton John After Party (Halston Heritage): So sleek and sexy, which I am obsessed with.  The slits in her dress was mixed perfectly with the- dare I compliment minimalism- minimal silhouette and the long sleeves. The dramatic lip was also really striking and chic with pure white. The hoop earrings also made this edgy dress look retro, which is so Nicole Richie. I just love her and her dress.
  • Blake Lively being trendy (Chanel): She has a way of always making it on my Weeklies.  Only Blake could make this all white ensemble look non-bridal. Overall, it's a really ethereal look: the messy hair, the ruffles on the dress. What I loved most about this look was the pop of color (aka the emerald earrings). I really believe that she could wear a garbage bag and be mistaken for wearing couture. 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Her Skin Type Maybelline

So I've been a terrible blogger lately and have simply not had the time to discuss INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEKS. In my opinion, IFW (look at me and my acronyms) is where it gets interesting; as an American, some of the looks I question but that's what makes fashion fascinating. It's dynamic and culture specific. While Vivienne Westwood's collection kind of made me anxious  and Mugler almost brought me to tears of sadness, I wonder if I would love it if I was from somewhere else.
So without more procrastination, here's some of my favorites from IFW!

Photo Cred
Well Antonio Berardi had basically everything and anything you could want in a collection: fur, extreme jackets, lace, pants, dresses, shimmer. Needless to say, I loved it.  While the show wasn't entirely cohesive, the progression from white to colored to blacks was effortless and logical, which made the show feel more cohesive. I loved how this collection and outfits that would actually look good on people who are not size 00: the chunky coat would be flattering on almost anyone. Some of his sexiest dresses, on the other hand, would look so feminine on a Kim Kardashian figure. And, for the record, I am head over heels obsessed with the textured tuxedo. And this toughie blazerish dress ensemble. It was just awesome

Photo Cred
I'm going to be really short about Dior. John Galliano has made a fool out of himself and I believe that the damage is irreversible. That being said, Dior had a heavy dosage of ruffles, and I kind of enjoyed it. This collection, in my mind, was very Florence Welch mixed with a very other randoms. The colors were appropriately "fall/winter" and there were a lot of separates that will make for an extremely chic season. Like there's this orange fur coat that I kind of need. Oh and I loved how many hats there were!  But most importantly, the ending was hoping and inspiring- just what Dior needs right now. 

Photo Cred
For now on, I am referring to this Lanvin collection as "Tim Burton's Tea Party". Why? This collection started off as, for lack of a better word, "normal": everything was rather plain and simple: simplistic silhouettes and not many accessories. But then, everything changes and, in my opinion, for the better because minimalism is annoying. Silhouettes became more interesting whilst the proportions were out-of-whack. Although some simple pieces still walked the runway, like this canary dress, Tim Burton's Tea Party was invaded with feminine pieces that had a darker and more artistic flare, hence the nickname.  Even though I refuse to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas because it's really scary (my mother can attest to that), Tim Burton is so artistic, individualistic, and eery. Which is what I thought of this collection. But unlike The Nightmare Before Christmas, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection: it was chic, thought-provoking, and art. Just what fashion should be.

Photo Cred
Essential question: Can Prada ever do wrong? This collection screamed 1960s retro and let's be honest, who doesn't wish they lived in the swinging sixties? The people who actually lived then. To describe this collection in one word, besides "retro", this collection was "fun". Good 'ol fun!  The repetition of the drop waist belt  added some funk to what would be a rather typical jacket or outfit. The fur was so care free and I'm really upset I don't own at least one of these! AND THE SEQUINS?!  Amazing. I was so pleased when I saw all of the sequins! I think in order to wear this collection, you need confidence. I think this is one of those collections where people who don't love ridiculous avant gardish fashion will cringe, while the others with coo.  I  AM OBSESSED WITH THIS COLLECTION. That is all.

Photo Cred

I think what I really love about Balmain is how they are rather consistent with their silhouettes and looks altogether. While I know that being too consistent is a bad thing, Balmain is like comfort food: if you want long sleeved minis that have a hint of edge, you go to Balmain. That's just how it works. This collection; however, I really enjoyed. Of course, there were the trendy long sleeved minis that I love oh so much, but I really loved all of the tuxedo  sets and jackets that strutted down the catwalk. I love the metallic striped pattern that they displayed: it reminded me of Chanel with a twist. Whenever I think of Balmain, I always think of fabulous and really sharp: fabulous because all of the sparkle and sharp because of the rigid silhouette. Never change, Balmain.

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Nina Ricci's collection is the girliest collection, I think, of this season. Needless to say, I absolutely fell in love with it! The blacks, pinks, and blues of the collection reminded me of a 1950's Barbie, which I thought was fabulous. For fall, designers usually stick with blacks and darker colors so the change in color was incredible.  Like so many collections, I love Nina Ricci's use of lace and sparkles! And I loved this one look with a jester collared and trousers. Speaking of trousers... can I get these velvet trousers? Also, the final was FABULOUS! I wish I could wear it. I feel like a non-pregnant Natalie Portman would look stunning in this collection!