Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'Cause If You're Not Really Here, Then the Stars Don't Even Matter

When I was home, I went to one of my favorite store for jewels: Via Michelle. I can always find something there that I'm obsessed with! So obviously I got some fabulous things. And of course there was a theme: black and gold. 
I love this geometric bracelet, so fabulous!

So artsy, right?

I think the chain on this bracelet is so cool and makes me feel like toughie.

Once upon a time, I used to love silver. "How could someone ever love gold," I thought to myself. Then, in what seemed like a New York minute, I became obsessed with gold. Although I have some sentimental pieces  that are silver, I focus on gold jewels. Sometimes, I think silver seems classic but boring; however, gold is chic and incredible. Although I am a huge fan of yellow gold, I love how there are different forms of gold. This is turning into a tale of how enamored I am with gold so I should probably stop it.


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