Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Weekly: Don't Let This Man Open This Closet

Ever since I came across a certain post by "Everday Minerals", I've been obsessed with having a uber-glam and HUGE closet.  When I get married and become a successful something, a fabulous closet is the first thing on my "to-do" list. The second? Filling it up with fabulous finds!  But for now, I think it's crucial that we aspiring fashionistas should have some well organized and fabulous places for our clothes to rest, regardless of our closet size. 

When considering a make-over, finding inspiration is always step one.

Here are some of my favorite closets: 

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Carrie Bradshaw's Closet. Yes, I am a Sex and the City fanatic, I'm actually watching it right now! I'm obsessed with this closet's Carrie Bradshaw's! Although she doesn't have a huge closet, until Sex and the City: The Movie,  I think it's incredible how all of those fabulous clothes fit into a rather contained space. 

Mariah Carey's Closet. Remember when she gave us a tour on Cribs,  please watch this link above if you missed that episode, and every aspiring fashionista's jaw dropped? I do.  It wasn't a closet, but a department store. The organization was major  and I love the tiles and chandeliers. I like how it is well decoration AND the light wall and shelf color allows the clothes to really stand out.

Rachel Zoe's Studio Wardrobe. We all know that I want to be just like Rachel Zoe and I don't think anything could be better than being surrounded by clothes as you work. Heaven, right? I love how organized and, for lack of a better word, clean everything is.  That line up of shoes? Amazing.  I also love how the white walls and hardwood floor creates a zen environment for the clothes. And I bet her actual closet is even MORE that possible?

Well that's all of my closet inspirations for now, but hopefully I'll be back with some more! 
 And now, onto the weekly!

  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the CFDA Nomination Ceremony (The Row, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Manolo Blahnik): The chicest they've ever looked, there I said it. I love how they are both embracing their own sense of style but the juxtaposition of black and white (or a blush pink) create a cohesive look. I love how the yellow heel creates a dramatic but extremely fun pop of color to the silk blush (yes, I've decided it's blush) suit. And I the drama of a completely black outfit with an animal print clutch. Genius! Both of their hair and makeup are clean and work really well with their outfits. Enough of this baggy clothing, Olsens!
  • Selena Gomez in NYC (Tibi): She looks absolutely fabulous. I love how youthful the silhouette is; act your age, not your shoe size!  The different textures of this skirt and shirt combination creates a youthful look.  I'm glad that she didn't experiment with a pop of color because the basic black and white allows us to focus on the incredible details.
  • Anna Kendrick at a Rag&Bone and Intermix Party (Rag&Bone and Botkier  sandals): I'm obsessed with Rag&Bone lately and this outfit is so cool. Who wears colored jeans anymore, let alone rock them? Anna Kendrick, that's who! I love who cool and casual this look is. The green is the perfect pop of color to black and white look.  Since the rest of the outfit is rather plain, the green made this outfit look effortlessly chic. Her relaxed waves and natural makeup also made her look uber cool.
  • Camila Alves at the SAME Rag&Bone and Intermix Party (Not Available): This is absolutely fabulous. Although they aren't very common, I'm obsessed with a great pantsuit. And this one is so unique because it's long sleeved and doesn't look like a worker's uniform. While I think a sleek ponytail would have looked awesome with the paintsuit, the soft curls are pretty incredible. AND THE LEOPARD HEELS?! Love  love love! It's so elegant, but edgy, but subtle. 
  • Michelle Trachtenberg at the School of American Ballet Winter Ball (Marchesa): So smitten; she looks like an uber chic ice queen. The light color of the Marchesa  is such a dramatic, yet incredible, contrast to her black hair and dark nails. And I love how she added to the sparkled accents by wearing a sparkled clutch.  And in regards to the dress itself, I love how the bodice has this criss-cross of purple and sparkles. It is the perfect companion to the flowy skirt.


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