Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Weekly: Spooktacular Fashions

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I do believe that Halloween has to be up there on an aspiring fashionista's list of favorite holidays! You  get to dress up...and who doesn't love dressing up?! Nobody. While I'd love to have my weekly based on Halloween costumes, I think I'll save that for later this week. But you can take a look at my fail of a pumpkin for now!

It was supposed to be a winking pumpkin, right?!

There were a lot of awesome costumes that I saw during this weekend: a plethora of Ke$has looking fabulous, one of my friends was  Antoine Dodson, lax bros (my roommie's personal fave).
I was personally PETRIFIED of this full on bunny costume:
Photo Cred:
Some top trends for costumes were "Risky Business Girls", nerds, and a plethora of other short skirt wearing outfits. I was a BALLER-ina one night and a mod/hippie/Edie Sedgwick/ London's sixties girl the other night, while my boyfriend was a Chilean Miner...yes...a Chilean Miner. My roommie was a cowgirl/ school-girl. Some of my other friends were hippies, Katy Perry, Pocahontas, police cops, pumpkins, greek goddesses, fairies, etc. All in all, it was a splendid weekend! 

  • Demi Moore at the GQ Gentleman's Ball (Balmain): Love this Balmain!  I always am a fan of Balmain's interesting silhouettes and shapes (although some of them get a bit repetitive). Black and gold is such a chic color combination: it jazzes up what could potentially be gothic dress. Demi tends to wear a lot of black so the gold accents really helps it be a little bit out of her comfort zone. The tortoise clutch also gives it a little more ooomph: black would be too boring and gold would be too predictable. Tying it all together with some black heels and Ashton on her arm makes it a perfect outfit! 
  • Keira Knightley at the Last Night Premiere (Valentino): I don't think I'd love this dress as much if Keira wasn't the one wearing it. But she does something to fashion that is so unexplainable but she, and whatever she's wearing, is always so effortless and beautiful. I loved all of the three dimensional aspects to this dress: I feel like she frequently wears simplistic outfits, but the semi- avant garde quality of this Valentino is refreshing! I do wish, however, she wore bright colors more frequently. Her paleness would make an awesome contrast with a cobalt blue or something. 

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Weekly: To Perfume and Makeup, From Ribbons and Curls

So this week was PARENTS WEEKEND at college which means eating some great food and $hopping. It was lovely to see the good 'ol folks; we got to see some of Boston's lovely fall!

Gorgeous, right?
In terms of shopping, I got some basic shirts and this cardigan I'm obsessing over. The one thing I felt like I was seriously lacking in my wardrobe was a black cardigan. But would you rather have a plain black cardigan or one with a little something special on it? Like some jewels? The jewels, duh!

  • Kristen Stewart at the Welcome to the Rileys screening (Valentino and Brian Atwood): I don't really like Kristen Stewart; I personally think that both Jacob and Edward could do better but she actually looks really well dressed here. She threw away those stinking Converses and decided to dress like a lady. Beige and black is so cool and I love how the dress isn't just one laced pattern: she's switched it up and kept some of her funk in this dress. The one shoulder is genius, otherwise it would be so boring. The red lip, paired with the black pump, just really makes it classy: which is something  she hasn't pulled off with such grace until now. Props, Kristen Stewart, props.
  • Scarlett Johansson at MANGO in Spain: LOVE. If she didn't pull this off with the perfect amount of accessories and grace, I would not be a fan. But I just love the necklace she's wearing which spices up the dress but doesn't over-do the look. And the chunky black shoes? AWESOME. She rarely looks unkept, she's Scarlett Johansson! I think her messy up-do created such a cool sense of indifference with this look. LOVING IT.
  • Blake Lively at Vertu Launch Party (Dior):  This outfit is such a  cool going out look. I love jackets of all kinds, but this leather blazer-esque one is to die for. The fuchsia looks incredible on her and she's finally covering up her cleavage (it was seriously starting to get old). Some people are not fans of the black tights, but I really like them. In the Autumn/ Winter season, I wear tights like it was my job. If she didn't wear tights, the fuchsia would look too summer-ish, I believe.  But anyways, top job, Blake!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thirsty Thursday?

A typical college tradition is thirsty Thursday. By definition starting the weekend early... if you know what I mean. Since I am not partaking in this "holiday", why not blog about it with a fashion twist?! Great idea, right?

SOOOOO...Christian Lacroix designed a bottle for Chivas Regal

Photo Cred:

How gorgeous is that?! I love Larcoix so much. I admire the fact that he never sticks to just clothes. Does anyone remember the Larcoix Evian bottle design? FAB-U-LOUS. Now, aspiring fashionistas have the option to drink in style! 


PS: It's my boyfriend and my two year anniversary today! He's the best :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Fake Plastic Love

Look what came in the mail today: Amrita Singh necklace! Thanks to Gilt, and the wonderful and unprecedented $20 credit, I got this lovely thing for $32! I wish the chain was a little bit longer but I really do like it! It reminds me a lot of Rachel Zoe.

Photo Cred: The Gloss

You see where I'm going with this?

Always trying to be artsy
Something about it is so ornate but modern at the same time. And I really do love the gold and black combination: I've been a major fan of gold lately, even though I still do love my silvers, so this was PERFECT! Although I am obsessed with clothes, there's nothing better than good accessories: they really make or break the outfit. You could wear jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket, which is considered rather boring. But if you add an awesome pair of shoes or some incredible jewels, you're the latest fashionista!

I've never really heard of Amrita Singh before,  but her stuff is really amazing. Each piece has a certain unique je ne sais quoi that I'm swooning over. It's actually pretty good pricing, non-Gilt wise, for these pieces: they're so intricate and for relatively an inexpensive price. I vote Amrita Singh a definite buy!
Hello, lover.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Weekly Looks: A Fierce Feminity

There's nothing really new and fashion forward to report for this Weekly. OH... I did order a new necklace which I'm SUPER excited about! It should (hopefully) be arriving tomorrow. So instead, here's a nice picture of Boston!
Artsy, right?
For this Weekly, the looks are really girly. I think the theme of this week, in my life, is GIRLY. Just all of the colors, silhouettes, and patterns are so fierce and girly. So anyways...onto the looks!

  • Keira Knightley at "Never Let Me Go" Premiere (Chanel): A dream of mine is to be covered in pearls. Drenched in pearls. Keira Knightley, I'm so jealous of you. She looked absolutely  SPECTACULAR. From far away, this dress could be considered "boring". BUT THE DETAIL?! Incredible. The knee hem is so classy and the strong black heel is uber chic. What I love about Keira Knightley is how she always know to dress in an eclectic and interesting way.
  • Eva Mendes at  LA Philharmonic (Dior): In my mind, this dress is the epitome of whimsy bohemian. This pink looks SO amazing with her skin complexion and the silhouette is so princess-esque. But the bronze and silver beading gave it a bit more spice and prevents it from being too girly. As much as I love little cocktail dresses, I respect Eva Mendes for wearing a gown: it exudes class.
  • Rachel Bilson at the Roberto Cavalli 40th Anniversary Party (Roberto Cavalli): This dress is so Cavalli and it looked amazing on her! I love leopard, always, and this silhouette worked so well with the print. It was genius to match the dress with the red clutch. It reminded me so much of Christian Louboutin AND Lipstick Jungle in one. So wonderful.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Though I'm Walking Through the Shadows You Are With Me and You Comfort Me

So as everyone knows, or should know, I'm utterly obsessed with Cheryl Cole. Her style is utterly incredible, I LOVE her CD Three Words. I just love her so much. So obviously, I was super excited to see her music video for her latest single, "Promise This".


I absolutely loved the outfits in this music video sooo why not blog about it?! First and foremost, I love ballerina inspired looks.

Two of my skirts. Pretty baller...ina if I say so myself! 
So OBVIOUSLY, I was so smitten with  Cheryl's ballerina outfit. The fitted bodice was matched so beautifully with the "feathered' skirt of the dress. To me, it wasn't like Cheryl was trying to hard to be sexy, it was just pretty. The ivory/tan color also works perfectly with her skin tone (an ivory dress is hard to pull off so props, Ms. Cole) and epitomized femininity. 

I wasn't a huge fan of her blazer look. The stripes were so London chic, but I think that a patterned tight  (for the record, I'm loving patterned tights at the moment) would have created a more cohesive look with all of the outfits. But I think the beauty of London Fashionistas is their ability to experiment and overall originality. 

The more I look at it, the more I enjoy the "vine mini dress". I always love a good mini with long sleeves. In my personal opinion, it's so fun and mod. Sexy, without being promiscuous. The idea of the vines is definitely interesting, but the lighting totally flushed Cheryl out. When you look at it closer, however, the neckline is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's beaded and the mini an understated complexity. 

And finally... the orange dress. What to say? First of all, the silhouette is really beautiful. I think the bows on the shoulders  and the bright orange color gives a long and, for a lack of better words, boring dress some spice; however, the cleavage. Is it unanimous that the cleavage is just wrong. Obviously, I love Cheryl, but I thought the cleavage disrupted such an edgy and sophisticated overall look. Without a doubt, this look was extremely disappointing. 

Cheryl's new album "Messy Little Raindrops" is expected to hit London stores in early November, so I will be getting my copy when I go to London in December. Can we just all stop and reflect that she is showing a little red sole in the album art. Cheryl, you cease to amazing me!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Very Strange, Enchanting Boy

I've been so insanely busy with school work and college, I've barely had time to look at the last of Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week. When the New York Fashion Week is over, always need to represent my home state, and when London Fashion Week is over, always need to represent my favorite place ever, Paris is what I always look forward to. Even compared to New York or London,  I truly believe that Paris is the fashion mecca. Just think about all of the fabulous designers that have rooted from Paris.
Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Have I made my point clear? I hope so! I could go on and on, but that could get a wee bit redundant. So what does a busy college girl do to get the latest fashion trends? The recap obviously. One returning trend throughout all of the collections was the "boy look". 

To my own surprise, I actually love it. 

I know, I don't believe it either! Although I am trying to transform my style into what it is now and semi bohemian, a la Kate Hudson, I am the epitome of a femininity. I love skirts, pearls, Audrey Hepburn, and all things that depict being a girl. So I would hate this trend, right? No.  Is this me growing as an aspiring fashionista?! 

In the Balenciaga show, it seemed to me like the boy style is all about mixing and matching: you can make it your own!  And the pieces of each look involved so many fun fashion qualities. Jackets, blouses, shorts, vests! There's so much room for interpretation, which is the whole fun of fashion.

You could have a very strong and masculine look:
Balenciaga. Photo Cred:

Or Funky Glam:
Balmain. Photo Cred:
Or WHAT IF, one created a feminine boy look. How fabulously androgynous would THAT be?!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Weekly: I'm Fine Baby How are You?

So this week was lovely: a bunch of studying for my dreaded midterms and then I got to pack my things, hop on an express Amtrak, and go hooooome. Going home and being home is so refreshing and nice: going back to all that's familiar. It's been packed with errands, seeing friends, eating food, and SHOPPING. It opened my eyes about what I'm looking for during this Autumn season.

GLAMOUR: These Vena Cava for Aqua shorts are incredible and are the epitome of glam, something that's always a necessity!

COLOR! I'm craving some warm colors with a bohemian texture or print. Think Free People!

FUN AND FUNK. Fashion is fun and it's fun when you're funky.
Going home has also made me realize how much I miss a true Autumn. Unless you go to the Commons, crunchy leaves and changing colors go unnoticed. Although I'm a summer baby, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall: it's the perfect juxtaposition of warm and cold. And the color scheme is awesome. I really just want  some pumpkin pie or an apple picking spree. Buuuut I leave tomorrow so that's probably not going to happen. But a girl can dream, right?


  • Naomi Watts at the Fair Game Screening: I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only way to succeed with a LBD is something really classic (a la Audrey Hepburn) or something really creative. Naomi opted for the creative LBD and I'm LOVING it. The silhouette is pretty cool, I love all of the edgy aspects of it. And the muted gunmetal pumps turn it into something quite spectacular and classy.
  • Rachel Bilson at Dior: Some of my friends and I had a mini O.C marathon, and even though her style in the show is rather ugly, I love Rachel Bilson's personal look. And this pink Dior looks incredible on her. I'm not the biggest fan of the strappy heel but the dress is so gorgeous and feminine and I just love it.
  • Emma Roberts at Teen Vogue Party: Okay so I'm really not a fan of Emma Roberts, she's pissed me off ever since her stupid Teen Nick Show. But I will be fair, the girl can dress. And I especially LOVE this Malandrino on her. She's looks reeeaaallly old but I love the drapery and this purple is absolutely ravishing. I think a messy updo would look so awesome with this dress: extremely greek goddess-ish.


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ayo I'm Tired of Using Technology

In the midst of frantically studying for midterms, I have been keeping up with my fashion news. Fashion week in Paris?! Loving it so far! But that needs its own post. But this one article made me so upset. If you don't want to read it all, basically technology is taking over fashion. IT'S NOT FAIR. I just think it's really upsetting how a video could even be the slightest alternative to a runway. Never...

I will admit that this gives the show a very artistic perspective and it is cool, but one of the most crucial aspects of a fashion show, in my personal opinion, is to see the clothes live and breathe. It's kind of like when you see a celebrity in a movie versus seeing a celebrity in person. For example, seeing Michael Buble's music videos is much different, and inferior, to seeing him in person...


Get the picture? PUNNY

Not like I've ever been to fashion show (...), but seeing those pieces of art in person allow us to know that they're real. And also, the Gareth Pugh video seemed to place a lot of emphasis on the multiple models, and camera angles. While a fashion show has many other components, there's only one crucial aspect: the FASHION. 

I should be going to bed now, but I just thought I would make it clear that I'm NOT a fan of this new form. TOO MUCH MEDIA CONVERGENCE (there I go, applying what I learn in COM 101 to my blog).

I should also mention that my dorm had a fire drill at 12:45 AM a few nights ago...I was so upset, I wore my faux fur vest with my pajamas. I thought it was a fire drill must!

Photo Cred:
ONE OF MY FAVES FROM THE SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE! It's so eclectic and random but it just proves that fabulousity (and fur) is key AT ALL TIMES.


Sunday, 3 October 2010


I apologize but I didn't find any looks like I loved this week. So for your enjoyment, see if you can spot the SPIDY  here.