Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Very Strange, Enchanting Boy

I've been so insanely busy with school work and college, I've barely had time to look at the last of Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week. When the New York Fashion Week is over, always need to represent my home state, and when London Fashion Week is over, always need to represent my favorite place ever, Paris is what I always look forward to. Even compared to New York or London,  I truly believe that Paris is the fashion mecca. Just think about all of the fabulous designers that have rooted from Paris.
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Have I made my point clear? I hope so! I could go on and on, but that could get a wee bit redundant. So what does a busy college girl do to get the latest fashion trends? The recap obviously. One returning trend throughout all of the collections was the "boy look". 

To my own surprise, I actually love it. 

I know, I don't believe it either! Although I am trying to transform my style into what it is now and semi bohemian, a la Kate Hudson, I am the epitome of a femininity. I love skirts, pearls, Audrey Hepburn, and all things that depict being a girl. So I would hate this trend, right? No.  Is this me growing as an aspiring fashionista?! 

In the Balenciaga show, it seemed to me like the boy style is all about mixing and matching: you can make it your own!  And the pieces of each look involved so many fun fashion qualities. Jackets, blouses, shorts, vests! There's so much room for interpretation, which is the whole fun of fashion.

You could have a very strong and masculine look:
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Or Funky Glam:
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Or WHAT IF, one created a feminine boy look. How fabulously androgynous would THAT be?!


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  1. Your blog is amazing. I don't know when you have the time do this, but's fab and I really enjoy it!