Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Weekly: Have A Holy Jolly Christmas

I'm the worst.
I'm not very good with daily updating a blog.
But I hope Christmas was lovely for al!!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my Christmas turn out. Although my house almost burnt down, I had a lovely holiday.
New Slippers! They're so comfortable but I'm a little thrown off by the lack of holes!

Nothing like some brown and white on Christmas!
I loved all of my new jewels! So much gold and sparkles. My lovely boyfriend also got me beautiful jewels that aren't photographed, but I love them regardless!

My favorite presents: McQueen Scarf (!!!) and VonFurstenburg Pom-Pom Hat! Ready to embrace the winter instyle!


In terms of the Weekly, disappointing.

The only one I could find that the tiniest bit appealing was Jessica Alba shopping for groceries! Sad, right? I liked how besides the yellow printed dress, Jessica Alba's look was rather dark. It was chic for running errands without trying too hard. It's also extremely season appropriate; I hate seeing people wearing short shorts during the winter. I understand that weather varies from place to place but it seems extremely odd for an eastcoaster, like myself. The tights, cardigan, and boots made this bright dress very clean and wintery! Solid work, Jessica.

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Yum Yums!

Once again, I'm a terrible blogger and frequently don't have time to do a daily blog, but I'm taking this blog to show off two gift ideas, both centering around something that's near and dear to my heart: food. I can never understand how people can just not eat or have the whole "I eat to live" philosophy. It's just all so good! Especially holiday food!? Four years ago, I was introduced to my favorite Christmas delectable ever.
For the record, this isn't supposed to be sideways. Silly photo-uploader.

HENRI BENDEL'S TRASH IS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD! An incredible mix- chex, pretzels, pecans (my personal favorite)- covered in a yummy white chocolate. So good so good so good!! The packaging as well is uber chic, and isn't the packaging half of it?! In my mind, this is the perfect thing to  give to a hostess or anyone else in general.

Years after I discovered trash, circa now, my fabulous mother works at fabulous Henri Bendel. When I arrived from college, this is what I found.
The packaging might not be as creative as Trash, but it's still. And SO ADDICTING. Caramel-chocolate covered pretzels? To die for. Most of the damage of this container was done by yours truly.  While Trash should be appreciated by everyone, I would consider Funky Chunky Pretzels more of a kid-oriented snack. But still equally delicious! 

Let the eating begin!

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Monday, 20 December 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Oh yes, the weather outside is completely frightful. And with the weather comes a tragic issue: how can we  dress our cutest and chicest during this harsh winter weather? With fabulous Kate Spade mittens, of course!  A few Christmases ago, I was given the fabulous "Taxi" mittens, while my sister got the "Hi-5" mittens. Even though they might be a little bit hard to text with, they are still uber cozy and fun to brace the warm weather with!  Since then, Kate has made adorable variations of this mitten.
Photo Cred
The icy blue is adorable for the chilly season and the "place snowball here" is so cheeky! 
In my mind, it's so much better than pocket warmers! 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Weekly: I Don't Need the Answers

Let's discuss Pre-Fall 2011.
Overall, I think it's a pretty good collection. There is an incredible amount of variety, from Erdem's bright prints for day dresses to Reem Acra's fabulous sparkles for cocktails and evening wear to Zac Posen's sleek and sexy silhouettes. Variety is great, but it doesn't give many hints with trends. So for my personal entertainment, here is my collaborative list of what's in.

For all of those people who believe minis are hip, knee-length skirts are totally in are now.
PETA may not be happy, but hints of fur are uber chic.
Donna Karan is life-changing.
Even when you think fashion is androgynous, a stunning evening gown is always essential.

I urge everyone to check out some fabulous Pre-Fall 2011 Looks on

Oh by the way, look how domestic I am!

Onto the Weekly! 
  • Rachel Zoe shopping in Beverly Hills: As we all know, I want to be just like Rachel Zoe when I grow up, maybe I'll have a little bit more meat on my bones but you get the idea. Even while running measly errands, she looks absolutely fabulous. Who wears platform boots (Atwood?) whilst shopping AND pregnant. She's so gutsy. And black doesn't look gothic or inappropriate during the day; however, it looks so effortlessly chic. Do the shoulder have a feather embellishments?! I'm obsessed. I think she's also dressing very appropriate with being preggers and all, unlike some of her other clients; Kate Hudson, I'm sorry for insulting you. Zoe, on the other hand, she's shutting it down.
  • Rachel Bilson at the Spike Video Game Awards (Dior/ Brian Atwood): What I admire most about Rachel Bilson's style is how low maintenance it is: she's so simple and effortless, which works for her. This blue works so well with her hair and complexion. Although the silhouette is rather simple, the complexity of the ruffles and mesh definitely jazzes it up. Also, wearing a nude pump  and minimal accessories was very smart of her. For the most party, I think Bilson dresses like a classy young lady.
  • Katy Perry at the Change Begins Within Benefit (Issa): To me, Katy Perry is a toned down Lady Gaga; she has her fair share of crazy costumes! This dress for her, however, is perfect. She is showing off some of her originality while staying a classy Mrs. Russell Brand. She never really wears things that are long and does not show her boobs, so to have her wear a long and rather conservative dress is amazing. Also, her long hair looks amazing, for the record, I am a long hair fanatic.  I do with, however, she accessorized with more bracelets or even a stunning earring. Regardless, Katy Perry looks like a fashion firework (punny right?).
  • Reese Witherspoon at the How Do You Know LA Premiere (Zac Posen): Similar to Rachel Bilson, Reese has such a classic style. To me, she's know boring but she's wise; she's been in the industry for a while therefore she knows what works and what is appropriate for her age. She's not trying to impress anyone with super tight minis. This Posen, for example, shows off her tiny waist but it's not sultry or anything. The pink feather effect is the perfect amount of trendy for Reese, because she's a mom at all. This look, like her overall look, is appealing because she's not trying to impress anyone. She just looks put together and it's fabulous! 

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A Good Three

So I'm a terrible blogger and have failed to daily blog for two days. And since it's officially Sunday, I figured why not a three?

The number three is specifically important in my group of friends.
With that being said, here's my gift three.

I think even the most stylish person frequently needs a reminder or two about fabulousity and class. What a better mentor than the flawless and brilliant Coco Chanel.
Behold: The Fashion Classy Book.

Photo Cred
I think that this present is perfect for any fashionista. First of all, Chanel is amazing. So anything with the Chanel seal of approval is obviously a seal of approval in my mind. Also, buying clothes for people can be a little bit awkward and stressful. Will they be offended if I get them a certain size? What if they don't like this color? Am I trying to hard to press my style on them? Stressful Indeed! Getting something like this book, however, gives off the "I know you love fashion vibe" without  breaking the bank. These books are easy to read, as well. My best pal got Classy from our other best college pal/ my roommie and it's been great fun to browse through.

I'm not a ring person: for some reason, they have always freaked me out. But this gift guide is not about me. Therefore, I think a great gift would also be a fabulous statement ring. This Kate Spade one is so glitzy and glamorous, which is exactly what I think of when ringing in the holidays. The winter weather is so dull, sparkly jewels are a necessity. And this statement ring doesn't too much sparkle and is uber classy. As a result, it can last you the whole year. Talk about a happy new year! 
Photo Cred
Oh, and one more thing
Essentially, my style is relatively girly; however, I've been trying to shake it up a little bit more. Adding some edge has made me feel more on trend, not to mention it's ridiculously fun! So for Christmas this year, I desperately want this Alexander McQueen scarf.
Photo Cred
Without a doubt, McQueen is one of the most legendary designers of our generation. Owning something that exudes the original McQueen essence is imperative. Are the skulls a bit scary? Well yes. But this scarf comes in so many colors, the skulls don't have to be as harsh. This is so uncharacteristic but I want this so bad!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Slip into Something a Bit More Comfortable

My roommie and I get along extremely well; however, there is one thing we don't agree on:
My Slippers.

She definitely has a point. My sister me slipper from London two Christmases ago, and I've worn them ever since.  I even left them at home this Thanksgiving and made my mom send them to my dorm for finals.  Consequently, my slippers may not be in the best condition. 
Hello, lover!

The front: my roommie refers to them as "homeless people slippers".

The back: At least my heel isn't falling out!

My unconditional relationship with my slippers is definitely odd; how could someone who loves nice things and strives for all things glamourous love these? When it comes to my slippers, dare I say it, comfort dominates chic-ness. When something is so comforting, falling madly in love is inevitable. So instead of promoting an uber glamorous present today, I've decided to recognize the essential; a good and snuggly slipper.

I think something like these would make the perfect gift.


Photo Cred

First of all, I love the closed back on these slippers. One of the things that I love about my slippers is how I can walk/run/skip and I don't have to worry about them falling off my feet! These slippers, however, provide more support. I love the whole tribal look, the braiding is so cool and the natural looking colors allow anyone to dress up their slippers, I know I like dressing up my slippers! And sheepskin is tre comfortable. Even though the price might not be favorable for some, slippers are definitely an investment. So please, pick up a pair of fabulous slippers and wear them 'till the death! 

Speaking of sleeping apparel...

I am IN LOVE with my new jeans.
I think they're rather flattering, slimming but not suffocating.
And they are soooo comfortable.
So comfortable, I feel asleep with them on a few days ago.
That's right.
And when I woke up in the morning.
So if you're not a fan of new slippers, GET THESE JEANS.



This has to be a quicky because I need to get sleep for a final. But tomorrow, I will be talking about my choice of pajamas last night.

For Starters,
I've stocked up on so many overtime. My current obsession, you ask?

I love their variety of styles, colors, everything. They are all so cool and effortlessly chic! 
But I found my guilty pleasure, which I think would be an incredible Christmas present for any flashy chickadee.

Photo Cred:,0&layer=comp&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.7,1.0,0.5,0&fmt=jpeg
I personally love these in green but any who.

I love love love. They're so fabulous and girly, but at the same time, effortlessly chic. What I like best about these sunnies is how the sparkles aren't too obvious.
And cat-eye is so trendy but this isn't overbearing cat-eye.

Don't they just remind you of nostalgia?!

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

And, let's be honest, who doesn't love nostalgia?!


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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

All The Way Home I'll Be Warm

Because the weather outside is quite frightful, a cozy sweater is an imperative holiday present and a necessity for the cold weather. For example, I'm currently wearing my incredible DVF sweater. The beauty of sweaters, like many of the gift ideas, there's a large range of pricing and let's be honest, who doesn't love a sweater?! My friend Kim loves sweaters to the nth power.

For the ladies in the house:  I love sweaters that have some kind of dramatic effect.  Like this cocoon cardigan; the back is so interesting.  AND THIS FRINGED SWEATER actually made me "oooooh".

Like really.

Of course, a generic sweater comes first and foremost, but I super special sweater, in my mind, makes the perfect present. 

With a generic sweater:
Some Random Folk: Oh, what'd you get for Christmas?
You: This sweater! 
Some Random Folk: Cool.

With a super amazing sweater:
Some Random Folk: That sweater is super fierce.
You: I got it for Christmas!
Some Random Folk: Wow... I wish I was loved.

For the Fly Boys: I think a rather traditional sweater does the trick. Over the summer, I (attempted) to make my boyfriend wear a "Grandpa Cardigan", but he wasn't feeling it. Unless your man frequents the cardigan, I advise a pull-over sweater. V-Necks, I think, would create a decent gift: a little flash but still classy.

there are THREEEEE things one must keep in mind when buying a sweater
1) Quality, purchase a real and snuggly fabrice
2) Size, usually a bigger sweater is better
3) Color, classic color for dramatic sweaters, fun colors for generic sweaters

And with that, I'm done!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas TIME

Okay, so my title may be cheesy, but watches are definitely a necessary Christmas present. The beauty of it is that you can give a watch to everyone: men, women, boys, and girls. And also, the price ranges are endless! Whether its for fashion reasons, or a cute way to tell a certain someone that their lack of punctuality is annoying, a watch is an oh-so-chic present!

This is the one that I've been smitten with:
There's something about the gold and tortoise combination that I absolutely loves; it exudes classiness. To me, this watch is completely pragmatic and chic. It'd be perfect with a leather jacket,  dark wash jeans, and flat. But, at the same time, a little dress and jacket would work as well. Either stacked with bracelets or left alone, Michael Kors' watches are perfect accessories. 

Since my posts have been rather positive, I feel like it's a good time for a nice time for an original rant. 

or as I would like to call them,

Ugh. You know when someone's a complete and total Hipster, or wanna-be Hipster, when they put a pair of large, obviously fake, glasses.

Just like these:
Photo/Store Cred: American Apparel

What kind of statement do people think they're accomplishing with these glasses? I'm a conformist phink?! I find these Hiprims to be ironic because the Hipsters are trying to be different by doing something so common now? They're not attractive in the least bit, it's just covering someone's face. I think individuality is something that should be cherished, but my dear Hipsters, there are other ways! Try being a fabulous first, not some second rate prototype! Some people may actually have these glasses for pragmatic reasons, but I feel like "posers" use them just for sport. But even if you do need glasses, WHY THESE?! They're just so silly I can't even stand them. My least favorite,however, is when a celebrity who is the farthest thing from Hipster in this whole wide world wears them and consequently thinks they're the coolest. Exhibit A: Joe Jonas. You're not a Hipster. You are a Disney Channel Star. Just because you wear Hiprims doesn't give you the right to deem yourself "Indie". Once you create thoughtful music, unlike "Burning Up" and "S.OS", maybe you'll be considered a Hipster.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm intrigued with Hipsters. They're so now and some of my friends would be considered "artsy" and I love them so Hipsters are fine by me. In fact, I think it'd be awesome if everyone had a smidgen of Hipster in them: something off-beat and quirky but makes them their own person, fashion-wise or personality-wise. But Hiprims are so stupid. ALERT: You can be a Hipster without the rims! And you can still be cool and Indie and all of that fun stuff! This might sound after school special, but just be yourself. SHEESH.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Weekly: Sleigh Bells Ring

Hello! So this week has been rather uneventful; studying, studying, Christmas present shopping, and oh,uh, more studying! But it is very exciting because Christmas is so soon. 13 days!  So shall we star the "12 days of Christmas" song tomorrow, yes? Good. So, in celebration of the Holidays, I am going to blog about something that's on my Christmas list, or a good present idea, everyday until the wonderful holiday happens! Sounds good? Yay!

Present Number One:
Photo Cred/ Source:
The alliance between fashion and music are relatively strong. As we have all experienced through Madonna, Gaga, and every major star, musicians set the trends. When I saw this poster, I became obsessed. I love how it covers major artists and their choice of style. What's even better is that they have posters for the individual artists. It's the perfect thing to get any fashionista or music fanatic. Just picture it in an office and jam room; how fabulous?!

Now, onto the weeklies! 
Bare with me, there are TONS.
  • POSH SPICE at LAX (Giambattista Valli): A few days ago, Poshie Posh tweeted about this jacket. It is probably the most fabulous cape I've ever seen. The high collar and pockets make it trendy, but in black, it is a forever piece. I love how this look was an all-black outfit.  She kept it simple, so she looks undoubtedly clean and chic. And oh-so posh!
  • GWEN STEFANI at The Kennedy Centers Honors (Prada): Sometimes, Gwen Stefani bothers me: she's a little too rough around the edges and rocker. Like, put on some clothes, please? But she looks fantastic in this yellow Prada. Yellow's so tricky to perfect, and she "hit it out of the park" (sports terms, lolololololol).  Her hair looks great, the accessories are matchy, and that red lip sticks true to her inner rocker. The high neck with the mermaid skirt is something  we don't see many celebrities wear, but Gwen is classy and savy enough to pull something like this off. Bravo! 
  • CARRIE UNDERWOOD at the ACA's (George Chakras): I admire Carrie Underwood  for her transition; from American Idol winner to being a major fashion queen, her looks have gotten more and more risky and fashion forward. Like this George Chakras is absolutely stun.ning.  Though this red is so great with her complexion, but it's the shear asymmetrical neckline that makes this piece.  How Jessica Rabbit of her? Her fashion taste has evolved in such a steady way, major props.
  • EMMA ROBERTS at the British Fashion Awards (Julien Macdonlad): LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This Julien Macdonald is so youthful but so chic at the same time. I love the blue print and the black tuelle everywhere is awesome. I also loved how she paired it with tights. Tights just pulls the outfit completely together. I love how she didn't put her hair in a sleek up-do and created minimal accessories; this dress is fun enough, no need to add extras! It's so quirky but, at the same time, so awesome.


Friday, 10 December 2010


I am pleased to say that, as of 3:50 today, I will be FINISHED with classes for this semester. With one final this coming Thursday, I will have plenty of time to shop for Christmas presents, sleep, exercise, read My Booky Wook 2, and, most importantly, blog. Oh how I've missed spontaneously blogging about something absolutely remarkable. So here we go!

First order of business: Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

 I may go as far in proclaiming this was one of my favorite Chanel shows in a while, which is some feat! 
Photo Cred: Harper's Bazaar
One of the most brilliant things about Chanel is how it is has never lost the feminine/glamour aesthetic, but it constantly thinks of new and exciting trends; the perfect blend  of trend and classic. I'm a really big fan of jewel tones, so I'm so smitten with the color scheme: canary, sapphire, ruby, emeralds, I LOVE IT ALL!  Overall the Byzantine theme is absolutely genius; it gives off this sense of royalty. (On a side note, Karl and his PR people always do and incredible picking a cohesive venue for Chanel shows). I love ALL of the jackets and this studded fab!  And the jacket in the finale?! I'M IN LOVE. It was so cohesive, so beautiful, and just amazing. What I would've given to be front row during that show.

Not  to sound self-centered, but I instantly thought of this incredible necklace of mine when I saw this collection:
Is it just me, or does this necklace work pretty well with Pre-Fall 2010?
Selfrigdes, London, 2010

For Christmas, could Santa please give me Chanel Pre-Fall 2011.

Kay thanks.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Weekly: Some Good Fun

As a break of my continuous study session, which will come to its grand finale on December 16th, I went to a concert on Friday where I saw three INCREDIBLE bands.
Absolutely fabulous. Totally the type of music I love and we were pretty DAMN close! 
When at the concert, I kept analyzing their hipster/I-don't-really-care-but-I-kinda-do ensemble. Though it's second to Michael Buble's style, I always need a Michael Buble shout-out, I think it's pretty cool. This guy from Steel Train, that guy, wore a retro Mickey Mouse shirt and I was smitten. I'm apathetic to Hipsters, as a society, but I love when people have FUN with what they wear. To be honest, life isn't about being serious and neither is fashion.
Photo Cred:

BEHOLD THE SWEATSHIRT! Don't you want to be best friends with this fellow? Contrary to popular belief, fashion is about giving yourself some personality and EXPRESSING! 

But here's my question, when this look wasn't cool and the boy band gel-ed hair was in, what were band mates wearing?
Photo Cred:

  • Mila Kunis at the Black Swan Premiere (Ellie Saab with  Louboutin Shoes): I will take this moment to tell you how bad I want to see Black Swan. SO BADLY! Who doesn't like twisted psychological thrillers with a few changements here and there? Nobody, I tell you! Anyways, she looks absolutely AWESOME. You know what else is awesome? This look. Mila is such a beautiful and young star so having that mix of sophistication and sex appeal is PERFECT for her! For example, she rocked the gown and sleek up do, but the overall silhouette gave it some va-va-vroom. The pale pinky lavender looks incredible with her complexion and topping it off, I love the Loubs! I think it's great, also, that she didn't take this time to over-acessorize this look: it makes her look understated but timeless.
  • Nicole Kidman at the Rabbit Hole Premiere (Clements Ribeiro): Obsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. First of all, I love the midnight blue in contrast to her orange-ish hair. It's so striking! Even though Nicole Kidman is so beautiful, everyone tends to forget that she's a growing lady. Consequently, this dress is so age appropriate. All of the lace and hidden sparkles make the Ribeiro dress look chic and fabulous on her, but the hem line stays true to her age. And I love how she paired this blue dress with tan shoes, the contrast throughout look incredible. I remember watching a red carpet show many years ago and someone said that Nicole Kidman would look great in anything...yep, still true.
  • Selena Gomez at the Grammy Nominations (Asos): Say what you will about Selena Gomez, but I appreciate how she dresses like a classy young lady instead of a piece of trash. I love the asymmetrical hem on this Asos dress, it makes a potentially matronly dress look hip and YOUNG. I think this juxtaposition of young versus old is especially seen in her hair versus her shoes: the hair is so old school pin-up while the shoes are super young. If I was Selena Gomez, however, I would have picked something a little more flashy that stays in the black family. But overall, she always looks like a class act.