Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Weekly: Have A Holy Jolly Christmas

I'm the worst.
I'm not very good with daily updating a blog.
But I hope Christmas was lovely for al!!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my Christmas turn out. Although my house almost burnt down, I had a lovely holiday.
New Slippers! They're so comfortable but I'm a little thrown off by the lack of holes!

Nothing like some brown and white on Christmas!
I loved all of my new jewels! So much gold and sparkles. My lovely boyfriend also got me beautiful jewels that aren't photographed, but I love them regardless!

My favorite presents: McQueen Scarf (!!!) and VonFurstenburg Pom-Pom Hat! Ready to embrace the winter instyle!


In terms of the Weekly, disappointing.

The only one I could find that the tiniest bit appealing was Jessica Alba shopping for groceries! Sad, right? I liked how besides the yellow printed dress, Jessica Alba's look was rather dark. It was chic for running errands without trying too hard. It's also extremely season appropriate; I hate seeing people wearing short shorts during the winter. I understand that weather varies from place to place but it seems extremely odd for an eastcoaster, like myself. The tights, cardigan, and boots made this bright dress very clean and wintery! Solid work, Jessica.

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