Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Suggested Post: The Trendologist-Approved Guide Winter Ready Nails

Unless you live on a sunny beach year-round-- consider everyone else on the planet extremely jealous-- you know what havoc winter can wreak on your beauty regime. Dry skin, split ends galore and chapped lips are just a few seasonal travesties. And deny it all you want, but your hands, nails and cuticles also endure collateral damage. Scoff if you must, but polished nails and moisturized mits read as professional and responsible to onlookers. After all, don't you think your potential employer or business partner would comment on your chipped nails and snakeskin-esque hands after a boardroom foray? Thanks to Julep's brilliant guide to "winter-izing" your nails, consider one of this season's ice cold dilemmas handled.

Courtesy of Julep
While each step of Julep's guide acts as vital ingredients fuss-to free nails, moisturizing is the skincare gift that keeps on giving. Start by lathering your hands with a penetrating lotion such as La Mer's The Hand Treatment ($80) for an A-List experience or an economical Hand Salve by Kiehl's ($15). Venture a step further than slabbing lotion onto your palms (though that is undoubtedly necessary) by introducing cuticle cream into your daily routine. Burt's Bees variation ($6) is perfect for the beauty maven who's perpetually searching eco-friendly picks while Julep's Hand and Cuticle Stick ($22) is a blessing for the woman on-the-go. The final step? Add some moody lacquer to your moisturized nails. Julep's Joanne and Ilsa hues create striking color contrasts against a snowy wonderland, while Shari will be perfect for when winter melts into spring.

What are some of your beauty tricks for winter? Sound off below!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Red Carpet Review: 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards

Everyone who is glued to their television set, laptop or techie-friendly tablet during awards season knows that the Screen Actors Guild Awards rarely provide jaw-dropping ensembles. But after a less-than-exciting Golden Globes red carpet, attendees cranked up the sartorial notch immensely for the lower-brow soiree. Like an idyllic fashion buffet, there was a little bit of everything: winter whites in slim silhouettes, pops of luxe jewel tones, and some pretty pastels sprinkled in between. In short, fashion fanatics everywhere are currently experiencing mild heart palpitations after inspecting this show's red carpet. But for every impressive outfit was the occasional style miss. Skipped the red carpet pre-show? Check out the best and worst looks from last night's event.

The Worst.

Jennifer Aniston in Galliano: Two words: Rack City. Aniston has an enviable body, but this plunging neckline (and accompanied necklace) puts too much emphasis on her cleavage versus the entire look. Between the tapestry- esque pattern and clingy silhouette, the dress looks like something that Cher wore one of her tours many moons ago.  While the gilded hue perfect matches Aniston's blonde locks, this case of monochrome is inexplicably unimpressive. Fashion fanatics will never turn to the Cake actress for on-the-pulse style choices; however, this look is equal parts "blah" and "shield your eyes."
Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab: Once upon a time,  also known as 2014, Nyong'o was the reigning queen of the red carpet. In the event you've recently been diagnosed with award season amnesia, allow "cape" and "Nairobi blue" to trigger your memory.  But 2015 is turning into classic case of  "new year, new you" gone wrong as the Academy Award winner's once unanimously adored ensembles now have a split jury. While the deep neckline in perfectly juxtaposed with an otherwise modest silhouette, this dress is too busy. Together, the long sleeves, floor-grazing skirt, and clashing fabric are an eye-sore. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan: Unless you've been living under a rock for the past six years, you know that the Modern Family actress is an utter bombshell. A frequent client of Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang, every dress Vergara wears on a red carpet highlights the funny woman's enviable frame. Yet, this red Donna Karan number felt like the sexy notch was turned up so far, the dial broke and is now malfunctioning. The sheer paneling looks is tacky while the mismatched straps gives the impression that one of them has spontaneously snapped off. Don't get your hopes up, fashion nerds; we will never see Vergara in a masculine pantsuit or voluminous dress, but this feels overbearingly sexy.

Julia Roberts in Givenchy: As the new face of Givenchy, it's no surprise that Julia Roberts would opt for a Riccardo Tisci original. But out of all the extraordinary ready-to-wear and couture pieces to choose from, why would the megawatt actress opt for something that Vivian Ward wouldn't even wear (with or without Edward Lewis's credit card and a slew of Rodeo Drive stores)? The biggest problem with this look is the lack of proper tailoring: the corseted top looks too tight and the pants are too bunched up at the bottom. To worsen an already tragic look, the sheeny panels around the pockets, lapels and bodice create an odd shape instead of contouring Roberts's figure. This look could've been salvaged with a killer pair of heels, yet these peep-toes are universally lackluster.
Natalie Dormer in Naeem Khan: Though the Screen Actors Guild Awards rarely prompt head-turning ensembles, the red carpet looks are usually sophisticated.  Unfortunately, Dormer's asymmetrical dress was not up to par with conventional SAG ensembles. From head-to-toe, this looks screams junior department. Between the mosiac pattern around the waist the basic one shoulder, this dress is comparable to a senior prom outfit. And what's going up with that childish pinned back hair? Opting for a solid dress with the same silhouette and a messy updo would've made the world's difference.  

The Best.

Kiera Knightley in Erdem: After a sartorial stint as a modern-day milkmaid, which excited no one, it appears that The Imitation Game actress learned her lesson. Though the British brand is a favorite amongst style savants, Erdem doesn't receive as much mainstream red carpet credit as it deserves. Translation? It's exciting to see such a megawatt star support her British roots. The expectant mother admitted to not wearing skintight clothing during her pregnancy, and the empire waist and sheer paneling to subdue the plunging neckline highlights Knightley's maternal while remaining comfortable. If this dress couldn't be more perfect, the vibrant purple and delicate texture are like creamy icing on an already superior cake. Knightley's beachy half-up hairdo and and ear cuff keep this look SAG Awards- appropriate.
Felicity Jones in Balenciaga: In true Brit fashion, the Screen Actor Guild nominee is buttoned up and ladylike as ever in a soft pink column dress. While it's no secret that the streamlined shape isn't revolutionary, the cross bodice offers an essence of elegant modernity that perfectly complements Jones's fashion persona. Combined with her dark features, the light pink hue offers a striking color contrast. To highlight the interesting bodice, the star opted for gorgeous dangling earrings and bare wrists. In an equally heavenly color palette, the earrings and sleek clutch acted as the perfect finishing touches to a best dressed contender. 

Julianne Moore in Givenchy: This awards season is shaping up to be one big love affair between Julianne Moore and Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci that fashionistas never want to end.  Forget Kermit, it's not easy being red... a redhead, that is. However, with a glistening emerald dress, the frontrunner this awards season makes it look so easy! While dresses with lots of beading or embellishments oftentimes look heavier than designed, the languid silhouette and tank-like straps prevent this dress from appearing bulky. And can we discuss those earrings for a moment? Instead of opting for a colorless diamond, as most red carpet veterans do, adding a purple earring to a green dress offers a quirky, yet undeniably stylish, color combination. With a fresh face and a wavy lob, Moore's beauty regime perfectly complements her ensemble.
Emilia Clarke in Donna Karan Atelier:  Though the Game of Thrones actress isn't the most sought after star on the red carpet, she always delivers. Luckily, Clarke did not disappoint at the SAG Awards. Still attempting to get over the Lupita's cape moment of 2014,  this dress is a moodier take on one of the best ways to make a sartorial statement during awards seasons. "Black & Blue" isn't just a Backstreet Boys album, it is an effortlessly chic color palette that is bound to make turn heads.  Frosted head to hand in Cartier jewels, the actress is quintessentially red carpet ready. The berry lip adds to this look without competing against the dress's dual-tone color scheme. 

Naomi Watts in Balenciaga: No matter how many high-octane hues or patterns grace a red carpet, it's almost law that any glamourous event will showcase a large percentage of black dresses. Though undeniably chic, noir ensembles can be a little boring after several award shows. However, nothing spices up a sea of dark dresses quite like a navy getup. Fetching yet subtle, dark blue is an underestimated neutral. And against Watts's light coloring? Heavenly. Not to mention the off-the-shoulder textured detailing brings an ordinary dress to the next level. Coiffed to perfection, and polished off with a baby pink lip, the actress gives this progressive dress a feminine edge.
Rosamund Pike in Christian Dior Haute Couture: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. A vast improvement from the string bikini in dress form that Pike sported at the Golden Globes, the Gone Girl actress nails it in a ultra voluminous haute couture outfit. The touchable texture and dimensional shape breathes some life back into the typical black dress. Sure, it's a lot of fabric; however, it works because of the shortened hem in the front and Pike's model-esque stature. With the complete look in mind, a simple black pump and minimal jewels create a cohesive look while emphasizing the dress's beautiful craftsmanship. On the beauty front, Pike's casual waves mimic the look's texture while the red pout make this outfit movie star worthy. 
Emma Stone in Christian Dior Haute Couture: Always a red carpet darling, Stone is without a doubt winning this year's awards season. It feels like we were just resuscitated from looking at the nominee's stunning Lanvin outfit from the Golden Globes, and then she arrives to last night's event in something that will put any style savant in an extended sartorial coma. Dramatic? Perhaps; however, this look is the perfect fashion moment on the red carpet. It takes a seriously style conscious star-- try saying that five times fast-- to have enough confidence to sport this look. Forget conventional dresses in taffeta or silk: fashion fanatics were glued to their televisions last night wishing they could wear that Dior number.  The perfect blend between masculine and feminine, Stone's fierce red lip, ear cuffs, and slick ponytail keep this look cool.  When Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn wrote pages about Amy Dunne's idea of the "cool girl," she was subconsciously predicting the future and envisioning this look, right?
Which looks did you love? Sound off below! 
Photos courtesy of Who What Wear and Yahoo.com 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Supported Post: A Modern Living Room with Modani

Though evident, the connection between fashion and home decor tends to be taken for granted. And why? Both interior design and personal style are spot-on ways to express taste. When it comes to my personal home aesthetic, I tend to opt for progressive pieces that also pay a subtle homage to the sixties. Translation? 2015 meets Austin Powers's jumbo jet (minus the color). Modani, one of the hottest interior companies that promises high-quality and trendy pieces, is the one-stop shop for furniture and home accessories that capture the unique juxtaposition of progressive and retro pieces. Exhibit A: this ultra-luxe white couch, which is one of Modani's many impressive sofas. Simple, yet undeniably mod, this pick is the perfect focal point to any living room. With sleek pieces and a muted color palette, this room's aesthetic depicts what I would wear any day or add to any space.

modani modern
Like this couch and the accessories to match? Check out Modani for the créme de la créme in chic couches and more.

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