Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Supported Post: A Modern Living Room with Modani

Though evident, the connection between fashion and home decor tends to be taken for granted. And why? Both interior design and personal style are spot-on ways to express taste. When it comes to my personal home aesthetic, I tend to opt for progressive pieces that also pay a subtle homage to the sixties. Translation? 2015 meets Austin Powers's jumbo jet (minus the color). Modani, one of the hottest interior companies that promises high-quality and trendy pieces, is the one-stop shop for furniture and home accessories that capture the unique juxtaposition of progressive and retro pieces. Exhibit A: this ultra-luxe white couch, which is one of Modani's many impressive sofas. Simple, yet undeniably mod, this pick is the perfect focal point to any living room. With sleek pieces and a muted color palette, this room's aesthetic depicts what I would wear any day or add to any space.

modani modern
Like this couch and the accessories to match? Check out Modani for the créme de la créme in chic couches and more.

What's your home design aesthetic? Sound off below! 

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