Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Style Files: I'm Coming 'Round When They Don't Know the Facts

Music-wise, this was a very solid week. Not only was Michael Buble's Christmas album released, but Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto was as well! I've been very into Coldplay lately: the band's music is laid back but still has some edge. My absolute favorite song from this album is called "Hurts like Heaven." The cool thing about this song is that it's nothing like the rest of the album. It's upbeat and extremely catchy so here it is!


In honor of Halloween, I wanted to dedicate this Style-Spiration to Nicki because she only wears costumes.  Is she the chicest person ever? No. Do I like her outfits? Not really. But she does one thing that many people don't: dress how she wants and doesn't care who likes it. And when someone gets to sit next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week, you know she's a big deal.

(Photo Cred)

Nicki at the 2011 Grammys (Givenchy): Well... she's very cheetah-licous. Obviously, one should never wear so much cheetah; however, her swag makes this look come off as cool. Also, that fuchsia lip is fabulous! (Photo Cred)

Nicki at Hot 97's ThanksgivingThank You Concert (The Blonds): This look is a little crazy; however, I kind of love the social implications. I'm thinking this is one of her saner outfits and it's interesting: half classy, half  Nicki.(Photo Cred)

Nicki at the 2011 AMA Nomination Ceremony (Cia. Maritima): To be perfectly honest, I hate everything about this look. Well, that's a lie: her hair is okay. This is  just a very very bad combination of pieces. But does Nicki care? Nope. She wears her outfit with complete confidence. (Photo Cred)

Now onto the weekly! 

  • Cat Deeley at a Chanel Party (I'd assume Chanel): This look is awesome because it's both sophisticated and chic. The pastel color scheme is so classic and I love the silhouette: long sleeves are a almost always win in my book. The semi-sheer skirt makes this outfit somewhat sexy. Deeley accessorized this dress beautifully: the modern shoes de-frumpatizes the dress. By keeping the hair down, Deeley keeps this look current.
  • Fan Bingbing at the Tokyo International Film Festival (Jason Wu): This outfit is mind-blowingly amazing. This Jason Wu collection is stunning and the styling tactics are incredible. Those sparkling shoes with this ladylike silhouette is outstanding. I love that she kept her hair and makeup clean. Brava! 
  • Lauren Conrad at the Autumn Party (BCBG MaxAzria): Obsessed.  Conrad's hair and makeup is so retro, which I love. The pink lip was the perfect dash of color for this neutral outfit.  Also, I love how she played around with different types of textures. Good job! 


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bobbles and Lace

My favorite thing, when it comes to personal style, is the following:

SOME RANDO: Oh my god, I'm obsessed with your (insert fabulous piece here).
ME:  Oh thanks! 
SOME RANDO:  No really, where did you get it?
ME: (Insert some obscure and fabulous boutique).

It may sound really dumb, but I'm obsessed with shopping at little boutiques. In my mind, these stores really drive personal style: we're not concerned with being on trend in these stores. Instead, we purchase pieces simply because we love them. This past weekend, my mother and I went to this Bostonian boutique called Bobbles &Lace. Obviously, it was love at first sight. 
(Photo Cred)
While Bobbles & Lace has clothes, shoes, and purses, I'm OBSESSED with their  jewels. If I could, I would've bought the vast majority of their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Though I didn't clear out the store, I did purchase some incredible statement necklaces. 

No words.
In my humble opinion, statement necklaces are a MUST for any aspiring fashionista. They truly add that "wow" factor to any subpar outfit. Just remember to keep the rest of your jewels, makeup, hair, and accessories at a minimum: you want to push the envelope, but not that far!

I'm obsessed with the pops of blue in the necklace. In my mind, it's the perfect mix of a costume piece and glamour. I'm actually wearing this necklace right now! To make this  show-stopping piece casual for the daytime, I styled this necklace with a classic white button-down, ripped jeans, my awesome black flats, and simple gold jewels. Also, I tied my hair in a ballerina bun and decided to keep my makeup feminine with a light lip.

Isn't the detailing to die for?
I'm so smitten with how edgy this necklace is. Can we talk about the spikes?! Incredible. I felt like such a toughie when I wore this necklace yesterday: I styled it with my toughie boots , a grey leather jacket, black top, and dark green shorts. Oh, and let's not forget the red lip! A colorful lip is appropriate for a neckline like this because there aren't  no pops of color. If you're going to go the edgy route with a piece like this , go all out! Another cool way to style a piece like this would be with an A-line skirt, simple top, and a denim vest.

I purchased this piece because I love the vintage vibe it exudes. The red and gold combination is so regal and who doesn't want to look like a queen? Since this necklace's chain is longer than the other two, I'm thinking this would look great with a chunky sweater, dark washed jeans, and leopard print flats.

If you're in Beantown, I highly suggest you check out Bobbles & Lace. If not, I urge you to find super sick boutiques close to you!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Style Files: We Can Make it Right, Hit the City Lights

Last weekend, my friends and I had a mini Michael Jackson tribute. Ever since then, I can't stop listening to "P.Y.T." I couldn't tell you why I'm obsessed with this song, but I am. Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop.

Say what you will about her, but I love Nicole Richie. She was hilarious on The Simple Life- I almost forgot about that show- and has made an incredible transformation from a sloppy mess, no offense, to a hip fashionista. This is what Lifetime movies are made out of, people! For this edition, I thought it'd be super fun to chronicle her amazing metamorphosis. 

2003: This is borderline painful. First of all, that hemline? WAY TOO SHORT. I'm all for a punk-inspired shoe, but with this outfit? A major STYLE DON'T. I don't like how monochromatic the scarf-slash-dress situation is. And that bag? This is actually tragic. (Photo Cred)

At the Maxim Hot 100 Party in 2005: Clearly, this was the start of  "Scary-Thin" Richie; however, the styling of this look is a huge improvement. Obviously, this was the era of Richie and Zoe. The silhouette, though plain, is more ladylike than that situation Richie previously wore. The fierce snakeskin shoe acts as a neutral, which is fabulous. Her hair and makeup gives her an approachable vibe. Kind of plain, though. (Photo Cred)

At the Charlotte Ronson RTW Fall 2006 Show: This look is okay. She attempts rocking funky accessories; however, the look is still a little primitive. This look would be a million times better if she stuck to black.  For the record, I wanted the Fendi Spy Bag SO bad when I was younger. (Photo Cred)

2008: Ugh, so stellar! The print is so bohemian; however, the black and white color combination makes this dress ladylike at the same time. The summery cutouts and the empire waist flatter her body by giving her a little more shape. Also, the gold accessories are the perfect way to spice up a black and white look. (Photo Cred)

At the 2010 MET Ball (Marc Jacobs): Love this look so much! Although the silhouette is simple, the sparkle of the  dress really gives this look a "wow" factor. Keeping the accessories simple was incredibly smart of her.  And the long locks gives this look the quintessential Nicole Richie boho-chic flair!  (Photo Cred)

 2011- At a Sephora/ Charlotte Ronson Event (A Solid Mix of McQueen, Kate Winter, Louboutin, and House of Harlow): While this look doesn't really portray her boho chic aesthetic, I think it proves that she's really changed. The sleek ponytail and the strong lines on the coat makes this look modern while the bag- I'm obsessed with that bag- creates juxtaposition, which I love. I also love how Richie wears things from her own line. If they're cool enough for Nicole Richie, who wouldn't want to purchase those pieces?

Well, that was lengthy. Onto the Anti-Weekly!

Oh yes, ladies and gent, the Anti-Weekly is back! While there were some fabulous looks from this week, there were other looks that really rubbed me the wrong way. Since I'm a sassy one, an Anti-Weekly was an obvious decision.
  • Leighton Meester at the Jimmy Choo Icon Collection Launch (Jason Wu): This is so hideous, it makes me feel uncomfortable. First of all, her hair looks like a TERRIBLE wig. I love Leighton Meester, but she needs to fix that horrible hair. And what's with the sheer blouse? Sure, sometimes showing your bra is appropriate: frat parties, strip clubs, Vegas, etc.  This is not one of those times. Nothing says unsexy more than a blouse and mid-thigh skirt. I think she was trying to pull off the sexy librarian look, but failed miserably. And those shoes? They don't even work with this look! Just horrible.
  • Jennifer Aniston at the Elle Women Tribute in LA (Kaufman Franco): I'm totally "Team Jen;" however, this dress makes her look like a sagging Hollywood has-been. She's so beautiful and this dress doesn't do her justice: she's trying too hard! A nice sheath, straightened hair, and a killer accessory would have been sufficient. In my opinion, this is unflattering- look at the midsection- and disgusting. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Video Fashion Week

If you thought that Fashion Week was over, think again! While Video Fashion Week shows have been on the rise for quite some time, it seems as if they've truly become mainstream this season. I mean, if makes a big deal out of it, it IS a big deal. But what are we supposed to think about these videos? Are they super cool or a major fashion faux pas? Get ready for some pro-and-con-age because it's a'coming.


  • They're a super sick way to show off the inspiration behind a collection.
  • I always love a good film.
  • Whenever I see a runway collection, I always imagine what kind of people would wear these pieces. These videos hit the nail right on the head.
  • A boring presentation, instead of a full-fledged runway show, is so...boring. These videos definitely give some life to a simple presentation.
  • They don't really show off the clothes. Like, can we talk about the Surface to Air video? Those patchwork jeans were only exciting for so long! 
  • Sometimes, I found myself more interested in the drama than the clothes...sad, but true.
  • I  do miss the razz-ma-tazz of a runway show. 
After this short, but sweet, pros and cons list, I think that Video Fashion Week is a STYLE DO. I mean,  technology is making our world a very virtual place. If it can't be changed back to the good 'ol days, we might as well embrace it, right? I strongly urge you to check out Video Fashion Week: they're a new way to look at some of the coolest collections. 


Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Style Files: When I Was Young, I Took off Running

So last week, my friend and I went to see Matt Nathanson and Vanessa Carlton at the House of Blues. It was beyond amazing: Matt Nathanson is one of my absolute favorites and Vanessa Carlton's performance gave me a nice walk down memory lane. After the concert, I couldn't stop listening to "Drop to Hold You." I was never a big fan of this song until I heard it live. Now, I'm literally obsessed.

I've said it before and I've said it again, Hailee Steinfeld is the next style icon.  Her style is so edgy, chic, and youthful. At the same time!  Incredible. 

Hailee Steinfeld at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards (Prabal Gurung): It's just SO COOL. The crimped detailing of the Gurung dress is so hip, but the halter silhouette keeps it classy. I love how she has fun with her accessories: the clutch and bangles are super funky, which is so unusual for an awards show! (Photo Cred)
At the 26th Annual Santa Barbara Film Festival (Alberta Ferretti): I usually hate red accessories; however, I'm so smitten with this look. The lace on that Ferretti dress is GORGEOUS, yet the short hemline keeps it young. Besides the red shoes and clutch- phenomenal, by the way- she keeps the hair and makeup simple which is a STYLE DO. (Photo Cred)
At Miu Miu Fall RTW 2011 (Miu Miu): This look is so glamorous:  I just wish I was her. The dress is beautiful and classic. But, in true Hailee style, she spices this look up with awesome shoes and a super fierce clutch. That sleek ponytail? Incredible.(Photo Cred)

I kind of hate how she's younger than me, yet she still has the best style. Now, onto the weekly! 

  • Amber Heard at the premiere for The Rum Diary (Elie Saab): Well, this is the epitome of old school vixen. She looks absolutely incredible. The dress is outstanding and the high silt is sexy without crossing the line. The up-do keeps this look classy, which I love. I'm really glad she didn't accessorize this look very much: the lack of jewels keeps the focus on the amazing silhouette. 
  • Rose Byrne at CAA's Young Hollywood Party (Manning Cartell): I'm obsessed with Byrne's bohemian vibe. The way her bob juxtaposes the tiered skirt and cross-body bag is genius! I do wish she had cooler shoes, since she didn't have funky jewels. Regardless, this look is lovely! 
  • Charlize Theron at an Africa Outreach Project event (Dior): Unbelievable. This sheath is so classic; however, the detailing gives such a classic silhouette some funk. The accessories are intricate, yet they don't overpower this awesome dress. Keeping her hair and makeup simple is also a major STYLE DO. Fabulous! 


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Finale

It has literally taken me forever to finally get the energy and time to write a runway report for Paris Fashion Week. In my mind, Paris is the perfect location to act as a finish line for Fashion Week. Yes, I may think of Fashion Week as a marathon but that's not the point. The city of lights gives us everything we could ever ask for: glamour, forward thinking, and beyond chic clothes. So let's cut to the chase, shall we?

(Photo Cred)
This collection is absolutely brilliant: I love the juxtaposition between the sharp silhouettes and the ribboned details. The colors are very spring; however, it's not your typical "springtime with pastels" color palette. Overall, the collection is completely cohesive, yet each look is unique. The ball gowns are true show stoppers. Also, doesn't the turquoise and black color combination remind you a lot of the prom scene from Grease? Just saying.

(Photo Cred)
I was listening to the Black Swan soundtrack when I was flipping through this collection; let me just say that the combination was quite fitting! Every single look is absolute perfection. All of the silhouettes are phenomenal and I love the intricate details that accompanied every ensemble. I think this collection truly proves that Sarah Burton is a fabulous designer: she is innovative and this collection is so reminiscent of McQueen's work. In love. L-O-V-E.

(Photo Cred)
For Paris Fashion Week, this is such a wearable collection! The separates are versatile and super chic. Each look is pretty different; however, the gold accents tie the whole collection together. While the silhouettes are rather simple, the detailing really give these looks a "wow" factor. Absolutely incredible.

(Photo Cred)
I always get so excited for Elie Saab's collection because I instantly think, "RED CARPET SEASON." I'm borderline obsessed with the colors, sequins, and overall glamour of the whole collection. Each look is phenomenal and unique. There's not much I can say except for I'm SO excited to see these looks stroll down the red carpet. 

(Photo Cred)
This collection is a complete redemption from Bill Gaytten's horrific Couture Fall 2011 collection. I'm so enamored with the ladylike silhouettes in this collection. The prints that are featured in some of the dresses equals AMAZING. These looks are wearable and I think they could look good on a variety of shapes and sizes. Beautiful! BUT WHO WILL BE DIOR'S NEW DESIGNER? It's killing me.

(Photo Cred)
There are two things that I'm  obsessed with: color and lace. The fact that these two elements are in the same collection literally blew my mind. While this season's collection isn't as classic as Valentino collections usually are, it is FABULOUS.

(Photo Cred)
This collection may not be the most wearable; however, the innovation  is truly remarkable. In my mind, this will be fashion in the future: the shine, the details, and the crazy silhouettes. Welcome to the future, I hope you like it.

Well, ladies and gent, that's the end of the Spring RTW 2012 extravaganza. I hope it was entertaining and informative.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Style Files: Everyone Else in the Room Can See It

I think simply saying, "I love my friends," is the biggest understatement ever. Whether they're from home or  school, my friends always make me laugh and are the best support system. For example, my school friends and I had a lovely dance party to One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful" earlier this week.  Haven't heard of them? Well you should. They're this British boy band and "That's What Makes You Beautiful" is the best motivational song ever.

So I'm watching 500 Days of Summer and, besides gushing over Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I can't help thinking that Zooey Deschanel is the coolest girl in Hollywood. A couple of days ago, my roommate asked, "Why can't I dress like Zooey Deschanel?" I knew exactly what she was getting at. Deschanel's style portrays her personality perfectly: SO cool. Sure, she's had some fashion faux pas in her past, but she's improving!
 At the BAFTA Brits to Watch Gala (Oscar de la Renta): I'm obsessed with this look in general, but Deschanel's "cool" quality makes it even better. This dress is phenomenal and I love the shortened hem. Since this is such a glitzy look, she kept it casual by nixing the jewels. And the beachy waves are the perfect finishing touch.(Photo Cred)

At the Designer Dinners for Gucci, Marchesa, and Celine. I love how she wears tights like it's her job. Most celebrity looks are anti-tights so this is refreshing. The blue is edgy and better than a LBD. The ruffled skirt is so girly and I like it. (Photo Cred)

At the MET Ball After Party (Marni): Okay, maybe this wouldn't be what I'd wear to the MET Ball; however, Deschanel looks so cool. The silhouette is so Audrey, but she makes this look her own by incorporating fun prints. Funky and chic at the same time? WOOHOO. (Photo Cred)

Who doesn't wish they were as cool as Zooey Deschanel?  Anywho...onto the weekly!

  • Emma Stone at The Help premiere in London (LucaLuca): This look is absolutely to die for. The sporadic dots on the dress make the pattern quasi-modern. And I love that silhouette! The sleeves? Ridiculous! The black and white is a beautiful contrast to her red hair and the red lips: I think it's really cool how she still wears red lips even though she's a redhead.  She looks so classic and I love it! 
  • Salma Hayek Pinault at Alexander McQueen Spring RTW 2012 (I wish I knew): This look is supreme. I love the dainty salmon color mixed with the edgy black and gold combination. She piles on the accessories; however, this look is still clean and effortless. How does she do this? I couldn't tell you. 
  • Hailee Steinfeld at Miu Miu Spring RTW 2012 (Miu Miu): Mark my words, Hailee Steinfeld WILL be a style icon.  Her outfits are always age-appropriate, but so ahead of the curve. This look, for example, is FLAWLESS. There's nothing I would change. The girly silhouette works wonderfully with her classic hair and gorgeous makeup. And the coral bodice and the blue clutch complement each other beautifully. She's so awesome.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Style Files: Perfection of Your Face Slows Me Down

So this week, my friends- especially my roommie- and I have been going CRAZY over Maroon 5. Specifically, "Never Gonna Leave This Bed." I'm borderline obsessed with the music video for three reasons:

  1. Adam Levine is gorgeous.
  2. The concept is adorable.
  3. I love Wayfrarers on guys...yes that is one of my reasons.

You're welcome.

Recently, I've developed this theory that Justin Timberlake is the most perfect person...ever. Don't believe me? Well let's look at the facts: he's beautiful, 6'1 (according to my findings), can sing, can dance, can act, is extremely funny and successful. Did I mention he also has a killer sense of style. Yes ladies and gent, I'm continuing this boy crazy extravaganza with J.T. as this week's style-spiration. 
J.T. at the WilliamRast Spring 2007 RTW Show. Call me old fashion, but I cannot resist a guy in a sweater vest. Unless it's an old man who looks like he's up to no good.  I love how J.T. used the sweater vest a neutral and experiment with different patterns, as seen in the tie and button-down. While I'm not loving the vans, I love how Justin is never afraid to experiment with clothes. He is my dream man. (Photo Cred)

J.T at Cartier's 100th Anniversary. He looks...SO GOOD. I love this three piece suit: it's so classic, but edgy with his subtle scruff. The combination of grey and black makes this look funky and sophisticated. Ugh. Why can't I marry him? (Photo Cred)

 J.T. at the 2009 Met Ball in WilliamRast. HE EVEN DOES A FORMAL TUX BETTER THAN ANY GUY. SERIOUSLY, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?! The bow tie- lapel proportions are spot on and he looks uberchic. Those glasses make him look intellectual and trendy. Only man who reads this blog, listen up: THICK RIMMED GLASSES ARE A STYLE DO. I'm so glad he broke up with Jessica Biel. (Photo Cred)

...Need I say more?
Like...I love you too, Justin.

That was fun, now onto the weekly!