Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bobbles and Lace

My favorite thing, when it comes to personal style, is the following:

SOME RANDO: Oh my god, I'm obsessed with your (insert fabulous piece here).
ME:  Oh thanks! 
SOME RANDO:  No really, where did you get it?
ME: (Insert some obscure and fabulous boutique).

It may sound really dumb, but I'm obsessed with shopping at little boutiques. In my mind, these stores really drive personal style: we're not concerned with being on trend in these stores. Instead, we purchase pieces simply because we love them. This past weekend, my mother and I went to this Bostonian boutique called Bobbles &Lace. Obviously, it was love at first sight. 
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While Bobbles & Lace has clothes, shoes, and purses, I'm OBSESSED with their  jewels. If I could, I would've bought the vast majority of their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Though I didn't clear out the store, I did purchase some incredible statement necklaces. 

No words.
In my humble opinion, statement necklaces are a MUST for any aspiring fashionista. They truly add that "wow" factor to any subpar outfit. Just remember to keep the rest of your jewels, makeup, hair, and accessories at a minimum: you want to push the envelope, but not that far!

I'm obsessed with the pops of blue in the necklace. In my mind, it's the perfect mix of a costume piece and glamour. I'm actually wearing this necklace right now! To make this  show-stopping piece casual for the daytime, I styled this necklace with a classic white button-down, ripped jeans, my awesome black flats, and simple gold jewels. Also, I tied my hair in a ballerina bun and decided to keep my makeup feminine with a light lip.

Isn't the detailing to die for?
I'm so smitten with how edgy this necklace is. Can we talk about the spikes?! Incredible. I felt like such a toughie when I wore this necklace yesterday: I styled it with my toughie boots , a grey leather jacket, black top, and dark green shorts. Oh, and let's not forget the red lip! A colorful lip is appropriate for a neckline like this because there aren't  no pops of color. If you're going to go the edgy route with a piece like this , go all out! Another cool way to style a piece like this would be with an A-line skirt, simple top, and a denim vest.

I purchased this piece because I love the vintage vibe it exudes. The red and gold combination is so regal and who doesn't want to look like a queen? Since this necklace's chain is longer than the other two, I'm thinking this would look great with a chunky sweater, dark washed jeans, and leopard print flats.

If you're in Beantown, I highly suggest you check out Bobbles & Lace. If not, I urge you to find super sick boutiques close to you!

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