Monday, 29 November 2010

The Weekly: I'm A Toughie

HAPPY POST- THANKSGIVING! Now that everyone's tummies are filled to the brim and the Black Friday-I capitalize this because it is a holiday- frenzy is over, we are officially in Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa mode! Yes that's right, bring out your cheesy holiday sweaters, which I secretly wish I owned, and deck the holidays in style!

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Bridget Jones...what a classic!

This awkward intermission of holidays is especially awkward for us college kids who just want to go shopping. Now, it is at the point where if I see something, it should be "added to my list". Although this is quite frustrating, I obviously ended Thanksgiving break with some fabulous steals.

Here's what I love most about these pieces: they're not typically "me". Although I have accepted and relish in my innate femininity, I just love this "toughie" change. So far, I've enjoyed juxtaposition-ing these accessories with more feminine pieces. I'm so pleased that I'm finally trying to break out of my girly bubble. I almost feel like Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2

This movie=my life.

Steve Madden. I got almost $40 off of these bad boys, YAY BLACK FRIDAY! A lot of people at school have uber androgynous booties like so...why not try them for myself? To me, these are so effortlessly chic and I love the hardware!

Ted Baker. I've been obsessed with this bag for the longest time. Once our paths crossed again, I  knew it was meant to be. Destiny. Yes, the details are really similar to bullets. And yes,  I think it's so awesome. I got this beauty just today, and I've been thrilled ever since.

SORRY THIS PART WAS SO LONGBut let's  be real...wasn't too thrilled with the weeklies this week! But I still have some nice looks so, for your pure enjoyment, here are the weeklies!

  • Jessica Simpson at SiriusXM Radio Station: At first, I really hated this look: there was nothing mind blowing about it so I continued my search for weekly looks. But as I thought about it more, I was pleased with this outfit for one reason and only reason only: it flattered Jessica. It is quite obvious that this starlet is no longer livin' la vida loca in her Daisy Dukes, but she's human and everyone needs to get off her case. That being said, she has had a lot of dias...issues dressing for her body. But finally, she's covered up! The black looks undoubtedly flattering and the drapped shirt and loose blazer also creates a slimming effect. Like anything else, fashion is a learning process so I give her credit for learning what looks good versus what does not!
  • Elisabeth Moss at the International Emmy Awards (Bibhu Mohapatra): Though I think the styling is EXTREMELY off -I'm not a fan of the light make-up, accessories, or the the down hair for an asymmetrical bodice- this Mohapatra is absolutely stunning. Although the color washes her out a little bit, it's so soft and feminine which I LOOOVE. Everytime I look at this dress, I find something new to go completely GAGA over. The intricate details at the bodice, learning that this  dress has two straps, NOT ONE! It looked really flattering on her as well! Now if we can just find this girl a suitable stylist.

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