Friday, 26 November 2010

Let's Talk About the AMA's

This has been SO OVERDUE, with the holidays and colleging, but at last I have my own compilation of the Best and Worst dressed of the 2010 American Music Awards. I'm so pleased that my boy, Michael Buble, won buut Beiber as 'Entertainer of the Year'....oooooof!!   Overall, the looks were just alright. I mean...some people pushed the envelope, but I was smitten with it.  So here it is, for your viewing pleasure!

Here's a little something for enjoyment!

Katy Perry should lip sync.


  • Taylor  Swift: While I appreciate Taylor's effort to turn into a mature and sophisticated individual, this was a painfully basic outfit. To me, she's not evolving as herself but a different person: I am really not a fan of her new haircut; it's so weird and let's be honest,  her curls make her. whole look. And this dress is too simple for a transformation. She totally needs to spice it up! She'll get it one day!
  • Ke$ha: I can barely even function a decent response. THIS IS HANEOUS?!  There is literally nothing about this outfit that is the least bit chic. The mohawk,  the makeup, the pleather-ish fabric and disgusting fringe?! UGHH SO GROSS I CANOT EVEN DEAL. I respect her individuality but DSUIDAISDH SO TERRIFYING!
  • Nicki Minaj: Is this a new Avatar critter? I'm confused. Conceptually, the print and colors are interesting, but I really don't like the plethora of three dimensional objects. And I really do not like this whole two toned deal...pick one and stick with it!!  But I will give her this, she looks incredibly put together, even though I don't like her look.
  • Julianne Hough: You know how I feel about lace and femininity, I love it, but I'm not diggin' this.  To me, this took much Victoria Secret catalog than fashion. Also, that bag is a little too She wears it well, with her old glam Hollywood,  for sure, but I believe it's rather trashy.
  • Natasha Beddingfield: FOR REAL? This is something I'd wear to a nice dining event! This is what I'm not liking about this Red Carpet, half of these looks are too crazy and the other half is way too plain. She looks lovely but waaay too casual.
  • Miley Cyrus: Shocker, I know, but I really like this short dress with a long train. It's probably because she's wearing Marchesa!  The color looked so great with her coloring. Her accessories were pretty simplistic, which complemented the long train extremely well. Overall, this look was so young and fresh, but still really chic. Great look, Miley!
  • Kelly Osbourne: I'm so smitten with Kelly's awesome fashion transformation; she looks so clean, chic, and gorgeous.  This LBD suits her perfectly. The silhouette, lace details, and knee-length hem was stunning and so flattering on her newly trim figure. I'm glad she remained classy with this look, pairing the dress off with a black platform pump. It is so pin-up esque and I'm obsessed. 
  • Heidi Klum: For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I love this version of a long laced dress. I think having the whole dress lace makes it so much more interesting and chic. That hint of red on the belt makes it a little more interesting and eliminates an "old lady vibe". The sleek updo and dangles are the perfect way to complete this haute look!
  • Jenny McCarthy: This one shouldered number look so awesome on her. The electric blue is so refreshing and looks great with her blonde hair and blue eyes! What I like best about this look is how polished it is: her her is slicked back, minimal jewels, and black pumps. No muss, no fuss!! 
  • Stana Katic: Va-va-voooom! She looks so sexy and chic, its' incredible!  Long sleeved minis are my favorites and a sparkled one makes it EVEN BETTER! I'm glad she didn't overdue the sparkles, with bedazzling accessories. Although I would've liked a sleek ponytail on Stana, her voluptuous waves looked so fabulous. And the gunmetal pumps was the perfect finishing touch! 

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