Friday, 30 September 2011

Why Milan Fashion Week Gave Me Back My Soul

Is this blog post title a little too dramatic? Well deal with it, that's how I feel. As my devoted blog readers (aka my mom) knows, London Fashion Week absolutely crushed me. BORING, BORING, and some more BORING.  I was so close on having a wardrobe meltdown, in response to the terribleness, but then something happened. Milan Fashion Week happened. SO MUCH BEAUTY AND SO MANY DETAILS. As I happily sat at my desk and clicked through,  I couldn't help but feeling as if humanity was restored to the world. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic.

Here's how Milan made me feel:

That may have been too dramatic as well.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm kind of bored with the typical format of these Fashion Week blogs so to spice it up-  and this might end up terribly so bare with me- I would like to summarize my feelings about Milan Fashion Week in the tune of The Sound of Music's "My Favorite Things."

Maxis at Pucci and florals at Prada
Bottega Veneta has texture galore

Crop tops go girly at Blumarine's show
These are some things from Milan Fashion Week

Dolce & Gabbana has sequined dresses
Aquilano Rimondi's detailling
Fendi has clean lines and tailored pieces
These are some things from Milan Fashion Week

Girls in pastels with studs at Versace
Iceberg has funky prints and awesome jackets
Gucci's art deco looks are uberglam
These are some things from Milan Fashion Week

When I think of
London Fashion Week
It makes me really sad
I simply remember Milan Fashion Week
And then I don't feel so bad

So that was really silly- and more difficult than you'd think- but as I always say,
I highly recommend that everyone checks out Prada, Bottega Veneta, Blumarine, Dolce &Gabbana, Aquilano Rimondi, Fendi, Versace, Iceberg, and Gucci.

All of these collections have everything I look for in fashion: innovation, femininity, fashion-forward thinking, glamourous, versatile, classic...EVERYTHING. I know this blog post may be deemed "lame" for it's lack of here you go!

(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred) 

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)

(Photo Cred)


Next Up: PARIS


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Week London Broke My Heart

London is my all-time favorite city: I love the atmosphere, the fashion, the dialect, the food...EVERYTHING. I am beyond excited to be spending my Christmastime in London this year; however, London Fashion Week made me cry. Cry out of pure anguish and sorrow, that is. In my mind, London is such a fashion-forward city. And Spring 2012 RTW was PITIFUL. It just didn't excite me. Sure there were some collections that rocked my world, but that wasn't many. It made me question my was that rough.

But as for the collections I did like, here you go! 

(Photo Cred)
I have a soft spot for Matthew Williamson: his prints and chic slash bohemian looks always make me smile. Thank the fashion gods that this collection was not a disappointment.  The bright colors are super appropriate for spring, yet the boldness of each color is more original than your typical spring collection. And I love maxi dresses of all shapes so I'm extremely happy about that! The final looks are super chic and fancy, but  stayed true to Williamson's aesthetic. Overall, the looks are wearable, fun, and feminine. Beyond gorgeous.
Phenomenal. This is one of the very few looks I've seen so far that's actually innovative. The silhouettes and the fabrics are so fresh and unique. I love how these looks show some skin; however, they're not slutty. A little bit of sultry goes a long, long way. The pops of color towards the end of the show gives this collection an appropriate amount of spice. Fantastic!

(Photo Cred)
Unlike other collections, Felder Felder's runway actually has a pulse. Though the chocker situation is kind of scary, this collection summarizes everything I love about British style: it's raw, edgy, quirky, and all around BAMF. The harsh leather is beautifully juxtaposed with white, light dresses.  And that final look? Literally took my breath away: it's so edgy and beautiful.

Now you must be thinking, "Why isn't my Internet loading the rest of this AWESOME blog?" Nope, that's it. ONLY THREE COLLECTIONS THAT I REALLY LIKED.

London, we're gonna have a talk during Christmastime. 


Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Style Files: So Let's Set the World on Fire, We Can Burn Brighter Than the Sun

Tuesdays are my favorite weekdays for one reason and one reason only: the new songs on iTunes. I love browsing  iTunes' homepage every Tuesday, in hopes that I'll find some amazing music. This past Tuesday, one of my favorite bands (FUN.) came out with a new single. I was so excited to hear it slash afraid that I'd hate it. But I'd love the song  so much. "We are Young" has been my jam all week and I hope you like it!


There's something about the fall that makes me want to go retro. It's probably all of the sleeves and layers. I knew that I wanted to do a throw-back for this week's Style Spiration and who better than Bianca Jagger? One of the most classic style icons, Jagger's style has inspired fashionistas like Rachel Zoe.  With Jagger's looks comes a sense of feminine masculinity; she can rock suits without looking like an androgynous mess. 
Beautiful. The silhouette of this dress is rather clean; however, the detail on the top of the bodice give this dress the perfect amount of drama. Her style isn't overbearing, yet it is completely glamourous. Incredible.  (Photo Cred)
How many times do I have to say it? Never EVER underestimate the power of fur. This incredible fur, combined with Jagger's low-maintenance makeup, is the perfect way to look effortless glam. (Photo Cred)
While most people would look like a really creepy cowboy in this look, this ensemble is effortless and undeniably chic on Jagger. There's not much I can say because this picture doesn't show the whole look. And it also is in black and white, but here's a lesson for the books: AVIATORS ARE  INSTA-EFFORTLESS. Those sunglasses would work with almost any look but, in this instance, they make Jagger look cool.  (Photo Cred)

I wish that I had more to say about these looks, but the lack of information makes that a little tricky. Anywho, I do love Jagger's effortlessly chic style. She doesn't need all of the bells and whistles to look incredible. At the same time, she's not our modern day minimalist. You guys know how I feel about minimalism. Decades after her style peak, it's ironic slash amazing how I find her style refreshing. With that in mind, onto the weekly!

  • Rose Huntington-Whiteley at the Burberry show (Burberry) : While this look does scream Burberry- if you're quiet enough, you'll hear it- I love how the drama is not in crazy silhouettes but the pops of color. While the jacket obviously takes center stage, the red in the jacket is not overbearing. The green of the shirt and the black of the pants act as neutrals, yet all of the colors work together to create a cohesive look. I also love how she threw that woven-esque bag in: it gives this look a sense of personal style. While I would replace her sandals with a neutral pump, the femininity seen in her hair and makeup creates more cohesion. A perfect transition look into the new season.
  • Sienna Miller at London's Moet and Chandon Etoile Award (Dior): Ever since I saw Alfie, I've been obsessed with Miller's boho chic. While this look is not typical Sienna Miller, I think she looks incredible. The overload of glitz and jewels makes this look extremely feminine and overly glamourous, which I personally love. The column silhouette makes this look more approachable. I lover her take on vintage glam but what really makes this look is the red lip: it gives this rather innocent look some sex appeal. Brava! 
  • Rose Huntington Whiteley at the same Moet party  (Burberry): Well,  apparently she's dominating every Burberry look lately. I love the the design of this dress! The plunging V and high slit are uber sultry;however, the long sleeves make this design more classy. The movie-star waves and the red lips are uberglam, but I would've chosen different jewels. The jewels are just a little too primitive for my liking. But I love this dress so that's why it's in the weekly.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Fashion week is probably the most exciting time in my life. Too far? I don't care; it's a time to celebrate designer's artistic accomplishments and the industry in general. There were so many outstanding looks, it's so difficult for me to just pick a few fabulous collections. But I'm going to do it, dammit! To make this easier on me, and a shorter blog post for you, I'm going to have four blog posts: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. So enough of this small talk and let's hit it off with New York.

If you ask me, New York has some of the most wearable and exciting collections of the whole season. I just love the modernity and glamour of the city. Also, the clothes are nothing less than fantastic.  So here are some of my absolute favorite collections!

(Photo Cred)
To start off this rave session,  Jason Wu is going to be a legend. Mark my words,  ladies and gent:he is the next great American designer. I'm totally in love with all of his collections. Obviously, this one is no exception. The pops of color and interesting silhouettes  give this collection some edge; however, the clean lines in his finals looks are eternally beautiful. Wu has a way to make all-American fashion innovative and fashion-forward. Also, whoever makes short shorts look classic really has a knack for designing. I'm telling you guys now, he WILL be my date to the Met Ball someday. 

(Photo Cred)
Gurung also makes my heart go pitter-patter. What I love most about this collection is that it truly is ready-to-wear. He  designed this collection with the typical woman in mind.  I think these clothes will look great on women of all shapes and sizes, which is so rare in fashion. Sure there are some looks that may only look good on a size 00 , but the universal feel dominates this collection . Also, this collection is never boring! He experiments with appliques, cutouts, and quirky patterns; it never seems like he's trying to hard. In my mind, all his crazy execution ideas work well with the collection. He knows how to create a successful look: when using crazy fashion elements, he keeps the silhouette simple. He's never overbearing as a designer, which is so refreshing!

(Photo Cred)
I really love when designers don't create a collection of cohesive prints and silhouettes; instead, they make a uniform for a certain kind of woman. And that's exactly with Lam did for this most recent collection . Who is the "Derek Lam" girl, you may ask? She's a powerful broad who craves an unstated kind of glamour. She's a modern chick who love clean lines. She has enough confidence to wear almost anything. She loves a piece that has an innate charm. Oh, and she can also pick a fabulous dress. Doesn't this "Derek Lam" girl I made up seem really cool? This collection has some incredible separates and I really think we'll see a lot of these pieces at press releases and premieres. 

(Photo Cred)
I'm obsessed with this collection for one reason and one reason only: its focus on youthful fashionistas. You can just tell by the use of youthful silhouettes and short shorts that this collection is geared towards the new generation of fashionistas. All of the looks in this collection appeal to me: finally, I don't have to sacrifice my age to wear fashion forward clothes. HOORAY!  In addition, the designs are well executed and the looks can be dressed up or down. I've mentally styled my friends in this collection...awkward?

(Photo Cred)
Something I truly admire about this collection is how it has both masculine and feminine components, thus making this a wearable and universally loved collection. Some silhouettes are androgynous, while others are the epitome of femininity. As an aspiring fashionista, I truly think it's an everyday struggle- yes, there are trials and tribulations- to be feminine without being too girly as well as being edgy without looking like  boy. Through Proenza Schouler's silhouettes, mix of fabrics, and patterns, we get  a happy medium. On a side note, I completely love the retro prints of this collection.

(Photo Cred)
Ever since his days on Project Runway, I've always felt inspired by Siriano's vision. Spring/Summer 2012 is no exception. He ceases to amaze me with his concepts and I love witnessing his growth as a designer. I love how he really focused on the "pops of color" idea in this latest collection. And, in true Siriano fashion, it's not boring. He uses interesting textures, feathers, and adds intricate details to tailored pieces in order to show his originality. I always know that I can rely on his collection to give something truly dramatic and outstanding. And his evening gowns are pretty crazy!

(Photo Cred)
His dresses in this collection are literally breathtaking. I'm such a dress kind of girl so I really love how this collection is 100% skirts and dresses. Posen knows that women always love this kind of old school glamour; however, he adds some interesting silhouettes to make this collection more relevant. All of these looks are absolutely fabulous. 

(Photo Cred)

Here's a riddle: who can make a collection that's completely wearable, feminine, and modern at the same time? Wes Gordon can. This collection has some truly incredible separates that can be worn for any occasion. In contrast to Posen's collection, I love how laid back this collection is. It's quirky in its own way; however, I feel as if the coolest chick at the party would wear any of these looks. Fabulous!

(Photo Cred)
I think all I need to say can be summed up to a simple sentence: Diane von Furstenburg is the Queen of Fashion. This season is very into loose silhouettes, which Diane obviously incorporated. Each look, however, is undeniably fashion forward and feminine, thus holding true to Diane's  design philosophy. LOVE LOVE LOVE!  To quote the band, The Police, every little thing she does is magic. But is.

Stay tuned for more!

PS: Wanna hear about NYFW's beauty? Check out my latest Her Campus blog post



Monday, 19 September 2011


For everyone who thinks this post's title is "MODERN FAMILY F**K THEWORLD," my blog post is actually "MODERN FAMILY FOR THE WIN."

With out of the way, let's get down to business. I'm obsessed with TV: I watch it all of the time, literally. So I always get excited when it's Emmy time! I  think Jane Lynch did a beyond fabulous job hosting. The Emmys are more youthful than before, don't you think. Anyways, Modern Family is cleaning up just nice so I'm a happy camper. And the opening? I always love a good musical number:

Now now, ladies and gent, it's time for my favorite part of award season: the red carpet. Originally, I thought there were some fabulous looks. Now I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome ensembles. And there were some...really terrible looks. So let's see what we got!


  • Louise Roe (Nicole Miller): SERIOUSLY? This is so plain I'm going to start a riot in Beantown. I'm so angry that this is so plain. I just saw you at fashion week, didn't you LEARN something there? I am jealous that this mustard color doesn't look horrible on her, but THIS IS SO BAD. I hate halter tops, for starters, and this makes her look like a bony skeleton. And it's so PLAIN. You get where I'm coming from?
  • Zooey Deschanel (Monique Lhuillier): Besides her portrayal as Summer in 500 Days of Summer- summer's a bitch- I do like Deschanel. My friends and I are super excited for her new show, The New Girl. My roommate and I like to create our own versions of her songs. But this look? All around TERRIBLE.The hair is a little too...vertical. And what's up with that ribbon? It's so crinkled and awkward. I think she could dress a million times better! This is just not good enough.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow (Pucci): At first I really liked this dress. Then I looked at it more and  I quickly started to hate it. Her hair and makeup looks good; however, I don't think this dress is flattering. The bare midsection gives her the illusion of a muffin top. I wish the fabric underneath wasn't nude: it's just too suggestive. She has kids! She's too old to wear something like this.
  • Kaley Cuoco (Romona Keveza): The dress is gorgeous; however, the styling is offensive. First of all, what's up with her nails? Want to paint your nails different colors for a night out on the town? Sure. But this is the Emmys, people! And the black and red combination is way too harsh and doesn't flow well at all. Speaking of the red, WHY WOULD YOU WEAR STRIPPER SHOES TO THE EMMYS?! This is just all wrong.
  • Dianna Agron (Roksanda Ilinicic): This is the biggest upset of the night. Agron always looks fantastic; however, this is the ugliest dress I've seen in a while. Seriously. It looks like a recycling bag. She looks so OLD and UGLY. OLD AND UGLY. And it's not even flattering. WHY WOULD YOU PICK THIS? The styling is also very flawed. Those earrings don't create a cohesive look. If you're going to do such a horrible dress, at least have good accessories. I'm going to cry I hate this so much. 
  • Paula Abdul (Samine): Paula really needs to stop dressing like she's on My Super Sweet Sixteen. She's too old and that is  too much sparkle for an elder! 
  • Heather Morris (Masai Prayan) : Sorry Dianna Agron, I made a mistake: I think THIS is the worst dress I've ever seen ever. The hair is so scary and this dress is so disgusting. It just looks awkward and weird. Maybe if she had a sleek hairstyle, I could roll with it; however, that hair is so prom gone bad, I can't even deal. SO TERRIBLE.
  • Kelly Osbourne (J. Mendel): First and foremost, what's going on with her hair? It's a terrible shade of ugly. Yes, Daphne Guinness can pull off this look; however,  Osbourne cannot. She looks like a Disney villain. That being said, I hate this dress. Sure the silhouette is lovely, but what's the deal with those ugly straps? She looks like a spider queen. I kind of hate it. A lot.


  • Lea Michele (Marchesa): I'm really not a fan of her; however, there's no denying that this dress was flawless. The column silhouette mixed with the fabulous situation on her upper half was genius. I do wish that she did something different with her hair;  the down-do was just a little too casual. I'm glad she didn't add a bracelet because it would've created an awkward arm stump, since the sleeve is off the shoulder. Anyways, this is something different for Lea Michele, which I really appreciate. 
  • Minka Kelly (Dior): I can just picture this dress not getting much love, but haters gon' hate. I love this dress because it's unique, and she looks absolutely stunning! I really like the black and blue combination: it keeps the dress current and chic. The updo and feminine makeup is FABULOUS. 
  • Rico Rodriguez (I have no idea): He's just so cute! 
  • Kristen Wiig (Zac Posen): This was a real jaw-dropper for me. I love love LOVE the brown silk, it looks fabulous with her dark hair, and that plunging neckline? So sexy but chic at the same time! The gold jewels keep this look cool and effortless. Who knew that Kristen Wiig was funny and fashionable? Obsessed. 
  • Jon Hamm (Tom Ford): When rocking a red carpet, Tom Ford is the way to go: eternally handsome. He looks clean and the bow-tie proportion is right on. Stellar. 
  • Evan Rachel Wood (Elie Saab): She scares me most of the time; however, I love this look. She's rocking gothic glam. I love the beading on this dress and the silhouette is OUTSTANDING. Yes, I really like using CAPS right now. The dramatic makeup and that odd little bump in her hair makes this look true to her style and youthful. Fabulous. 
  • Julia Stiles (Georges Hobeika): My new thing is femininity with an edge so obviously this look was the epitome of that. The pastel lace was absolutely gorgeous, yet the dark nails and wavy hair gave this look some spice. I kind of hate where the lace bunches together: it's not the most flattering, but the silhouette is absolutely incredible.
  • Julie Bowen (Oscar de la Renta): She looks so sultry, but a classy sultry. The plunging neck and al lof those sparkles are brilliant! The silhouette is so flattering without making her look too skinny.  I love how she didn't accessorize too much: this is fashion-art. The ponytail is a little awkward, but Bowen's always trying to keep it young, you know? On a side note, I'm so pleased that she won her first Emmy, you go girl! 
  • Sarah Hyland (Christian Siriano): Okay, so I just heard about this little scandal about Hyland on Fashion Police and let me just say I'm team Sarah. Lea Michele's a diva; I'm over her. ANYWAYS, I loved this dress! The coral and silver is  a brilliant color combination. The asymmetrical sleeve and the high slit was so sultry; however, the soft waves added some glamour. She looks sophisticated but age appropriate. FABULOUS. 
  • Julianna Margulies (Armani Prive): She looks gorgeous. The simple column silhouette is a perfect way to counteract the modernity of the architectural bodice. And let's talk about those jewels? I love the glitz of the bodice and the pure white is so clean! I'm glad she kept the rest of the look simple, accessories wise. Also, the bright lip is a STYLE-DO.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Style Files: I Can Barely Breathe, Near Your Features

This week, my fabulous friend introduced me to this song and I haven't stopped listening to it since. It's upbeat but still very hip. I hope you enjoy it.

Lately, I've been so busy I can barely breathe, but I will say that I successfully devoured Bazaar's September Issue this morning. I became instantly intrigued by Julie Macklowe when I saw her "A Fashionable Life" spread. The woman owns some of the McQueen from Savage Beauty. In the profile, she said that her life isn't the most casual, which I can relate to/ admire. So this week's style spiration goes to Julie Macklowe and to not being casual!
At the 2009 Costume Institute Gala (Oscar de la Renta). I'm so into this look. The dress is very extravagant and fairytale esque; however, she kept the accessories very simple slash completely nonexistent. Gorgeous. (Photo Cred)
At a YSL event (I have no idea who the designer is). I love how her shoes and clutch match perfectly; however, they are not annoyingly matchy-matchy. The detailing of the dress is beyond incredible and the simplicity of her accessories are the perfect counterpart. Definitely not casual! (Photo Cred)

I completely understand why casual looks are essentially to our well being and the world of fashion, but there's nothing like putting on a stellar outfit. It's just a boost of confidence
  • Leighton Meester at the Toronto Film Festival (Alexander McQueen): Even though McQueen created this gorgeous dress, this whole look is so Ralph Lauren, don't you think? I love the simplicity and cleanliness of the hair, dress, makeup, belt, and even the clutch. Those leopard shoes are the perfect pop! If this look could speak, it would say: "Oh, hey. What's up? POW!" STYLE DO: try pops of prints! I always love her effort to try something new. Sometimes, it doesn't work; however, she totally aced it this time! 
  • Beyonce in NYC (Michael Kors):How many pregnant people do you know who would wear this? Nobody? Yes? She looks flawless and fierce as always, even when she has baby Jay in her belly! The completely black ensemble is perfect because it really points focus at the amazing cut-out situation. Can Beyonce really do any wrong?
  • Emma Roberts at Stone Rose Lounge (Marchesa): I'm actually going crazy for this dress. The silhouette and hemline is so feminine; however, the soft leopard print makes this dress a little more current. That beaded belt is quirky, but surprisingly works for this look. She kept the rest of the look pretty classic, accessory wise. But can I just say that the soft updo is PERFECTION with this dress. 

Also, I'm so excited for the Emmy's tonight! I'm thinking sleek silhouettes and pops of color! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tibi Spring 2012 RTW

A couple weeks ago, something great happened: I was invited back to see Tibi's spring collection. It's Fashion Week, so you cannot say no. Ever. So I hopped on a train at 9AM to head to New York and took a train back to Beantown 24 hours later. While I like to think my day resembled an episode of 24 in terms of chaos,those details can be discussed at another time, the craziness simmered once the lights at Lincoln Center's stage dimmed and a drum roll opened Tibi's Spring 2012 RTW show. This season, Amy Smilovic did something very different. She didn't have fancy party dresses,prints, and appliques, as seen in previous seasons. Instead, she incorporated clean lines and punches of color.

Some may categorize this as "minimalism" but I, considering minimalism an arch-nemesis of mine, don't. Instead, I think it was Smilovic's intention to create a blank slate for jewels, scarves, and other fun accessories. That and minimalism, my dear friends, are two different things.

I absolutely loved this baby blue, especially combined with a crisp, white shirt. The stylist in me is thinking  a statement necklace or even a strong, metal cuff would be the perfect way to style this "canvas piece."

This canary yellow= gorgeous. Doesn't this SCREAM color-blocking to you?

My picture of this was so blurry, so thanks for the help! The color of this dress is absolutely gorgeous and the loose silhouette makes this piece a perfect "Spring into Summer" dress. (Photo Cred)

A normal Tuesday: chilling with Olivia Palermo, Sophia Bush, and Emma Roberts. Everyone does it, right?

Oh, and Louise Roe too.
I know this is a very blurry picture, please refer to this clearer one, but I loved this unique take on color blocking. While everyone just does color blocking in terms of top and bottom, I love how simply chic this dress is. Bravo!
In conclusion, I think that Tibi Spring 2012 RTW had awesome spring staples and a beyond gorgeous color palette. Congratulations to the Tibi Team for creating another stellar collection! 
Smilovic giving her little kiddies a hug.

Obviously, this blog post isn't about me; however, I will show you what I decided to wear to the show. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that I was so busy today that Mother Dearest couldn't shoot any artsy pics of my outfit. But here's the breakdown:
I obviously had to rep Tibi so the focal point of my outfit was this AMAZING Tibi jacket I got in the summer. The best part about this jacket is that this is the SHORT version. Yes, ladies and gent, this jacket is a ZIP-OFF. How genius? Much cooler than those zip-off cargo pants. In addition, I wore black skinnies, a black tank, my new black flats, and gold jewels. To give this look some color, I added this sick Rebecca Minkoff bag I purchased a few weeks ago. Chic and effortless, I loved it! 

Stay tuned for the rest of my NYFW recap!