Monday, 19 September 2011


For everyone who thinks this post's title is "MODERN FAMILY F**K THEWORLD," my blog post is actually "MODERN FAMILY FOR THE WIN."

With out of the way, let's get down to business. I'm obsessed with TV: I watch it all of the time, literally. So I always get excited when it's Emmy time! I  think Jane Lynch did a beyond fabulous job hosting. The Emmys are more youthful than before, don't you think. Anyways, Modern Family is cleaning up just nice so I'm a happy camper. And the opening? I always love a good musical number:

Now now, ladies and gent, it's time for my favorite part of award season: the red carpet. Originally, I thought there were some fabulous looks. Now I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome ensembles. And there were some...really terrible looks. So let's see what we got!


  • Louise Roe (Nicole Miller): SERIOUSLY? This is so plain I'm going to start a riot in Beantown. I'm so angry that this is so plain. I just saw you at fashion week, didn't you LEARN something there? I am jealous that this mustard color doesn't look horrible on her, but THIS IS SO BAD. I hate halter tops, for starters, and this makes her look like a bony skeleton. And it's so PLAIN. You get where I'm coming from?
  • Zooey Deschanel (Monique Lhuillier): Besides her portrayal as Summer in 500 Days of Summer- summer's a bitch- I do like Deschanel. My friends and I are super excited for her new show, The New Girl. My roommate and I like to create our own versions of her songs. But this look? All around TERRIBLE.The hair is a little too...vertical. And what's up with that ribbon? It's so crinkled and awkward. I think she could dress a million times better! This is just not good enough.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow (Pucci): At first I really liked this dress. Then I looked at it more and  I quickly started to hate it. Her hair and makeup looks good; however, I don't think this dress is flattering. The bare midsection gives her the illusion of a muffin top. I wish the fabric underneath wasn't nude: it's just too suggestive. She has kids! She's too old to wear something like this.
  • Kaley Cuoco (Romona Keveza): The dress is gorgeous; however, the styling is offensive. First of all, what's up with her nails? Want to paint your nails different colors for a night out on the town? Sure. But this is the Emmys, people! And the black and red combination is way too harsh and doesn't flow well at all. Speaking of the red, WHY WOULD YOU WEAR STRIPPER SHOES TO THE EMMYS?! This is just all wrong.
  • Dianna Agron (Roksanda Ilinicic): This is the biggest upset of the night. Agron always looks fantastic; however, this is the ugliest dress I've seen in a while. Seriously. It looks like a recycling bag. She looks so OLD and UGLY. OLD AND UGLY. And it's not even flattering. WHY WOULD YOU PICK THIS? The styling is also very flawed. Those earrings don't create a cohesive look. If you're going to do such a horrible dress, at least have good accessories. I'm going to cry I hate this so much. 
  • Paula Abdul (Samine): Paula really needs to stop dressing like she's on My Super Sweet Sixteen. She's too old and that is  too much sparkle for an elder! 
  • Heather Morris (Masai Prayan) : Sorry Dianna Agron, I made a mistake: I think THIS is the worst dress I've ever seen ever. The hair is so scary and this dress is so disgusting. It just looks awkward and weird. Maybe if she had a sleek hairstyle, I could roll with it; however, that hair is so prom gone bad, I can't even deal. SO TERRIBLE.
  • Kelly Osbourne (J. Mendel): First and foremost, what's going on with her hair? It's a terrible shade of ugly. Yes, Daphne Guinness can pull off this look; however,  Osbourne cannot. She looks like a Disney villain. That being said, I hate this dress. Sure the silhouette is lovely, but what's the deal with those ugly straps? She looks like a spider queen. I kind of hate it. A lot.


  • Lea Michele (Marchesa): I'm really not a fan of her; however, there's no denying that this dress was flawless. The column silhouette mixed with the fabulous situation on her upper half was genius. I do wish that she did something different with her hair;  the down-do was just a little too casual. I'm glad she didn't add a bracelet because it would've created an awkward arm stump, since the sleeve is off the shoulder. Anyways, this is something different for Lea Michele, which I really appreciate. 
  • Minka Kelly (Dior): I can just picture this dress not getting much love, but haters gon' hate. I love this dress because it's unique, and she looks absolutely stunning! I really like the black and blue combination: it keeps the dress current and chic. The updo and feminine makeup is FABULOUS. 
  • Rico Rodriguez (I have no idea): He's just so cute! 
  • Kristen Wiig (Zac Posen): This was a real jaw-dropper for me. I love love LOVE the brown silk, it looks fabulous with her dark hair, and that plunging neckline? So sexy but chic at the same time! The gold jewels keep this look cool and effortless. Who knew that Kristen Wiig was funny and fashionable? Obsessed. 
  • Jon Hamm (Tom Ford): When rocking a red carpet, Tom Ford is the way to go: eternally handsome. He looks clean and the bow-tie proportion is right on. Stellar. 
  • Evan Rachel Wood (Elie Saab): She scares me most of the time; however, I love this look. She's rocking gothic glam. I love the beading on this dress and the silhouette is OUTSTANDING. Yes, I really like using CAPS right now. The dramatic makeup and that odd little bump in her hair makes this look true to her style and youthful. Fabulous. 
  • Julia Stiles (Georges Hobeika): My new thing is femininity with an edge so obviously this look was the epitome of that. The pastel lace was absolutely gorgeous, yet the dark nails and wavy hair gave this look some spice. I kind of hate where the lace bunches together: it's not the most flattering, but the silhouette is absolutely incredible.
  • Julie Bowen (Oscar de la Renta): She looks so sultry, but a classy sultry. The plunging neck and al lof those sparkles are brilliant! The silhouette is so flattering without making her look too skinny.  I love how she didn't accessorize too much: this is fashion-art. The ponytail is a little awkward, but Bowen's always trying to keep it young, you know? On a side note, I'm so pleased that she won her first Emmy, you go girl! 
  • Sarah Hyland (Christian Siriano): Okay, so I just heard about this little scandal about Hyland on Fashion Police and let me just say I'm team Sarah. Lea Michele's a diva; I'm over her. ANYWAYS, I loved this dress! The coral and silver is  a brilliant color combination. The asymmetrical sleeve and the high slit was so sultry; however, the soft waves added some glamour. She looks sophisticated but age appropriate. FABULOUS. 
  • Julianna Margulies (Armani Prive): She looks gorgeous. The simple column silhouette is a perfect way to counteract the modernity of the architectural bodice. And let's talk about those jewels? I love the glitz of the bodice and the pure white is so clean! I'm glad she kept the rest of the look simple, accessories wise. Also, the bright lip is a STYLE-DO.


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