Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Day Fashion Made Me Cry

At one time or another, every aspiring fashionista has an experience that tests their devotion to the art and, in doing so, shakes them to their core.  While my top fashion experience will always be Tibi RTW Fall 2011, I'm still in complete shock and joy that I even went to fashion week, my second favorite at this moment is seeing Savage Beauty at the MET this past weekend. I'm so upset that, for obvious reasons, we couldn't take pictures of the actual exhibit. I did, however, purchase the Savage Beauty book. So, in order to properly inform you lovely people about this experience, I'm walking you through the basics.

The Savage Beauty Book

Spooky, right?
After four hours of sleep, I chugged caffeine and hopped on the Metro North.
My token fashionista, Tori, traveled from D.C-ish to see this exhibit.
We got there when the MET opened and, as a result, didn't stand in a line.
If that's not devotion, I don't know what is.

From beginning to end, Savage Beauty was everything I hoped for. In short, but I'll explain more no worries, it was beautiful, inspiring, and tragic. 

For years, I have loved Mr. McQueen's work from a far: I'd stalk his designs in magazines or but seeing his creations in the flesh was beyond. It was surreal to the extreme. All of  the details and different mediums he used were impressive in pictures. But in real life? A million times better. Whether it was headpieces, accessories, or actual clothing, Alexander McQueen always designed with an eye for detail. In my mind, the exhibit wasn't a fashion exhibit, but wearable art. The best part is that some of his works aren't protected by glass. If I wasn't afraid of being tackled by the MET security brigade, I would've touched and/or stolen every single piece.  I was so smitten.

This was probably my favorite look to see in real life. The gilded feathers  were absolutely stunning and extravagant. (Fall 2010 RTW)
A slew of accessories! All of the detail is incredible and I love how no two pieces look alike. How's that for innovation?
This look will always  remind me of the beginning of Black Swan, even though this look came first. Prime example of wearable art. The execution is incredible.
What I also love about Alexander McQueen is how each collection's concept is so, for lack of a better term, obvious. While I was at Savage Beauty, I kept looking at the actual names of the collections.  And each collection name was flawlessly cohesive with every single look.  The cohesiveness of  each collection just furthered the beauty of every single thing McQueen does. This made me a bit emotional.

Doesn't this look like Plato's Atlantis to you? (Spring 2010 RTW)

I've never seen any of McQueen's older creations, which of course was featured in Savage Beauty. Seeing the progression from his start to his tragically beautiful finale was inspiring. Of course Alexander McQueen is an irreplaceable designer, but his progression with inspiration and detail made his work inspiring. A lot of his beginning collections were- I feel like a jerk for saying this- simplistic. Obviously the clothes were beautifully executed and had interesting silhouettes, but his later works were more creative and theatrical. In a way, and this may be the worst comparison in the history of comparisons but, McQueen reminds me of the fashion world's Lady Gaga: both are artists in their own way and have an iconic, yet unusual, sense of identity. I mean..."Fashion of His Love" is about Mr. McQueen! The originality and quirkiness of his pieces remind me that, in a world obsessed with trend, truly anything is possible. Cliche? Sorry.

Back when McQueen's success was just a dream. 
His last and, in my humble opinion, best collection (Fall RTW 2010).

Speaking of amazing,
They had this one display of a dress from Spring RTW 1999 that was actually spray painted on the runway. Like, who does that?  It is that kind of innovation that I literally swoon for. I was probably- no,  I definitely was- that nerd in the exhibit who stared at that display for a solid ten minutes. It was just beyond amazing.  My eyes really did water which I guess makes me lame, but it was so inspiring.

The whole exhibit was beautifully gothic; however, tragic at the same time.  Throughout Savage Beauty, solemn music was playing, as if the audience was truly mourning McQueen's death.  In a way, it was a public funeral.  What made me really emotional, besides the fabulous creations, was some of the McQueen quotes incorporated in exhibit. While a lot of them were about his designs, inspirations,  and execution, some of them were about death:

"I want to be the purveyor of a certain silhouette or a way of cutting, so that when I'm dead and gone people will know that the twenty-first century was started by Alexander McQueen."
When I read that, I seriously got chills. I'm going to jump out of my fashion bubble right now and get real with you. It makes me really sad death is the only way someone can escape. Whether he was a nobody or Alexander McQueen, his death will always be tragic.  But this quote is so true; his short life made such a great impression on so many people and the fashion industry as well, he will never be forgotten.  He will always be known as that designer who showed the world that we must dress to express. This is when I almost cried.

This blew my mind away (Fall RTW 2008)

I don't know if everyone is this way, but it takes a lot for me to actually cry.  After  really emotional things, like Savage Beauty, all I need is something really tiny to happen. And then I cry. When I got off of the train post-exhibit, my mother was extremely impressed by my museum look. "Let's take a picture for your blog!" she shrieked. Even though I think that taking pictures for blogs can be egotistical, depending on the context,  I agreed.  If I couldn't take pictures of the actual exhibit, this would have to suffice.  So there we are in my front yard, my mother snapping away and me feeling quite awkward. Anyways, I ended up falling in this mini ditch in my front yard. Some may think it was because my ankle hurt or my hip felt weird, but I knew that I was releasing the emotions from the exhibit. It must sound lame now, it sounds pretty lame as I'm typing this, but the whole exhibit was so breathtaking and tragic. There were times, I tell you, that I was seriously paralyzed by the beauty of the exhibit. And the fact that McQueen took his own life is truly heartbreaking. Okay, now I'm starting to sound like a nerd, but you get where I'm coming from.  So here I am, crying my eyes out, and my mom continues to take pictures. In retrospect, it was quite hysterical; however,  I was really pissed then.

Speaking of my fashion choice for this special occasion, let me break it down for you:

-Oversized white button-down from Urban Outfitters (this one's pretty close).
-Cuffed jean shorts from Urban Outfitters (I'd suggest these).
-Bangles galore from   Henri Bendel and Kate Spade.
-Steve Madden toughie boots (try these on for size).

When I found out that I'd finally be going to see Savage Beauty, I knew that I had  to wear my only McQueen piece. Literally, there was no other alternative. Though I wish this blouse was fitted instead of typically baggy, I like this look because it's chic yet comfortable. I kept the base of the look casual because the city can be a hot and miserable place in the summertime. And the ballerina bun was both chic and functional, which I was a major fan of.  In order to spice up this potentially simplistic outfit,  I incorporated edgier accessories because McQueen is the king of edgy. I wear those bangles, my toughie boots, and the scarf whenever I'm feeling a bit tough  so it was beyond perfect. I was channeling Kourtney Kardashian's Parisian bow, which my friend Catherine despises...sorry Catherine. But anyways, this look was everything I wanted in an outfit:comfortable, chic, and edgy.

Before I go on an even longer McQueen rant or cry again, I'll end this blog post. Thanks for putting up with my long McQueen tale and I highly suggest you check out Savage Beauty before it's too late!
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Monday, 27 June 2011

The Weekly: Men, Men, Men, Men, Manly Men

Menswear couldn't have come at a more perfect time. For a few days now, my mother and I have been singing the Two and a Half Men theme song all around our house; once that song gets in your head, it'll never come out. Ever.

Sorry, I had to.

Anyways, back to menswear. As a girl who's single and minglin', and obsessed with all things  fashionable, a guy's outfit is one of the first things I look at when checking out a prospect. Shallow? Maybe. But I honestly do think the way a person dresses, especially a guy, tells a lot about what kind of guy they are. 
I mean, who would you rather date based on the clothes?
(Photo Cred)
(Photo Cred)

I rest my case.
So in order to accurately analyze the latest menswear collections, and bask in my own singlehood glory, I'm bringing back Would You Date That? HOORAY!

(Photo Cred)

Rating: 3
Well, I was definitely a fan of the male models; however,  this collection kind of freaked me out. I'm not a really big fan of product placement on clothes, so this really did bother me.  While there were some looks that embraced both masculinity and chicness, Mabille's collection was too... feminine for me. Honestly, would you date someone who wears chained shoulder bags? That's our job, ladies! And the unitards? Way too much man for street wear! Okay, now I feel like I'm really bashing this collection so let's be positive, shall we? The color scheme of this collection was very suave and could be very Chuck Bass at times, which I loved. And I did love the little hints of leopard! All in all, not that dateable. 
(Photo Cred)
Rating: 10

To quote my man, Justin Timberlake, this collection is essentially "flawless like some uncut pie."   In my mind, this reminded me of a chicer version of Bruce Springsteen's wardrobe back in the day. The reason this collection is such a win is because it perfectly combines fashion forwardness and masculinity together. The pastels and the use of jean vests (a must-have in my humble opinion) make are rugged and trendy. This collection screams, "Yes, I do care about my personal style but I'm going to pretend like it's no big deal." I mean, I know I'd hate if a guy I was dating cared more about fashion than me. At the same time, who wants a slob?  The juxtaposition of the hiker boots, which I don't love but I'll deal, and the long scarves make this look seem completely effortless.  And that's very sexy!  

(Photo Cred)
Rating: 5
I truly have mixed emotions about this collection. On one hand,  really enjoy the nice jackets, vibrant colors, and the sophisticated styling. On the other hand, I hate baggy pants and the matchy-matchy. It reminds me of a playsuit andWHAT KIND OF BOY WEARS PLAYSUITS?! I admit, I do love a good playsuit...for girls. Not for boys!  I just feel like the baggy-ness and partial androgynous aspects of this collection makes it seem like boys must wear girlie clothes to be chic, which is so false. But at the same time, the color scheme and prints don't shout "girl." Is it just me being overly sensitive, or is something funky happening in this collection?  Maybe this was a "look-by-look" situation, but I'm still very torn.

(Photo Cred)
Rating: 8
I liked this collection for two reasons. First of all, this is was so clean and "All American." I know everyone pretends that they like bad boys, but don't we all love a little cutie deep down? Second of all, I felt like I was watching little Ken dolls strut down a runway. It was like dress up!  What makes this collection successful is balance. Yes, there were some very...fashionable pieces which I questioned, to say the least; however, the classic pieces  gave this collection some normalcy. It's one of those collections that any man could find something he liked, which I find  imperative. I thought the hemlines were kind of weird on some of the suits and some of the jackets are unrealistically fitted, but it was fabulous. Also, I really want this jacket for myself! 

(Photo Cred)
Rating: 0
I'm so disturbed by this collection, so I'm going to make this short, not-so-sweet, and to the point:
Nobody, I tell you NOBODY, wants their guy to look like a girl. Dresses are for ladies. This is painful to look at. Please change the way you view boys; I'm sure they aren't thrilled with you either.
PS:  You and Yohji Yamamoto both need to work on your feminine situation. Maybe a nice coffee or luncheon to settle things? 

Well that was oodles of fun but now it's time for a short, but sweet, weekly.
So...onto The Weekly!
  • Emmy Rossum at a press event for Shameless (Lyn Devon): Even though Emmy Rossum essentially fell off the face of the earth, this look is so classic on her. I love the white Dolce and Gabbana peep-toes with this fun print: the white in the shoes really picks up the white in this dress. It was so smart of her/her stylist to accessorize with hoops: normally, someone would want to channel their inner-Jackie O and wear pearls or some really feminine jewels. The hoops, however, spice it up and make this look relevant. As much as I love stacking up bracelets and necklaces, I feel like copious amounts of jewels would make this look lost in translation.  The blowed out hair and pinkish glow also looked stunning. Now only if she smiled...
  • Sofia Vegara at some Harry Winston shindig (Marchesa): Absolutely stunning. I truly believe Sofia Vegara is every man's dream and every woman's worst nightmare: she's so beautiful and who doesn't wish they were on Modern Family? Anyways, back to this look. By nature, she's a curvy woman and I love how she literally shakes what her mama gave her. The corset bodice is incredibly flattering and, if anything, makes her look narrower. I think a lot of women are afraid of embracing their curves and, though not everyone is built like her, Sofia Vegara shows everyone that they should flaunt their figures. ANYWAYS, the white looks absolutely stunning on her tan skin. The light shoes actually works with this look since she is so tan. Since they're not white, the focus is still on the dress. Though I wish she didn't accessorize with a watch (what?), I loved the way her dangling earrings looked with her sleek hair.  Incredible, as always!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Resort, Shesmort

Resort collection is one of those crucial summer staples. Personally, I never consider the summer to be a fashionable season; my hair is always frizzy, I'm super sweaty, and try to wear minimal clothing. Anti-glamour. Resort is a friendly reminder, and a shove if you will, that you should always be stylish. And Resort 2012 was no different. Sure there were some collections I didn't love- Bottega Venata, for example- but most of them were utterly fabulous. So, in order to give you the creme de la creme of Resort 2012, I give you my top eleven. Why eleven? Well, I was originally doing a top ten but then Prabal Gurung blew me away. The usual. I'm a strong believer of an inevitable beauty within everything; therefore, I'm not ranking these. I was enamored with all ten of these collections, for some reason or another, so they all win!

(Photo Cred)

Ever since I can remember, Pucci has always been the epitome of fun summer-wear: the prints, the colors, the copious amount of maxi dresses. If that doesn't say summer, then I surely don't know what is! And this Resort collection didn't fail me! I loved the pastels/white/ black color scheme. The colors suggest a very laidback summer; however the seriousness of some of the cuts and frequent suits gave us something in between. Just when you could write this collection off as boring and professional, you get something so summery and so right on. It's that versatility and juxtaposition that I truly loved about this look. I think the most juxtaposed, aka strongest, piece of the whole collection was this zebra-printed jacket with pastel blue pants. Somehow, it wasn't overbearing, just funky! Funky in a good way, nonetheless. And in general, I wholeheartedly approve of zebra prints with pastels. When I get some zebra print up in my closet, I will definitely be trying that! I also need pastels...hmmm...well clearly, I need to go shopping!

(Photo Cred)

Before my lovely friends picked me up for our Hamptons escape, I was wearing my dark purple leather vest and my floral maxi. My mother, who I think I'm starting to portray as my fashion foil, hated that look. I guess it may have been too hot for that kind of attire, an aspiring fashionista NEVER listens to the weather, but I thought it looked cool. Anyways, J.Mendel totally backed me up on this  idea. Whenever I think of J.Mendel, I always think " this is what Taylor Swift will be wearing to an awards show." Now don't get me wrong, I love soft and girly. But sometimes, I crave something a little more...tough.  That's exactly what J.Mendel gave us for this Resort season. Don't believe me? Just check out this colored fur! Who even does colored fur? J.Mendel, I'll tell you that! Of course, we also got our share of frilly feminine, but I'm so happy with the crisp silhouettes and color-blocking. I love how some of these looks may appear to be really minimalistic but, if you look closely enough, has some kind of detail to make it uber edgy and sharp.Thank you, J.Mendel, thank you very much!

(Photo Cred)
First and foremost, I think it's actually impossible to not love a design house when they incorporate BABIES. Not only were the model insanely cute, this girl was my personal favorite, but the clothes were undeniably chic! But besides the babies, I love the eclectic aspect of this collection. Yes, there are so many "rustic chic" looks; however, Lanvin gives us all a little something to tickle our fancies: metallics, ruffles, fringe, and some lace! My absolute favorite feeling when looking at a collection is not the tingly goosebump feeling, although that is quite fabulous, but the running thought of "this needs to be my closet." With those kind of collections, such as Lanvin Resort 2012, there's no need to pick out your favorite and obsess over it; all of the pieces are distinct enough that the whole sha-bang could create a wardrobe. I mean, do we need anymore reasons for Alber Elbaz should win the coveted Dior prize?

Just what I thought.

(Photo Cred)
I tend to think that I have a quasi-semi-totally- skewed view of reality. Prime example: I believe that I will one day go to the MET Ball, accompanied by Jason Wu. Why Wu? Why not! I'm consistently impressed by his collections. Resort, quite obviously, is no exception. In my mind, this looks like a modern version of Louis Vuitton's 2011 Resort. What's best about this whole collection is its mixture of chicness and wearability. In every collection, Wu successfully "edges up" a classic femininity. I don't look at this collection, wishing I had a place to wear this or that to. Instead, I think, "this is a better version of something I already have." For example, the hoodie? I'm not one to go crazy over sweat apparel, but I was obsessed with this! In short, everything Jason Wu does is pure magic.

(Photo Cred)

Okay this Nina Ricci collection may not be quintessential "resort," but I am enamored with it nevertheless. This sounds like a really dumb thing to say, but all of it is so pretty! The details on each piece is truly something. As a result, I become inspired. Not inspired in the sense that I want to change my look to "rich socialite," but inspired to accomplish all that I want so I can wear fabulous pieces like these. Anyways, more on the actual collection: it's so brilliant how the separates are paired in such a nonchalant manner. These looks aren't sloppy; however, these pieces are more approachable: Nina Ricci Resort 2012 is not just for Upper East Side Mommies!  My favorite look of this whole collection is the black mini with the lace front: the silhouette of the dress is so tea party, but lace makes it a bit more sultry. All in all, it was beyond.

(Photo Cred)
Well, this collection wins for funnest collection. Sometimes I consider going to the west coast after graduation; if I want to be a celebrity stylist, is there a better place than Hollywood? But there's one thing  that scares me about the west coast: color. Don't get me wrong, I do love some pops of color; however, I am urban at heart and do love my darks. The colors in this Naeem Khan collection inspired me so much!   Khan cleverly mixed extraordinary colors with rather simple silhouettes, thus creating beautiful pieces. The red brocade (it sure looks like brocade) mini? It was life-changing.  I thought it was really interesting how she had two looks with the same exact silhouette but different colors (see: here and here). A lot of times, people really do forget how fun fashion can be: it's always what's on trend and who will take over Galliano's position (not knowing is killing me slowly inside). Khan's collection, however, reminds us that fashion is about taking risks: wearing bold colors, sporting some feathers just because, and not being afraid to really sparkle. In my mind, this collection is all about bravery, which I love.

(Photo Cred)
Usually, I'm never completely obsessed with a Marc Jacobs collection; however, I love love LOVE this resort collection. If you couldn't tell by this blog post,  I'm love juxtaposition in fashion; after all, that's what makes fashion unique and fun. This time, it's the juxtaposition between boyish and, well, feminine. This collection, more or less, represent a transition. The beginning,  really masculine and boring. Very Royal Tenenbaums, don't you think? Throughout the collection, the looks get more and more feminine: we see a full skirted dress and some sparkle until we finally get the finished product, a completely feminine look. I love when a collection tells a good story, or a collection has enough of a plot so-to-speak that I can create a story. Also, I really want that pink skirt.

(Photo Cred)
I remember looking at the collection, convinced I would hate it.  But, when you really examine the details and review the collection as a whole, it's really something spectacular.  I don't know about you but during the summer,  it is imperative to be chic and comfortable: when I get sweaty and my hair starts to frizz, the last thing I want is a body-con dress. Unless I'm going out for a night on the town, that's another situation. Anyway, the shift-esque silhouette gave me extreme ease: Mr. Valli, you get me and every other aspiring fashionista suffering from heat exhaustion and humidity. But fear not fashion lovers, this collection is both pragmatic and stylish.  There are so many vibrant colors , quirky silhouettes, and so much leopard, you're bound to find something you love!  Speaking of leopard, don't you love the leopard hareem pants? I died. And the maxi dresses? Absolutely gorgeous.  It just goes to show you, don't judge a book by its cover! 

(Photo Cred)
If anyone asks me to sum up Cynthia Rowley's Resort 2012 collection, I would simply say it's "the functional anti summer." There's a common misconception to think of Resort as solely shorts, mini dresses, and beyond fabulous bathing suits. In my mind, Cynthia Rowley but an end to that. While looking at her collection, I noticed that most of the looks were not your typical summer collection: the hemlines are longer and there are so many long sleeves. If the fabrics were changed, this collection  could  easily be Pre-Fall or maybe a small Fall RTW collection.  Even some of the colors weren't very Resort-esque. Yet it worked: this is a Resort collection and a fabulous one at that. What I loved about this collection is how some of these looks can easily carry you into the fall. And we aspiring fashionistas do have to wear an outfit more than once!

(Photo Cred)
Versace, like Pucci, is one of those brands I constantly associate with Resort wear. The label is always so fun and sexy and isn't that all we want to be during the summer? What I found most interesting about this collection was the frequent use of black and white. But black and white is so boring, right? Wrong. Through incredible silhouettes, unique prints, and your occasional splash of color, this collection was divine. And that's the beauty of Versace: the constant innovation to make something out of a potentially boring situation. As much as I love a LBD, they can get a little boring. But the Versace LBD this collection? The sheen on the fabric gave an allusion of leather: fun and sexy!  Some of these looks don't say, "this is so Resort;" however, they're totally summer friendly. And the detailing was absolutely phenomenal. J'adore.


(Photo Cred)
The only way I can accurately express my love for this collection is with one word: fabulous. Everything about this collection was truly fabulous. The polka dotted looks were fabulous retro, like something you would see out of an old movie. But, mixed with a floral top, polka dots look so relevant. Amazing. And the red and black dress is my personal favorite. And the evening gowns were so beautiful. This is one of those collections that I can't pinpoint the exact reasons for loving it, but it's seriously outstanding.

Sorry this blog post took absolutely forever to complete, but Resort was awesome and there was so much of it!


Monday, 20 June 2011

The Weekly: And Prada's Never Broke My Heart Before*

*Just to begin, I'm fully aware that this will be a terrible weekly; I've been so busy visiting my lovely college friends at Long Island, shopping for my sister's birthday (I got her some fabulous 21st birthday presents), and then a nice Father's Day dinner, and more socializing. So it's late and not supreme, but here it is at least! 

At the mall today, I fell in love. Head-over-heals, "his and her towels,"(thank you, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) love. "With whom?" you may ask. No no, with what. It's not surprising that I, a gal with a serious spending issues, falls for fashion. But, to me, instantly lusting over a piece is something that I live for. I always start styling a plethora of looks. And for this weekly, I'm going to break down some must-have that I spotted today and how to make purely epic.

1. Black Flats 

"Wow, how typical is she?" you might be asking yourself. I know, black flats are rather typical; however, I saw these Prada flats and spazzed. My current black flats, bless their soles (pun), are slowly but surely decaying. There are a few holes and the bow occasionally detaches, but I love them. When I saw these bad boys, however, I thought that they are potentially the perfect replacement. The bow is so large and in charge; I kind of love it. Although many may think that a closed toe and black is a no- go for the summer, I wear my black flats all of the time and you can too!  For a nice summer take, flats like these would be perfection with black skinnies and a summer top. They would also shape up an oversized dress. In my humble opinion, really invest in these flats, they'll be a strong staple all year around!

2. Soft Brown Leather Jacket
(Photo Cred)
My mom and I walked into Vince  today and I went gaga over this jacket. First of all, the leather was so soft: I was really close to stealing/buying it and using it as a blanket. The light brown color, as well as the stretchy fabric on the sleeve, made this jacket less serious and more summery. Don't get me wrong, I'm all from leather in the summer, but black can be a little too sharp. A boho chic midi dress would make this look casual chic, which I love. Or even a romantic top and short shorts would look absolutely fabulous.

3. Pastel Jeans
(Photo Cred)
For a couple weeks now, I've been lusting over a pair of pastel jeans. I tried on a pair today and it...didn't work out. Anywho, I think a pair of pastels would be the best way to spice up a typical pair of jeans. And also, it's a fabulous way to show off a tan!  For a cozy look, this would be supreme with a delicate sweater. And of course, a fun peasant top would work with this too. My key advice for color jeans: be safe with color and don't treat them like a fashion risk. They're just pants.

Well that was extremely quick, but onto the weekly! 

  • Gwyneth Paltrow at the NYC Bent on Learning Event (Alexander Wang): In my mind, Gwyneth looked like a chic goddess! First of all, her hair and makeup look absolutely beautiful; the light makeup color scheme brightens up what could be a very dark look. The draping is so elegant, yet, the opaque black shoulder makes this look more bold. Beautiful combination, Mr. Wang. I think she could have worn some jewels, whether they are a beautiful set of drop earrings or some thin bracelets,  but the minimal accessorizing strangely works. And the whole look was beautifully completed by strappy peep-toes; the peep part gives the look enough modernity but the straps make the look a little more goddessy. What I love most about this dress, in conclusion, is how it can really take Gwyneth to the fall, not like she'd wear this again to an event. Can we say tights and booties?
  • Elle Fanning at the Crystal&Lucy Awards (Marc Jacobs): MARC JACOBS RESORT 2012? This girl is quickly getting the fashion world wrapped around her little finger. I literally cannot get over this dress, it's so beautiful! And the fact that she paired this beautiful blue with a coral? Risky and brilliant. So I love it. A sleek updo is best because anything else would look like too much or too little. And once again, she's wearing art so minimal jewels are smart. The only thing I would change about this look is the makeup. Since this dress is so awesome, her makeup doesn't complete the look. Maybe a strong lip or a cat-eye would rock this.
What's next: Resort 2012 Round-Up 


Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Weekly: The Stylish Life of a Hugh Hefner Wannabe

As cliche as it sounds, the Hamptons does have fabulous stores. When my friends and I drove through Easthampton, my jaw literally dropped: Malandrino, Tiffany&Co., Tahari, and many more. Seriously, the epitome of fabulous living. While typical Hampton vacationers go to these luxe stores and buy whatever their hearts desire, I did not. Instead, I went to a funky vintage store in Bridgehampton (I think Bridgehampton, if not, I'm incredibly sorry and purchased a smoker's jacket. No, I do not smoke; Yes, I did actually buy a smoker's jacket. The only male friend on the vacation tried on the smoker's jacket, quickly discarding it because he thought he looked silly; however, I tried it on and loved it instantly. A smoker's jacket is, in my mind, one of those really obscure pieces that nobody ever really purchases. Unless you're willing to take the risk of a "what-was-she-or-he-thinking-moment."
Robe? I think this would even look good belted. Innovation is key here, people! 

 And believe me, I faced one of those the second I got home:
MOM: And you got a smoker's jacket? 
         ME: Yeah, let me show you! I love it 
(Pulling my beloved smoker's jacket out of the bag)
        MOM: You...bought a robe. I hate this.
My own mother, who is chic, despised this piece! Instinctively, I started to wonder if I made a really stupid purchase. But then I realized that I didn't care if anyone, even my mom,  hated this smoker's jacket or claimed it was a Hugh Hefner moment because  I  love it and I see so much potential in this piece.

Obsessed with the detailing! 

Here's what I'm thinking:
- Nix the belt (it'll look cuter like a jacket a la Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City).
-Wear with ripped jeans, black jeans, or even a cute dress
-I'm not sure what kind of  shoe (at first I was thinking about a strong boot but I'm not sure) but I'll get back to you on that.

I guess what I'm trying to say in the grand scheme of things is that we all need to stay tough and true to our personal styles. I know that conforming to the masses, or what other influencers think is chic, can be easy, but fashion's no fun that way. To me, fashion is nothing without originality and fearlessness.  If we lived in a world where everyone wore the same exact thing, that'd be a pretty boring world, don't you think? 

Well, that was inspiring. Now, onto the weekly!

  • Demi Moore at the Samsung Hope for Children Gaga (Louis Vuitton): In my weeklies, I frequently condone celebrities for maintaining chic status while staying true to their true age. This is no exception. First of all, I really think Demi gets better with age and I'm always dumbfounded by her effortless beauty.  Anyways, back to the look! I love juxtaposition between the plunging neckline and the long hemline. It's "I still got it" meets "I do act my age, I'm a lady!," which I greatly admire. I also love the detailing around the neck, sheared fabric I believe? And the sequined bits on her skirt look so fabulous. You know a dress is incredible when, even in black, you can spot all of the fabulous effort that was put into the creation. Her semi-pulled back hair gives that same combination of youthful and age appropriate. The drop earrings complement the previously discussed sequins, which makes this a complete look. Also, I love how she wore a bold strappy heel. A pump, the obvious contender, would be to matronly and an elegant evening shoe would've been too fancy. Overall, she looked incredible! 
  • Kate Middleton at the Ark gala (Jenny Packham):  I'm so pleased to see that her Sarah Burton wedding dress wasn't the golden age of her style. Many of you may have seen this Jenny Packham dress on Leighton Meester during an episode of Gossip Girl and no offense Erik Daman, but I love this dress so much better on Kate Middleton because of the styling!  Meester's hair is overbearing in the Gossip Girl adaptation, as opposed to Middleton's sleek hair. The dress has so much detail, an "piece of art" if you will, that it's better not to over accessorize. Middleton looks awesome because, in true Middleton style, she kept is classy and simple with minimal jewels, soft hair, and a small clutch. J'adore! 
  • Elle Fanning at the Super 8 Premiere (Vintage): This is the epitome of boho chic and I love it. Everything about this is so soft and ethereal, which is key to successfully wearing a look like this. For starters, I love how she didn't feel inclined to wear some leading designer to her premiere, the vintage is amazing! Although I wish she wore some jewels, whether earrings or bangles, I do love silky smooth hair with this look. And the wooden platforms, or are they flatforms? Regardless, they really pull the look together and are awesome. Florence Welch, the reigning queen of this look,  must be so happy!

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

If Perfect's What You're Searching For, Then Just Stay the Same

Recently, I fell in love with Bruno Mars' songs: no, I don't know why I'm on such a music/fashion craze this summer, but I don't mind. Anyways, I love the range of really deep songs, a la "Grenade", to chill summery songs, like "The Lazy Song." His voice is so silky smooth and I always end up singing with my iPod:

In addition to his music, I truly think he has great man-style. Sure, I'm not the biggest fan of his hair; however, he has this great mix of trendy and classic in his wardrobe. And my thoughts were solidified by a behind-the-scenes look at his Vogue photo shoot.

Add caption
I love how he can wear a skinny-tied suit in Vogue and it looks neither typical nor random. In my mind, his style is the epitome of man-chic. Not to mention, I love his love for hats. So for this blog, ladies and gents, I've decided to pick apart SLASH analyze some classic Bruno Mars looks.
Doesn't this look like it came straight out of an Urban Outfitters' catalog? Or maybe as if it was taken in a Urban Outfitters' changing room? Anyways, I really like this juxtaposition of hipster and toughie. I don't like hiprims, although they do look pretty good on him. If he didn't add that red leather, he would've looked like just another hipster, which sounds rude and I don't mean it to sound rude but conformity is a funny thing. Anyways, the red leather makes this look less hipster and more fashion forward, which I love. And especially red? This guy's definitely willing to have some fun with his looks. (Photo Cred)
 Besides Michael Buble, who honestly wears a suit on tour? Exactly. The fact that he's wearing a suit definitely suggests that he's a class act. The baggy fit and the nontraditional grey suggests that he's funkier than Michael Buble- don't worry Michael, I still love you. (Photo Cred)

Maybe this is the aspiring fashionista in me speaking, but there's something very sexy about a boy who has  an effortlessly chic sense of style. Yes, that's probably my inner fashion slave talking.  BUT THE POINT IS that this is such a prime example of laid back style. Wayfarers add instant male chicness. No really, I think guy's look a million times better them! Anyways, the hat is the perfect amount of trend to counteract the white shirt. Yet, he's not trying too hard (is he trying at all)? Perfect. (Photo Cred)

See?! Now do you understand the Wayfarer effect? Musicians, especially at the Grammys, tend to get very...creative with their looks. I love love LOVE how Mars kept it classy in this suit; however, the unbuttoned shirt and the beautiful sunnies made him the coolest guy at the party. J'adore. (Photo Cred)

All of these pictures made me realize how interesting Bruno Mars' bone structure is... NOW that I've been sufficiently awkward, I will bid you lovely people goodbye!

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Nice Slew of Events

I really do feel like a jerk for not having a weekly, but is it humanly possible to blog when you're in such a beautiful setting?
Needless to say, the Hamptons were beyond fabulous. Incredible food, fabulous friends, and the best memories. I did walk away from the elitist world as an owner of a vintage smoker's jacket, which will obviously be blogged about later. I'm not kidding. My not so glamorous return left me with many things to blog about. Resort collections and red carpet, just to name a few.

So for both your and my entertainment, I've decided to create a combo pack of red carpets into one blog. I know, pretty intense.

2011 MTV Movie Awards 
I'm extremely glad I didn't watch these awards because I probably would've started a riot since Kristen Stewart beat Natalie Portman. Did The Rapture come because that's just not right . Not in the slightest. In terms of red carpet looks, they were interesting...

  • Selena Gomez (Giambattista Valli): Extremely disappointed. Selena always looks like such a rockstar and always gets on my Best list. Not this time, ladies and gents. Her hair and makeup looks great; however, her outfit isn't doing anything for me. No swooning. No nothing. I like the runway version better: the relaxed sandals and the white on white combination create a beachy and effortless look. The styling of Selena's adaptation was very confused, in my humble opinion. It seemed like she was trying to be a beach cutie, but then the heels made it too dressed up. I don't know, it just wasn't great.
  • Ryan Reynolds (I don't want to know): Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds, it's essentially a fact of life. But what I hated was this outfit. I know the MTV Movie Awards don't require a Simon Spurr or Tom Ford tux, but this was way too casual. He kind of looked like an old man who was chilling in his log cabin. This may be quasi acceptable if this was a "chillin'-out-maxin'-out-relaxin'-all-cool" look, but I think he should have been a bit fancier than this. Like a blazer, jeans, and tee? Sexy.
  • Blake Lively (Michael Kors): On the contrary, I hated Blake Lively's outfit because, besides the minimalism, it was way too serious for the MTV Movie Awards. Silk back hair and a simple dress. Chic? Yes. Appropriate? No. I also hated the purple Louboutins with the cobalt Kors dress. If you're going to add a pop of color, it should be a complementary color or something in a different color family. Or a simple cheetah print! Jeez. I think she would've looked stunning with beachy hair or even a maxi dress. 
  • Nina Dobrev (Georges Chakra Couture): As much as I love jewel tones, I really did not like this dress. The hemline was too fancy and matronly for a young starlet, like her, to wear to these awards. At the same time, the bows are so...immature. Very confusing. Not a fan.
  • Jessica Szhor (Alice&Olivia By:Stacey Bendent): This is the worst look I've seen in the longest time. SHE'S ON GOSSIP GIRL! ERIC DAMAN NEEDS TO STYLE HER. The worst. That is all. 
  • Aimee Tegarden (Alice&Olivia By: Stacey Bendent); I think that Alice&Olivia needs to fire Stacey Bendent because this dress is also terrible. It seriously looks like she was tye-dying in her backyard, found out her original dress was ruined, and then threw on this. To make matters worse, she did not accessorize at all. That is one of my biggest fashion faux paus. Of course some outfits don't require many accessories, but a wearing clothes isn't fashion until you style it and make it your own. No jewels and not even a cute pair of shoes. SHAME!
  • Amanda Bynes (Nobody knows because the designer is too embarrassed): There's a chance this could be worse than Jessica Szhor's look. This dress is disgusting and terribly unflattering and these shoes are not a good mix with this dress. The accessories are terrible. I don't even want to talk about this anymore. Now, I'm just getting mad.
  • Emma Watson (Marchesa): Two things I love in the fashion world; Emma Watson and Marchesa. And when they join forces, it's so lovely! As always, Emma looks like a goddess. I love how the top of the summer dress is so detailled; however, the rest of the white dress is so simple. The silver shoes tie the whole look together.  She always makes a statement by keeping it classy. And the hair and makeup is fabulous. It also looks like she's wearing an upper-arm bracelet. If so, I'm so smitten with it! Amazing all around! 
  • Emma Stone (Bottega Veneta):  One word: gorgeous. Usually, it's really hard for redheads to rock warm oranges, yellows, and red. But evidently, Emma Stone is the exact opposite. This is amazing! I think the black lace that lays on top of the orange makes this an easier look for her to pull off. Maybe this look is a little textbook fashion- it's all very matchy matchy- but I love it. I'm glad she didn't accessorize too much, the lace with a plethora of jewels could be extremely overbearing! Her hair and makeup, as well as the whole look, is fresh and youthful. J'adore.
  • Leighton Meester (Balmain): I wish that she wore a platform pump, but I'm literally obsessed with this dress. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Balmain is so dependable for uberchic minis. The details of this dress literally blows my mind and I think her hair and makeup look incredible. This is one of those situations where accessories would cheapen this look. She is literally wearing art and I'm so jealous.
  • Reese Witherspoon (Zac Posen): What I love most about Reese Witherspoon is her ability to always dress her age, but a chic version of her age. Maybe she went a little too far by bashing the Kardashians and other young starlets, but you can't deny that she looks beyond fabulous. The asymmetry, not to mention the print, of this Posen dress was so refreshing; however, the hemline of her dress kept it classy. And I loved the shoes!  I really think everyone should invest in a good pair of nude pumps, they elongate the leg! 
  • Hailee Steinfeld (Louis Vuitton): Although it may not be the most appropriate, weather-wise, I believe this is my favorite look of this red carpet. She's only 14 years-old and she dresses like a fashion icon! I wish I had her wardrobe when I was her age.  This look is the epitome of effortlessly chic. I'm so smitten with the sequined lapels and the wavy hair gives this look a "don't-take-this-too-seriously" vibe, which I'm such a fan of.  And the emerald clutch is the perfect pop of color! I think Amanda Bynes and Jessica Szhor could take a lesson from her.

THE 2011 CFDA Awards
If that wasn't an enormous amount of blogging, you get to read about yet another event. If you're still reading this, thanks for putting up with this post. I appreciate it! Im beyond happy that Prabal Gurung won the Swarovski Award for Womenswear, he's so talented. Oh and Gaga won Icon of the Year, being typically Gaga. But now, onto the looks! 

  • Chloe Sevigny (Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony): This isn't chic, this is just awkward.  The combination of the leather and cotton (is it cotton?) is not a chic juxtaposition, but really confusing. The hem of the dress is matronly and awkward. The ruffles around the sleeves are awkward. And those shoes just don't work with this outfit. That's basically all I can say: AWKWARD.
  • Kirsten Dunst (Patrik Ervell):  This is a perfect example of menswear gone wrong. I like when women have soft waves and a feminine vibe to their menswear inspired looks. Between the makeup, the tight bun, and the hoops (who wears hoops anymore), I felt like Dunst looked a bit like a...hooker. In my mind, she cheapened such a luxe look. If she had nixed the hoops and had a soft bun or even a soft ponytail, this would have been awesome. 
  • Sofia Coppola (Marc Jacobs): This is all I have to say about this look: if you're going to a Fashion event, wear something fashionable. No "Plain Janes" allowed.
  • Jenna Lyons (JCrew): J.CREW? Seriously? This is so plain and ugly. The shirt is hideous and the shoes don't even work with this look. PLAIN JANES, GET OUT.
  • Karolina Kurkova (Diane von Furstenburg): This would be a pretty sick playsuit; however, the hood is crazy. And not in a cute way. She looks beautfiul and I do condone her creativity, but she looks ridiculous.
  • Kelly Bensimon (Don't-Want-To-Know): This is a trainwreck. Her hair looks insanely fake and I, I know that her dress is completely see-through. Come on, rando, this is the CFDA not Hooters! Show some respect! 
  • Miranda Kerr (Michael Kors): Remember that time Miranda Kerr had a baby?  Not only does she look incredible, but I'm obsessed with this look. The dress is sexy without being...see-through. The gold cuff is so bold and is the perfect statement piece, something dainty just would not do! I love how she had minimal accessories in order to show off the fabulous silhouette of this outfit. And the slicked back hair and traditional makeup makes this look complete. Brava! 
  • Zuzanna Bijoch (Yigal Azrouel); Usually, as everyone knows, I despise minimalism; however, Bijoch styled this really well. The bright orange is super summer and the pink piping makes it a little more interesting that your typical minimalism dress. I'm obsessed with that spiky gold cuff (uber egdy) and you can't see it in the attached picture, but she's rocking an awesome pair of booties. And if you can take minimalism to a level I like, you're fine by me! 
  • Amy Astley (I have no idea, unfortunately): This is the  CFDA equivalent to Leighton Meester's MTV Movie Award dress. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm addicted to things that are shiny. Her black and gold heels go perfectly with Astley's beautifully detailled dress. I the details! So much! And her super sleek hair is the perfect juxtaposition to such an intense dress. And once again, this is a situation where you shouldn't really accessories. Good job, Ms. Astley! 
  • Lucy Liu (Monique Lhuillier): I don't know when Lucy Liu became such a glamazon, but I'm in love with this dress. It may be a little too Oscars for the CFDA Awards, but you know a dress is remarkable when, especially in black, you can see the details from a picture. She looks like Cinderella at an extremely urban ball. The romantic bun and the pinks lips further this Cinderella inspiration. While I do wish it was edgier, she looks amazing and it's a sure-bet.
  • Hana Soukupova (Marchesa): Now this is what I call an outfit. Anywhere else, this may be too much; however, this Marchesa is perfect for a CFDA event! The mullet-esque hemline is so entrancing and the asymmetrical shoulders is so right on. I love the mix between brocade and the sheared fabric, it keeps this look glamorous, girlie, and edgy at the same time. 
  • L'Wren Scott ( L'Wren Scott): I'm obsessed. Usually, black and yellow looks like a bumble bee; however, it looks mega chic here. The long silhouette is rather simple, but the gorgeous floral gives us something to talk about and makes the look more complex. The long hair makes this look more laidback and sultry, which I love! I kind of wish that she changed her accessories, especially her earrings, but she looks like a rockstar. 
  • Prabal Gurung (Once again, I do not know): This little winner is so adorable! A lot of guys stuck with a regular tie or some other casual look, but I love how he dressed in a full tuxedo. As creepy as it sounds, I just want to pinch his (face) cheeks! Overall, the look is very clean and spiffy.
Well now I'm exhausted. 

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