Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Weekly: The Stylish Life of a Hugh Hefner Wannabe

As cliche as it sounds, the Hamptons does have fabulous stores. When my friends and I drove through Easthampton, my jaw literally dropped: Malandrino, Tiffany&Co., Tahari, and many more. Seriously, the epitome of fabulous living. While typical Hampton vacationers go to these luxe stores and buy whatever their hearts desire, I did not. Instead, I went to a funky vintage store in Bridgehampton (I think Bridgehampton, if not, I'm incredibly sorry and purchased a smoker's jacket. No, I do not smoke; Yes, I did actually buy a smoker's jacket. The only male friend on the vacation tried on the smoker's jacket, quickly discarding it because he thought he looked silly; however, I tried it on and loved it instantly. A smoker's jacket is, in my mind, one of those really obscure pieces that nobody ever really purchases. Unless you're willing to take the risk of a "what-was-she-or-he-thinking-moment."
Robe? I think this would even look good belted. Innovation is key here, people! 

 And believe me, I faced one of those the second I got home:
MOM: And you got a smoker's jacket? 
         ME: Yeah, let me show you! I love it 
(Pulling my beloved smoker's jacket out of the bag)
        MOM: You...bought a robe. I hate this.
My own mother, who is chic, despised this piece! Instinctively, I started to wonder if I made a really stupid purchase. But then I realized that I didn't care if anyone, even my mom,  hated this smoker's jacket or claimed it was a Hugh Hefner moment because  I  love it and I see so much potential in this piece.

Obsessed with the detailing! 

Here's what I'm thinking:
- Nix the belt (it'll look cuter like a jacket a la Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City).
-Wear with ripped jeans, black jeans, or even a cute dress
-I'm not sure what kind of  shoe (at first I was thinking about a strong boot but I'm not sure) but I'll get back to you on that.

I guess what I'm trying to say in the grand scheme of things is that we all need to stay tough and true to our personal styles. I know that conforming to the masses, or what other influencers think is chic, can be easy, but fashion's no fun that way. To me, fashion is nothing without originality and fearlessness.  If we lived in a world where everyone wore the same exact thing, that'd be a pretty boring world, don't you think? 

Well, that was inspiring. Now, onto the weekly!

  • Demi Moore at the Samsung Hope for Children Gaga (Louis Vuitton): In my weeklies, I frequently condone celebrities for maintaining chic status while staying true to their true age. This is no exception. First of all, I really think Demi gets better with age and I'm always dumbfounded by her effortless beauty.  Anyways, back to the look! I love juxtaposition between the plunging neckline and the long hemline. It's "I still got it" meets "I do act my age, I'm a lady!," which I greatly admire. I also love the detailing around the neck, sheared fabric I believe? And the sequined bits on her skirt look so fabulous. You know a dress is incredible when, even in black, you can spot all of the fabulous effort that was put into the creation. Her semi-pulled back hair gives that same combination of youthful and age appropriate. The drop earrings complement the previously discussed sequins, which makes this a complete look. Also, I love how she wore a bold strappy heel. A pump, the obvious contender, would be to matronly and an elegant evening shoe would've been too fancy. Overall, she looked incredible! 
  • Kate Middleton at the Ark gala (Jenny Packham):  I'm so pleased to see that her Sarah Burton wedding dress wasn't the golden age of her style. Many of you may have seen this Jenny Packham dress on Leighton Meester during an episode of Gossip Girl and no offense Erik Daman, but I love this dress so much better on Kate Middleton because of the styling!  Meester's hair is overbearing in the Gossip Girl adaptation, as opposed to Middleton's sleek hair. The dress has so much detail, an "piece of art" if you will, that it's better not to over accessorize. Middleton looks awesome because, in true Middleton style, she kept is classy and simple with minimal jewels, soft hair, and a small clutch. J'adore! 
  • Elle Fanning at the Super 8 Premiere (Vintage): This is the epitome of boho chic and I love it. Everything about this is so soft and ethereal, which is key to successfully wearing a look like this. For starters, I love how she didn't feel inclined to wear some leading designer to her premiere, the vintage is amazing! Although I wish she wore some jewels, whether earrings or bangles, I do love silky smooth hair with this look. And the wooden platforms, or are they flatforms? Regardless, they really pull the look together and are awesome. Florence Welch, the reigning queen of this look,  must be so happy!

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  1. Loving your Blog! Now I want a Vintage (or Vintage Inspired) Smokers Jacket.

  2. My Dearest Doll, While I am still not in love with that smokers jacket, I applaude you for YOUR style and your wonderful creative eye for fashion! I know that you will make that jacket your own and look absolutely doubt in my mind...ever. You truly are "way above the curve"! Love, Mom