Monday, 20 June 2011

The Weekly: And Prada's Never Broke My Heart Before*

*Just to begin, I'm fully aware that this will be a terrible weekly; I've been so busy visiting my lovely college friends at Long Island, shopping for my sister's birthday (I got her some fabulous 21st birthday presents), and then a nice Father's Day dinner, and more socializing. So it's late and not supreme, but here it is at least! 

At the mall today, I fell in love. Head-over-heals, "his and her towels,"(thank you, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) love. "With whom?" you may ask. No no, with what. It's not surprising that I, a gal with a serious spending issues, falls for fashion. But, to me, instantly lusting over a piece is something that I live for. I always start styling a plethora of looks. And for this weekly, I'm going to break down some must-have that I spotted today and how to make purely epic.

1. Black Flats 

"Wow, how typical is she?" you might be asking yourself. I know, black flats are rather typical; however, I saw these Prada flats and spazzed. My current black flats, bless their soles (pun), are slowly but surely decaying. There are a few holes and the bow occasionally detaches, but I love them. When I saw these bad boys, however, I thought that they are potentially the perfect replacement. The bow is so large and in charge; I kind of love it. Although many may think that a closed toe and black is a no- go for the summer, I wear my black flats all of the time and you can too!  For a nice summer take, flats like these would be perfection with black skinnies and a summer top. They would also shape up an oversized dress. In my humble opinion, really invest in these flats, they'll be a strong staple all year around!

2. Soft Brown Leather Jacket
(Photo Cred)
My mom and I walked into Vince  today and I went gaga over this jacket. First of all, the leather was so soft: I was really close to stealing/buying it and using it as a blanket. The light brown color, as well as the stretchy fabric on the sleeve, made this jacket less serious and more summery. Don't get me wrong, I'm all from leather in the summer, but black can be a little too sharp. A boho chic midi dress would make this look casual chic, which I love. Or even a romantic top and short shorts would look absolutely fabulous.

3. Pastel Jeans
(Photo Cred)
For a couple weeks now, I've been lusting over a pair of pastel jeans. I tried on a pair today and it...didn't work out. Anywho, I think a pair of pastels would be the best way to spice up a typical pair of jeans. And also, it's a fabulous way to show off a tan!  For a cozy look, this would be supreme with a delicate sweater. And of course, a fun peasant top would work with this too. My key advice for color jeans: be safe with color and don't treat them like a fashion risk. They're just pants.

Well that was extremely quick, but onto the weekly! 

  • Gwyneth Paltrow at the NYC Bent on Learning Event (Alexander Wang): In my mind, Gwyneth looked like a chic goddess! First of all, her hair and makeup look absolutely beautiful; the light makeup color scheme brightens up what could be a very dark look. The draping is so elegant, yet, the opaque black shoulder makes this look more bold. Beautiful combination, Mr. Wang. I think she could have worn some jewels, whether they are a beautiful set of drop earrings or some thin bracelets,  but the minimal accessorizing strangely works. And the whole look was beautifully completed by strappy peep-toes; the peep part gives the look enough modernity but the straps make the look a little more goddessy. What I love most about this dress, in conclusion, is how it can really take Gwyneth to the fall, not like she'd wear this again to an event. Can we say tights and booties?
  • Elle Fanning at the Crystal&Lucy Awards (Marc Jacobs): MARC JACOBS RESORT 2012? This girl is quickly getting the fashion world wrapped around her little finger. I literally cannot get over this dress, it's so beautiful! And the fact that she paired this beautiful blue with a coral? Risky and brilliant. So I love it. A sleek updo is best because anything else would look like too much or too little. And once again, she's wearing art so minimal jewels are smart. The only thing I would change about this look is the makeup. Since this dress is so awesome, her makeup doesn't complete the look. Maybe a strong lip or a cat-eye would rock this.
What's next: Resort 2012 Round-Up 


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