Monday, 30 August 2010

The Weekly: Going the Distance

If someone is not aware how badly I want to see the new movie, Going the Distance, they definitely do not know me: every time I see a simple commercial or advertisement, I get really emotional and start a whole rant about how good that movie looks. Justin Long is adorable, it just looks good, and it speaks to me, being in a semi-long distance relationship. But yeaaahh I really want to see it.

So anyways, I went to college this weekend. Yeah, scary. I was debating on what to wear for a move in day: I wanted to look fashionable and be functional at the same time, so why not a romper? And my new hat? Good, right? WRONG. My so-called romper, which isn't even on the Urban website anymore, RIPPED. The first time wearing it. FML. But it was a good thought so oh well. It's interesting, though, to see how other people dress (maybe a blog about that).

Onto the weekly looks:

  • Drew Barrymore at the Going the Distance LA Premiere. To quote Rachel Zoe, I DIED when I saw this. DIED I TELL YOU. This Catherine  Malandrino is so incredible and that semi-studded belt is so fabulous. I’m not the biggest fan of the matching pumps but she seriously looks like a beachy diva goddess. Her jewels look great and I LOVE THIS.
  • Kate Beckinsale at the Going the Distance Premiere also! I love this little black and white  Versace number. She took an  unexpected turn with a LWD. The black pockets are new and exciting. I think that Beckinsale always has spot on fashion so it was definitely a relief to see this. Although I wish her accessories pushed the envelope a bit more, she’s still STUNNING.
  • Jessica Alba at the Machete  premiere. I LOVE THIS BALMAIN. Black and gold is such a typical color combination, but the zig-zag pattern really spiced it up. And the strappy shoes were strong enough to work with this dress and definitely sexed it up. I love love LOVED this combo. It was so fall which I was totally loving! 
  • 08/27/2010- Celine “Look of the Day”. I love this look. The white turtle neck. I also love this juxtaposition of a rough fabric being tiered. Tiered dresses, in my opinion, are so flattering. I usually think Celine things are boring but I’m LOVING this. Usually, I hate minimalism, but I think this one is unique enough for it to work.


Friday, 27 August 2010

My Beef with the American Topshop

The SoHo Topshop (picture from
Topshop is without a doubt one of my favorite stores. Ever. I remember all too well the first time I entered the fashion Mecca. It was November of 2008: I was with my mom in the LONDON Topshop, only decently content with what I saw. Everything was either not my style or a little bland.  And just when I thought all was  lost, a saw and escalator to this mysterious basement. It was like the angels were singing: beautiful florals, interesting cuts, things I've never seen before.  I was in heaven. There is a heavy portion of my wardrobe that is from that beautiful basement. I've been back to the basement two more times, which has added a heavy tag to my luggage.
Like...this really happened on my last trip to London! 
If you don't realize how much Topshop and I are made for each other, here's a nice little anecdote:
"When I was in Ireland, I saw Topshop and knew that was your store"- my boyfriend's mom, circa a few months ago (not exact wording because it was a few months ago but the same idea)

So when I heard that there was going to be a Topshop on the other side of the pond, I was tearing up with joy! I remember venturing to the US Topshop last year, of course to find a massive line of eager fashionistas.  I found a lot of the merchandise to be things I already purchased in London. Disappointing? Yeah. But it was kind of enticing, knowing I was kind of a step ahead of the New York fashion scene. When I went last week, on my shopping excursion, I was the most disappointed I've ever been at my favorite store. Ever. TWO DRESSES?! REALLY. The rest of the collection was so drab and just not unique enough to crave. And I definitely know why: the basement. Topshop New York has no basement of fashion heaven nor does it have any of those clothes. It's just such a shame. People who have never crossed the pond for the REAL Topshop assume they've seen it all. They haven't. I think what the US Topshop should do is combine the men's floor with a smidge of the fashion heaven. I should write a letter. I'll get back with that!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekly Looks: A Matter of Black and White

Without even realizing it, my favorite looks for this week had a theme: black and white. I even bought a black and white bra/underwear combo this week! What's not to love about these two shades: they're undoubtedly chic and so neutral. These non-intrusive colors (or are they shades?) give plenty of room for drama in a piece's design. And in a non-fashion way, who doesn't love Michael Jackson's song, "Black or White". Black and white is an essential, whether on your iPod or in your wardrobe. Black and white goes flawlessly with any kind of pattern: plaid, houndstooth, cheetah, striped, brocade, or color blocking. What I love about this duo is how you can achieve any look you want to. People are always like "yeah, it's black and white", but how can that expression be used when black and white is truly so versatile. Punky, sophisticated, quirky- ANYTHING! It also offers so many iconic moments. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina?! That episode of Sex and the City, and the movie I suppose, where Charlotte wears that ridiculously sexy black bridesmaid dress (the contrast of the white bridal gown was stunning). And either color/shade on their own is remarkable: take any bridal dress-unstated or extravagant- or Audrey (she's the best) in her LBD in Breakfast and Tiffany's! So in order to move on to the main part of this  blog, I give you my favorite looks of the week!

  • Shenae Grimes at the BlackBerry Torch Launch Party: Usually, I'm not a fan of Shenane Grimes but this I LOVE. She looks effortlessly cool. The mix of textures matched with a simple white tee? Genius. The leather pants would have been too overbearing without the soft textured blazer. And I love how she accessorized with long rosaries. 
  • Emma Watson at a Harry Potter function: I love love LOVE this Alice by Temperley! The romper is so unexpected, especially with long sleeves. The lace gives this typically masculine ideal a feminine vibe. She didn't try to over-do this outfit: she accessorized smartly,with a lady-like shoe, and kept her looking absolutely chic! 
  • Jennifer Aniston at The Daily Show: She looks absolutely stunning in this feminine Dolce and Gabbana minidress. She’s definitely been wearing more revealing and sexy outfits ever since that Rolling Stone cover. I love how this is sexy but demure  at the same time. I’m also glad she paired the dress with a gray platform: it makes sense but it’s not predictable. As a Friends fan, I have to say she’s never looked better.

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shopping Spree.

Today Yesterday, my mom and I went on a lovely shopping spree to Soho. As a combination of me getting new clothes and my recent birthday, I do have to say that I'm getting a good start. Granted, I need to get shoes and more accessories, but oh well. There's time for that!

I am typically very disappointed with the Topshop in New York (I should definitely blog about that at some point). ONLY TWO DRESSES?! In London, I usually drop major pound-age. But no, just two...dresses. I love them both, and I think with the right accessories they can transfer to fall. They're both so nostalgic, in my mind. Like...where are my little Mary Janes and lunch box?
I love the dual fabrics. My mom asked me "where the hoe-down was" when I showed her this. She was later jealous.
I love Hudson jeans: I have black jeans so obviously I needed dark wash. I was going to get jeggings...but it was too scary.

LOVE. This is kind of like a statement necklace I was talking about a few posts ago. How good would this be with a big comfy sweater?!

Two lovely pictures from Urban Outfitters. I've always wanted a maxi dress and guess who has a new maxi dress?! ME. And the jacket is so utilitarian and now. They'd go wonderfully together!

MY FAVORITE PURCHASES. New Ray Bans and and awesome hat from Urban. They're nothing like I've had before which is EXACTLY what I wanted. They're so street style, personal, and the perfect ingredient for an unique outfit. Obsessed.

Of course I got other things but these pictures came out best ;)

Cool, right?


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I Die.

I figure since The Rachel Zoe Project is on TONIGHT, I should discuss the Rachel Zoe photoshoot in the new Harper's Bazaar issue. I loved loved LOVED it!! The concept was so fun and I loved how the designers were involved. And more importantly, the outfits. Like the Vera Wang dress she wore in the poison shot. It was so whimsy and girly and it's so perfect. And the Derek Lam white gown in the Brain Atwood image? She looked so serene and goddess-esque. I loved it all. I know this blog is short but there's not much else to say. I love it. End of story.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Run Toward The Fire

When I was getting dressed today, I opened up my secret compartment of one of my dresses which is my bedroom's holy grail for fashion: my statement necklaces. I've probably mentioned it before but statement jewelry is my all time FAVORITE kind of accessory: they are so beautiful and honestly do make the perfect outfit. I just thought all of the precious stones, metals, and chains combined was absolutely ravishing. Sooo...I took some pictures of it.

My favorite necklace at the moment has to be this pearl long necklace with a gold cross (center). I got it at Selfridges when visiting my sister in London this past spring. She pulled it out of the bunch, thinking I'd like it. She was so right. Although I like to expand my necklace variety, I'm a pearls kind of girl- especially when there's a unique and trendy aspect to said pearls.

I LOVE the jewelry at Anthropologie: they are feminine and effortless, like if Zooey Deschannel's character in 500 Days of Summer wore statement necklaces. I can easily put an Antrho necklace on in addition to something totally plain, and it creates a good outfit.
My attempt to be artsy.

Statement Necklaces that I'm crushing on:
  • Beaded Swag Bib Necklace: I think this is the perfect blend of simplicity and a jazzed-up necklace. It can also look so retro, especially in yellow. I like how it's also a bib, so it leaves plenty of room for an amazing outfit!
  • Flat Spikes On Chain: The quintessential edgy necklace. It's not really like anything I have but I find it quite intriguing. This would look so cool with a plain white tank, slate colored jacket, and dark jeans.
  • The Owl Necklace: I am SO smitting with this necklace. I LOVE IT. In white. Too bad it's not being sold anymore. REGARDLESS! I think this necklace shows how statement necklaces don't always have to be short. The owl is so cool and retro and wonderful. Ughhhh
  • Kara Ross Double Knot Snake Chain: This is exactly what I want for the fall: the snakeskin is so elegant, yet, on trend. It reminds me a lot of this dress Kate Hudson wore to the Skeleton Key premiere YEARS ago.
  • Haute Hippie Faux Peral & Crystal Necklace: This is PERFECT. I love how evolutionary the pearls are here. So perfect. I'm loving it.  I would love my heavily anticipated "new style" to be something like this.

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So it's been quite obvious that I have been in a blogging/fashion slump. My lack of clothes and lack of fashion news has been making anxious about my blog and overall desire to be a fashionista. But then I had this fashion dream last night, I was on the red carpet and I dreamt so many innovative and beautiful dress, that helped but me back in swing.

SOOOO I've created a new blog aspect: a compilation of my favorite looks of the week (looks I've found that I truly love). Of course, I'll be blogging as much as I can but I thought this would be something to keep me on my toes. So this blog will be happening on.....SUNDAY.

Some of my lovely friends and I found these statues in the city a few days ago: aren't they cool?


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

What's New

So I haven't blogged for legitimately a week but a lot has been going on which I'd like to reflect on, fashion-wise OBVI. Okay okay so last week went by quickly, not too much there to report. But on SATURDAY, I saw the very talented John Mayer in concert . ELEVENTH ROW. Great concert. He had this whole bandana situation (look to yo' left) which I was, surprisingly, loving.  He just looked so cool, so Springsteen. I loved it. I feel if a guy isn't going uber pretty or  trendy, my two personal favorites, this laid back look is rather cool.  But the rest of his outfit I didn't really love: it was too much baggy. I think a fitted top would be muuuch better. And the next day it was my birthday.  

.........I got........

Marc By Marc Jacobs “Totally Turnlock Bell Calfskin Crossbody Bag”

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

As well as other odds, ends, and a highly anticipated $HOPPING SPREE. So I'm very VERY excited about my recent gifts. And then I went shopping today, where I also got some FABULOUS PURCHASES: a skirt (but in pink), vest, and earrings (which can't be found at the moment)!

This is getting to be a rather selfish post so ENOUGH ABOUT ME AND ONTO MORE IMPORTANT THINGS.

The Teen Choice Awards were on yesterday, equipped with some looks I loved and some that I hated. So here's a nice version of my own fashion police.


  • Lea Michele in Naeem Khan:  Everyone raves about this dress but I'm not a fan. The shoes were a little ugly...A LOT ugly. And I just didn't like the dress: the design was odd, it make her look lanky, and it was too simple. She's had a lot of fashion hits but this one wasn't amazing.
  • Kristen Bell in Stella McCartney: I was a  fan of the silhouette, but I didn't like the coloring or the shear covering. It looked a little too juvenile for me. It kind of looks like she covered up a wonderful dress.
  • Emma Roberts in Brian Reyes: Major disappointment. It was too drastic with her newly black hair. HATED the booties, the color, the stitching, EVERYTHING. I'm upset because she did SO well last year , so glam and gorgeous. You messed up major, Roberts.
  • Sarah Hyland in dress whose designer is unnamed: Too boring. She's so beautiful, she should spice it up a little but more. Buuut if it's any consolation, wonderful color on her! 
  • Ashley Greene in Valentino: You know, everyone's obsessed with this dress. And usually, I think Ashley Green looks gorgeous. But I wasn't a fan of this one. I love Valentino too, who doesn't. The design on the fabric was gorgeous but I felt the dress was rather shapeless, ill-accessorized, and didn't fit her perfectly. Buut that's just me! 
  • Victoria Justice in Mason: LOVED. Who is this girl?! She's GORGEOUS and I love love LOVE the blue! And the leopard accents? GENIUS.  This was flattering, chic, and age appropriate. She is VICTORIOUS.
  • Megan Fox in Isabel Marant:  For some reason, I just love this. I am never a Megan Fox fan: I don't understand what the big deal is. But THIS ONE: SOO GOOD! I loved the unusual matching, and the coloring was so summer. Paired with the heels, flawless. LOVED IT. 
  • Keke Palmer in I-have-no-idea: One thing to know about me is how much I LOVE sparkle!! I loved the one asymmetrical shoulder, it took sparkle to a whole new edge. It didn't over-do the sparkle and the color looked amazing on her. Age appropriate and flattering, Keke's doing it right!!
  • Nina Dobrev in Alex Perry: Once again, the sparkle was AMAZNG.  The corset bodice was so sexy and the sparkled skirt was so right on: I loved how it had a special wave design to it; something NEW in the world of sparkle! It was just so awesome!! 
Well I'm losing steam and NEED to watch episode TWO of The Rachel Zoe Project!


Thursday, 5 August 2010


So the real question is,  what did I think of The Rachel Zoe's Project's season three premiere? I LOVED IT. Although Zoe can be a little bit eccentric, she never ceases to give me entertainment for an hour and inspiration that kick starts my crave to be a full fledged fashionista. Fashion-wise, I thought it was BAH-NAN-AS. I loved everything she wore: the red and black Chanel jacket with gold accessories to the max, all of those Chanel jackets she tried on (which were all spectacular), the navy bolero-ish jacket. AND THE DEMI COVER SHOOT. Turned out so well. If you look at some of the pictures, you have to agree that the outfit decisions just make sense in that not obvious way. My personal favorite is the one with the Russian dolls: the movement of the picture is just so interesting and that Jason Wu dress is so fun! My only complaint about the premiere, however, is all of the Taylor drama. I've disliked Taylor from the start of me watching TRZP. I can understand her frustration to have a better spot on the Zoe Team, but she wasn't grateful. There are plenty of people, me included, who would legitimately DIE to work with Zoe and be surrounded by amazing pieces. Good that she's gone! I feel bad for Rachel buuut she could do better. So yeah...I'm really excited for next week and this whole season!