Monday, 30 August 2010

The Weekly: Going the Distance

If someone is not aware how badly I want to see the new movie, Going the Distance, they definitely do not know me: every time I see a simple commercial or advertisement, I get really emotional and start a whole rant about how good that movie looks. Justin Long is adorable, it just looks good, and it speaks to me, being in a semi-long distance relationship. But yeaaahh I really want to see it.

So anyways, I went to college this weekend. Yeah, scary. I was debating on what to wear for a move in day: I wanted to look fashionable and be functional at the same time, so why not a romper? And my new hat? Good, right? WRONG. My so-called romper, which isn't even on the Urban website anymore, RIPPED. The first time wearing it. FML. But it was a good thought so oh well. It's interesting, though, to see how other people dress (maybe a blog about that).

Onto the weekly looks:

  • Drew Barrymore at the Going the Distance LA Premiere. To quote Rachel Zoe, I DIED when I saw this. DIED I TELL YOU. This Catherine  Malandrino is so incredible and that semi-studded belt is so fabulous. I’m not the biggest fan of the matching pumps but she seriously looks like a beachy diva goddess. Her jewels look great and I LOVE THIS.
  • Kate Beckinsale at the Going the Distance Premiere also! I love this little black and white  Versace number. She took an  unexpected turn with a LWD. The black pockets are new and exciting. I think that Beckinsale always has spot on fashion so it was definitely a relief to see this. Although I wish her accessories pushed the envelope a bit more, she’s still STUNNING.
  • Jessica Alba at the Machete  premiere. I LOVE THIS BALMAIN. Black and gold is such a typical color combination, but the zig-zag pattern really spiced it up. And the strappy shoes were strong enough to work with this dress and definitely sexed it up. I love love LOVED this combo. It was so fall which I was totally loving! 
  • 08/27/2010- Celine “Look of the Day”. I love this look. The white turtle neck. I also love this juxtaposition of a rough fabric being tiered. Tiered dresses, in my opinion, are so flattering. I usually think Celine things are boring but I’m LOVING this. Usually, I hate minimalism, but I think this one is unique enough for it to work.


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