Friday, 27 August 2010

My Beef with the American Topshop

The SoHo Topshop (picture from
Topshop is without a doubt one of my favorite stores. Ever. I remember all too well the first time I entered the fashion Mecca. It was November of 2008: I was with my mom in the LONDON Topshop, only decently content with what I saw. Everything was either not my style or a little bland.  And just when I thought all was  lost, a saw and escalator to this mysterious basement. It was like the angels were singing: beautiful florals, interesting cuts, things I've never seen before.  I was in heaven. There is a heavy portion of my wardrobe that is from that beautiful basement. I've been back to the basement two more times, which has added a heavy tag to my luggage.
Like...this really happened on my last trip to London! 
If you don't realize how much Topshop and I are made for each other, here's a nice little anecdote:
"When I was in Ireland, I saw Topshop and knew that was your store"- my boyfriend's mom, circa a few months ago (not exact wording because it was a few months ago but the same idea)

So when I heard that there was going to be a Topshop on the other side of the pond, I was tearing up with joy! I remember venturing to the US Topshop last year, of course to find a massive line of eager fashionistas.  I found a lot of the merchandise to be things I already purchased in London. Disappointing? Yeah. But it was kind of enticing, knowing I was kind of a step ahead of the New York fashion scene. When I went last week, on my shopping excursion, I was the most disappointed I've ever been at my favorite store. Ever. TWO DRESSES?! REALLY. The rest of the collection was so drab and just not unique enough to crave. And I definitely know why: the basement. Topshop New York has no basement of fashion heaven nor does it have any of those clothes. It's just such a shame. People who have never crossed the pond for the REAL Topshop assume they've seen it all. They haven't. I think what the US Topshop should do is combine the men's floor with a smidge of the fashion heaven. I should write a letter. I'll get back with that!

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