Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekly Looks: A Matter of Black and White

Without even realizing it, my favorite looks for this week had a theme: black and white. I even bought a black and white bra/underwear combo this week! What's not to love about these two shades: they're undoubtedly chic and so neutral. These non-intrusive colors (or are they shades?) give plenty of room for drama in a piece's design. And in a non-fashion way, who doesn't love Michael Jackson's song, "Black or White". Black and white is an essential, whether on your iPod or in your wardrobe. Black and white goes flawlessly with any kind of pattern: plaid, houndstooth, cheetah, striped, brocade, or color blocking. What I love about this duo is how you can achieve any look you want to. People are always like "yeah, it's black and white", but how can that expression be used when black and white is truly so versatile. Punky, sophisticated, quirky- ANYTHING! It also offers so many iconic moments. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina?! That episode of Sex and the City, and the movie I suppose, where Charlotte wears that ridiculously sexy black bridesmaid dress (the contrast of the white bridal gown was stunning). And either color/shade on their own is remarkable: take any bridal dress-unstated or extravagant- or Audrey (she's the best) in her LBD in Breakfast and Tiffany's! So in order to move on to the main part of this  blog, I give you my favorite looks of the week!

  • Shenae Grimes at the BlackBerry Torch Launch Party: Usually, I'm not a fan of Shenane Grimes but this I LOVE. She looks effortlessly cool. The mix of textures matched with a simple white tee? Genius. The leather pants would have been too overbearing without the soft textured blazer. And I love how she accessorized with long rosaries. 
  • Emma Watson at a Harry Potter function: I love love LOVE this Alice by Temperley! The romper is so unexpected, especially with long sleeves. The lace gives this typically masculine ideal a feminine vibe. She didn't try to over-do this outfit: she accessorized smartly,with a lady-like shoe, and kept her looking absolutely chic! 
  • Jennifer Aniston at The Daily Show: She looks absolutely stunning in this feminine Dolce and Gabbana minidress. She’s definitely been wearing more revealing and sexy outfits ever since that Rolling Stone cover. I love how this is sexy but demure  at the same time. I’m also glad she paired the dress with a gray platform: it makes sense but it’s not predictable. As a Friends fan, I have to say she’s never looked better.

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