Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shopping Spree.

Today Yesterday, my mom and I went on a lovely shopping spree to Soho. As a combination of me getting new clothes and my recent birthday, I do have to say that I'm getting a good start. Granted, I need to get shoes and more accessories, but oh well. There's time for that!

I am typically very disappointed with the Topshop in New York (I should definitely blog about that at some point). ONLY TWO DRESSES?! In London, I usually drop major pound-age. But no, just two...dresses. I love them both, and I think with the right accessories they can transfer to fall. They're both so nostalgic, in my mind. Like...where are my little Mary Janes and lunch box?
I love the dual fabrics. My mom asked me "where the hoe-down was" when I showed her this. She was later jealous.
I love Hudson jeans: I have black jeans so obviously I needed dark wash. I was going to get jeggings...but it was too scary.

LOVE. This is kind of like a statement necklace I was talking about a few posts ago. How good would this be with a big comfy sweater?!

Two lovely pictures from Urban Outfitters. I've always wanted a maxi dress and guess who has a new maxi dress?! ME. And the jacket is so utilitarian and now. They'd go wonderfully together!

MY FAVORITE PURCHASES. New Ray Bans and and awesome hat from Urban. They're nothing like I've had before which is EXACTLY what I wanted. They're so street style, personal, and the perfect ingredient for an unique outfit. Obsessed.

Of course I got other things but these pictures came out best ;)

Cool, right?


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