Monday, 30 May 2011

I'm Not Afraid of the Danger in the Dark

Every now and then, I hear a song that I could relate a certain aspect of my life to. Consequently, I think to myself, "oh hot damn, this really IS my jam." Yesterday, I was totally connecting with Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" for reasons that seem painfully honest. A month or so ago, I discovered Clare Maguire's "The Shield and The Sword" and instantly fell in love. Not only has it been one of those songs, but the Irish songstress reminds me a lot of a classier Lady Gaga: her songs are poppy and her outfits are eye-catching but she's not over the top. I thought analyzing her outfits in my jam's music video would be fun! So here we go!

I really enjoy all of the outfits featured in this music video. This may be really music-analysis nerd of me or completely obvious to the point it's embarrassing for me to bring this up, but I can see a pretty clear progression from feminine oppression (or just a weak woman in a relationship) to a strong and independent individual. Also, this series of looks, in my mind, represent the decline of a relationship and the rise of independence.

(Photo Cred)

In the scenes where Clare's sitting in a picture-esque and monarch fashion, she looks very proper. Almost like a trophy wife. I loved the contrast between the soft blue of her neck fur and her bold red lip. The excessive fur and big hair almost makes her look satirical, as if she a poodle and has no control, especially given the fact that we can't see her arms and legs. This kind of reminds me of that phase were a person feels oppressed and controlled by their significant other. Instead of figuring out what they want, they sit there and only make decisions based on their partner. Speaking of this cape, I really like blend of the fur and the, what looks like, large tweed.

(Photo Cred)

The sixties-inspired look is rather simple, but I think it continues this costume idea from the previous look. Neither of these looks would be worn in a typical video, nowadays, or really be seen anywhere. The beauty of this look comes with recognizing and appreciating the how superficial it is.  In my mind, it continues to represent something forced, like a forced relationship. To fit my whole theme scheme, this is totally the "fake smile" phase.  In terms of the actual outfit, I love the blue of the dress and those sunnies are beyond. And also, who doesn't love op-art paisley?

(Photo Cred)

The final look, also known as the blonde bobbed look. I think this is my favorite look by far. Representing the liberation of single-hood.  This look is almost like an "I'm a mess, but I'm still awesome and fabulous." While I think the blonde hair is a bit disheveled, this look is the epitome of individualism and single girl swag.  What I love most about this look is how effortless it looks, but still is undeniably chic. The red jacket over the black leotard? Genius. And I'm obsessed with those black glovettes. This outfit contrasts beautifully against the red body suits and furthers this little storyline I'm working up in my mind. The background dancers at as a backdrop that emphasizes the focus on Clare's independence.

What I like in all of these looks is how they're all sexy but not scandalous. The stylist of this video worked with hemlines and fitted silhouettes instead of cleavage and booty shots, which I really appreciate.

In Short: I love this song, the music video is rocking, and the clothes are supreme.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Anti-Weekly: The Underwear Saga

For this weekly, I decided that I wanted to take an excerpt from an anecdote I've been working on, fashion- related, obviously. Yes, this topic may be weird. But just go with it: 
"In time, most people forget their firsts. After it a few years, it quickly becomes a blur; however, I still haven’t forgot. I’m not talking about sex- perverts, this is a fashion blog for crying out loud- I’m talking about my first pair of underwear. Yes, underwear. Strange topic, I know, but I really do feel that my first pair either exhibits my love for glamourous things at an early age or emphasize how much I love undergarments. The latter may be more applicable, since I just embraced a Victoria’s Secret sale with open arms and one of my favorite books was called The Princess and the Potty, but I will stick to the former for now.
Once upon a time, mini me graduated from diapers and was taking the big step, as a toddler or however old I was, towards adulthood: real underwear. My mom took me to some store, expecting me to pick some basic pair of underwear that was pink and had a princess on it or something. 
“Pick out whichever pair you’d like,” she must have said.
Of course, in my typical unconventional manner, I did not pick the pack of underwear that had each day of the week printed, as many children would’ve; I was so over Rebecca Black’s “Friday” pandaemonium before she was even born. Instead, I picked the following: a single pair of silky white panties with silver specs on them. I really don’t know who I was planning to impress at such a young age, but I loved them. They were way too big for me, since no youth company in its right mind would create such a pair, but my mom let me get them anyways. 
Hopefully, this fun anecdote doesn’t make me seem like a baby prostitute- yes, I just quoted Mean Girls- but an aspiring fashionista since basically the womb. When I was at the gym yesterday, I was thinking about my future weirdly enough. What do I want to be when I grow up? Better yet, who do I want to be when I grow up? In short, I want to be a fabulous glamazon. Due to my underwear situation, I felt as if I have been working on this goal all of my life. And that made my day. Except for when I actually looked for these iconic pair of undies and they’re officially missing. The moral of this story is:  don’t be afraid to let out your inner glamazon, regardless of your age, and save all of your clothes. Seriously, my mother had approximately seven Diane von Furstenburg dresses back in her heyday. Where are they now? “I don’t know,” says my mom. I’m still not over it."

Sometimes, writing about fashion experiences is just as much fun as looking at shows and copying trends. Speaking of looking at things, some of the looks this week were absolutely atrocious. They just couldn't slip under the radar, without a nice slap on the wrist from yours truly!  So, I have decided to make this weekly an Anti-Weekly! Yahoo! Before I get started, this blog is looking really ugly and boring (even in the writing form so I can't imagine how boring it must look for you). So I figured to throw a video in here for Fun. Literally, Fun. I'm obsessed with the band, Fun, and this song has been my jam lately. So enjoy:

And now, onto the Anti-Weekly! 
  • Uma Thurman at Cannes (Armani Prive): I'm really upset that something thing ugly would be worn at Cannes.  First of all, this dress is the most unflattering thing Uma Thurman could ever wear. I don't want to sound mean, but she kind of looks like a bloated whale. It's such a shame because she's so beautiful and the Cannes Film Festival is always a highlight of the red carpet calendar. A draped work of art of some-sort would've been a better idea. And the lack of accessories makes the unflattering aspects of this Prive even more prominent. The color is beautiful, but the silhouette and fit is seriously the worst.
  • Angelina Jolie at the Kung Fu Panda 2 Premiere (Michael Kors Collection): A major mistake, from bodice to skirt. It seriously looks like she stole this from a bag-person and threw it on quickly because she was running late (in this scenario, I'm assuming it was her turn to do the soccer carpool). Even though I'm more of a "Team Aniston" kind of girl, I have to admit that, usually, Angelina Jolie is quite a glamazon herself. But her makeup looks kind of weird on her, the hair looks like a country boy's haircut gone wrong, and the lack of jewels makes me sad. But all of these things seem  minuscule compared to the dress. The top is way too lose and baggy leather sort of freaks me out. I wouldn't mind overtly sexual silt if the hem was longer. THE HEMLINE WITH THE SILT IS SO AWKWARD. It looks like a Grandma's night out on the town. Bad, Angelina, bad.
  • Ke$ha at the Billboard Music Awards (I-Don't-Want-to-Know-and-am-glad-I-Don't): I never expect Ke$ha to make it on a regular Weekly or to rock my "Best Dressed" list, but I would like to call this rock bottom.  At the same time, however, I feel like there's not much I can say without being too mean. So I'll leave it at this:
Dear Ke$ha,
Your clothes are anything from Blah Blah Blah.
So please Take it Off, and hire a stylist.
  • Jenny from the Block at some American Idol gig (Michael Kors): This looks like a terrible costume at JLo concert. I hate this so much. I just hate how everything is so nude. A good pantsuit is awesome, but the styling is so wrong. First of all, she needs to STOP wearing nude: it's getting annoying.  And when wearing a pantsuit, it's imperative to either have a baggy or tight fit, not both. The area around the heels are not flared, but baggy; however, the leg is too tight for a pantsuit. I feel like it's hard to pick certain issues with this look because this whole thing is terrible.
  • Halle Berry at the FiFi Awards (Halston): Without a doubt, Halle Berry is stunning and this dress would have been tres chic if the skirt was long and straight. But the skirt of the dress is what made this onto the anti-weekly. It makes her look young, and not in a complimentary way. And those shoes? way too casual and way too tack. Not your best, Halle! 


Saturday, 28 May 2011

When Neutral Met Neon

As promised by my previous post,  I test-drove the neutral/neon combination yesterday.  I really loved this juxtaposition of colors; however, I think how the look is styled contributes to the overall successful of the look. Well, obviously. Doesn't any trend require good styling?

Yes, but the neutral/neon  focuses on one thing: location, location, location. 

For this trend, I decided to wear my orange Stuart Weitzman jelly flats and my new beige blazer, which I highly suggest investing in such a blazer: light for the summer but still chic!  I decided to then keep it casual underneath with a plain white shirt and jean shorts. How casual of me?  In my humble opinion, having the accessories neon, as opposed to the clothes, made me feel approachable. Neon is fun but, to be perfectly honest, I would have felt like an overbearing clown if I had worn that orange color from head-to-toe. Then again, it's barely summer and it would look weird with my currently pale complexion. I'll let you know how I feel about that in a month. 
I didn't realize until now that the gold pellets show my reflection. Apparently,   I have moved from no self-portraits to really unconventional and unflattering ones. Yay?

Anywho, back to the emphasis on location. When the neutrals and neons are placed together, as seen in the picture above, the contrast is strikingly chic. It complements each other and then the aha moment of an outfit is triggered. "She didn't just throw on those shoes for sport. This was a plan. She's trendy, she knows what she's talking about." Though I really liked my outfit, I felt having the tones at opposite ends of my body lessened that chic effect.  My friend, Emily, has a really awesome neon yellow-ish green necklace that would have been so awesome with my blazer. I wish I had stolen her necklace or she would steal my blazer.  This is turning into a very ranty blog post so if you're still reading this, thank you very much and I'm so sorry.  

So let me cut to the chase. Here are some things that will lead to instant neutral/neon success:
  •  Keep your neutrals close to your neons and vice versa: They don't clash, but they complement!
  • Stick to one neon color: Anymore will truly make you look and probably feel like an overbearing clown.
  • Unless the pieces you're using are rather danity accessories, stick to one neon statement piece: With this trend, it's quality versus quantity.
  • A dressed down look is cooler: While my love for all things fancy is  quite obvious, I feel like a laid back, "I'm from downtown," and all around effortless look is cooler when rocking this trend! But show me a fancy variation of this trend that works and I'll be all aboard. 

I hope you all take the time to rock this new trend but if you don't, really should! 

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Sun is On My Side and Takes Me For a Ride

So let's talk resort.

I've always had this pre-conceived notion of resort being extremely French-Rivera, Pucci- esque, and all-around summertime glam. And thus far, I like what I'm seeing. From Elie Tahari, we got a sophisticated version of the Sex and the City 2 wardrobe. And, quite obviously, I loved Rachel Zoe's collection even though most of the models looked just like her... And Oscar, I love that man: he always knows how to create the most beautiful pieces.  I know this blog post won't be too pragmatic but I figured, since I wanted to blog a lot this summer and am finally home from a night out at a reasonable hour, Resort 2012 is so blog-worthy. So here are a few looks that I thought were beautiful and inspiring. 
Oscar de la Renta is a genius. I'm obsessed with this blush pink and silver combination. The florals and the short sleeves are so tea party resort. And deep down, who doesn't want a tea party? In love. (Photo Cred)
How perfect would this mini be for a rooftop cocktail party in the Meat Packing District? So perfect, is the correct answer. I've always been in love with jewel tones and this is obviously no exception. The ruffles at the bottom and the fitted top is so feminine and beautious. Ja'dore! (Photo Cred)

If you don't understand my love for fabulous furs by now,  maybe my love for this look will act as a slight reminder. LOVE FUR. A major look for this summer season is pairing neutrals with neons. I haven't tried it myself (maybe tomorrow, if I have neons...I'll blog about it), but I think this can be the epitome of summer chic if done correctly. I'm in love with these booties and I also love this look since it's not what I typically think of as resort. Even still, this Tahari look is fab. (Photo Cred)

Rachel Zoe Resort 2012. Absolutely in love with this dress. The deep blue reminds me of a chic pool party and that sexy silt makes it so resort/summer appropriate. Get me some fun bangles and wedges and I'm feeling a fabulous look! (Photo Cred)
My beyond fabulous friend invited me to the Hamptons next weekend and I've obviously already started planning my look for the vacation. Essentially, this: flowy, white, and luxe. This Tahari look is literally the epitome of what I'm looking for. Bravo (Photo Cred)

I don't think, and probably will never think, that resort is the equivalent to casual. 
For starters, I hated MaxMara's collection. It looked way too much guessed it...boring minimalism. I thought this was resort, not typical Calvin Klein! While one could argue that these looks can act as "clean slates for fun summer accessories," I love interesting pieces.

Ew. (Photo Cred)

I think what really makes a resort collection a success is purely the silhouettes. Sure, prints are fun (remember Louis Vuitton's Resort 2011 Collection? I do. And it was awesome); however, the shape of the dress makes the difference between a "cute outfit" and a "knockout look."  The humidity of the summer usually makes me really frustrated when it comes to dressing up: I always feel gross and then I consequently lose the motivation to dress my chicest. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Wearing an incredible silhouette solves half of the problem!  I'll definitely be keeping tabs on the rest of resort, but for now, I really want to go shopping! 


Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Weekly: Staring at My Sticks Because You Know I Got SO Many

One thing that I've missed about my beyond fabulous friends from home is their humour and constant craving for irony. Seriously, we love irony. So it seemed extremely appropriate, for us at least, for two of my friends and I to go to our local Lacrosse Unlimited to get lax bro pinnies.
Photo Cred

My personal favorite, and my former lax bro pinnie that unfortunately went missing during college.

I find Lacrosse enthusiasts, also known as Lax Bros, fascinating: they are most popular in the northeast and have a particular kind of style and... swag.  Their look is typically a messy version of preppy. They rock high socks (ew), pastel shorts, boating shoes, and...lax bro pinnies. A little something like this:
Photo Cred
Although I'm all for expressing yourself through outfits, I really don't understand why lax bros dress the way they do. In addition, why do they all dress the same way/ Honestly, I kind of think that lax brothers dowear this to bring attention to their sport. Think about it: baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and all other sports get a lot of attention thanks to televised events. But lacrosse? Barely gets any attention. So by creating this wardrobe and "bro status," they just want to get some attention. So even the lax brothers understand that fashion is the key to showing who you are.

But, if I had it my way, lax bros would dress a little something like this:
  • A chic sports coat. This plaid one from J.Crew still embraces the bro's preppy side.
  • Some skinnies. I'm sure lax bros have good legs and all. What bothers me most about their look, besides the tacky socks, is the lack of proportion. Ironically, skinnies solve it all. The skinnies and the blazer would make an awesome combination.
  • Sperrys. Keep 'em bros, I don't mind.
  • And last but not least,  every lax bro needs a lax pinnie.
And if you didn't get enough of lax bro-mania...

Well that was fun, now onto the weekly! 
  • Zoe Saldana at Cannes (Vionnet): I always think of Zoe Saldana in bright hues all of the time. This look at Cannes, however, was darker and different. In short, I loved the change.  The updo and red lip reminded me of old school glamour, which I always love. The mix of prints, a la the striped belt and the floral maxi, made this look thought provoking. I do wish that she had some more jewels. But all in all, she encompassed the whole elegant look of Cannes.
  • Naomi Campbell at Cannes (Azzedine Ala├»a): Obsessed. This makes me forget about her trainwreck at the MET Ball a few weeks ago. She's perfection. The burgundy looks absolutely incredible against her beautiful skin and I love the ruffles on the skirt as well as the trimming by the neckline. This dress shows off her supermodel bod and the monochromatic jewels made this look both simple and fabulous.  She actually looks approachable here!
  • Kirsten Dunst in France (Chanel): Kirsten's looking beyond magnificent. I'm obsessed with this Chanel dress, even though I usually don't like the concept of an unfinished skirt. I think what makes this skirt better is that the print is larger, which ultimately masks the difference of density.The pinned updo and the bright lip makes this feel very lounging-along-the-French-Rivera. And the gold bag acts as a neutral against the lace look: it's not overwhelming, but it flows nicely. Absolutely ravishing.
  • Zoe Saldana (again) at Cannes (Armani Prive): To die for. Literally, this is perfection on the red carpet. Typically,  I'm not the biggest fan of red on the red carpet. However, the red and white stripes on the train of the dress split up the red and really made the whole dress pop. And the white heels also made this look very summery, but different at the same time. The natural hair and makeup gave this dress a fresh look and  the minimal jewels made the sole focus on the dress, which I loved. Brava! 

Well that's all for now. Expect many blog posts this summer!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Weekly: Having Fun Kiddies?

So a few days ago, I finally watched Valley of the Dolls. It has always been quite popular in the fashion world and, after seeing it for myself, I can totally understand why. I'm so smitten with that movie. First of all, I'm obsessed with celebrity train wrecks; I'm currently watching Dirt and that's so addicting. But let's talk about the fashion in this movie. Literally, to die for. It is the epitome of mod-glam. Since this movie is so old, there's hardly any good pictures depicting the awesome fashion, so I'll just show you the trailer:

Photo Cred
I don't think anyone will understand my infatuation with this movie until you see it for yourself- instant play on Netflix- so I am very sorry for the lack of material. What I love most about this movie's costumes, as well as the time period in general, is the combination of simplicity and drama. There weren't many prints, the craftsmanship on all of these pieces were incredible. Some were adorned with sequins, fur, and lace, which I obviously love. Sometimes, I feel like the minimalist-istas were heavily inspired from the simplicity of the sixties, but took it way to far and made it boring.

Photo Cred
Actually, parts of Chanel's 2011 Resort reminds me of some of the looks in Valley of the Dolls. Even though I didn't love this collection, I did think that some pieces had a good mixture of simplicity and drama.

Photo Cred
The color really imitates the time period, while the draping on the sleeve gave this skirt suit some more pizazz! 

Photo Cred

Without the pant, the drama of the skirt mixed with the simplicity of the black and white is so Valley of the Dolls.

William Travilla (the costume designer) did an incredible job evolving each character's style throughout the movie. When we originally meet Neely O'Hara, her clothes were rather simple: leggings and a cardigan here or there. She wears a cherry red turtle neck with some layered necklaces when she sings for a radio station. As she gets more glamorous and more detrimental, she sports a luxe leopard jacket as well as a red scarf wrapped around her head.  At the pinnacle of  her demise, Neely was completely titled "hot-mess," with her lace bra and slit skirt.  Through his costumes, Travilla makes the demise of each woman more real. Please please rent this movie and appreciate the art!

And now, onto the weekly!

Emma Roberts at the Pirates of the Caribbean in LA (Stella McCartney and Dana Rebecca): Sometimes I forget that Emma Roberts was in the show, Unfabulous, or that she is Julia Robert's niece. Instead, Emma Roberts is shaping up to be her own starlet, with an incredible emerging style. I think she's making that transition into adulthood and I think she's handling it beautifully. Exhibit A? This look. The LBD with the statement necklace was fun, but definitely sophisticated and older. The white clutch made sense and added some much needed funk. Love it!
Blake Lively at the Chanel Resort Show (Chanel and Christian Louboutin): Although I'm not a big fan of her new hair hue, I am so smitten with this outfit. Wearing sequins in the day is something I think is risque but, when worn appropriately, is awesome. What makes this leggy look good was how she did not experiment with colors, just texture. Even her animal skin pumps are a neutral, which continue to elongate the leg. I'm also glad she didn't over-accessorize: the necklace and the brooch were just perfect. Ugh, she's always so good.
Rachel McAdams at the Midnight in Paris Premiere (Maxime Simeons): There's only one word I can use to accurately describe this look: pretty. It's just so feminine which, regardless of what's "trendy," I always love. I love how she kept the look light with the nude Ferragamo pumps; however, the rosettes as well as the bright pink lip gave this look the appropriate "pop." I do wish that she had a messy updo though. Regardless, she looks amazing.
Sarah Jessica Parker at a Ballet Gala (Valentino): Is it really weird that I like this a lot? I know that granny-style isn't the most flattering, but I think the form fitting Valentino is a great contrast to the granny lace attire. The slightly messy updo and cross- body bag also made this casual. I know most people hated it, and  I really tried to, but I just can't. I think that Sarah Jessica Parker has a really good eye and I think that she successfully mixes a bunch of outfits. I don't care what people say,  Sarah Jessica, bravo! 
Rachel McAdams at another Midnight in Paris Premiere (Marchesa):  This Marchesa is one of those situations that are incredible runway pieces; however, very hard to make a good red carpet look. But, through minimal jewels and soft waves, McAdams totally rocked this. The pointed gold heels also made this less ice skater princess and more old school glamour. The minimal makeup also made viewers think of this dress as art instead of a costume. I think that was the key to this look: old school glamour. I am, however, extremely interested on how this dress would look with a modern edge (sleek ponytail and a dramatic eye).

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If That's Movin' Up Then I'm Moving Out

This is a little sentimental, my last blog post as a college freshman. As any year, there were some fashion highs and fashion lows. But after freshman year, everything seems so old and scary. Anywho, I recently bought some absolutely fabulous pairs of shoes. Why not feature them here?

In front of a moving box, appropriate?
When it comes to summer shoes, the most important part is comfort The summer is so hot and sticky, do you really want to fuss with your shoes on top of all the problems summer brings? Nope. Also, showing off and awesome pedi is also a most, so an open toe is appropriate! 

I loved the strong lines on this sandal. So Hercules chic! I can totally picture these being matched with a maxi skirt or a cute little sundress!

How adorable is the floraled fabric? These shoes and feminine and really comfortable. I think these would look awesome with a simple LBD.

I love the floral appliques on these little Calvin Kleins! For a relaxed look, I would wear these with dark skinny- either dark blue or black- and a fun summer top
I wore these last week and I seriously felt like a supermodel. The tan leather strap and the height of the wedge made me have legs for days! I think to continue to lengthen your legs, go for short shorts or a romper!

Now that I have my summer shoes already picked out, there's one more thing I'm craving for this season: high waisted bathing suit. I know that might sound kind of weird and make you wonder if I'm an old lady. Well, no I'm not.  I think there's something so undeniably vintage and chic about a high waisted bathing suit. J'adore.

Photo Cred

I love this MARC by Marc Jacobs creation. The height of the waist is actually perfect and I love the color and print; so retro. I, or anyone, could totally wear this with a large sun hat and movie star-worthy sunnies!

Well, that's all for now!
(I thought that "Stay Trendy" sendoff from yesterday was too seeyuh)

Monday, 9 May 2011

What's It All About, Alfie?

So my lack of finals- combined with everyone else studying like Mad-Men, packing, and leaving- has led me to use and abuse my new Netflix account. Although I'll always be a BlockBuster kind of girl, I'm so happy that I have hundreds of movies and television episodes at my disposal. Anyways, I watched Alfie - the Jude Law remake- a few days ago and it left me with one thing.


In real life, I think she's a fashionista in her own special way. I'll never forget the Pucci she wore to last year's MET Ball. So haute couture hippie.  Even her street style has this glamorous, yet I-Don't-Really-Care-I'm-Just-Throwing-This-Together, vibe. Personally, clean cut is getting a little bit old. Fashion is totally about experimenting and creating your own personal style, not looking like everyone else. And I think Sienna Miller embodies her own style and what works for her, which I really admire. Of course I'm not saying that everyone should dress just like her, that'd be contradicting what I just said. While there are going to be those Plain Jane's who don't really care about fashion, it's kind of cool to see this chic look of indifference. 

Photo Cred

Of course her style is not perfect, but I really admire her overall look.

Anyways, back to Alfie! 
I haven't been able to find many full shots of her outfits but let me give you an overall idea:
Photo Cred
The clothes? London in the 60's. The hair and makeup? A toned down version of Brigitte Bardot. I just love the nonchalant use of fur.  All of the looks reflected Sienna Miller's personal style, which I loved. If anyone wanted to mimic this Sienna Miller/ Alfie look, I would check out the following brands:
  • Free People: A classic for bohemian.
  • Top Shop: They might have some funky jackets and accessories to create that "oh I just threw this together" look.
  • Emilio Pucci: The use of prints, ruffles, and lace in the brand is a more resort version of Miller's look, but still good!
  • Missoni: The knitwear? Absolutely classic!
  • Haute Hippie: Some of these separates would make extremely awesome looks.
  • The Row: They have some great staples, especially the leather pieces, that would be awesome with oodles of accessories.
  • Halston: Obviously.

Hopefully I'll watch some more movies and blog about more style-spirations. But in the mean time, keep it trendy! 


Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Weekly: You Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark

It's really bittersweet to think this my last weekly as a college freshman. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited for the summer: fabulous internship, fabulous friends, fabulous food- fabulous everything. But, at the same time, I'm going to miss freshman year: the good, the bad.  We're now in our study week for finals and I, only having one final on Thursday, am very bored. I've watched a plethora of movies, eagerly packed 60% of my necessities, and on Friday, went to the MFA with my lovely friend and future roommie. We saw some fabulous Chihuly, got lost in Asia, and came across an absolutely stunning fashion exhibit about Arnold Scaasi, American couturier. "I'm sensing a blog about this," Hannah told me. She knows me so well!

If you're in Beantown, I highly suggest you go!

Barbara Streisand wore these . Sick, right?

What I admire most about Arnold Scassi's work, besides his closeness to his cliente- is how detailed orientated all of his pieces of work are.  Looking at his uses of sequins, metal, rosettes, and mink is outstanding. It's a shame because I feel like we only see this kind of detail from a few design houses. Minimalism shminimalism, ladies and gents this is iconic glamour that will be iconic and glamourous forever and ever. The necklines, hemlines, and silhouettes are so timeless.

I love the draping on the front and the colors and so feminine and classic. 

Obsessed with these metallic appliques. I feel like this is something we'd see  a jacket or dress made out of today; however, this bad boy is a DRESS.
This one was Hannah's favorite, and  I can totally understand why. The halter top, baggy silhouette, and flower appliques are so youthful and truly hold true to the test of time. Natalie Wood originally wore this, but can't we see a young/ not-pregnant Natalie Portman rocking this dress to a premiere?
These rosettes intertwined with feathers and mink was to die for. Literally, j'adore. We'd typically see this on a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress, but this was a gala dress back in the day. Ugh, they're so good. 
This dress, "Little Egypt" is definitely the most detail orientated of the exhibit. The colors remind me of a trip to the beach, or the Atlantis Resort. Embedded in the lace are metal, coral, sequins, etc. The neckline of this dress makes it so retro; however, the mullet hem makes it up-to-date with today's trends.

Obsessed with the glass,plastic, silk braid in this 1962 resort jacket. Even though we love bright whites as a trend for this season, Something about this beige and dusty rose, seen behind the jacket, gives such a feminine vibe and reminds me of the older Miss Dior Cherie advertisements.

My favorite. Let's be honest, who wouldn't want to rock an awesome red coat? Scaasi designed this one  for Arlene Francis's role in the Broadway play, Once More, with Feeling.  The silver and red combination are absolutely striking. Personally, the simplicity of the silver dress is the perfect contrast to the drama of the red jacket. This reminds me of something a vintage Barbe doll would have.
This is my favorite piece from the Chihuly exhibit, by far. In reality, this piece was HUGE and all of the detail was so impressive and inspirational. I just wanted to share it.

And now, ladies and gents, onto the weekly!
In short, nothing wowed me this week. These celebs need to work harder.
  • Mila Kunis at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (Versace): Even when she look so sleek and refined, Mila Kunis is still the coolest girl at the party. The hair and makeup is perfect: dramatic enough without her looking like she's in Black Swan. But she was...awkward. Anyways,  the gold button and high silt made this dress exciting and youthful. Also, the architectural bodice is super awesome.  I'm really glad she didn't overdo it on the accessories: the gold cuff is just enough to show some glamour but keep it cool. Bravo! 
  • Kate Hudson at the Something Borrowed Premiere (Versace): Well, this weekly was dedicated to Versace, apparently.  Kate Hudson looks radiant, a major difference from the mess at the Met Ball on Monday. While I give her props for trying to show off her baby belly, I think this chiffon draping is much more flattering for this pregnancy. The hair and makeup is so natural and the asymmetrical strap gives this dress some spice, even if it does look a little bit like Prom. The canary colored clutch is such an interesting companion to to this lemon dress. I do wish she added a nice bracelet or some big earrings. But all in all, I'm regaining my faith in Kate.

On a final note, I want to wish the coolest, funniest, nicest, chicest Mommy I know (mine) a Happy Mothers Day. She's the best and she's always been my number one fan. Thanks Mom,  I love you!


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Monday, 2 May 2011

Creme de la Creme

In my opinion, this is the biggest and chicest holiday in the fashion world! I love watching the ingenuity and innovation that struts down the red carpet. In my mind, the crazy- well, within reason- is chic: Andre Leon Talley's get-ups here make me laugh rather than cringe.  And I'm super stoked to see the "Savage Beauty" exhibit when I head back to New York next week. I hope that one day, I will either be styling a celebrity for the Met Ball or be at it myself. But for now, I'll sit in my dorm room and examine all of the chic looks. There are barely any looks I don't love at the red carpet gala.  Usually, my worst dressed picks are just things I don't think are creative enough for the MET BALL!So here are the best and worst looks! 


  • NAOMI CAMPBELL (ALEXANDER McQUEEN): Ugh, I hate this so much. I understand Campbell and McQueen were friends, so why don't you honor him by wearing one of his more awesome looks? The accessories were good, but I just really don't love the dress. As much as creativity is key for this event, this dress almost looks destroyed. Just not a fan. 
(Photo Cred)
  • GWYNETH  PALTROW (STELLA McCARTNEY): As much as I love the sparkles that are embedded in this McCartney dress, minimalism is so not the way to go for the Met Ball. Although she looks gorgeous, it's just not event-appropriate.
  • JENNY FROM THE BLOCK GUCCI): This dress definitely had potential for the Met Ball, but it could've been styled better. I understand how her stylist tried to create a juxtaposition between the details on her shoulders and the sleekness of her hair, but she looks basically bald. I think this look would've been better if she did her hair differently. Besides, the neckline simply had way too much going on,  and not enough going on in the skirt of the dress. All in all, it just wasn't balanced. And I wish Jenny from the Block added some more color besides fuchsia: yes it's a beautiful color but it's way too much for this avant garde dress, clutch, and lip color.
  • KATE HUDSON (STELLA McCARTNEY): Biggest upset of the night. I'm equally obsessed with Kate Hudson (celebrity) and Rachel Zoe (her stylist), so I always think of them as a "power team." Unfortunately, tonight was not the case. I know it must be hard to style a pregnant woman for the Met Ball, but this is just a train-wreck. She looks like an absolute mess!  The silk is not flattering on her pregnant figure and makes her look bigger if anything else. Though the jewel in her hair is interesting, I think the glamour of this McCartney and the wavy hair does not create a striking contrast; it just looks poorly- styled.  I'm so disappointed.
(Photo Cred)

  • MICHELLE WILLIAMS (MIU MIU): Ugh why is she always so miserably looking and wears uber casual things. This is the Met Ball. I'm not saying everyone has to incorporate LED  lights into their look, but do something to excite us fashion slaves. COME ON.
  • LEA MICHELE (ESCADA): Same goes to you. Seriously, she always knocks it out of the park at red carpet events. She  looks fabulous; however, wore something a million times chicer and more innovative at the Golden Globes this year.
Moving on... now, THE BEST.
  • BLAKE LIVELY (CHANEL): If this was any other event, I would seriously hate this. But it's the Met Ball!  Her soft hair, the draping of the dress, and the brocade on the side create a super chic and super modern Grecian look. I think this mix of neutrality and sparkles is a fun juxtaposition of fabrics. As always, Blake knows how to dress for every occasion. 
  • BEYONCE (PUCCI): Even though McQueen didn't design this look, Beyonce look so appropriate for this event. The sex appeal of this dress and Byzantine inspiration was so innovative and super McQueen. She looked amazing and I'm glad that she kept the hair, makeup, and jewels to a minimum: this is one of the very few events were the focus is on the fashion instead of the celebrities.  She looked flawless.
  • GISELE BUNDCHEN (McQUEEN): Absolutely stunning. The craftmanship  on this dress is so regal. I love how this gown is rather understated but the drama of the train makes it Met Ball worthy.  The diamond bracelet and earrings make her look like a fashion "It-Girl." And look, she even paired it with a McQueen clutch!
  • DAPHNE GUINNESS (MCQUEEN): The epitome of Met Ball fabulousity. This is so avant garde, so McQueen, and so fashion forward- I'm obsessed.  Of course, if this was on Helena Bonham Carter, at a major red carpet event, we'd think this was bizarre.  But that's what people need to realize about this gala. This is what the Met Ball is all about: wearing art, not just dresses.And that's what i think The grey pumps make this look absolutely classic. I'm such a fan.
(Photo Cred)

  • ASHLEY GREENE (DONNA KARAN): Flawless, this whole look is so old school glamour. It's styled perfectly and, although it's not the most creative dress, I can't help but loving it.
  • DIANE KRUGER (JASON WU): Yippee! I knew Kruger would pull through for this event! She looks incredible in Jason Wu, and I'm so jealous she got to go with him to the ball- she's just like Cinderella! It's so sexy, but retro at the same time. The silt in the black skirt as well as the quasi-transparent bodice of the dress is super sultry; however, the bright red lip and retro curls make a creative mix and adds innovation! I'm also glad she didn't chose a chunky heel or something artistic for footwear, it would've made the outfit way too unbalanced.  She's such a style icon and I'm so smitten.
(Photo Cred)

  • MIA WASIKOWSKA (SOMEONE-PLEASE-LET-ME-KNOW-WHO-DESIGNED-THIS): I think Audrey Hepburn was looking down on this event thinking, "Damn, I wish I could wear that." This dress is the epitome of a modern day Audrey Hepburn look: the hemline, the classically innovative silhouette, the  fun spin on a LBD. Though I think a red lip, and maybe on diamond bracelet would've completed this look, I love how she keeps the look simple so everyone will see how awesome this dress is. 
  • FERGIE (MARCHESA): I love how Fergie went for this ethereal glamour. It's so unexpected for Fergie; however, she looks absolutely stunning in this Marchesa. I'm obsessed with this mix of tulle and vines makes this look attainable and not so scattered. And I loved the golden makeup and the hippie headband: the perfect touch! 
  • EMMA STONE (LANVIN): Honestly, who wears florals to the Met Ball? Emma Stone does and she looked absolutely ravishing! Though these large florals can look a bit matronly, Stone dressed it up with a bright pink lip, eclectic dangle earrings,  and a messy updo. She looks like an old school Hollywood starlet with a modern streak. 
  • EVA MENDES (STELLA McCARTNEY): I'm obsessed with this look: she's really rocking the emerging 70's inspired trend. I love this bright blue against her tan skin, she looks super fresh!  The asymmetrical shoulders as well as the fun sleeves. And the gold accessories make this look to-die-for-glam.  Stunning! 
  • PENELOPE CRUZ (OSCAR DE LA RENTA): While I wish she completed this look with a metallic clutch, Cruz always looks insanely fabulous. Her in this Oscar de la Renta number is so exciting! Even though it's black, the camera truly picks up all of the fabulous details in this dress.  The soft waves and delicate jewels work extremely well with this feminine silhouette. Oh , and I'm in love with the train! 
  • DIANNA AGRON (MICHAEL KORS): Although this might be deemed "too normal for the Met Ball," I really do love how Dianna took a fashion risk of her own. Usually, we see her in beautiful Carolina Herrera gowns while rocking an uber feminine look; however, she looks so sleek and modern here. The haltered top is casual but, paired with a sleek pony and a gold cuff, looks fierce. Usually, I hate red on red carpets, but the cut is simple enough and Agron didn't overplay her red-hot look. Many tend to match a red dress with red lips but, while that makes sense, I think it's way too much red!  Dianna kept it smart while rocking light makeup. Bravo! 

THAT WAS SO MANY LOOKS! Seriously, my "Best Dressed" list was much longer, but I had to cut it off somewhere. But that was great fun! 


Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Weekly: Head to Toe, Let Your Whole Body Talk

With eleven days until I  go home for the summer, there are so many things I need to get done: edit papers, study for finals, get into bikini shape, and start to pack. I have this massive (well, it's now widdled down to three) pile of magazines that I must read. One of those magazines, I wrote for? Whaaat?!

This is a really terrible scan/screen-shot job, but here it is nonetheless!
I was super excited to buy a copy and see my name in black and white! So in honor of this personal accomplishment, I decided to spend this weekly talk about some of the magazines I love and some of them I think I should love. 

  1. Harper's Bazaar is a must have for me. I love the editorial shoots, especially the one with Rachel Zoe and various designers. I'm always interested in the article topics and it always seems to help me come up with ideas for my own personal style. I also love how they have the section about dressing age- appropriately, it's something VERY VERY important.
  2. I feel like Vogue is one of those fashion magazines you have to love: it's the Bible. I think the part that distinguishes Vogue from other magazine, besides its elitist status, is the emphasize Vogue has on culture. I'm always surprised to see so many articles not about fashion, which sounds really dumb. Sometimes I feel like Vogue is not so much fashion magazine mecca, but a guide to becoming a member of the sophisticated elite. Regardless, it's essential.
  3. Instyle was one of the first magazines- besides Us Weekly- that I consistently read. I remember  seeing various color logos and flipping through the thick publication when I was younger. I think Instyle really incorporates celebrities and style into one magazine. And I love reading about celebrities AND style. Even  now, I still love the feature in the very back that has all of the Celebrity Favorites.
  4. To be perfectly honest, who doesn't love Cosmo? It's the quintessential magazine for young women.  The articles are interesting and I always feel so scandalous when I'm reading it!
  5. I really think I should start reading W Magazine. It's the epitome of high fashion and glamour. 
  6. In addition, I think I should also start reading Elle. It seems to be right up my alley! 
Well that was fun but now, onto the weekly!
  • Naomi Watts at The Odeon for Chanel's Tribeca Film Festival (Chanel and Stella McCartney): Absolutely divine! Watts takes such a casual and youthful spin on the classic Chanel tweed. The yellow McCartney sandals makes this look edgy, fun, and also picks up the gold in the tweed. She kept a rather natural look for the hair and makeup which is good. All in all, she looks fab! 
  • Katie Holmes at an Ann Taylor Party (Miu Miu, Ann Taylor, Holmes&Yang): I don't think we've seen this youthful side of Katie since she had baby Suri! But I love this look!  While this look mainly revolves around a neutral color palette, the tomato red Ann Taylor skirt adds a youthful spin.  Because there's so much going on with the Miu Miu shoes and the cross-body bag, I'm glad she didn't push the envelope too far and wear jewels. She looks refined, classy, but still a little funky. Bravo, Katie! 
  • Liv Tyler at the Brooklyn Museum Ball (Stella McCartney): Though I notoriously despise minimalism, I think Tyler looks incredible in this blush pink and black ensemble. Although it is very minimal, I can't picture Liv Tyler wearing funky prints,  killer heels, and an overdose on jewels. To me, this is Liv Tyler. And she looks fabulous nonetheless. The oversized blazer is the perfect counteract to the fitted black mini she's sporting. I'm glad she didn't stick with a boring black and white combination; to me, the pink spices up this look MAJOR. I also think adding a pink lip made the entire look more exciting. But her hair is way too flat, I wish she did a messy updo or a pony tail.
Well that's all for now, but tomorrow is the MET Ball so expect a post about that!