Monday, 30 May 2011

I'm Not Afraid of the Danger in the Dark

Every now and then, I hear a song that I could relate a certain aspect of my life to. Consequently, I think to myself, "oh hot damn, this really IS my jam." Yesterday, I was totally connecting with Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" for reasons that seem painfully honest. A month or so ago, I discovered Clare Maguire's "The Shield and The Sword" and instantly fell in love. Not only has it been one of those songs, but the Irish songstress reminds me a lot of a classier Lady Gaga: her songs are poppy and her outfits are eye-catching but she's not over the top. I thought analyzing her outfits in my jam's music video would be fun! So here we go!

I really enjoy all of the outfits featured in this music video. This may be really music-analysis nerd of me or completely obvious to the point it's embarrassing for me to bring this up, but I can see a pretty clear progression from feminine oppression (or just a weak woman in a relationship) to a strong and independent individual. Also, this series of looks, in my mind, represent the decline of a relationship and the rise of independence.

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In the scenes where Clare's sitting in a picture-esque and monarch fashion, she looks very proper. Almost like a trophy wife. I loved the contrast between the soft blue of her neck fur and her bold red lip. The excessive fur and big hair almost makes her look satirical, as if she a poodle and has no control, especially given the fact that we can't see her arms and legs. This kind of reminds me of that phase were a person feels oppressed and controlled by their significant other. Instead of figuring out what they want, they sit there and only make decisions based on their partner. Speaking of this cape, I really like blend of the fur and the, what looks like, large tweed.

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The sixties-inspired look is rather simple, but I think it continues this costume idea from the previous look. Neither of these looks would be worn in a typical video, nowadays, or really be seen anywhere. The beauty of this look comes with recognizing and appreciating the how superficial it is.  In my mind, it continues to represent something forced, like a forced relationship. To fit my whole theme scheme, this is totally the "fake smile" phase.  In terms of the actual outfit, I love the blue of the dress and those sunnies are beyond. And also, who doesn't love op-art paisley?

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The final look, also known as the blonde bobbed look. I think this is my favorite look by far. Representing the liberation of single-hood.  This look is almost like an "I'm a mess, but I'm still awesome and fabulous." While I think the blonde hair is a bit disheveled, this look is the epitome of individualism and single girl swag.  What I love most about this look is how effortless it looks, but still is undeniably chic. The red jacket over the black leotard? Genius. And I'm obsessed with those black glovettes. This outfit contrasts beautifully against the red body suits and furthers this little storyline I'm working up in my mind. The background dancers at as a backdrop that emphasizes the focus on Clare's independence.

What I like in all of these looks is how they're all sexy but not scandalous. The stylist of this video worked with hemlines and fitted silhouettes instead of cleavage and booty shots, which I really appreciate.

In Short: I love this song, the music video is rocking, and the clothes are supreme.


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