Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Nice Slew of Events

I really do feel like a jerk for not having a weekly, but is it humanly possible to blog when you're in such a beautiful setting?
Needless to say, the Hamptons were beyond fabulous. Incredible food, fabulous friends, and the best memories. I did walk away from the elitist world as an owner of a vintage smoker's jacket, which will obviously be blogged about later. I'm not kidding. My not so glamorous return left me with many things to blog about. Resort collections and red carpet, just to name a few.

So for both your and my entertainment, I've decided to create a combo pack of red carpets into one blog. I know, pretty intense.

2011 MTV Movie Awards 
I'm extremely glad I didn't watch these awards because I probably would've started a riot since Kristen Stewart beat Natalie Portman. Did The Rapture come because that's just not right . Not in the slightest. In terms of red carpet looks, they were interesting...

  • Selena Gomez (Giambattista Valli): Extremely disappointed. Selena always looks like such a rockstar and always gets on my Best list. Not this time, ladies and gents. Her hair and makeup looks great; however, her outfit isn't doing anything for me. No swooning. No nothing. I like the runway version better: the relaxed sandals and the white on white combination create a beachy and effortless look. The styling of Selena's adaptation was very confused, in my humble opinion. It seemed like she was trying to be a beach cutie, but then the heels made it too dressed up. I don't know, it just wasn't great.
  • Ryan Reynolds (I don't want to know): Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds, it's essentially a fact of life. But what I hated was this outfit. I know the MTV Movie Awards don't require a Simon Spurr or Tom Ford tux, but this was way too casual. He kind of looked like an old man who was chilling in his log cabin. This may be quasi acceptable if this was a "chillin'-out-maxin'-out-relaxin'-all-cool" look, but I think he should have been a bit fancier than this. Like a blazer, jeans, and tee? Sexy.
  • Blake Lively (Michael Kors): On the contrary, I hated Blake Lively's outfit because, besides the minimalism, it was way too serious for the MTV Movie Awards. Silk back hair and a simple dress. Chic? Yes. Appropriate? No. I also hated the purple Louboutins with the cobalt Kors dress. If you're going to add a pop of color, it should be a complementary color or something in a different color family. Or a simple cheetah print! Jeez. I think she would've looked stunning with beachy hair or even a maxi dress. 
  • Nina Dobrev (Georges Chakra Couture): As much as I love jewel tones, I really did not like this dress. The hemline was too fancy and matronly for a young starlet, like her, to wear to these awards. At the same time, the bows are so...immature. Very confusing. Not a fan.
  • Jessica Szhor (Alice&Olivia By:Stacey Bendent): This is the worst look I've seen in the longest time. SHE'S ON GOSSIP GIRL! ERIC DAMAN NEEDS TO STYLE HER. The worst. That is all. 
  • Aimee Tegarden (Alice&Olivia By: Stacey Bendent); I think that Alice&Olivia needs to fire Stacey Bendent because this dress is also terrible. It seriously looks like she was tye-dying in her backyard, found out her original dress was ruined, and then threw on this. To make matters worse, she did not accessorize at all. That is one of my biggest fashion faux paus. Of course some outfits don't require many accessories, but a wearing clothes isn't fashion until you style it and make it your own. No jewels and not even a cute pair of shoes. SHAME!
  • Amanda Bynes (Nobody knows because the designer is too embarrassed): There's a chance this could be worse than Jessica Szhor's look. This dress is disgusting and terribly unflattering and these shoes are not a good mix with this dress. The accessories are terrible. I don't even want to talk about this anymore. Now, I'm just getting mad.
  • Emma Watson (Marchesa): Two things I love in the fashion world; Emma Watson and Marchesa. And when they join forces, it's so lovely! As always, Emma looks like a goddess. I love how the top of the summer dress is so detailled; however, the rest of the white dress is so simple. The silver shoes tie the whole look together.  She always makes a statement by keeping it classy. And the hair and makeup is fabulous. It also looks like she's wearing an upper-arm bracelet. If so, I'm so smitten with it! Amazing all around! 
  • Emma Stone (Bottega Veneta):  One word: gorgeous. Usually, it's really hard for redheads to rock warm oranges, yellows, and red. But evidently, Emma Stone is the exact opposite. This is amazing! I think the black lace that lays on top of the orange makes this an easier look for her to pull off. Maybe this look is a little textbook fashion- it's all very matchy matchy- but I love it. I'm glad she didn't accessorize too much, the lace with a plethora of jewels could be extremely overbearing! Her hair and makeup, as well as the whole look, is fresh and youthful. J'adore.
  • Leighton Meester (Balmain): I wish that she wore a platform pump, but I'm literally obsessed with this dress. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Balmain is so dependable for uberchic minis. The details of this dress literally blows my mind and I think her hair and makeup look incredible. This is one of those situations where accessories would cheapen this look. She is literally wearing art and I'm so jealous.
  • Reese Witherspoon (Zac Posen): What I love most about Reese Witherspoon is her ability to always dress her age, but a chic version of her age. Maybe she went a little too far by bashing the Kardashians and other young starlets, but you can't deny that she looks beyond fabulous. The asymmetry, not to mention the print, of this Posen dress was so refreshing; however, the hemline of her dress kept it classy. And I loved the shoes!  I really think everyone should invest in a good pair of nude pumps, they elongate the leg! 
  • Hailee Steinfeld (Louis Vuitton): Although it may not be the most appropriate, weather-wise, I believe this is my favorite look of this red carpet. She's only 14 years-old and she dresses like a fashion icon! I wish I had her wardrobe when I was her age.  This look is the epitome of effortlessly chic. I'm so smitten with the sequined lapels and the wavy hair gives this look a "don't-take-this-too-seriously" vibe, which I'm such a fan of.  And the emerald clutch is the perfect pop of color! I think Amanda Bynes and Jessica Szhor could take a lesson from her.

THE 2011 CFDA Awards
If that wasn't an enormous amount of blogging, you get to read about yet another event. If you're still reading this, thanks for putting up with this post. I appreciate it! Im beyond happy that Prabal Gurung won the Swarovski Award for Womenswear, he's so talented. Oh and Gaga won Icon of the Year, being typically Gaga. But now, onto the looks! 

  • Chloe Sevigny (Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony): This isn't chic, this is just awkward.  The combination of the leather and cotton (is it cotton?) is not a chic juxtaposition, but really confusing. The hem of the dress is matronly and awkward. The ruffles around the sleeves are awkward. And those shoes just don't work with this outfit. That's basically all I can say: AWKWARD.
  • Kirsten Dunst (Patrik Ervell):  This is a perfect example of menswear gone wrong. I like when women have soft waves and a feminine vibe to their menswear inspired looks. Between the makeup, the tight bun, and the hoops (who wears hoops anymore), I felt like Dunst looked a bit like a...hooker. In my mind, she cheapened such a luxe look. If she had nixed the hoops and had a soft bun or even a soft ponytail, this would have been awesome. 
  • Sofia Coppola (Marc Jacobs): This is all I have to say about this look: if you're going to a Fashion event, wear something fashionable. No "Plain Janes" allowed.
  • Jenna Lyons (JCrew): J.CREW? Seriously? This is so plain and ugly. The shirt is hideous and the shoes don't even work with this look. PLAIN JANES, GET OUT.
  • Karolina Kurkova (Diane von Furstenburg): This would be a pretty sick playsuit; however, the hood is crazy. And not in a cute way. She looks beautfiul and I do condone her creativity, but she looks ridiculous.
  • Kelly Bensimon (Don't-Want-To-Know): This is a trainwreck. Her hair looks insanely fake and I think...no, I know that her dress is completely see-through. Come on, rando, this is the CFDA not Hooters! Show some respect! 
  • Miranda Kerr (Michael Kors): Remember that time Miranda Kerr had a baby?  Not only does she look incredible, but I'm obsessed with this look. The dress is sexy without being...see-through. The gold cuff is so bold and is the perfect statement piece, something dainty just would not do! I love how she had minimal accessories in order to show off the fabulous silhouette of this outfit. And the slicked back hair and traditional makeup makes this look complete. Brava! 
  • Zuzanna Bijoch (Yigal Azrouel); Usually, as everyone knows, I despise minimalism; however, Bijoch styled this really well. The bright orange is super summer and the pink piping makes it a little more interesting that your typical minimalism dress. I'm obsessed with that spiky gold cuff (uber egdy) and you can't see it in the attached picture, but she's rocking an awesome pair of booties. And if you can take minimalism to a level I like, you're fine by me! 
  • Amy Astley (I have no idea, unfortunately): This is the  CFDA equivalent to Leighton Meester's MTV Movie Award dress. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm addicted to things that are shiny. Her black and gold heels go perfectly with Astley's beautifully detailled dress. I just...love the details! So much! And her super sleek hair is the perfect juxtaposition to such an intense dress. And once again, this is a situation where you shouldn't really accessories. Good job, Ms. Astley! 
  • Lucy Liu (Monique Lhuillier): I don't know when Lucy Liu became such a glamazon, but I'm in love with this dress. It may be a little too Oscars for the CFDA Awards, but you know a dress is remarkable when, especially in black, you can see the details from a picture. She looks like Cinderella at an extremely urban ball. The romantic bun and the pinks lips further this Cinderella inspiration. While I do wish it was edgier, she looks amazing and it's a sure-bet.
  • Hana Soukupova (Marchesa): Now this is what I call an outfit. Anywhere else, this may be too much; however, this Marchesa is perfect for a CFDA event! The mullet-esque hemline is so entrancing and the asymmetrical shoulders is so right on. I love the mix between brocade and the sheared fabric, it keeps this look glamorous, girlie, and edgy at the same time. 
  • L'Wren Scott ( L'Wren Scott): I'm obsessed. Usually, black and yellow looks like a bumble bee; however, it looks mega chic here. The long silhouette is rather simple, but the gorgeous floral gives us something to talk about and makes the look more complex. The long hair makes this look more laidback and sultry, which I love! I kind of wish that she changed her accessories, especially her earrings, but she looks like a rockstar. 
  • Prabal Gurung (Once again, I do not know): This little winner is so adorable! A lot of guys stuck with a regular tie or some other casual look, but I love how he dressed in a full tuxedo. As creepy as it sounds, I just want to pinch his (face) cheeks! Overall, the look is very clean and spiffy.
Well now I'm exhausted. 

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