Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Style Files: Slicker Than the Guy With the Thing on His Eye

I like to say that my life is created of one to two week phases. The phase I'm currently in, you ask? My rapper phase. Yes, I am happy to say that I learned Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass." Rapping it, unfortunately, is almost like an addiction: I practice in my car 97% of the time I'm driving. Sad, but true. So why not make it my music highlight for this edition?

If you think I'm not talking about the Kardashian're absolutely out of your mind slash wrong!
So maybe I'm obsessed with the Kardashians. Maybe I am one of those freaks who considered the Kardashian wedding the American equivalent to the Royal wedding. Who cares? It's true. Since we really don't pride our politic figures as much as we should, we turn to our reality television shows and celebrities. Anyways, I was totally all over the Kardashian wedding last weekend. Instead of doing a classic "Style-Spiration"'s Kardashian take-over.

For me, this wedding was very "love/hate."  


These are perfect bridesmaids dresses. Seriously. I love how all of the Kardashian sisters have different figures; however, this dress is incredible on all of them. Obsessed. I was upset at Pippa Middleton for wearing an ivory bridesmaid dress, but I'm over it now.(Photo Cred)
 I saw Kim in this dress in an issue of People, but I can't find this online. Anywho, I love this for Kim: in my mind, it's the epitome of Kim Kardashian. It's extravagant, yet shows off her figure. The silhouette is both unique and timeless. I wish she wore this for the whole wedding! (Photo Cred)

Cutest baby ever. (Photo Cred)

Sag City. (Photo Cred)

I'm apathetic about the dress; however, the styling really grinds my gears. the whole look is so unbalanced it's bothersome. That's al.(Photo Cred)
White, Kris? Really? Where's your manhood at? (Photo Cred)

I understand why she'd want a Cinderella dress to complement her Cinderella wedding; however, I really don't like this on her. She has a great figure and she's hiding it. I feel like it makes her waist look larger, her boobs like HUGE, and her tush just isn't there. I think that a Cinderella dress is perfect for someone who doesn't have Kim's curves. With Kim, however, it looks like she's hiding something. And don't even get me started on that head piece. Okay, I'm getting started. IT'S SO DUMB AND MAKES THIS LOOK TRASHY! And who in their right mind wants to trash a Vera dress? Crazy.(Photo Cred)
If that bow is obnoxious from a zoomed out shot, think how terrible it is up close and personal. I hate Kris Kardashian, I really do. She really bothers because she always has dollar signs in her eyes and thinks it's the Kris show. It's completely inappropriate for her to white this fancy white dress, she's too old and...too annoying. Even this in black would've been chicer and age appropriate.

Okay so maybe it was more HATE with a teeny bit of love. I do, however, love the black and white theme: extremely classic! 

Okay, enough of the Kardashians...onto the weekly!

The Weekly
  • Lake Bell at A Good Old Fashioned Orgy screening (Cushnie et Ochs): So I'm kind of obsessed with this whole look: it's very sexy, fierce, and all around cutting-edge. The cutouts on this dress are so youthful and edgy; however, the crazy updo and the pointy pumps make this look more polished. Ergo, it's classy. I kind of wish she replaced that bangle with a sharp cuff, but the sharpness of the hand bag is PERFECT.
  • Rose Byrne at Letterman (Dolce and Gabbana) : I'm mildly obsessed with Byrne ever since I saw Bridesmaids. I'm so smitten with THIS look! She nailed- well almost, if she wasn't wearing that small pendant- talk show gear. This dress shows leg, simple in silhouette, and a fun print. I also love how it's belted. Absolutely genius. Keeping it simple with a retro updo and black platforms is supreme. In love!

Hope everyone is taking proper precautions with Hurricane Irene


Saturday, 27 August 2011


Yesterday was a (potentially) significant day for me. While I'll spare the details, because they are both lame and I've bored my friends enough,  I was really feeling a laid back and fabulous outfit. As a result, I came up with a really awesome styling DO. Ready for it?

STYLE DO: Crop Tops and Maxi Skirts.
my blog pictures
make me feel
like the Phantom.
Of the Opera.
I fell in love with maxi skirts this summer and recently got a crop top when shopping with one of my bosses, did I mention I have the best internship ever?  The juxtaposing proportions of this look are awesome and I think are quite sultry. Anyways, when I got home from my venture, mommy dearest really wanted to take some pictures because she loved the outfit. 

This look is so laid back that it doesn't require many accessories. Key word: many. I'm not planning to start a "jewel-free" campaign anytime soon, but this is what I'll say for accessorizing this trend: one awesome statement piece. Whether it's a intricate necklace, seen in my look, or a bright lip, stick to only one incredible piece. Too many and you'll look like an Olsen twin gone wrong ( I love the Olsens, hence the "gone wrong").

What makes me love this outfit is how I played with textures, not color. While this trend would look outstanding with some good 'ol color blocking, I really like to wear black. The ruffles on my skirt makes this an ant-minimalism piece. And you know me, I'm always looking to be "anti-minimalism." What I like most about this color scheme is that this look can easily be worn in the fall. Or Indian Summer. Whatever floats your boat.

While maxis can be jazzed up, I truly think that crop tops are a celebration of youth. I mean, do you see the carpool mothers wearing crop tops? If so, they should be kicked out of the carpool. If you're a young college student, like yours truly, I say embrace it!  Contrary to Irene Cara's belief, you're not gonna live forever. Also, it's the perfect way to say adios to summer!  I understand why people may not be comfortable with the crop top/ maxi skirt combination, but there are variations! Let's be creative, shall we?
1) Crop Top with high waisted jean shorts.
2) Crop Top with body con skirt.
3) Fitted Maxi Skirt with a loose top.
4) Loose Maxi Skirt with a fitted top

If you cant guess by now, wearing a crop top and maxi skirt, whether you're rocking these trends at the same time or not, is about....PROPORTIONS! The fittings for the top or bottom should contradict the other. Having two tight or two loose things will make you feel like Kelly from 90210.
Sexual? I love this crop because it doesn't force skin on unwilling onlookers.

On my posing stump, naturally.

Especially with this trend, I encourage you to mix and match, colors, prints, and textures.

On a more serious note, I hope that all of the East Coasters are taking proper precautions for Hurricane Irene: she's a little meanie, isn't she?


Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Style Files: Your Silence in a Crowded Room, Louder than the Loudest Tune

Well if this blog post doesn't show you how random my life is, I don't know what will. One of the many perks of living in New York's suburbia is the GREAT commercials for Broadway shows. Lately, I've been overwhelmed with Spiderman: Turn off the Dark and one of the songs has been stuck in my head for weeks. So I bought it on iTunes and can't stop listening to it now. Since the music's by Bono and the Edge, you won't be listening to typical "kick-ball-change" music. So here it is:

Style-Spiration: Diane Kruger 
Diane Kruger is one of those celebrities that I love buuut know absolutely nothing about. This week, she rocked a bow-tie and that's when I knew she had to be my Style-Spiration for this Sunday Edition. I just love how she takes so many risks and never backs down from a challenging trend. She's the definition of a celebrity fashionista.
Just hiding from the stalkerazzi. If Diane Kruger wasn't wearing this, I would say this is a horrible outfit. Preppy pastel+preppy neon+hip fedora+ S&M shoes= disaster. But there's something about the way Kruger put this together. It's a very, "I don't give a s**t  (trying to keep it PG, you know)" or, "Oh I'm so busy. Let me just throw this on anything and everything I could find." Regardless of her true intentions, this look is very thrown together; however, the juxtaposition is ironic and tres chic. I just don't know how she does it and I surely do not think you should try this at home. It can get dangerous (Photo Cred).

At the 82nd Academy Awards in Chanel Haute Couture: I forget what my final verdict on this dress was at the time, but I remember that I condoned her for stepping out of the "full-skirted evening gown" trend.  I imagine this selection of this dress to go a little something like this: while most people said no because it was "too much," Diane Kruger gives the dress one look and says, "Simple, but it'll do." I love the light peach and black combination: very vintage and Parisian. While the different fabric techniques might not work on everyone, Kruger is fearless enough to make this work. Pairing this dress with minimal jewels, and an updo was a great move. I do wish, however, she had a strong lip (Photo Cred).

At the 2008 MET Ball (Alberta Ferretti):  I always get really taken a'back when people wear short dresses to the MET Ball. Where's glamourous avant garde evening gowns? In this scenario, Kruger took a risk by wearing a rather simple dress to such a lavish event. Silly Diane! While I don't love this dress for this occasion, or the shoes for that matter, there goes Ms. Kruger takin' some risks. (Photo Cred)
I've said it before and I'll say it again, fashion is all about risks! So before you take some risks, it's onto the weekly! 

I'm very happy because I have a theory about why this looks were so great this week. In the summer time, so many people abandon their style. But Fall is so close so everyone's excited! 

  • Miranda Kerr frolicking around L.A (unknown designers): After you have a mild heart attack over how skinny she is, I hope you'll appreciate how easy, yet chic this look is. In my humble opinion, maxi dresses are insta-chic: you don't need much else and you instantly look rather dressy. The long sleeves and fun print of this maxi makes it low-maintenance but a successful look. I do wish, however, she had her hair up in a messy bun. Or a pony tail. Or a braid! 
  • Ginnifer Goodwin at the ABC Summer Press Release Shindig (3.1 Phillip Lim): Lookie here, my trendy friends, this is how you rock mixed fabrics: keep it all in one color. This is prime styling right here: I love the lace, combined with the silk body of the dress, and those furry sleeves. I'm going ga-ga over them. If this look was even broken up into black and white, it'd be a fail. SO KEEP IT MONOCHROMATIC! Also, if you plan on mixing fabrics, keep the rest of the look simple: minimal jewels, clean hair, and natural makeup. Go, Ginnifer, Go!
  • Kelly Rowland at an X-Factor Press Conference (Versace with Giuseppe Zanotti heels): While I really don't like Kelly Rowland- I don't really think she has any reason to be such a fashion icon and she took my girl Cheryl Cole's position on The X Factor- she honestly looks lovely. I love the lines in this outfit: the teal waves are so sick. And those booties? Fabulous. The wavy hair is totally vixen and youthful. Solid job, Kelly.
  • Julianne Moore at the  Blu-Ray release of The Big Lebowski (Jason Wu): I'm so in love with this look. Do you remember the short-lived show, Cashmere Mafia? Well, this outfit looks like it could be straight out of that show, and I like it! The silhouette is simple, allowing the oversize- yet proportionate- bow to take center stage. And here's a major fashion DO: tortoise accessoires with black. How amazing do those shoes look with this ensemble? Keeping the hair sleek is perfect for making this bow truly stand out. Gorgeous, overall.
Stay tuned for more personal style and trend posts!


Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Style Files: You're By My Side and It Helps to Be Crazy

One time, I went to this O.A.R concert with two of my friends, and it was absolutely awesome. Fast forward two-ish years later, and you'll find me EXTREMELY thrilled to get the new O.A.R CD for my birthday. I've been listening to it everywhere I go, so I highly recommend it. And by recommend it, I mean pushing it in your face and forcing you to listen. I love this song, "Taking on the World Today," because it makes me feel like I can do anything on the most stressful days (aka today aka I'm sorry is this blog isn't my personal best). So listen and enjoy.

Style-Spiration: Anne Hathaway
This summer, my friends and I have been on the world's biggest "let's-go-see-a-good-movie" phase. Ever since the beginning of the summer, I've really wanted to see One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and that guy from Across the Universe. So obviously, I stalked the premiere pictures. And obviously, Anne Hathaway had on a fab dress, just sit tight for the weekly! This got me to thinking about Anne's style. While I could just attribute this to the styling, aka Rachel Zoe, I really do think that there's something about Hathaway that makes haute couture look, dare I say it...oh I dare, effortless. So in honor of that effortless je ne sais quoi and the movie, One Day, this style-spiration is dedicated to her! 
At  the Valentine's Day premiere in Marchesa I'm sure I've blogged about this before, but hey I'm gonna blog about it again. This is STUNNING. Usually I would think the dramatic blue and black would be a tad boring; however, the details on the Marchesa dress literally makes it for me. Obsessed. Even still, there's something so relaxed about this look. Maybe it's Anne's awkward stance or maybe it's because I think that bracelet is a bit much, but I don't see Anne Hathaway as a style icon. Instead, I look at her and think, "she's just one of the girls." I suppose this is a weird style-spiration theme, but we're rolling with it. (Photo Cred)
Chillin' at the 2009 MET Ball in Marc Jacobs. I think the reason I admire this is because, in my humble opinion, it's so wrong. The hair scares me, the shoes are hideous, and that dress is not a typical MET Ball ensemble.Hathaway, however, hold her head up high and is proud of her ensemble. This may sound like the exact opposite of my opening argument- I frequently think of these style-spirations as an argumentative piece- but I'm getting somwhere. (Photo Cred)

At the 79th Annual Oscars in Valentino. I'm obsessed with this dress. While the lace and the oversized bow could come off as a little granny, the stacked bracelets makes this look youthful. And of course her hair and make are divine, which makes this a classy look; however, I can't get over those bracelets. They're a little chunky and funky, which makes this so appropriately refreshing for the Academy awards. (Photo Cred)

The reason Anne Hathaway is a admirable style-spiration because she humanizes fashion. I know whenever I open up a magazine or see awesome red carpet looks,  I feel like pressure is on; however, I rarely get that from Anne Hathaway. Sure she can be perfectly styled, but there's something about her that keeps it casual. And yes, sometimes she gets it wrong, but she keeps trying. This is getting weird...onto the weekly.

The Weekly
  • Emma Roberts at a Westward by Emily and Meritt for Kate Spade party (Kate Spade): I really like this look because it's rather quirky. Let me break it down for you: the dress is youthful but very classy, the shoes are a perfect wow factor to the dress, the jewels define feminine fun, and the hair and makeup is divine. But then there's that huge clutch. Hmmm. While I would question and hate this, I kind of like the odd bag because it gives this look character and personal style. Stylists and press people can perfectly style a look from head-to-toe, but it's not truly expressing yourself if you don't have something unique to you. Okay so take that well-worded description and apply that to all of Anne's looks from the previous section
  • Jessica Chastain at The Help premiere (Oscar de la Renta): Although this look is very been-there-done-that, I'm such a sucker for an eggplant and turquoise color combination. Even though the earrings are very eye-catching, I like how this look was styled so you focused on the fabulous De la Renta details. That ruching on the dress creates some fabulous movements. Also,  minimal jewels was the way to go with this look. She looks wonderful!
  • Anne Hathaway (surprise) at the One Day premiere (McQueen): Stunning. The hem on this beautiful McQueen dress is classy, flattering, and all around chic. I like there's a detail overload on the bodice, ultimately directing our attention to her face. And with that nice hair and quasi-theatrical makeup, it's a smart move. I don't think she needed the silver, I hate mixing metals, bracelets, but the shoes make this look more cohesive. Good job, Miss Hathaway.


Friday, 12 August 2011


You may wonder what TMA stands for. Well, ladies and gentleman (yes, one man), TMA stands for T.J. Maxx's Anonymous. Yes, I've come to the startling conclusion that I have a problem: I am addicted to T.J. Maxx. It has turned to a place that my mother dragged me to into a place that I drag my mother to. Just kidding, we merrily drive there unanimously. When we get there, we literally go crazy. There's no stopping us. It's kind of scary but kind of amazing. Among many other things we purchased, I got these two pairs of shoes that I'm so smitten with it's a little sad. They are both Franco Sarto and they're both amazing.

Here they are.

I love the wedges, the cutouts make it really versatile and summer appropriate. The suede, however, makes it a good transition piece for the fall. These shoes, or something like them, would be awesome with a summery dress or even jeans and a plain blouse.

This are the trendy cowgirl boots. While I think taller ones are great for the south, I think these cropped ones can be trendy anywhere! I recently made these shoes "boho chic" with some distressed jeggings and an oversized tunic.  And how cool with this be with a sick caftan?


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

TCA 2011: A Mid-Summer's Nightmare

First of all,  I'm very sorry this is a day late. Monday was my birthday-  oh I'm so old- so I was too busy doing some birthday-related activities!  Although I love the summer, this season does leave me missing the red carpet reviews of the winter time. I was so happy to hear the Teen Choice Awards were quickly approaching. As my last year of teen-dom, I figured that the looks would be stellar. I was pretty wrong. Obviously, the Teen Choice Awards are no Oscars; however, where were the cool maxis and summertime glamour that I always crave?  I missed the Teeen awards because I went to go see the new apes movie, but here's a fun clip that I found on YouTube:

He is so cool.

This made my heart go "pitter patter!"

Let's continue this red carpet review!


  • Ashley Greene (Givenchy): This is massively disappointing. While I do love my Givenchy, I think this was styled in the most boring way possible. The stick straight hair and the lines of the dress give this look absolutely no movement. And the strappy heels? Way too chunky and off-balanced for this look. A colored, or even nude, pump would make this outfit a million times better. And the diamond bracelet? Where did this come from? I thought this was supposed to be a super sleek look- this is too mis-matched. I've seen better looks.
  • Tyra Banks (Thierry Mugler): I think this outfit speaks for itself but, in the event you're not seeing it the same way I am,  here it goes: while this may be cool for the runway, I despise this as a red carpet look. It's way too sexual for the teen awards. Sure, her body looks fine; however, I'm not okay with this look in the slightest. Bad, Tyra, Bad!
  • Cory Monteith (John Varvatos): I'm going to make think simple: his tight pants make me uncomfortable. 
  • Zooey Deschanel (Miu Miu): I see Zooey's bringing the old lady to the Teen Choice Awards. I love Miu Miu but this dress, just not for this youthful event. Also the black clutch and pumps? Way too matchy matchy! Also, that heel just looks whimpy. I dont' know how she could improve this look, but she's cooler than this.
  • Rebecca Black (I-don't-wanna know): Look, I know Rebecca Black isn't a budding fashionista; however, shouldn't you live it up and wear haute couture during your fifteen minutes of fame? The color looked nice on her, but it was the farthest thing from flattering. I guess putting her on the worst dressed list is also an attack on her popularity: I really hate that song.
  • Gillian Jacobs (I-don't-wanna-know-either): THIS IS SO WRONG! I get really upset when people mix silver and gold in such a nonchalant way. The gold of her black dress is such a statement aspect and the silver in her chunky shoes...too much! Also, why would you pair an elegant dress with such chunky shoes?! THE WORST. Her hair is fine; however, her makeup is totally boring. She just looks so blah and so mismatched.
  • Emma Stone (Dior Resort): Biggest disappointment. While I love her hair and makeup, WHAT IS THIS DRESS! It's so sloppy and not even chic: it's so messy! Her legs also look way too pale and as if she's wearing tights! This is just wrong all over the place and I wish it would stop.
  • AnnaSophia Robb (Malandrino): Is this a joke? The shoes are insanely frumpy and that dress? So awkward! The length, the sad print, the matronly hair- AWKWARD.  And wasn't the last thing she was in The Bridge to Terabithia
  • Grace Phipps (Something Tragic): I feel bad because her team obviously doesn't like her enough to make her look chic. That awkward pageant-esque aspect on her dress is the worst. It's like trying to make a normal American Apparel dress chic. FAIL. And those shoes? This isn't even edgy, just tragic. Why don't these people learn?
  • Lucy Hale (Cengiz Abazoglu): Too much skin. She just looks like a major slut. But the shoes are really sick! But on the real, have some class please. 
  • Taylor Lautner (AllSaints): This is the perfect male movie star look. The awesome bomber is so chic and fashion forward; however, the jeans keep it casual and allow his true hotness to radiate. And, since this is the Teen's Choice Awards, nobody really expects him to rock a full-on suit. So this is the perfect way to look chic and effortless. Bravo!
  • Fergie (Dolce and Gabbana): Although her roots do look a little funky, I truly love this dress. I think it's the perfect mini that's super fun, fashion forward, and shows off the body in a sultry way. Also, I always think of bumble bees whenever I see black and yellow so I love anything that makes black and yellow cool! Since the dress is so poppin', I'm glad she kept the jewels, shoes, and clutch on a minimal level. Some may hate it; however, I love it! 
  • Zoe Saldana (Lanvin): Ultimate j'adore. I love the midi hem of this dress: so classy, yet the metallic color makes this Lanvin gown youthful and fun! While I would normally hate the belt, it keeps this look casual, as well as the minimal jewels. And the gold shoes give this dress an extra pop! She's so beautiful and always dresses like a stunner!
  • Selena Gomez (Erin Fetherson): Ugh, she always gets this so right. The asymmetry is so awesome and minimal-izing the jewels is the perfect match to that fabulous sash. I love how she always makes fashion so much fun! The long hair makes this look youthful and the hot pink clutch? Phenomenal! I also love how her shoes give a punch of fun! While I love a fun bag, what happens to the look when you're not carrying the bag? Hence, this look is right on!
  • Nina Dobrev (Dolce and Gabbana): I like this look because it's so simple, clean, yet fun. While I'm not a fan of the black pump, I think it makes this look a little more grounded as opposed to a lighter shoe. Since the checkers are so small, Dobrev, avoids looking like a modern Dorothy, which is lovely. The stacked bracelets makes this look even more youthful and I love the high ponytail! Classy, yet refreshing: major love! 


Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Style Files: All the Kids Have Always Known That the Emperor Wears No Clothes

I first heard "Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire in February but it took me until now to love it. It's one of those songs that make me want to start a riot of some sort. Odd? Yes. True? Totally.

Style-Spiration: Jane Aldridge 

As an aspiring fashionista and fashion blogger, it is imperative to look at other blogs. They serve as inspiration for my everyday life as well as your favorite blog, aka this one. And one of my favorite ones, which I highly recommend, is Sea of Shoes. Her pictures are so artistic and inspiring and I am OBSESSED with her outfits. Like, I really want to go vintage shopping with her. Anyways, I love her photo shoots! In fear of looking self centered, I rarely post personal pictures on my blog. Jane's pictures, however, are so natural.  I don't look at them and think, "Well this is awkward." Instead, I think, "I love her photography skills and outfits." So I want to dedicate this week to Jane , her immaculate glamour and styling.
In her Avalon blog post, she rocked this look and I quickly became obsessed. The almost monochromatic look is absolutely striking with her orange hair and red lip. I also love old band shirts and I love how she styled it with light Club Monaco bomber jacket: very rock and roll without going overboard. Obsessed! (Photo Cred)
Not only am I in love with this beautiful vintage dress, but I love how she styles each and every look from head to toe. The half-up hair style? It works so well with this haltered dress! I feel like sometimes, I forget to style my hair so I feel like I'm slacking whenever I look at this blog. The print is so eccentric so keeping the jewels and shoes simple was perfect. I loved the Pink Panther post.(Photo Cred)
The Black Tie was literally a dream. The silhouette of the Nannette Lepore skirt is gorgeous. Mixed with that vintage blouse? On another level! So old school Hollywood slash a glamazon-ed Audrey Hepburn. Those tortoise adds such a wow factor to the look. And those fabulous Miu Mius are the perfect way to spice up a completely black ensemble. Out of this world.  (Photo Cred)
If you haven't realized by now, I love when fabulously fashionable people can have fun with what they wear. In my mind, the Wolf Gang blog post epitomizes fun fash-tivities (told you I'd use that term again). Although it is quite zany, I love he wolf sweater: it's so fun and looks quite cozy! Styled with the large headband and skinnies reminds me of a weekend at a ski lodge. And I love the lip color: it adds a hint of glam to such a casual look!  (Photo Cred)

And now, onto the Weekly!
  • Angelina Jolie at the Sarajevo Film Festival (Elie Saab): Lately, Jolie has been wearing a lot of color. And I love it. The length of this dress is age appropriate; however, the beautiful coral is completely glamorous.  Although I think a really loose chignon would complete this look, the nude Jimmy Choo peep toes are perfection. I originally didn't like the lack of jewels, but I changed my mind. If she had on fierce jewels, it would look too much like dress-up. Don't get me wrong, I love dress up. But now isn't the time!
  • Dianna Argon at the Late Show with David Letterman (Stella McCartney): OBSESSED. First of all I love the chopped hair, very sexy!  She did a complete black look PERFECTLY! The velvet accents give this look some character and the peplum flare makes this dress so much fun. I would complain about the lack of jewels- are you surprised- but I think the lip color is the PERFECT accessory. Divine! On Wednesday, I wore a fuchsia lip with black! Copying is the nicest form of flattery?


Friday, 5 August 2011

The Kate Debate

I've always thought that Catherine Middleton literally rocked everything she wore...until I saw her outfit at Zara Phillips' wedding. I'm not sure if how I feel about this look so, to spice things up, I'm going to have an inner debate...on this blog. This may seem schizophrenic- I promise you I don't have a problem- but it's a fun way to determine your true feelings. And if they do something similar on The Gloss, I suppose it's a fad. The Internet can't hide anything!
Wearing Jane Troughton (Photo Cred)
Pessimistic Trendologist (aka Pessy): She's not even thirty and Queen Elizabeth is wearing chicer outfits! Obviously, Catherine can rock a body con silhouette and platform shoes, but the awkward A-Line hem isn't doing it for me.
Optimistic Trendologist (aka Oppy): It's classic! And what would you expect? A pencil skirt? That SCREAMS elementary school principle.
Pessy: True, but what about Katherine Kelly's dress? It's been getting negative reviews, although I like the concept of it.
Oppy: It's a nice concept; however, Catherine is a part of the Royal Family, not an actress.
Pessy: Okay, but what about the concept of Countess of Wessex's suit?
Oppy: True, that is dressier.
Pessy: And she's a repeat offender?!
Oppy: She's being economically friendly! What a role model!
Pessy: But at multiple high profile events?
Oppy: You're right, not cool. But it's a beautiful color.
Pessy: Agreed, but those shoes? Obviously neither Christian Louboutin nor Brian Atwood will ever be her top contenders, but maybe a Manolo?
Oppy: It's a classy choice, tasteful.
Pessy: But the color is so boring! In a certain lighting, it looks like a nude pump, which makes me excited. And then it looks like a matte silver.
Oppy: It's dainty, Pessy?
Pessy: But dainty is better for the summer, don't you think? It's summer, I'd either like a nude or a light blue to match Prince Harry's suit, because she must've realized she married the less attractive Prince.
Oppy: Well...that is a fabulous hat.
Pessy: Yes, you're right.

In conclusion, fabulous hat but this is not the place to repeat outfits, especially a less-than-perfect outfit.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Pink Me

This past June, my sister turned 21. And with every birthday comes a fabulous party, especially when you can legally drink in the United States!  My mom and I found a lot of potential dresses for her big bash;however, I fell in love with this pink sequined dress from Aqua and kept it when my sister didn't want it. It's not extremely fitted, but it's so Elle Woods. And doesn't everyone need an Elle Woods dress? Ever since I got it, I kept thinking "must blog." By the way, "must blog" was supposed to sound like a defective robot. So here we are, I'm writing a blog about this dress and you're reading it!
How awesome is that detail?
The thing that I love about this dress is it's beyond fabulous back and how it fits on the body. I wanted to show you beauties the beauty of this dress. Alas, that meant a mini photo shoot. My sister took some fabulous pictures that I want to share with all of you.
What I love about this back is that it's low enough to make a statement ;however, high enough to wear a strapless bra.  Since this dress epitomizes girly, I paired it with a pair of chunky black Calvin Klein heels to give it some swag.

This is one of those dresses that would look too over the top with a plethora of bracelets and necklaces. Going bare, however, would just be wrong. So what to do? I styled this look with black rhinestone earrings, to complement the black shoes as well as the sparkly dress. And that's it, you're done with the styling! Add a simple black clutch and you're ready to go out on the town! 

The strong lines on the shoe counteract the glitzy dress! What I love about this dress is it's comfort and fit. I always feel like a beached whale whenever I wear most sequined dresses: the sequins make the dress stiff, thus less form fitting. This dress, however, is different. I believe the sequin were sewn into the fabric, which gives the dress more shape. You go, Aqua!

And then the photoshoot went a little too far...
Too far too far!  In conclusion, a sequined dress is such a DO. I really don't think there's any way to dress down a sequined dress but let me know if you think of something.
As my mom would allegedly say, CIAO.


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